Tainted Pact


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Odyssey (ODY) Rare

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Tainted Pact


Remove the top card of your library from the game. You may put that card into your hand unless it has the same name as another card removed this way. Repeat this process until you put a card into your hand or you remove two cards with the same name, whichever comes first.

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Tainted Pact Discussion

Antem on Doomtide Thrasios

9 hours ago

Doomsday with Gush really wants at least 20 island type lands (including fetches/duals) to be optimal.

If you still want to win with Laboratory Maniac, then Tainted Pact and a singleton manabase will get you there and also save you a few card slots (snow lands count as unique from their basic counterparts as well).

spudman3d on Faceburn without red? Yes please

4 days ago

Paranoid1992 I hate to break it to you, but this deck looks to be built for modern so Enlightened Tutor, Sterling Grove,Tainted Pact, and Demonic Consultation are not legal in the format as their most recent standard printing was prior to 8th edition and mirrodin.

rockleemyhero on Yidris Storm

1 week ago

Hey man! Its been awhile. Hope school is going well.

Was just casually browsing over this bad boy and was wondering if youve considered Tainted Pact. It seems viable as a 2 mana instant speed tutor to hand (cough cough LDV) with your high tide-less, singleton mana base. Its a bit risky in a DD based shell, but as long as you arent too greedy, I would think it would be playable to some extent. Anyways dude, hope the quarter is going well and we gotta have some more games soon with the rest of the crew!

Paranoid1992 on Faceburn without red? Yes please

1 week ago

I would suggest to add some tutors for the consistency...

More pricey ones: Enlightened Tutor, Sterling Grove, Tainted Pact

CMC pricey: Plea for Guidance, Beseech the Queen; Dimir Machinations; Dimir House Guard

Best value (imo): Dark Petition (direct cast with spell mastery); Demonic Consultation (cheap);

But the idea definitely is great :) +1

mmcgeach on Breya Ad naus

1 month ago

@tendouji Yeah, but, only sometimes. Blood Moon and Back to Basics can be pretty strong effects, but only against some decks, and even then, only if those decks don't have any artifact mana in play. Usually you can bounce, counter, or destroy the Blood Moon, and there's a lot of tutors to find the answer. Typically blood moon or back to basics isn't real dangerous unless its backed up with other stax pieces including Null Rod and Stony Silence. However, against those kinds of stax decks, Breya is pretty ok. Breya herself can kill basically any hatebear and the Laboratory Maniac + Tainted Pact combo is pretty easy to pull off under a lot of stax cards.

But, sometimes you have a hand of 3 land and no acceleration and the non-basic land hate can blow you out. This happens. But, also, that's a pretty weak keep where your odds of winning that game are pretty low anyway.

artichoker on Angels and Demons for Breakfast by Dan Brownweaver

1 month ago

Thanks for the reply! That Life play is sick.

I actually ran through about 30-40 goldfishes on this deck this morning and overall it performs really solidly (I pilot a noozeless breakfast hulk deck so I was used to a lot of the lines).

Had a couple more thoughts I was interested in your opinions on:

  1. I'm going to try to fit Chrome Mox in this deck as I really like the extra chance for the explosiveness and want that extra mana. I was thinking of removing Tainted Pact because in lines with Rest in Peace or other gravehate, you can still go for FlashHulk into Cephalid Breakfast and Labman (provided you have a cantrip or Tynma beats) to win instantly.

  2. What's the main purpose of Enlightened Tutor? Is it just to sometimes get Animate Dead/Survival of the Fittest/LED/Crypt? It has seemed a bit narrow in my testing so far and I've rarely used it.

  3. Could you elaborate more on why Loyal Retainers is in the deck? The "Jin for the Win" line is pretty hilarious, but I think Hapless Researcher already does the job there. And if it's just for another reanimation card, Dance of the Dead is cheaper.

Again, great work on this deck. I think I may switch my noozeless deck to this variation, as needing to pay that extra 2 mana for Deep Analysis was hurting me.

mmcgeach on

1 month ago

Heya VelvetVendetta, So, I've enjoyed our discussions here and over at Control Zur. This sort of became a rambling smattering of ideas.... (although I hit on the answer in there, in the middle).

I think my unfamiliarity with reanimator Zur led me to undervalue your Cataclysm play; it does seem like a good play after you've reanimated a fatty. Although, I usually want to keep conditional plays (that are only good if I'm already swinging with Zur or reanimated a fatty) to a minimum.

Although, I sort of wonder about Tidespout Tyrant as a reanimation target. It seems like that's only good if you also have access to more reanimation for sun titan, or possibly infinite mana from rocks (which you should run more of) that you can combo with trinket mage. I've run tidespout tyrant in Teferi Planeswalker, where the general is an infinite mana outlet; but it seems worse here since Zur doesn't really do anything with infinite mana or bounce. I like Jin-Gitaxias, of course, and I get that you probably want another quality reanimation target (if sun titan and sidisi together aren't enough?)... maybe tidespout tyrant, even though it's weaker here, is still the best?

It's too bad there isn't a better win condition than the 4-card combo of sun titan, 2 animate dead enchantments, and blasting station / altar of dementia. Maybe Leonin Relic-Warder + Animate Dead + Blood Artist ? It seems like it would streamline a lot of your lines if you could tutor a win more easily. Or, cut sun titan, tidespout tyrant, sidisi, buried alive, blasting station, attunement, replenish, and then add Laboratory Maniac, Doomsday, Tainted Pact, Frantic Search? Would give you slicker lines with just labman + pact = win; doomsday + necropotence has an awesome line (stack is: dark rit, necromancy, brainstorm, lab man, +1 other); and you could still put together strong (and sort of typical) doomsday lines with frantic search, git probe, brainstorm, and lab man.

I like EE alot; although potentially more in a list like Breya where you're already running the Salvagers combo. It's a pretty good sweeper here on 1 tho; cause like the best alternative might be ... Yahenni's Expertise and I'm not sure that's actually worth playing.

BTW, if you want to use rule of law, you should just use Arcane Laboratory, since it's blue. That makes it pitch to force and mis-d, and makes it easier to cast. OHHHH, Wait. You should play arcane lab + rule of law + Nullstone Gargoyle. Reanimate the nullstone gargoyle, fetch out arcane lab with Zur, then just swing everyone dead with Zur.

Last thing that pops out at me is that your mana base is a little frightening. I'd want to run a couple more basics to guard against Blood Moon and Back to Basics; unless nobody you play with ever uses these cards.

HelixSnapHelix on To harvest the Storm (kess tps)

1 month ago

Also, Tainted Pact maybe better than Personal Tutor and Lim-Dul's Vault. Only better than Lim-Dul's Vault if you are using it to search for your win con at least 90% of the time.

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