Arbor Elf


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 Common
Worldwake Common

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Arbor Elf

Creature — Elf Druid

Tap: Untap target Forest.

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Arbor Elf Discussion

Helium on Yet another Meren deck

11 hours ago

I would take out Arbor Elf for Dawntreader Elk - its beter to have more land and sac somethingElves of Deep Shadow for Devoted Druid - it can sac its self and wont cost you lifeWood Elves for Yavimaya Elder - yet again it can sac its self and its better value

and add a Thief of Blood itll kill plains walkers and take +1/+1 and give you something big to sac with Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord

Mongol on Infernal Savagery

17 hours ago

I like it, and it may be better in some circumstances, though I've been contemplating Arbor Elf with Utopia Sprawl if anything. I haven't gone that route in the past due to not having all the shocks and fetches to make sure I have that turn one forest.

Thanks for the suggestion though.

Baneriusz on Nasty Hydras

1 day ago

LithiumHD I see where this is going. Few minutes ago I thought about Arbor Elf + Oran-Rief, the Vastwood :)

GabeCubed on Eldrazi and Demons, What Could Go Wrong?

2 days ago

I would suggest adding in more powerful Eldrazi, including Drowner of Hope and Thought-Knot Seer, both which are great. I'd also say to add Eldrazi Temple if you up the number of Eldrazi, to power them out quicker. For your mana dorks, keep them at 1 CMC, so this would mean getting some Arbor Elf + Utopia Sprawl, Elvish Mystic, or Noble Hierarch (the latter being mediocre in this deck).

If flipping Westvale Abbey  Flip is really your plan, I suggest going a different route, as Awakening Zone is a bit too slow. If you are keeping Eldrazi, Eldrazi Skyspawner and Eldrazi Displacer would be awesome, but if you want more tokens, Krenko's Command, Dragon Fodder and Hordeling Outburst are in your colors, and aren't bad.

I'm not sure trying to have multiple plans like this will work, as a more coherent plan is typically more powerful.

Just my two cents! Good luck!

Lilbrudder on Yawgmoth's Engine

2 days ago

Wee_Dragonaut: While Arbor Elf can be a little inconsistent its ability to tap for blue and black far outweighs the downside. This deck has very little need for the green nonland ramp Llanowar Elves and his brothers provides. The key is to mullighan away hands where you draw arbor elf and don't have a fetchland or dual forest. Getting those turn 1 ramp sources is vitally important for the early win so I use arbor elf l despite its hoops.

BarbeChenue: Thank you! This is honestly the type of deck I have always wanted to make but I never had the right combination of cards/commander before.

Waste Not is a greedy card with little utility outside my wheels, but it does allow for some ridiculous early wins. It also helps alot on ad nauseams since if I get to 5 but don't have engine I can use all my mana for it and a wheel to get much more mana and a new 25 cards. Whispering Madness proved to good for me despite being one mana more expensive than what is ideal. A less "all in" deck could cut both and Helm of Awakening (which I may cut anyways since it is only a viable play on a combo turn) for more interaction. While the turn 2 win rate would likely drop below the 16-20% it has been testing at over my past 100 or so runs (I got 3 turn 2 wins in a 4 game stretch 10 minutes ago!), the deck would be more resilient and have more answers to killer stax pieces.

Indeed Codex Shredder is a neat backup win condition with alot of subtle uses (disrupting topdeck tutors/ regrowth effect/ mox opal activation), but I still may go back to Praetor's Grasp as it is more useful for this deck outside win condition situations.

The added rituals, Culling the Weak and Cabal Ritual fit the all in combo deck wonderfully, but I also think they make the deck more resilient. Just like Carpet of Flowers they make my ramp package less vulnerable to Null Rod and Linvala, Keeper of Silence. Both have tremendous upside on combo turns as well.

Wee_Dragonaut on Yawgmoth's Engine

3 days ago

I do not know competitive EDH very well, but would Elvish Mystic work over Arbor Elf, just because of the high density of non-Forest lands? Or do you get enough Forests that it pays off?

Rayze_Darr on Mono Green Creatures & Primal Surge

3 days ago

Mono green ramp, and no Arbor Elf and Utopia Sprawl combo? Come on, man.

megonia on Stay Hydrated

5 days ago

Green Fetches and Overgrown Tomb; Utopia Sprawl and Arbor Elf for 4 Mana on turn 2 and if you want to be more spikier then you can play the Hardened scales Affinity version or the hardened scales deck (just look at mtgtop8)

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