Notion Thief


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dragon's Maze Rare

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Notion Thief

Creature — Human Rogue


If an opponent would draw a card except the first one he or she draws in each of his or her draw steps, instead that player skips that draw and you draw a card.

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Notion Thief Discussion

buildingadeck on Dralnu DD

3 days ago

I didn't see Grim Monolith and Mox Diamond. Your list is a little harder to read in its current layout. My bad.

Catalyst Stone is much less applicable than Sapphire Medallion in my experience. We aren't always able to Paradox Dralnu, so reducing the cost of more of your deck is better.

As for JVP and Snapcaster, I think you made the right choice swapping JVP for MD. As for snappy, I would consider Notion Thief. Diminishing Returns or Whispering Madness can replace Rhystic Study. I would consider Praetor's Grasp and Spell Pierce depending on your meta. I've really liked Pull from Tomorrow in my list.

In regard to land cuts, I think you get to add more spells.

mikeintosh on [[Primer]]-God of the Rising FULL Moon! Butts Up!!

6 days ago

@man1ac Nice observations. I came mostly to same concluisons. I have been tuning my deck yesterday based on some games we had with our playgroup recently.

Totally agree on targeted removal. Myself, I prefer Pongify, Snuff Out (free removal so more mana to use the God) and Curtains' Call (as it takes out two creatures unconditionaly. Some other observations I had:

1) You may end up playing against spell decks, had a hard time playing against Glissa and combo Hanna, Ship's Navigator. both reccuring artifacts and enchantments from the graveyard. So you need a beatdown plan and also gravehate for other than creatures. Therefore I added Withered Wretch

2) Vengeful Pharaoh is better than Propaganda, let people know you have it in your graveyard, they will likely attack elsewhere

3) Muddle the Mixture is just perfect card. And if you transmute, go for Cyclonic Rift

4) Crypt Ghast seems to underperform. you almost never wanna to play him T4 and its instant target once its out. Rather settle for Cabal Coffers, replaced with Notion Thief

5) Dont forget Bloodchief Ascension plus Mindcrank is an infinite combo. Had to take it out due to our playgroups tier rules

6) Memory Plunder continues to impress. Played Toxic Deluge in opponents combat phase or Krosan Grip to take out a combo piece I wouldnt be otherwise able to ged rid of. This card is an all-star in the deck.

LabManiac_Cameron on Tasigur Seasons Past / Season Pastigur

1 week ago

Abysswalker-: Intuition is usually a Life from the Loam value pile (Life from the Loam > coffers+urborg > fetch+cycling > utility land -- any combination of these depending on current state) or it is a double entomb when you need a Counterspell and no one else has one. If everyone is tapped out and only you have it, tutor for a counterspell and two other things and you get free value by putting relevant things in the bin.

In a four player pod Manifold insights is great. We get the same level of card selection as Tasigur does when he's just activating for value, and the big thing is that it gets around Chains of Mephistopheles/Notion Thief.

Not a fan of Grim Flayer. Too many Thrasios's to see him ever get real value. He's similar to Sensei's Divining Top but a lot harder to cast and activate.

On3wheels on Breya, Combo Shaper

1 week ago

First of all if you want to run ALL the combo's add Notion Thief nothing is cuter than plusing Dack and targeting an opponent with Notion Thief on the field

SteelSentry on Tymaret, the Discard King

1 week ago

Mass discard is a "mean" strategy, and I think you may have built this list afraid to be the villain. It looks like you tried to hybrid an aggressive deck and a cruel control deck, and those don't really work together. First thing I would do is slow down the deck, and put in more longevity.

A lot of your discard is low-impact. Black Cat, for example, only makes one opponent discard once. Why not play, for example, Hypnotic Specter, which can hit multiple times. In addition, I would add things that benefit off of discard, like Liliana's Caress, Sangromancer, Geth's Grimoire, and Waste Not. Symmetrical effects are a little harder to build around, but things like Sire Of Insanity, Oppression, and Bottomless Pit can really get your job done faster. Notion Thief can prevent your opponents from refilling their hand, and Torment of Hailfire is a good finisher from HOU.

In addition, Tymaret already wants you to have tokens, so I would beef up that sub-theme, adding things like Ophiomancer and Endrek Sahr, Master Breeder. Tokens would keep you alive longer, and would allow you to play things like Sadistic Hypnotist and Mind Slash. If you have fodder lying around a lot, Pox and Death Cloud hurt you a lot less than your opponents.

A cruel control theme is not an easy way to make friends at the table, but playing a lot of spite cards can make people reluctant to attack you. Mind Twisting for 7 or having Attrition on the board will stick with people (and, if your budget is bigger, No Mercy).

Draakeragon on Mill or Not to Mill...that is the question...

2 weeks ago

Notion Thief Benefit from all the carddraw

Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni If you're attacking with creatures why not get one?

Sadistic Sacrament Is a really really good card

Perplex Gets rid of people's hands

Nightveil Specter Mill and a free spell.

Gonti, Lord of Luxury is a steal!

kamelyan on I am become death, destroyer of decks

2 weeks ago

I run Temple Bell in my UB Mill deck, and it works well with Notion Thief. Perhaps you could add Temple Bell to combo with Underworld Dreams, Mindcrank, and Duskmantle Guildmage -mill all opponents with a tap (and an activation, but whatever).

skoobysnackz on He's A Mean One

3 weeks ago

Thanks scrobacca! Can't believe I forgot about Notion Thief! given I'm trying to go the budget route here Consecrated Sphinx, Rhystic Study and Alhammarret's Archive are out, but I think Phyrexian Arena, Mulldrifter and Rishkar's Expertise should be doable.

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