Imperial Seal

Imperial Seal


Search your library for a card, then shuffle your library and put that card on top of it. You lose 2 life.

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition II (ME2) Rare
Portal Three Kingdoms (PTK) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

Imperial Seal occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.04%

Golgari: 0.13%

WUB (Esper): 0.44%

Imperial Seal Discussion

dingusdingo on cEDH Yuriko

10 hours ago

Its cool you like building decks, but this is not really competitive. Its a good deck, and you've certainly got some of the correct tech in here, but it really is a waste of my time and yours when you mislabel shit. Its cool you're building on a budget, but don't tag it as cEDH. Simple as.

Land base is fine for budget. Obviously it extends with fetches and Underground Sea if no budget. Your mana rock base is pretty unfortunate too, as you don't have any of the good 0 or 1 CMC accelerators.

Running Labman + Pact as your wincon in Yuriko seems strange. Yes you're getting additional draws off Yuriko triggers, but why don't you build a different deck if you're interested in a pact combo? Especially since the partner commanders lend themselves so well to this strategy. You could be running Tymna the Weaver + any blue partner and be getting much better draws with better overall card quality. You're missing the Draco + Emrakul package that makes Yuriko an actual competitive deck, and you're missing all the topdeck manipulation pieces that allow you to wipe the board with Yuriko triggers. Your lack of ninjas also means you're failing to get all the Yuriko triggers you would want anyways, and the triggers you do get aren't going to be very effective.

Your creatures are all over the place. Even if you don't have the full ninja suite (they are really not expensive at all), you still need to prioritize evasive creatures to get Yuriko ninjutsu. Benthic Biomancer is a cut. Foulmire Knight is a cut. Universal Automaton is arguably a cut, but it is a ninja. If you aren't going to slot the ninjas, at least get evasive 1 drop creatures for ninjutsu.

You have almost 0 topdeck manipulation. Tutors that go to top are a must for Yuriko triggers. Personal Tutor Mystical Tutor Vampiric Tutor Imperial Seal . Even cantrips or draws that manipulate topdeck are going to be good here. Brainstorm is an absolute must, and its shocking you don't already run. Other topdeck cantrips like Ponder Preordain or Serum Visions can set up big Yuriko triggers, even if you can't afford the MVP Sensei's Top or Scroll Rack.

You run a lot of dead draws, like Arcane Adaptation and Unnatural Selection . If you just ran a ninja in those spots, you wouldn't need those cards. Even spamming your creatures into ninjas, you aren't going to get very good triggers off Yuriko because you run no high CMC bombs to take advantage of the triggers, and no topdeck manipulation. Its easier to kill off of 3 triggers that do 15 damage than it is off of 15 triggers that do 3 damage. You're far more likely to get 3 triggers in than get 15.

This is not a competitive deck mate. It has a long way to go. Thanks for posting, welcome to tappedout, tag your shit appropriately and we'll both have a more pleasant day.

rhinosoul on Alela, Faerie Comboteur

3 days ago

For cEDH level, I'd recommend putting in:

Mox Diamond , Fellwar Stone , Talisman of Progress (better than Signet) for additional mana source

Mystic Remora for additional card draw

Ponder and Preordain for draw/top deck manipulation cantrips

Drown in the Loch for good removal/protection, as well as Reality Shift for extra removal.

Dispel , Delay , Flusterstorm , Spell Pierce , and Mental Misstep are all good protection/mitigation spells at cEDH tables, as well as Force of Will

Vampiric Tutor for your instant generic tutor and Imperial Seal if you can afford it. Lim-Dul's Vault is also a good tutor/pile maker and Merchant Scroll can search Dramatic Reversal and any counterspell/blue removal spell.

Maybe cards are Chain of Vapor , Blink of an Eye , and Into the Roil if you want more removal, or Pongify and Rapid Hybridization if you want more creature removal.

I'd recommend removing Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots as these are only relevant when you have a creature on board and are only sorcery speed protection for said creature.

