Mental Misstep


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
New Phyrexia (NPH) Uncommon

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Mental Misstep


( can be paid with either or 2 life.)

Counter target spell with converted mana cost 1.

Mental Misstep Discussion

SynergyBuild on Why Rhystic Study is kinda ...

3 weeks ago

UpperDeckerTaco I think you don't play cEDH?

You seem... severely mistaken, Mystic Remora turn 1 stops all of the Swan Song s, Spell Pierce s, Mental Misstep s, Gitaxian Probe s, Red Elemental Blast s/ Pyroblast s, Dispel s, Mana Crypt s, Mox Diamond s, Chrome Mox es, Sol Ring s, Mana Vault s, Force of Will s, Swords to Plowshares es, Dark Ritual s, [[]] and 20-30 other 0-1 mana staples from gaining advantage over you between turns 1-2, the early game. Turn 1ing a Rhystic Study isn't bad, but just isn't really the goal of it. Gaining card advantage through heavy stax is it's onyl real win scenario, which makes it win-more, not exactly what you want to be doing.

Senomar on Ojutai French Dual

4 weeks ago

really nice deck my friend. Seems a tiny bit slow for the format tho.

Remand , Force Spike , Mental Misstep , Spell Snare and/or Memory Lapse are strong counterspells in the format. You should have a try instead of Arcane Denial or Dissipate . If you run Tolaria West only for Pact of Negation maybe have a try on Rishadan Port instead (useful wih 41 lands) or even basic because Blood Moon and Magus of the Moon are some dirty things in the format.

Tempo spells such has Into the Roil or Blink of an Eye could be great too especially instead of expensive spells that could stay forever in your hand early game ( Medomai the Ageless , Time Stop ...). Your way to kill is commander. The rest of your deck should be heavy and early control. Half of the deck kill turn 5 in the format :) that's why I suggest you to lower your curve a bit (especially with the counterspells I listed)

I have a strong list of counterspells on my main deck profile if you're interested (in the deck and maybeboard section) : (thumbs are appreciated :D)

If you want to brew further here is a list of all the most played cards in the format (you can filtered by colors, types and so on)

Some videos of Ojutai's game in the world biggest tournament :

If you speak french Ojutai deck tech from a well known competitor :

Have a nice day :)

Dango on Banana Seasons Past Control

1 month ago

Honestly when I do cast Cyclonic Rift , I'm more than likely going to be overloading it. The boardwipe potential warrants the slot, and I've found that Chain of Vapor just hasn't put in enough work in my meta. It just hasn't done enough and I'd much rather see literally any other removal spell in my hand. Sorry guys, but you have to realize that I don't play cEDH. There's more emphasis on value and longevity in my meta than there is on speed. I would be running cards like Mental Misstep , Flusterstorm , and Counterbalance if this was a cEDH meta, but I've instead adapted cEDH lines into this deck and certain cards in the mix just weren't worth the slot based on what I aim to do.

Icbrgr on Modern Horizon

1 month ago

i think the only constructive thing i can add about Counterspell is its casting cost.... although its undoubtedly better than something like Mana Leak ... the strictly better aspect gets a bit foggy when it comes to being used in decks "x-y-z"... because on its face Countersquall is better than Negate ...but not exactly always... like multi colored decks might consider the leak in the same way that Pyroclasm can still be preferred over Anger of the Gods simply cuze of the demand in the casting doesnt fall into the phyrexian mana trap that is Mental Misstep / Surgical Extraction / Dismember .

Icbrgr on Modern Horizon

1 month ago

So the Prof. from Tolarian Community college posted a really interesting video.

This Modern Horizons set doesnt seem to affect the Ban list in the same sense of outright to unbanning things like Mental Misstep or Second Sunrise .... but is a different concept that bridges into a realm beyond my reach/experience. Sure I've inherited some older cards that my brother gave to me from the Mirage sets and stuff; but I never actively collected or constructed cards from these older time periods because i figured it was a bit much to try to backtrack/familiarize myself with these older cards in order to break into the legacy/vintage formats.

In terms of brand new/never before seen/bypassing standard format printed cards like the spoiled Serra the Benevolent & Cabal Therapist ... I think its reasonable to assume that its anyones guess as to what kind of things could get printed.... However; does anyone have any insight or predictions on some possible cards that Modern Horizons may print that are currently only available in Legacy/Vintage that would have an impact on Modern? I dont think somthing like Goblin Ski Patrol would result in any dramatic change exactly but there is the "possibly" of Modern getting access to things like Sinkhole or Counterspell that could certainly shake things up a bit.

Maybe this could be the path needed to eventually achieve a diverse/healthy "No Ban List Modern" to get around the reserve list to maintain those entrenched in the other eternal formats?


*Firstly, it's explicitly stated that the intent of Modern Horizons isn't to completely warp the entire format or turn it into a different version of Legacy." - Emma Handy

Icbrgr on Modern shouldnt have a ban ...

1 month ago

Good points DuTogira/others. Land cards seem to be easy enough to tutor and tough to interact with to a degree. I can certainly see Dark Depths still being playable as a one of. (along with other previously mentioned cards).

As far as cdkime's suggestion about doing a Google search "[card name here] ban" the top themes i read in various forms/threads/articles were in regards to power (angry player: "That cards broken!) and metagame diversity (caw-blade vs caw-blade vs caw-blade).

Cards that we have recently talked about now such as Birthing Pod / Eye of Ugin / Dark Depths and so on are all super great/powerful cards in there own right... but they all have there own homes/decks. I for one wouldn't have any interest in running pod/eye of ugin in my Grixis Deaths shadow variant/deck no matter how much of a novelty that would be. Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle was a card that was on the initial banned list and unbanning it outright didnt ruin the format. It isn't exactly easy to slip into every deck or even already competitive decks. Scapeshift was/is a thing, but is far from dominant or oppressive.

Right/wrong or indifferent I think ive made my position on abilities to overcome a card/strategy clear... however; When it come to the argument of banning/restricting cards for the sake of "diversity"... some cards have a super tough time meeting that criteria such as Chrome Mox / Mental Misstep ; simply because there doesn't seem like any reason to not run a full playset or a minimum of 1 in a restricted format.

I do question however in the case of a restricted format that just because we would see 9/10 decks running Gitaxian Probe / Chrome Mox (as arbitrary examples) that this would result in seeing the same decks vs the same decks at the next GP/pro tour.... i also think it's also worth noting in this scenario that unlike vintage Chalice of the Void could still be ran as a full playset.

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Mental Misstep occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.05%

Blue: 0.26%

W/U/B (Esper): 0.32%