Jenara, Asura of War


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
From the Vault: Angels (V15) Mythic Rare
Alara Reborn (ARB) Mythic Rare

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Jenara, Asura of War

Legendary Creature — Angel


: Put a +1/+1 counter on Jenara, Asura of War.

Jenara, Asura of War Discussion

Sid_the_sloth on Bant edh options/opinions

1 week ago

So I guess we're on topic of Jenara, Asura of War "vs" Sigarda, Host of Herons voltron

Is it "worth" adding a third color for extra options for auras at the cost of losing a commander that has hexproof and cant be forced to sacrifice. ??

Jenara can pump its self and having an extra color for more card access. And not having sigardas protection.

Or sigarda for her obvious hard to deal with status but limited card pool .

enpc on Bant edh options/opinions

1 week ago

Jenara, Asura of War isn't a bad voltron commander, however you will probably get more purchase from someone like Rafiq of the Many due to his combat ability.

On the topic of angel tribal, Jenara is probably one of the better commanders since she gives you access to ramp/card advantage. But on the whole, tribal is pretty bad in the hierarchy of deck types, since it leverages creature type over deck synergy.

I also think that exclusively playing tribal decks is lazy deckbuilding, as a lot of them just look like somebody did a gatherer search for a creature type and then slapped a bunch of lands with the top results.

Sid_the_sloth on Bant edh options/opinions

1 week ago

I have Jenara, Asura of War and I have to admit my go to things in EDH is tribal. Upon that same thought I've been told tribal typicaly just that great. Is that due to the creature type of said tribal, or is it just bad?

Now I have a voltron deck with in green white with Sigarda, Host of Herons . My slew of questions is for the interest of I honestly have a bias for tribal, I've played elves both in standar and modern so yeah im biased. My question(s) are is Jenara, Asura of War "good/great" as an overall 3 color tribal and if so what am i playing the blue for, just draw spells and the occasional counter spell?

Is she a beater general in a mid range flicker deck? Or as ive seen here and there and human style build(aggro) or a counters style deck?.

Also bant voltron ?? Im just worried about if its decent tribal not to overload it on just generic angels that may not be too too great and just act as a place holder. I just feel jenar aura of war isnt too bad in an angel deck...turn 2 if you have a mana dork if not turn 3 3/3 that next turn you can pump and make them deal with it

BMHKain on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

3 weeks ago


(You rock, Hotei-san... Same for Wil Wheaton at any age.)

@SP3CTR3_chelts: (Why did I forget each time to get to you?!)

Remember what I said on Post 28; they explain why I chose Estrid, the Masked ; & I chose Jenara, Asura of War as her Flavor Text gives dying soldiers of Bant hope, but Jenara doesn't give a damn about helping such mortal lives, & would instead focus on the War than everything otherwise.

But, yeah, after failing to get your attention a plethora times; what else would you add/cut? All while making this an unconventional Mono- deck. At this point, I dunno if my still, WIP Xantcha can be any stronger while controlling Political Aspects of the Board. I plan to do Tana/Bruse Tarl Equipment Matters Voltron/GoLion though; it's Attempt 2 though...

BMHKain on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

4 weeks ago

Ironic; those aren't even my whole glossary of Personality Traits; so just expect more later on; as for Shy, it almost get's to the point of Timid/Meek; one of which will be a part of this.

Crap. My hype is Sodium Chlorinating; & it now includes CMDR 2019.

Are you sure about this? Even TolarianCommunityCollege's Professor (Real Name: Brian Lewis.) stated so many times even though his fans like zombies that it just is a risk to use; based on Twitter alone:

Liking Arcane Signet = Irredeamable Hate from the Commandeer Community; maybe even Brawl. That's just my opinion; thwart it though if you can prove different.

Already Added them.

The Thematic Element behind such a Bant Enchantress Deck is that Estrid, the Masked is the one who promotes Peace(craft); this is expressed more than all means through her ever creating masks; which all have Totem Armor. Jenara, Asura of War was chosen over Rafiq of the Many as just having one creature attack via Exalted seems underwhelming to me; & he too would've been a decent second. Even Tuvasa the Sunlit w/ HUGE Aggro Potential probably isn't cut up for the job of War. In case you wish to know, Tuvasa is the most powerful Merfolk in Ixalan; stronger than even Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca ; & is more pure than the tyrant Merfolk; so, that enough could prove the only choice for War is Jenara, Asura of War . Such an Angelic menace; she can just get stronger through stuff like Serra's Sanctum , & all those +1/+1 Counters stay w/ her turn after turn until she dies; simple, but very powerful. She is essentially the self-empowering; CMDR Damage abomination of a commander option. I hope this helps at least...