With the banning of Paradox Engine , Despark does not have many relevant targets. In fact, I'd say it's only niche to reanimator targets or any other big creatures that get cheated out, which is VERY dependent on your meta.

Arcane Denial is something I'd only find not bad if it's literally used to protect your win con on the turn that you're going to win; otherwise, you just netted your opponent over you. This one's up to you but I'd rather not play it.

Cloudius on We Love Freebies! *Primer*

1 week ago

PhantomHuscarl Thanks for your commendation and suggestions!

Here're some of my reasonings for the suggestions you've raised above:

Soothsaying - This card has been on my KIV list but I always end up cutting it to make room for other cards. The Shuffle effect is good. However, I'm not a fan of having to pay a lot of mana for the top of library manipulation. If you're building this deck, do test it out and let me know how it goes.

Necropotence - If you noticed, I don't play that many card draws in the deck. Much of the slots are dedicated to tutors and top of library manipulation. We also don't want to draw into the extra turn spells as we've limited ways to return them to top of library.

Talisman of Hierarchy - Good call. I haven't updated the ramp package recently and should really get a copy of this and add it into the deck!

Imperial Seal - It's listed in my Too Poor to Afford category in my Maybeboard. Always wanted to get my hands on one but my wallet says otherwise.

Isochron Scepter Dramatic Reversal Combo - Infinite Mana is awesome but I don't have mana sinks in this deck to effectively make use of the mana generated.

Aminatou, the Fateshifter - This is a good planeswalker that fits the theme of my deck very well. However, she needs to stick around longer to accrue value to justify her spot in the deck. With a deck that's creatureless except for the Commander, I've no means to protect Aminatou from combat damages.

The other PWs I play, are slightly different. Liliana is used to manipulate cards to the top of the library twice (usually taking 2 extra turns while I set up the wincon/combo pieces). Tezzeret is an artifact tutor that has served his purpose once he fetches the toy I need.

Keep your suggestions and discussions coming!

PhantomHuscarl on We Love Freebies! *Primer*

1 week ago

Hello there! I really love your deck, looks really fun to play and out of the ordinary EDH schemes!

Anyway, i'm here to ask you about some cards that i think will just be fine in this kind of deck.

Soothsaying Seems really on topic with it, you know, it's odd, it's a 1 mana drop and let you Shuffle and manipulate the topdeck. Talking about Enchantments, i also think Necropotence can be a thing. You know, you don't draw, but Yennett trigger in combat and does what she have to. The new Talisman of Hierarchy Seems also Good for mana Balance. I know it's veeeery expensive, but you also have Imperial Seal for topdeck tutor. Also, if you have the Isochron Scepter gaving Dramatic Reversal can also be good, for a infinite mana-combo that can be used to pull out something with Soothsaying . In the end, Aminatou, the Fateshifter could also be a nice add for topdeck manipulation and blink things like Liliana Vess and Tezzeret the Seeker for other tutors and Mana Vault or Grim Monolith for untap.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

LeonSpires on Consult Scepter Thrasios

1 week ago

qjone003 I personally like the scepter lines better but that is because I have run decks that run scepter in the past and am use to how it works. I just build this deck and have had good luck with it so far. The only changes I made are a weaker mana base (too poor to afford original duals) and no Imperial Seal or Timetwister (for the same reasons). I also added Neoform , Faeburrow Elder , Incubation Druid and Freed from the Real . The games I have won so far have been thanks to these additions. Granted I am new to this deck but With Thassa's Oracle I feel like Neoform becomes stronger in this deck. I agree with zwells3 wait for the dust to settle and see what brewers come up with even is nothing gets banned / unbanned.

dingusdingo on Competitive Kids: Is Twilight Prophet ...

1 week ago

I came across this card while researching for stuff for my Alesha stax deck. That decks goal is to slow the game/cut off combos and accrue advantage, which is why it caught my eye. I don't imagine the card being too viable in fast combo, like Bob is, mostly due to the CMC and board requirements. I'm still intrigued in the value it can generate in a grindier match up though, especially seeing how effective the Yuriko, the Tiger's Shadow trigger is. Being able to hit all 3 players simultaneously makes the damage dealt FAR more efficient.


