Demonic Consultation


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition II Uncommon
Ice Age Uncommon

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Demonic Consultation


Name a card. Remove the top six cards of your library from the game, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal the named card. Put that card into your hand and remove all other cards revealed this way from the game.

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Demonic Consultation Discussion

Lilbrudder on Sidisi Food Chain

1 week ago

I like the changes you have made. Im wondering how Jin has fit with the more focused build? Also you appear to have alot of reanimation spells but only one true target. You can probably cut several even if you keep Jin. What are your thoughts on Plunge into Darkness and Demonic Consultation? They are somewhat risky but they speed up your clock significantly.

Lord_Khaine on Banned and Restricted - Jan ...

1 week ago

Ah, Contingency Plan. It does have the card advantage score of -1, but is one of those cards that I somehow keep finding more uses for than I think.

Not too familiar with DesolatorMagic, but Contingency Plan is something that's let me grab my combo pieces quicker (I don't need the four cards I threw into my graveyard if the one I now have on top of my deck is going to help me win), gets my reanimator decks in place, and been a ": enable Delirium". Oh, and its wonderful with Rise from the Tides back in the shorter rotation cycle in a mono- deck I tried.

Also lets me Treasure Cruise way too easily, but unlike my other examples that's exclusively in casual. But putting five cards into the graveyard and putting Treasure Cruise on top, and then drawing three for just on turn three is one of my favorite cheap thrills.

That said, I'm also a guy that builds suicide black decks for "kicks and giggles". I run a Tron deck with Demonic Consultation and Enter the Dungeon "because it looked like a fun idea at the time". So there's pretty good reason to take my opinion with a grain of salt.

StopShot on New Format Idea: [Bullets]

1 week ago

The Bullets format is an eternal format in that decks can contain lands and cards with converted mana cost 1 only. All other cards are not legal in the format, such as zero-cost, two-cost, three-cost cards, etc. Any card with CMC 1 is legal, and any land printed in a Modern set is legal. (**Exceptions are on the banlist.)

The format itself is meant to be aggressive and rather unpredictable. The minimum deck size is 60. The maximum number of cards with the same name you can carry in your deck and sideboard is 4 with the exception to basic lands. Sideboards can only contain 15 cards.

The Bullets Format does have its own unofficial ban list.

The ban-list works like most other formats. Cards that would be legal in the format, but are placed on this list can not be played. This list consists of: Ancestral Recall, Candelabra of Tawnos, Contract from Below, Dark Depths, Demonic Consultation, Enlightened Tutor, Entomb, Gamble, Green Sun's Zenith, High Tide, Imperial Seal, Jeweled Bird, Mental Misstep, Mind Twist, Mystical Tutor, Personal Tutor, Skullclamp, Vampiric Tutor, and Worldly Tutor.

Potential Questions and Answers are listed below.

Why Modern set lands only? Lands are essential in any deck, and for such a fringe format the advantage a player with OG duel lands over someone with tap lands is too much especially when the format is strictly one-drops where speed is paramount. With the Ravnica shock lands there is more balance, especially with price tags.

Why isn't Sol Ring banned? In a format full of one-drops Sol Ring isn't around to ramp you into three and four drops on turn 2. When all your spells usually cost one type of color mana alone the advantages of having Sol Ring in your deck aren't as big as in other formats where its banned.

Please let me know if you have any questions, criticisms, or thoughts, thank you.

angelforge on Food Chain Prossh

1 week ago

I've definitely exiled my deck to Demonic Consultation multiple times (and once recovered with a Riftsweeper!) but the difference really is that Demonic Consultation replaces itself and Gamble costs a card.

Currently dreaming of Contract from Below. We're definitely not the best deck for it but I'd love a Wheel for B.

Emzed on Food Chain Prossh

1 week ago

"Feels way more risky"? Why not do the math?
Let's assume we Gamble with 2-5 other cards in hand. That puts the chance of discarding the card we searched for between 16% (5 other cards) and 33% (2 other cards) - and that's under the assumption that all the other cards are basically irrelevant or at least redundant. Sometimes you will have a much higher chance of Gamble malfunctioning when there are multiple essential pieces in hand that could be discarded.
In contrast, Demonic Consultation exiles the top 6 cards of a library that will typically contain between 80 and 90 cards. That means the chance of exiling the named card is roughly 7%. Of course, the game is actually lost in these 7% of the games, whereas a bad Gamble can be corrected by a Regrowth effect. Still, the chance of Demonic Consultation working and winning the game are clearly better.

Lord_Khaine on Help Wanted: New Combo Database

1 week ago

So would my Demonic Consultation + Mirror Mirror combo go under Synergy?

(With Mirror Mirror ready for use, cast Demonic Consultation naming the card you want most but don't have. Watch your library disappear, crack Mirror Mirror, and laugh as you just used Demonic Consultation as a win condition.)

Penthoplayer on The Cheese Stands Alone

3 weeks ago

With this deck, it is possible to have it really take off. If you're willing to splash blue, you could run a playset of Brainstorm and Ponder to search for your pieces. Even without splashing blue, you can run Demonic Tutor, Demonic Consultation, and Doomsday to make it easier to pull off.

Omeros on Infinite Self Mill Combo

4 weeks ago

Do you need things hitting your graveyard? If not, Demonic Consultation and Tainted Pact work. The former by naming a card in your hand and the latter by building your deck to have no multiples of basic lands.

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