Demonic Consultation


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition II Uncommon
Ice Age Uncommon

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Demonic Consultation


Name a card. Remove the top six cards of your library from the game, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal the named card. Put that card into your hand and remove all other cards revealed this way from the game.

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Demonic Consultation Discussion

Bolsheviktory on Child of Shenanigans

1 week ago

Lol, Bolshevisky. How about you focus on the main necrotic ooze combo with lab man as the backup? Then you can cut the less useful cards that are easy to disrupt like Angel of Glory's Rise/Crypt Champion/Saffi/ etc

You need more tutors like Shred Memory and to get more any color lands like Forbidden Orchard/Gemstone Caverns/Exotic Orchard which in our meta gives you every color you need.

Do you ever play Demonic Consultation unless you've got the lab maniac? I don't think you have enough redundant pieces to run it. With Tainted Pact you can at least stop if you hit something important. Selective Memory can probably also be cut since it doesn't help you without Laboratory Maniac out which is currently plan C.

You probably also want more cheap removal like THE DEED back in, Nature's Claim, and probably Snapcaster Mage to flash it back.

Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip is good for getting combo pieces into the grave from your hand and for flashing back useful things.

What does Crop Rotation get? A mountain?

If you can discard hermit druid with JVP or frantic search, you can now Corpse Dance or Shallow Grave to give it haste and reanimate in 1 card.Entomb also gets it into the graveyard. I'd also remove the stitch together in favor of Necromancy since it's unconditional and you'd be able to go off at instant speed if you need to.

Shane.Allen on Ad Nauseam Doomsday Zur

2 weeks ago

Hey, it's Shane again. I wanted to know your opinion on Demonic Consultation in the Doomsday deck, because of two things. 1, with Lab Maniac on the board and a draw card that you can cast in your hand its an instant win. 2, post Doomsday you can do the same type of trick as long as you have the mana to pull it off. What do you think?

mtgThaen on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 months ago

@NarejED: fair points. I run neither Disciple nor Blood Artist, but rather Zulaport Cutthroat. While it may look much worse than either alternative, I like it better because it doesn't target and it can be hit by Muddle the Mixture (so can the Artist, though). I find it hard to believe that Bitter Ordeal is bad. It's difficult to counter once we have high Gravestorm, and it can be used when Gravestorm is low to strip a few decks of their main wincons/hate pieces. Utility and combo In one card. If I resolve Sharuum, it's for one of two reasons: 1) I'm winning right then or 2) I'm recurring a strong artifact (usually Memory Jar, which will win games). So while she may not provide a good clock, she does have utility. My list doesn't focus on eggs - sure, Second Sunrise, Faith's Reward, Krark-Clan Ironworks, and Codex Shredder are all present, but they also perform other roles. Instead, my secondary wincon is Lab Man. I utilize Tainted Pact, Demonic Consultation, Ad Nauseam, and Spoils of the Vault, with Angel's Grace to back up the last two, to remove my library to win with an empty draw. Each of the dig cards can also be used on their own if I need to find an answer or just get some card advantage (AN). I like running this alternative package as I don't have to rely on Sharuum. It also makes earlier wins possible. I'm working on throwing together an optimized list (I can't afford the ABUR duals, Twister, Workshop, Seal, or some of the fetches) for y'all to look over, and even if it's not tier one, id love any advice about optimizing it to the fullest!

mtgThaen on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 months ago

Do you have any lists for Combo Sharuum? Not an eggs-heavy version. I'm testing a list that runs Lab Man alongside Tainted Pact, Demonic Consultation, and Spoils of the Vault to win without Sharuum if necessary. As a pilot of Sharuum, though, I'm probably biased, so someone else would need to evaluate it. Also, what bad combo pieces does Sharuum usually run, out of curiosity?

Rman92011 on Tasigur, the Golden Valuetown

2 months ago

Laboratory Maniac is used as a combo piece with Demonic Consultation, the purpose of the slot. I absolutely agree with you in that Blue Sun's Zenith is much better than Villainous Wealth, but the choice is mainly just because it's more fun to use Villainous Wealth. Next, the land count is so high because it plays in a similar manner to a control deck in certain situations in which you want to hit every land drop. With Tasigur, the Golden Fang you rarely find yourself out of spells to play, hence the high land count. Finally, Alhammarret's Archive exists for the long games in which it turns the cards that people want to repeatedly give back to you (Brainstorm,Ponder,Preordain, etc.) into much more efficient cards.

Lilbrudder on Food Chain Tazri

2 months ago

I am curious. If you exile Food Chain in the top 6 cards of your library with Demonic Consultation, wouldn't the card proceed to exile your whole library as it searches for Food Chain? How can you do anything but die on your next turn once the spell backfires?

Lilbrudder on A Cord of Three Strands (SBT Primer)

2 months ago

Megalomania: I have found Food Chain to be the easiest 2 card combo to assemble in my deck on average. Its pretty neck and neck with Necrotic Ooze, but significantly faster than the others. The beauty of the combo is it rewards me for doing things I already would do. For instance one drop mana dorks are amazing with it since you play the dork on turn one, tutor for one of the pieces on turn 2 and/or interact with the board. Then on turn 3 I cast food, chain exile the dork for 2 mana, cast Eternal Scourge, and after a few more free steps gg. Its so effective I am seriously considering playing freaking Boreal Druid and Perplex. Another perk of the FC combo is that my exile creatures have great synergy with cards like Force of Will and Gemstone Caverns. The combo also lends itself to two extremely powerful but inconsistent tutors in Demonic Consultation & Tainted Pact, which also happen to 2 card combo with Laboratory Maniac in a terrifying way. This latter synergy is why I decided to go all in on Hermit Druid.

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