Can't even find any good cards w/ either Madness; nor stuff requiring discard. Oh well, At least Madness is one of the themes of a Keyword Theme deck for CMDR 2019. Might simply get that & Morph. Any suggestions?

Good point. I'll have to Gamble on my choices... I guess I could utilize a combination of Hatebear & Politics; Basically having control of board presence while having at least one ally without being a damned Archenemy. Thanks for the help. I'll see what else I can do about all this; I think Iknow what to use for Xantcha, Sleeper Agent , Estrid, the Masked / Jenara, Asura of War , but not Neheb, the Eternal , or Omnath, Locus of Mana . I'll then proceed after all that to Yarok, the Desecrated ... Tee Hee...

Thanks again. :)

BMHKain on Best Mono-G CMDR for "Impurity" ...

4 weeks ago

@SP3CTR3_chelts: Huh. Someone who does still care despite more personal matters. Don't worry; I understand myself; though when I show my personality traits on my userpage, you may not be able to see me the same way again. Ironic, as I've yet to add a single thing to my personal Signature Spellbook.

Whatever. Anyway, for Throne of Eldraine; you're lucky. My Hype level is too high; & based on what I've read; people actually Hate Arcane Signet (Not bracketing this as it isn't on here just yet.); ALOT. A common, & something here that can be used for Commander, & maybe Brawl? Ah who cares; I'm trapped in my own cesspool of Hype; I just pray the sodium level doesn't convert to even that...

Flash enablers, huh... Well, after a Scryfall, this is what I got:

  1. Aluren (Still thinking on this.)

  2. Emergence Zone

  3. Shimmer Myr (Considering if I use Artifacts at all.)

  4. Vedalken Orrery

  5. Vernal Equinox (Still thinking on this.)

  6. Vivien, Champion of the Wilds

  7. Winding Canyons

  8. Yeva, Nature's Herald

Yep, that all for Mono-.

For Bant Enchantress; I actually took a different direction entirely; in this case, having a choice between one of Two Commanders; both having similar routes to victory; I chose Estrid, the Masked , & Jenara, Asura of War . While both commanders are differing in many ways, the deck has ways in which both choices can coexist w/ one another. Very upsetting so few ever play Jenara herself; but considering the thematic element of choosing War, or Peace, I'll try to balance the Enchantment permanent amount; but I've enough problems trying to find some that doesn't wipeout my stuff.

For Mono- Burn? Bad news: Neheb, the Eternal . Right now, I'm trying to find something better; though if the God from Theros is the better choice, so be it.

Finally, this is a rather specific kind of Xantcha, Sleeper Agent deck I'm making; a "Politics Matter" Deck. I tried checking out EDHREC, but I'm not so sure if what they're recommending is good for politics or just Hatebear as a whole; though I'm leaning on the latter; not what this deck wants in my mind...

Well, all thoughts reconnect; this is what I've revealed. Not to mention; I had to reupload that one Xantcha deck of mine (Apparently mentioning what you're the worst at was extremely confusing.), I'll leave the ideas to you for now; I have a trait list to deal with...

BMHKain on I'd actually like to have ...

1 month ago

(CAUTION: This topic has qualities for multiple forums at the same time; so if anyone can even find one that's the most relevant, let me know, or for beyond eternity, hold your peace.)

(This is also going to be very personal; as it's also about the numerous references also.)



I believe I really must give back to you all; just like I feel like a selfish Grixisite; even after all this is set in stone.

I feel I recent memory I've been pushing so many; their IRL ideas seem to be not only the last thing in mind; but also the first. I just don't realize the latter until it's too late. So? I will proceed to try & respond in the most venerable way I can; & still fail. Might as well start with...

