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Demonic Consultation


Name a card. Remove the top six cards of your library from the game, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal the named card. Put that card into your hand and remove all other cards revealed this way from the game.

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Demonic Consultation Discussion

ProfessorDucky on How fast can you lose?

1 month ago

Demonic Consultation for a card you dont have is fun. Or Pain Seer . I second Dark Confidant , too. Autochthon Wurm has a nice high mana cost, as does Draco .

Zerpha on Undead Snapcasting

2 months ago

I'm glad you like it. It's far from perfect, gimmicky and rather unreliable, but fun when it works out.

Spoils of the Vault is a cool card indeed. It's a watered-down Demonic Consultation , but still has an interesting combo potential for just one mana.I'm actually almost positive someone will break Laboratory Maniac one day :D

Unfortunately I don't feel like any of those cards, particularly the white choices (although they're cool combo cards as well), would fit into this deck.

I mill myself quite a bit, but I'm far from milling my whole library, and there's no particular card I'd urgently need to have in hand for Spoils. I also already lose much life from the lands and Dark Confidant already, spending more life and mana on a tutor I don't urgently need seems too risky.

Although...I just remembered Entomb isn't banned in Legacy anymore! That might actually be the kind of tutor that's worth an inclusion for Bridge from Below .

Thanks for indirectly reminding me of that! :D

Nightmist on Alternative Win-Con Deck

2 months ago

Thanks. It's an extremely fun deck to play in multiplayer games.
If you plan your game carefully, you'll be considered as the least threatening player in the pod until it's too late.

The last game I played I cast Laboratory Maniac and left one black mana untapped. No one paid any attention to it until I cast Demonic Consultation on my opponents end-step naming Laboratory Maniac , decked myself and won. The WTF look on my opponent's faces was priceless.

Another game I waited until no interesting artifacts were on the board and cast a fairly unthreatening Hellkite Tyrant . As I predicted, no one tried to kill it, so the next turn I played Mycosynth Lattice , hit the player with the most permanents and, as no one was able to remove the Mycosynth Lattice during their turn, I won on my next upkeep.

sylvannos on Why do you play Legacy ...

5 months ago

Zzzzz....anyone who says Vintage comes down to the die roll and is a turn one format hasn't played competitive Vintage. I don't trust their opinion at all on the format if they refuse to play it based on stereotypes. The restricted list exists for a reason. No one wants to play solitaire that comes down to a die roll. Trinisphere , Mind's Desire , Tolarian Academy , etc. etc. are all on there.

Let's take a look at some actual facts, starting with the 2013 Vintage Championship, shall we? Oh look, one combo deck in the top 8. The rest of the top 8? Three Tempo decks, three control decks, and one aggro deck.

The other major Vintage event in 2013 was GenCon. Two aggro decks, two control decks, two combo decks, one midrange, and one combo-midrange were in the top 8. And oh! There were seven different archetypes.

The decks that want to go for turn two or sooner kills are combo, and that's only because they don't want their opponents to drop Sphere of Resistance or hit them with Mana Drain . Going off that soon can also be risky because it leaves you open to get slammed by Force of Will or Mindbreak Trap .

Ritual-based combo has been on the decline in Vintage anyway because of Lodestone Golem bringing back Mishra's Workshop -based prison decks. There's actually talk of unrestricting combo cards to help them make a comeback.

/end rebuttal of why I hate non-Vintage players talking about a format they don't play.

Anywho, as to why I play Legacy and Vintage:

I like Legacy because it's a pretty wide open format that allows for a lot of breathing room for designing new decks. There's a lot of cards that enable you to play less powerful ones. Everything from Humans to Werewolf Prison is playable in Legacy. Of course, you still have your tier one Show and Tell or Shardless BUG lists, but they're hardly unbeatable with proper sideboarding.

I don't like how rock-paper-scissors the format can be at times. There's a lot of match-ups that are really one-sided. I think combo decks are the easiest to pilot in Legacy, as well, with the exception of ANT (which is probably the hardest deck to play in the history of Magic). If your opponent doesn't have an answer, you just kind of win without trying. If they have Force of Will or something else, you lose hard. Legacy often feels like the game is decided on turn two as to who will win.

Vintage is my favorite format and is Magic's greatest. It's the format that rewards players the most for new ideas and understanding metagames. It also has the most diversity of any format. The Power Nine enable a lot of cards to be more powerful than they would in other formats. Spiketail Hatchling , for example, is pretty much unplayable in any other format. In Vintage? It stops broken turn one plays and was a key piece of Fish decks for a long time. One of my recent favorite pieces of tech has been Frogtosser Banneret on turn one into Earwig Squad on turn two. The ability to gut my opponent's singleton Time Vault or Tendrils of Agony feels amazing.