Interesting, my biggest fear for the card would be not getting the cities blessing consistently. What kind of a deck or shell did you run it in?


One of my biggest considerations for its inclusion is how much it pressures Ad Nauseam and Necropotence, the "life total into card draw" cards. Have you run into this or played it outside of competitive? Would love to know hear about it.


Bob does come out way faster, and guarantees the card, which is why its so good. Prophet is significantly slower, with higher risk of being staxed out due to its higher CMC. I would agree that most decks would rather slot Ad Nauseam in its place. Something to consider is how Prophet could dig for and also power out an Ad Nauseam too.


I often see Oakhame Adversary included in lists, and it seems very strong. Oakhame requires combat step to work though, and deals damage at a slower rate to players. It seems like more a card advantage engine than anything, where Prophet seems right inbetween card engine and backup wincon.

Obviously I don't want to overestimate how much damage is coming from those life loss triggers, but realistically you'd aim to exploit it with format staples like Sensei's Divining Top Imperial Seal Vampiric Tutor and so forth. Especially if you're packing anything with CMC 6+, you can speed up the clock on beatdown.


I don't imagine combo oriented lists will want it like they do Bob. I'm think it might have a home in stax or insane value lists though.


Agreed, visually striking.


Great insight. Cities blessing seems like you can attain it decently fast unless you get wiped.

Is Prophet a big target when it hits the board? Is the lifeloss from the drawing trigger significant to your beatdown? Any nice synergy cards you run alongside it?

uninvited on Kaalia, Mirror Breaker EDH

1 week ago


What's happening on your end; I see quite a bit of changes. How's everything been working out? I have yet to play with the deck, so unfortunately I do not have any thoughts in regards to its performance . I did go to a tournament today but I didn't partake. I watched and had a bunch of practice plays with two other decks I been in the works of.

I seen Dockside Extortionist doing work in a flicker/Cycling theme deck, which surprisingly was a very well constructed deck. That card is just stupid good when blinked. Wondering if you had any chances with it yet?

Noticed your land swaps, ever thought of Meteor Crater ? but then again, I guess it's almost similar to Reflecting Pool which some will argue any basic land is better than Reflecting Pool .

Or even Forbidden Orchard ? will giving an opponent a 1/1 really be that detrimental? as long as it gets you to go off quicker.

or Possibly even go as far as adding a Spire of Industry ? Hmm, maybe switching out a Swamp and Plains for a Vault of Whispers and Ancient Den adding a Mox Opal ; trying to bring up the artifact count.

Previously you mentioned adding Final Parting as a means of another Buried Alive but then having to find a way to get Goblin Bombardment What about Diabolic Revelation , tutoring one over having to discard? I guess with the outcome, they're both one of the same.

Have you thought about Scheming Symmetry ? Almost another Imperial Seal but then your opponent also get's an advantage. Can maybe work in conjunction with Night's Whisper , Faithless Looting , Ransack the Lab , Street Wraith but so can Mishra's Bauble as well, which has an added benefit of working off a Vampiric Tutor

Of course everything said is just being thrown out there. At this point, I almost feel you've been exhausting all the options so it's almost reached the point of "well how about this even though it's ehh" lol. Such as, for draw at a low CMC you have Burning Inquiry but that in itself is a super gamble.

Anyways, hope you got some game's in!

TCG-Player on Honorbru Meren (Finite Hulk)

2 weeks ago

Hello again,
I know we had a similar conversation a while ago, but my LGS is now hosting a Commander league and I think this deck might be a good fit. There are no real Tier 1 or 2 cEDH decks in my meta. Most decks are focused to optimized, but there are also some semi-competitive decks in there.

Cards that are too expensive:

Other cuts:
Cards I though about running (instead):
One thing I am also worried about is people starting to play lots of graveyard hate. What would you advice to combat that?

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