@DrkNinja: I guess I could start w/ you; given how you hated both Rowan Kenrith & Will Kenrith all the same. And yet, w/ Throne of Eldraine just announced, & the fact I'm still keeping my Rowan Kenrith in actually now has a great reason why. Previously when you were trying to help me out; I seemed misguided towards my own vision for such a creation. I apologize for driving you away from this. Since the Kenrith Twins (I guess?) resided in Eldraine, It's VERY MUCH most likely they will make a return; that & WotC has declared war on Weirdcards; the creators of Oathbreaker. Brawl vs Oathbreaker. All bets are forbidden. But, maybe... think about WAR for abit. Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded is still the Worst Walker Ever; but by the set's release, Tibalt, Rakish Instigator ; mere Uncommon, is easily the better of the two; although is slight; Tibalt redeemed himself from eternal hate from fans; even when Chandra fought him in the IDW comics, & LOST. Nobody thought of this: but maybe it was a sign that the worst can get better; & did! But what about Rowan? You hated her w/ your soul even, & there is still a possibility she may actually get better; 2 in fact! (Rowan is hinted to have her own Planeswalker Deck.) Oh, & yes, I'm still updating my Superfriends (Is it right to call it Avengers as an alt. Deckname Type? the MCU is awesome in my mind.) Deck, though no matter what happens in that case, I'll replace the original, w/ a new iteration of both Kenrith Twins. Sorry, but I forbid any objections to either. Also, Remember Battlebond? One of my favorite set of recent memory? Well, what if there are Legends w/ Partner that span all 10 2 colors, not counting the ones with creature type already mentioned in the first Battlebond, in this sequel, what 10 pairings as Dual Colors would each represent an opposing creature type for each Mana Color? Basically, what this means, for example is the Knights & Dragons can't be used a second time; Same for Human & Illusion (Pir most likely is & they don't approve of impurities; Toothy is an Illusion; so it easily fits the bill.) Well, Last note: I'm literally perceiving myself as a Hive Mind that is collecting minds knowing of Throne of Eldraine, & forging them of Hype. I just pray the hype doesn't convert to Sodium Chloride (See? You can say a gaming term by only mentioning it's Scientific Term!)

cdkime: Once again, Esper & the mastery of Etherium, against Grixis & the mastery of various versions of Egotistical Esoterics w/ a cruel mind. (Yes. I know what Esoteric defines as; even beatmania IIDX long ago had something like this in the form of Ganymede.) when I first started here, I saw you as one of my biggest enemies here; while not so much now; after 4 years most likely, I confess, & reveal the worst hand one can use in Poker, & die as a result. It almost seemed that while someone did mention me having quite the bit of knowledge so much of all MTG Players as a whole would've have any familiarity to nearly all of them. Since you seem to have some knowledge of Puella Magi lore; I wish to try & expand this as a result.

(NOTE: These are not multiple choice by no natter what.)

A: Oriko Magica is supposed to take place after the whole of Madoka Magica; which, actually, is one of the final chapters of the whole franchise. One of my favorite of the whole Saga; what's my favorite of this section of the Verse?

B: Magia Record has a huge amount of Puella Magi of this accord. After researching just the ones from this iOS game; who do you think is the Waifu I'd relate to the most on an emotional level? Remember, even Homura Akemi can count as a Shundere in spite of her now being the equivalent of a Maou (Devil King; or as Rebellion stated as canon: Akuma Homura), & even when Oriko Magica ended; Goddess Madoka & Akuma Homura might not ever come to a conclusion both can agree upon. NEXT!

C: & to think! All those were prequels! Even Madoka Magica! However, there is still one other of the current canon I think is an absolute badass. This needs no question; Suzune Amano. Started as a protag; & later becoming an antag. No two ways about it.

So, essentially; based on one's mileage, one would think Madoka Magica is the only canon. But there is so much lore; I think it's safe to say if you wanted to watch a Majo Shoujo anime to its end before watch Neon Genesis Evangelion, this is that one Majo Shoujo anime to watch; IGN Even concurred about this.

But, outside of Majo Shoujo crap, I just wanted to know about our thoughts on the very themes of an upcoming Vorthos deck of mine so far (It's not even done; I have to re-watch this to the end a second time to get all the info possible.). Plus, I've a Xantcha, Sleeper Agent Politics Deck if you can find any inspiration, a Mono- Burn Deck at least of "Semi-Competitive" levels, A Bant Enchantress Deck with a choice between one of two commanders ( Estrid, the Masked , & Jenara, Asura of War ), & a Omnath, Locus of Mana Mono- deck w/ elements unconventional for Mono-. That's 4 decks I have to work on; One I can handle, kind of. The rest, is an inner turmoil without any allies. I'll work on Kykar, Wind's Fury Vorthos/Melvin later. I just Wonder if even a Mono- Burn deck can even be done while breaking the norm of competitive nature. Well, It's been fun talking. Hopefully I increased your Folly for Puella Magi more than ever. Don't worry, I'll also look up Magia Record's Characters as well in case you don't know...

