As an additional to cast this spell, sacrifice a creature.

Search your library for a creature card with converted mana cost equal to 1 plus the sacrificed creature's converted mana cost, put that card onto the battlefield with an additional +1/+1 counter on it, then shuffle your library.

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Set Rarity
War of the Spark (WAR) Uncommon

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Format Legality
Oathbreaker Legal
Arena Legal
Historic Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Pioneer Legal
Legacy Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Highlander Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Custom Legal
Unformat Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Casual Legal
Leviathan Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Block Constructed Legal

Neoform occurrence in decks from the last year

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Neoform Discussion

lorthosthetidebaker on Unban Dark Depths!

2 weeks ago

It seems to me that the consistency and options available to fair decks make them the best competition for a deck like Depths. It certainly isn't any faster than Neoform+Griselbrand and, from testing, would be on par with the faster storm/other combo draws. Depths may have slightly better odds than those decks but, notably, such fast combo decks have been pushed out of the greater modern meta.

In regard to the mana cost of Blood Moon, there is also Alpine Moon.

Perhaps the current pool of modern answers is lacking for responding to a 20/20 indestructible flyer but the issue of lacking modern answers is pervasive. I suppose Vapor Snag has over-performed through my history in modern but I don't discount the possibility that an answer exists in blue which I haven't considered. Having applications against Batterskull and older Primeval Titan builds does make it seem at least formerly functional.

SynergyBuild on Opposition Agent needs a preemptive …

3 weeks ago

plakjekaas So, I actually wanted to do the math on this, assuming you were in a Sultai+ shell, running the following tutors and cantrips, by turn three how often would you get OA and SS in hand?

Vampiric Tutor, Demonic Tutor, Imperial Seal, Mystical Tutor, Lim-Dul's Vault, Worldly Tutor, Ponder, Preordain, Brainstorm, Gitaxian Probe

If mulliganning to 4 is an option, the set looks to be a 64% chance to get both halves by turn three. This is further helped by running other forms of card advantage or search, effects like Neoform, Personal Tutor, Mindblade Render, slightly helped by running two commanders, Sylvan Library, Mystic Remora, etc.

UpperDeckerTaco on [Primer] – Amareth's Beautiful Baubles

4 weeks ago

Seems like a cEDH list...

Why no Isochron Scepter+Dramatic Reversal combo? You have the rocks and dorks to support it.

And if you're playing Kinnan, Bonder Prodigy, why not play Basalt Monolith?

With these additions you already run the tutors to seek them out, and then you can add in Walking Ballista as an alternate wincon.

And if you are running Neoform and Pemmin's Aura/Freed from the Real, why not run Incubation Druid as well as another infinite mana outlet to go with Bloom Tender and/or Faeburrow Elder.

Another good tutor is to run Intuition...and you go get the 1 card you really want, Noxious Revival and Eternal Witness (or Regrowth if you want to play it) and it guarantees you get your card you want to tutor for.

Also, I feel like adding Runic Armasaur could be good to go with your Verity Circle draw effects. Where Verity Circle doesn't do well is against Thrasios activations, but that is where the Armasaur shines.

And if you feel that Thassa's Oracle is a "dead" card, you could make it NOT a "dead" card by using Thought Lash or Paradigm Shift to make a 2 card combo with THORACLE.

Other tutor effects to consider:

Long-Term Plans = You already play most of the cards to support it: Sensei's Divining Top, Sylvan Library, Mirri's Guile...

Drift of Phantasms = Tutors for Pemmin's Aura, Freed from the Real, Faeburrow Elder

Idyllic Tutor = Search for your card draw specific enchantments to gain advantage or your Pemmin's Aura or Freed from the Real.

I noticed that Stony Silence effects shut you down quite easily, so aside from removing the stax piece stopping you, think about adding in a secondary win condition such as the previous mentioned options above to add into more consistency against bad match ups.

9-lives on Eyed Abyss of Rainbow Irises - Jodah and Jegantha

1 month ago

Does having Wishclaw mean that in order to use it I have to play first of all Skybind with Wishclaw Talisman, which would be a total of 2 mana to first cast wishclaw, then 1 to tap it, then 5 mana for skybind? I can't wait until turn 5 or 6 to start my draw engine. Wishclaw itself with Skybind is only useful for enchantments, I now realize. Thinking of replacing that with Prime Speaker Vannifar and Neoform. Do you think I should just run a ton of creatures and try to use less sorceries, instants, enchantments, and artifacts? I need a solid draw engine for my deck, and I've already been told that Grim Tutor is useless.

9-lives on Eyed Abyss of Rainbow Irises - Jodah and Jegantha

1 month ago

Thank you, LeaPlath so much!!! Finally, some real help! I think Angel of Invention is good, but Prowling Serpopard for 2 mana less has the same P/T, unless I want to sacrifice or somehow use some servo tokens. I'll definitely run one of Tithe Taker and some of Eldritch Evolution. Felidar Guardian isn't legal in Pioneer.