I think Draft is the only format that allows you to micro someone else's macro. Since you get to make bigger plays sooner, you often have more resources and answers available. I had someone Tinker into Blightsteel Colossus on turn two, so I Demonic Consultation ed into Warren Weirding . Same thing happened in a tournament this past Halloween, except I was playing Keeper instead of Goblins. I just Echoing Truth ed the Blightsteel Colossus back to his hand, netting a three-for-one. There's also the story of when the guy played two Phyrexian Revoker s, both naming Jace, the Mind Sculptor . The reason? So he couldn't Lightning Bolt one, then bounce the other and Force of Will it. It made it so the control player had to have spot removal for both. Comebacks are much more obtainable in Vintage than anywhere else in the game.

You just don't see plays in other formats like you do in Vintage. I think my only criticism of the format is the existence of the reserved list, which puts this giant barrier in the way of attracting newer players. That has more to do with WotC's reprint policy and the reserved list, however, than it does with the format. The reserved list hurts Legacy and EDH just as badly.

There's more information on the format over at the I would start with this section for more info on why anyone would play Vintage. There's a lot of good discussion going on there. Stephen Menendian is considered the foremost historian on Vintage and is one of the best players in the world. A quick Google search can yield a lot of ideas on what the format is about. This article is a bit dated, but most of the ideas are still relevant.

Juha on Harsu-Sorin

5 months ago

Aika kova! Ja vain kuusi korttia liikaa.

Pelitestasin pakkaa hieman. Pelkastaan 4x Lingering Souls ja 4x Intangible Virtue tekee pakasta hankalan vastustajalle. Ilman massapoistoja neljasta 2/2 lentajasta on hankala selvita. Toinen Intangible Virtue tekee hommasta jo ihan mahdotonta. Ja tokeneita tulee koko ajan lisaa, joten pakka on kimurantti.

This would work pretty much the same as a modern deck. You dont really need Animate Dead . I know letting go of Dark Ritual and Demonic Consultation is hard but the deck does fine, most of the time, without them. Swords to Plowshares is arguably the best removal, but if you're running just one in a deck you can't really rely on it, so it can go too. And voila! The deck is modern.

I would also lose: Avacyn, Angel of Hope - since you have probably already won or lost before getting to this high converted mana costs, Emancipation Angel - there's not that much enters the battle field effects, Kalastria Highborn - replace with Blood Artist since this is not tribal vampire, Restoration Angel - well it's a solid card but not consistent with the rest of the deck, Royal Assassin - just one is too few and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben - is actually unfavorable.

I'd add one more Mikaeus, the Lunarch and two more Bloodline Keeper  Flip . And maybbe 2 x Geist-Honored Monk .

Then I'd add 2 x Tragic Slip and 2 x Sign in Blood . This get a little removal and card fix.

And let go of Phyrexian Arena to make it 60 cards.

Nightmist on Alternative Win-Con Deck

6 months ago

All very good ideas, thanks.
Lord of Extinction and Vorel of the Hull Clade are going in.
I have reservations about the Enter the Infinite + Laboratory Maniac combo as it could backfire spectacularly if the Laboratory Maniac is killed before I draw my last card.
That's why I'm pairing him with Demonic Consultation : I can cast it during my upkeep and unless my opponents have an instant speed kill spell in hand, I win on my draw step.

sylvannos on Fetchland Deck Thinning - FALSE!

7 months ago

I've read articles like this one before and this one made the same mistake: you're assuming the player has not drawn extra cards each turn, tutored, stacked the deck with cards like Land Tax + Sylvan Library , etc.

If I'm playing a very fast combo deck (where my goal is to win before turn four), it's not uncommon for me to draw or go through an extra 30 cards each game via Brainstorm , Peer Through Depths , Ancestral Recall , Demonic Consultation , Serum Visions , etc.

If I'm looking for specific combo pieces, I'm not comparing how many lands are left in my deck vs. how many spells are left. I'm comparing the number of combo pieces to the number of cards left. Fetches in this situation are more like: "When CARDNAME enters the battlefield, you may pay 1 life and draw a card" because of how much library manipulation is in my deck. It's a cumulative effect of constantly drawing and searching for cards that eventually uses life as a resource to improve my chances of drawing combo pieces.

You're absolutely right, however, when it comes to mono-color aggro decks with no library manipulation using fetch lands. RDW in Standard right now would actually be made worse if it included fetch lands over basic Mountain s because it gains very little benefit while narrowing the race.

Blakkhand on Teysa's Pistachio Nut Bread

8 months ago

Tainted Pact is strong tutor, instant speed demonic tutor at the price of exiling your library. Still not as risky as Demonic Consultation though (which is an option, I just don't recommend it). Also, Nether Traitor goes infinite with teysa and and Phyrexian Altar , so it should probably be included (also, doesn't need Darkest Hour !!!). Price

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Converted cost 1
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Avg. cube pick 13.20


Format Legality
Vintage Restricted
Commander / EDH Legal

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