& now, me.

If you wanted to know; I never liked those who think a sources' original Literary origin at all; though there are exceptions to this rule; but it's just pointless to explain this. For some kinds of fiction that's at your face, & not by reading your way to failtown, I was stated by someone to be really intelligent; considering my wealth of knowledge for media. Eh... Aspergian Status? Grixis having the possible Esoteric Personality Trait? Even I dunno; but both are entirely confirmed. I just wonder how much info I know, considering is my Primary color, adds for the intellect I only have a meager amount compared to others in spite of slightly Asperger's status. & . Ambition. The fact I won't call it quits until I see it as done. That & it supports my on a more perverse level; a Naughty 26 yr old? Sometimes. Girlfriends? Hell no. I failed to even find a mate for more personal reasons.

Also, here are a list of things I like that nobody ever will:

DmC: Devil May Cry: (What the hell, guys! Do you really want an Osiris at your face?!) SOUL CALIBUR 5: (What's so bad about this game? SOUL CALIBUR 6, yes, but this still had some interesting ideas for characters better than IV's 5 Characters that only appeared as Namco demanded their creators to do that.) Mr. Meaty: (The WORST Nick Show of all time? HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Please! Nick Arcade is so much worse; & PSYCHOSIS did the Visuals! Even the Final Stage is NEXT TO IMPOSSIbibble; even DORA: & THE LOST CITY OF GOLD actually looks decent; send them all off.


That should be enough.

The list could extend, but I halted it there for now. I apologize for ever posting this in the first place; but I just wanted to let at least most of something out. I also apologize for the possibility of any inappropriate text.


That said, I wonder how to keep the Notifications of mine up to date; they don't seem to be working; AT ALL.

Farewell for now...

BMHKain on Double Deck Help: Mono-Red Burn ...

1 month ago

Impure Fire of Hou-ou that levels Gods

Commander / EDH* BMHKain


Yep, two more things needing help. First, I wanted to make a Mono- Burn/Red Deck Wins deck. Note that cards like Arcane Lighthouse , & Detection Tower stay at default to keep targets w/o any protection. As a Burn Deck, I ponder what else to include for Burn, & cut. I also wonder if the Oversaturation of Walkers are really necessary. Should Gauntlet of Might stay? Should the Snow-Covered Mountain s even Stay? I could just ask questions Recht & Link, But I've another thing to talk about:

As for Xantcha, Sleeper Agent , I wanted to make a deck centering on one of two things I suck the most of: Politics on a Multiplayer Game Since I just started development, & the Political Part seems to look more Hatebear than Politics. I actually want some suggestions for the latter deck to ensure Political Ability; is Politics, or is Hatebears just that? Well, I'd like some suggestions anyway. What cards can help Xantcha, Sleeper Agent be more Political on a Multiplayer Board than Hatebearing away?

As for future Plans:

  1. Yarok, the Desecrated Trigger Like Mad. (Must Complete Jenara, Asura of War & Estrid, the Masked Enchantress Deck w/ cards supporting both choices for CMDRs, Omnath, Locus of Mana Anti-Meta deck, & Kruphix, God of Horizons Card Advantage/ Manipulation.)

  2. Some Grixis Deck about "The BMH Experience: Definitive Edition" (Must Finish Kykar, Wind's Fury The Red Pill Vorthos Deck.)

  3. Some Five Color deck that's 4 CMC w/ cards like Gaddock Teeg , & Lavinia, Azorius Renegade w/ a strict Max of 4 CMC, no spells, etc.

  4. (Possible CMDR 2019 Project in regards to a True Morph CMDR.)

  5. Post Throne of Eldraine Mayael the Anima Tutor-Aggro.

Thank you for your time. I hope you can help for either...

BTW: I reuploaded the Xantcha Deck if anyone still cares...

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Jenara, Asura of War occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.0%