Academy Ruins

Academy Ruins

Legendary Land

: Add to your mana pool.

, : Put target artifact card in your graveyard on top of your library.

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters (MMA) Rare
Time Spiral (TSP) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Academy Ruins occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0.13%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.05%

Blue: 0.58%

WUB (Esper): 0.4%

Academy Ruins Discussion

Poly_raptor on Another Urza deck

1 week ago

I’m unsure, not too competitive as I don’t play cedh. This ones on the back burner for a while. I may take in more of a Winter Orb way but I’m undecided atm

The budget is just as and when I can get cards really. I’m not going to spend silly money on fetches I don’t need, but I would potentially spend on Academy Ruins for example.

Naksu on Dimir Artifacts w/ Rona

2 weeks ago

Temple of the False God, Academy Ruins and Inventors' Fair are some good arty based decks.

Also Ensoul Artifact + Darksteel Citadel is a killer combo.

dingusdingo on Urza Power Scepter

2 weeks ago

AlwaysSleepy If you can't understand why I would point out when a 0 decks 1 post account logs in after two years to call me a fucktard, then there isn't much more to discuss on that point.

As far as whether or not you suck, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. I enjoy it when people with less or more experience post, as long as its discussing cards or linking new ones.

As far as building Urza midrange versus artifact focused, yes I understand why the choices are made. This just keeps coming back to some basic facts though. The commander makes mana from artifacts, and then uses lots of mana to get free spells. Running 12 counterspells is going to mess with Urza activations. In a vacuum, a counterspell is going to be better than a trinisphere, but do you know what card the deck always has access to, every single game, from turn 1? Urza! What does Urza do? Give mana from artifacts, and use mana to get free spells. Do you know what free spells are unfortunate to get from Urza activations? Counterspells!

To respond to your card comments

Legacy's Allure - I'm glad we are in agreement that this card should go.

Homeward Path - This card is very common as tech in Selvala and Yisan decks. Gilded Drake is a very popular card that can go into most competitive decks with blue as a piece of removal. Both Yisan and Selvala are extremely commander dependent while being mono colored, with the Crop Rotation already there in many builds. Just because the card is not run in the Shaper list does not mean the card does not see play, it is tech that shows up. Since the card makes those decks cry big fat tears when it is resolved, it goes in. Which brings us to

Pithing Needle and friends. There are enough of these effects and they are so rancid for this deck that you must be aware of them when you build. It is simply asinine to ignore how dire this card resolving is for this deck. The bigger problem with these types of cards is that this deck runs so little removal and places all emphasis on counterspells. As far as Needle appearing or not, just because it doesn't show up in a big name brewer list doesn't mean the card isn't played. I have seen many competitive commander decks slot this card. It is a strong hate card against many commanders, the card that everyone always has access to (if they run Homeward Path lol). This list crumples to turn 1 Pithing Needle and it serves as proof of what the card can do. 1 mana and 1 card to lock out a player from winning is significantly better than a counterspell. The card is mana denial against uncracked fetches (they can't crack in response to the naming), it hoses entire commanders, its great against the random planeswalkers that show up, its amazing against the random Animatou deck that showed up, it shuts off so many infinite combos and is such a strong answer that can go in any deck. P.S. it could even go into an Urza build

Aether Spellbomb - My thoughts exactly. Goes in for Allure

Recurring Insight - I can believe that anyone who has resolved it has won. There are caveats to that statement though. You're giving up big opportunity cost as you could have another card in that slot doing something else before 6 mana. It is also hard to protect it resolving, because it costs 6 mana. Let me use an analogy to make one last point. Just because I won by tutoring from Diabolic Tutor does not mean that Demonic Tutor is the same. You can run sub-optimal cards that lead to winning, that category would most likely encompass 99+% of decks made.

Mishra's Workshop - This card once again used to show flaws in deckbuilding. The commander focuses on artifacts. This deck doesn't have an artifact density high enough to run Workshop and put it to use. It runs 19 artifacts. This card and the commander make big mana for or from artifacts. After the lands, there are 68 slots. 19 are artifacts. This is another overall design flaw rather than weakness between the card and the commander.

Howling Mine - I agree that this card has risk associated with playing it. This is why timing is crucial. If played when Urza is on the board, you are able to advance meaningfully with an extra and card every turn for and 1 card. Howling Mine isn't great in a vacuum, but once again it goes really well with that one card we always have access to. Even if later Urza is removed, we got advantage from it first and we got it earlier. Giving all your opponents 1 extra card (so 3 total) on turn 5 is negated by getting an extra card for yourself on turn 3 and 4. Getting access to the cards earlier for us is worthwhile even if on a later turn our opponents are collectively getting 3 cards to our 3 cards. Timing is just required to make this card effective. I find it hilarious that this list realizes the benefit in running Winter Orb and Static Orb but glances over the same synergy with Howling Mine. Do you see how those cards also hurt you without your commander?

Trinisphere - Its totally not cut, just not in the list. The authors can put flowery words next to it but this card should be an auto include. Not having it here makes me question why.