How does "Bounding Krasis and Hippo let you turn any 2 drop into a 5 drop in a single turn."? They don't tap or untap lands.

I'm thinking about adding bounce cards for the off chance that someone puts something into my control, which destroys many combos, and on top of that they count as delayers and making the enemy re-use his manabase if he wants to cast it again.

And, I have a dumb question to ask. Does Yorion exile any non-land permanent until the opponent's endstep and then returns it? What's the point of running Yorion?

TriusMalarky a toolbox deck isn't supposed to work perfectly. It is just an archetype that very few people play especially in pioneer. If it were the best, it would actually be a deck that is used on youtube.

And, if I'm not mistaken, Neoform is almost as good as Birthing Pod, but it's not a repeatedly usable artifact, which makes Birthing Pod something that would be banned (too good for playing with!) as it only costs -life and 1 mana.

And what's the fun in magic if you don't make new decks? I know that combos are very popular, but I would rather play without them or try to ruin someone's chance of using an infinite combo or limited combo on me. If I can ruin their combos, that means that I can actually have a chance of winning when facing combo decks. For instance, if I bounced inverter before it entered my control.

9-lives on Eyed Abyss of Rainbow Irises - Jodah and Jegantha

1 month ago

TBH, unless I have a lot more creatures that are toolbox creatures, I don't need Neoform even though it is far better than Grim Tutor, and likewise for Fiend Artisan, which are the two best cards you showed me that search the library for creatures. What toolbox creatures should I run so that I can utilize these cards? Foulmire Knight is great for his adventure ability as well as his deathtouch being a 1/1 for 1 mana. Prowling Serpopard and Tithe Taker are also good toolbox creatures, especially if facing counter or burn decks. Sylvan Caryatid is a great ramp card, and since it has hexproof people won't bolt the bird. It's a really weird mixture of cards, but I think they're all great.

9-lives on Eyed Abyss of Rainbow Irises - Jodah and Jegantha

1 month ago

Wow! I love Neoform, Fiend Artisan, Prime Speaker Vannifar for creatures! However, few of those are better than Grim Tutor, ones that are much better are especially Fiend Artisan and Neoform. Although, Neoform is assuming that I have big creatures or medium creatures in mana cost to sacrifice. Eldritch Evolution is almost the same as Grim Tutor, except that it has the constraint of already costing 3 mana, then using a sacrifice of X mana for X+2 mana cost creature return. I'd rather use Grim Tutor, pay 3 mana, and pay 3 life for that, and be able to choose any card I like, even if it's not a creature. Enigmatic Incarnation is also worse. I've heard that using a card with life cost is far more effective than using a card that costs more mana, depending on the card. Like shock lands when you want tempo. Most creatures can only do so much and usually must stay alive to have a certain ability used in the battlefield, like Prime Speaker Vannifar. Untapping and tapping would be useful with her, but I don't know what cards I would sacrifice. Perhaps you can help me with that? By and far, the best card for creature summoning is Fiend Artisan, but only if I wait a turn to use his ability, which if I sacrifice a lot of creatures, will be pretty strong I believe.

LeaPlath on Eyed Abyss of Rainbow Irises - Jodah and Jegantha

1 month ago

The cards you are saying aren't tool box cards and are in fact bad. If I was trying to build a pioneer toolbox I would be leaning on a specific engine to enabler the toolbox repeatedly, not a single use spell that makes stuff mana inefficent. Dont play single use tutors.

Bring to Light is good because it gets and casts the spell which makes it more mana efficent. It is any cmc 5 or less spell in your deck. Compare to Grim Tutor where you are tacking 3 mana, some life and an extra point of interaction onto a spell.

Enigmatic Invocation is a pod esque effect so lets you play around counters and generate value at the end of your turn. The enchantments are more resilient to removal so you can play them out and pod them when needed.

Eldritch Evolution and Neoform do fetch creatures but you don't seem to understand the value of creatures in Pioneer. If I was playing Eldritch Evolution I would play cards like Reclamation Sage, Ravenous Chupacabra, Siege Rhino and Duskwatch Recruiter  Flip. A mix of powerful value creatures, well costed ETB effects and strong bodies. These are better than instants and sorceries as they both threaten life, remove resources or trade 2 for 1 more easily.

Prime Speaker Vannifar has a lot of podding potential as you can turn a 2 drop into a 5 drop with cards like Breaching Hippocamp, Bounding Krasis and clone effects. This gives you both the ability to see a lot of your deck and pull out specific creatures. Fiend Artisan is similar but is a better threat and allows you to skip cmcs by paying mana. Yisan Chord is slower but doesnt have a cost besides mana.

So yeah. Basically. You want your tutors to be engines or provide cost efficency. Or your answers to be extra flexible like creatures and playable on their own. No more watcher of the dead

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