Academy Ruins


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Rare
Time Spiral Rare

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Academy Ruins

Legendary Land

T: Add 1 to your mana pool.

1U, T: Put target artifact card in your graveyard on top of your library.

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Academy Ruins Discussion

ChubyCryBaby on Titan Fall is Ready

1 day ago

I know it's been 3 years, but, Academy Ruins to bring back all your artifacts.

Halt92 on Losing Your Mind

3 days ago

I would maybe swap Evolving Wilds for Academy Ruins, Terramorphic Expanse for Bojuka Bog (I'm a little biased against land tutors like them) and Ghirapur Orrery for Spiteful Visions.

Geth's Grimoire and Mindcrank are very much cards you would want to have in this kind of deck if you can find the space.

If you are looking for some cards to cull I would toss out some of the cards that don't exactly benefit the win conditions as much such as Baleful Strix and Prognostic Sphinx.

Mr.Enrique89 on Teferi, Temporal Archmage Combo/Control

6 days ago

PackAttack91 Most of the times Academy Ruins or Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx It deppends, and Im thinking on adding Riptide Laboratory and Archaeomancer to combo with Time Warp

jabez007 on ULDRAZI-TRON [2nd PLACE T/O Modern Tournament #2]

1 week ago

Without Mindslaver or a critical mass of artifacts, does it make sense to swap out Academy Ruins for either a 4th Eldrazi Temple or Sea Gate Wreckage, or is the plan to recur Expedition Maps?

Venomous08 on Ballistics (#1 14-02-2017, 1.43 CMC)

1 week ago

I really like the idea behind the deck, though I think the execution is still sub-par. I'd like to address the manabase first. Academy Ruins, Inventors' Fair, and Sea Gate Wreckage seem like good options at first, but their activated abilities are too expensive, slow, or conditional, hence you rarely see them played in Tier 1 Affinity decks. Darksteel Citadel should really be a 4-of in this deck since it helps enable Mox Opal and can be sacrificed to Arcbound Ravager if necessary. Additionally, I'd heavily consider running Inkmoth Nexus as another consistent win-con in combination with Arcbound Ravager. I also don't think that your mana curve is optimal. Topping off your curve with Scrap Trawler is fine, but you have too many cards competing for the 2 CMC spot. Arcbound Stinger seems particularly bad, since it just acts as a worse Arcbound Worker when you really want to be casting a Walking Ballista or Arcbound Ravager. Ancient Stirrings also doesn't fit with your game plan. This deck has 10 other 1-Drops that it prefers to play on T1 that actually add to the board-state. On the topic of 1-drops, I would play 4 Hardened Scales, since it enables all of your creatures and hence you want one in your opening hand. Also of note, it's effects do stack, so having multiple copies is not a problem. With all the slots that open up, I would definetly add 3-4 Springleaf Drum since your combo wants to be quick but is fairly mana-intensive. Ornithopter would help enable the Springleaf Drum more easily, give you more artifacts for improvise, and just reduce your curve a little bit. Hangarback Walker might also be worth considering as a 1-2-of just too add redundancy and give you another creature to dump counters on if you don't have a Walking Ballista available. Lastly, I'm a little unsure about Reverse Engineer. I haven't tested that card enough to make a definitive decision, but I personally prefer Thoughtcast for card draw. It does draw one card less, but is less color intensive, gets more value out of Mox Opal and Springleaf Drum and doesn't force you to abandon your defences.

Grind on Baral, Chief of Nope

1 week ago

you could consider Disallow over Scatter to the Winds.
also i would consider Dream Fracture over Sage's Dousing
also some utility lands are Academy Ruins and the lesser Buried Ruin.
and with your high island count you could consider more doublers like caged sun or extraplanar lens. but idk if they are necessary for your lock strategy

Ryknow on Putting the "No" in "Mono-blue"

2 weeks ago

Matthew_Minor91: Woah, that's a lot of stuff!

I know my mana rocks package is not one of the bests, I'm just waiting for a chance to replace the worst ones...

I really like Future Sight, and if I can be honest, I have yet to get it in play, never drawn it until now, lol. That's why it's still in the deck, I have to know of it can actually work.

Everything else seem just like a strict upgrade...Well, everything but Academy Ruins (budget) and Deep Analysis (Sorcery Speed).

Thanks again, you gave me a lot of stuff to work on!

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