This list is aiming to be as optimal as possible without budget restrictions. It has slightly more counter spells than the average storm list as I'm quite often seen as one of the bigger threats at the table. The early game play is to cast Ad Nauseam on the end step before my turn and then storm for the win with Aetherflux Reservoir, alternatively Doomsday is a great way to win at any point in the game with as little as for doomsday and 4 islands in pay and it can be done on very low life.

Rather than explain this in detail I'll point you to this very detailed Doomsday primer here
To be able to win from Aetherflux Reservoir you need to bring your life total up to over 150 so you can 'Laser Beam' each opponent for 50 damage, I'll highlight some of the key cards for this to work

Mana positive ramp

All of these cards leave you with more mana than you had before casting them

More Ramp

With Helm of Awakening out these will produce as much as they cost so they can add to the storm count for free

Cost Reduction

These aid in netting positive mana with ramp, Helm of Awakening will make all the 2 cmc rocks effectively free as they will cost one and tap for one

With 12 Islands in this deck (8 basics and 4 duals) High Tide is very strong

Island untappers

  • Candelabra of Tawnos can be used multiple times with Voltaic Key or any of the bounce spells
  • Frantic Search The draw can be good for finding a wincon or used in a DD pile, but the island untap with high tide is the main power of this card
  • Snap Can be used to bounce stax creatures like Eidolon of Rhetoric, but the main reason again is island untaps

  • Chain of Vapor Can be used to bounce my mana rocks to create more mana as well

  • Hurkyl's Recall Resets all my rocks - need to be more carefull with this as Aetherflux can be hard to recast at 4 cmc
  • Paradoxical Outcome Great extra draw and selective mana rocks bounce
  • Mind's Desire Playing this with a reasonable storm count and Aetherflux Reservoir on the field should end the game
  • Isochron Scepter & Dramatic Reversal when paired with mana rocks that tap for 2 can create an infinite storm count, with mana rocks that tap for 3+ you will create infinite mana. There are 3 cards that combo with this:
    • Aetherflux Reservoir This will gain infinite life to kill the table
    • Mind's Desire Cast this to play your deck for free
    • Sensei's Divining Top Tap the Top to draw a card, in response activate Scepter to untap Top and then repeat the process enough times before the first draw resolves to draw your entire deck


    Even though this deck is fast, it quite often isn't the fastest deck at the table. Therefore having a good mix of removal is important. The same goes for counter spells, they are here to disrupt the faster decks and protect me when going for the win.

    • Force of Will Free is best
    • Pact of Negation Hopefully this will be used on your last turn and you won't have to pay
    • Mental Misstep Free counter, and there are a lot of 1 cmc cards in cEDH
    • Flusterstorm Insane on the storm turn, is very hard to counter this unless an opponent has one too
    • Swan Song Counters most things I need it to for
    • Pyroblast Counters a counter and its amazing how many times i have used it to destroy a permanent, one of the best ways to deal with Back to Basics in this deck
    • Red Elemental Blast See above
    • Mana Drain Providing free mana on the next turn can make all the difference
    • Arcane Denial I prefer this over Counterspell as its less colour intensive
    • Delay Chances are 3 time counters means your opponent will never get to cast the spell
    • Toxic Deluge Best boardwipe IMO, and with 4 toughness Kess will quite often survive
    • Rolling Earthquake Another controlled wipe, and only hits me for one when drawing off Ad Nauseum
    • Snap Mainly here for High Tide, but good for stax creatures
    • By Force Great targeted artifact removal
    • Chain of Vapor Perfect for removing stax pieces
    • Cyclonic Rift Good for , insane for if you get to that point

    Finding what you need

    I've aimed to make this deck as optimal as possible, however some of these cards are very pricey. It's never going to be a cheap deck, but here are some options for the highest value cards that i have used in the past.

    ABUR Dual Lands

    If you don't have these then you probably don't have candelabra so the high island count is less relevant

    Other Cards

    • Dispel A great card that should possibly be in here, but its just been too narrow for me
    • Spell Pierce This one is a meta call for me as I commonly play against Selvala brostorm, so this never seemed to work
    • Counterspell Just not needed and the cost can be quite color intensive
    • Dark Confidant As much as I love this card early game, it's always a dead draw on a storm turn so I would prefer to just have another draw card
    • Necropotence Love it, and it can even set up an easy Doomsday line, but I just found it unnecessary
    • Rakdos Signet Is the main color in this deck, so this signet just isn't worth it


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