Ensnaring Bridge - Not the best possible include but worth a consider if the deck is more artifact centric. Can hose down Tymna and also some win cons. Urza plays well with a small hand and a fatty board.

As far as "You're just going to get flashed on" I'm not advocating for eliminating counterspells completely. It could easily go down to 8 and you will still see counters in your opener. The forgiving mulligan rules of multiplayer with the added new London Mulligan makes it easy to go back for one if you see yourself sitting across from TnT.

Expedition Map - Leads to Tabernacle and leads to Inventor's Fair. You can use to go to Academy Ruins to plop back on top to continue to toolbox lands. Its a tutor in a relevant type that can become an engine in games where you have more space. In more artifact centric builds you can extend more into non-basic lands as fetch targets, because you will need less blue for counterspells and 6 mana draw spells and Legacy's Allure.

Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth is a usable combo in certain contexts. Gonna keep going back to this idea that we always have Urza in the command zone as being important to the development of the deck. Urza gives us A LOT OF MANA. Rings has a great effect, but needs A LOT OF MANA. See where I'm going here? When we get Rings activations onto fetches, we are double thinning and ramping ourselves, but we're also priming the deck for BETTER URZA ACTIVATIONS. You also get infinite mana loops with Codex Shredder and any card that goes to GY like a spell. Basalt is definitely a downgrade from Grim, but Rings is such an upgrade from Power Artifact for usefulness outside combo and mana isn't as much of an issue in Urza so I think its worthwhile.

As far as the rest of what you wrote, yeah nice dude this is a $4000 durdle list and you are out here defending it. These brewers are so isolated in their own meta they make absurd card choices and overall deckbuilding decisions. Yeah this list is trash dude, and my comments about people being sheep are funnier with every reply. Why are you out here schilling for this list? Idol worship or idle time?

Metachemist on Wrexial Jiu Jitsu

3 weeks ago

Academy Ruins and Jester's Cap allow you to wreck combo decks and remove any annoying Eldrazi Titans that might ruin your mill plans

triproberts12 on How do you all out ...

1 month ago

That seems nearly impossible to do with any kind of consistency. My advice would be to put Academy Ruins in your deck, along with Entomb effects like Goblin Engineer , the new Gravebreaker Lamia , and Final Parting . You can stack it that way, but with the mana you need to do all this, you should probably plan on setting yourself up to win the second Citadel hits the battlefield.

DDSpada on Friendless Blue Tron

1 month ago

shadow63 : Disallow is a solid card, but it doesn't fit Blue Tron very well. The deck is very fragile in the early game. That's why most interactive instants in the archetype can be cast for 1-2 mana. Disallow on the draw can't counter your opponent's 1-, 2-, or 3-drops. It costs double blue, which at least 13 lands in the deck can't produce (12 tronlands + Academy Ruins ) and doesn't cantrip or scry, which Condescend , Repeal , Remand and Spell Burst do.

plusARGON : Although Blue Tron can produce very high amounts of colorless mana, there aren't very many blue sources (by design; this is far from a mistake on IzzetFanatic's part). Cryptic Command is essentially uncastable, especially on turn 4. Gadwick, the Wizened and The Magic Mirror suffer from the same problem. Sea Gate Wreckage is very good in decks where you expect to have no cards in hand. In this build, 23 cards either cantrip, tutor, or scry. The ability won't be activated often at all. Snapcaster Mage is played in U Tron sometimes, but usually as a one-of, since flashing something back usually requires a second source of blue. Castle Vantress is worth trying out. It's a blue source which will ETB untapped often enough, and will occasionally help in the late game if you flooded out on blue sources.

BearClaymore on Alela, Tinker Faerie Extraordinaire

1 month ago

Here's my take on your ask to change something based on your Maybe Board.

Evolving Wilds and Terramorphic Expanse for Academy Ruins and/or Reflecting Pool

While these fetch lands help you fix, the fact that the lands you find will come in tapped is like you are missing the turn's land drop. Why not have 2 lands that actually give you mana instead AND help you get back artifacts from the graveyard?

I would consider changing Hindering Light or Turn Aside for Cyclonic Rift and/or Enlightened Tutor . The counter effect that you get with the first ones is very specific and you may find scenarios where you can't really use them, however CycRift works 2 different ways and the Tutor can help you find a Sorcery to board-wipe if you need to level the field.

Also, I would give a try with Sensei's Divining Top instead of Throne of the God-Pharaoh I like to give preference to cards that will give me card advantage every turn versus the ones that may or may not cause damage to opponents depending on you having creatures tapped.

Finally I would find a way to include Rhystic Study , it is too good not to. Maybe swapping with Darksteel Mutation , which is an Aura that does not really give you any benefit and any creature you target can be blinked or bounced. Unless you know a creature is the key piece of a win combo, i think this aura is not going to really help you win the game but having additional cards drawn with Rhystic Study will definitely give more options to.

HydraOoze on Urza

2 months ago

Really cool deck, one suggestion is Academy Ruins for some recursion.

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