Demonic Consultation


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition II Uncommon
Ice Age Uncommon

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Demonic Consultation


Name a card. Remove the top six cards of your library from the game, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal the named card. Put that card into your hand and remove all other cards revealed this way from the game.

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Demonic Consultation Discussion

Cryptic_Bore on Dominus - Dreamcrusher Edition

2 weeks ago

So heres a risky card to add either for added risk but at the same time consistency or if youre on a budget.

  • Its 50c!
  • Its a one mana tutor for anything to your hand!
  • It doubles as a wincon with Laboratory Maniac if you choose to add it (name a card not in the deck)
  • Is a Real card and is in EDH LEGAL, "Neigh the card does not exist" You might protest if you dont know the card. (its not in enough decks imo) Thats where you're wrong kiddo ...

May i Present to you the better diabolic tutor Demonic Consultation

It only has a minor draw back of well umm.... Show

Panas on necropotence + phyrexian unlife

2 weeks ago

The answer to your question is no.

With Necropotence and Unlife on the field you can draw as many cards as your life total without losing, but no more. Necropotence asks you to pay life, and, if you have 0 or less life then you cannot pay that cost. The difference here with Ad Nauseam, is that the life loss is a consequence of drawing the card and not a requirement to do so.

You still get to draw upward to 20+ cards in a fine tuned Zur deck, but you better make sure to hit your Demonic Consultation or you are screwed!

LordArazeal on Alternate Win Conditions :)

3 weeks ago

@TheDeckMaker2300:oh jeez, long comments necessitate long responses: (also, I havn't been on in a while, sorry)

The decklist hasn't bee updated, but the maybeboard sure has! I need to figure out what I can take out now...Also, apologies for the brutalistic formatting, i'm not sophisticated enough to make this reply look very nice.

Diabolic Tutor and other searches: i had more in at an earlier version, and while they are certainly good, they sort of take away from the fun of the deck. I found myself searching for and playing for the same 2 or three win cons every game, which is not the point of the deck. That's why i prefer more limited searches like Bring to Light or Wild Research

Final Fortune, I've thought long about. I'm still on the fence, but don't think it would be very fun to play against. Almost all of the win cons give the opponent a turn to respond (except Coalition Victory, hence banned) and this is so that there's interaction and counterplay. Final Fortune takes that away, and so while it certainly makes the deck better, (and fits the theme/playstyle perfectly!) I dont want to end games with a sudden. "oh hey, does anyone have any counter spells, or instant speed enchantment removal? if not, i win..." That being said, its such a cool card, it fits with the theme of big risks, big rewards (Doomsday), and can even be synergized with anti-lose mechanics! maybe if I found something to take out....

charge counters: the very first iteration of the deck was mostly about odd counter manipulation. I used all those weird storage counter lands, and could get them super high for a helix pinnacle insta-win. The problem is that those cards arn't very flexible, for the most part. theres a high likelihood that any of those proliferate or counter duplication cards would be dead drops in hand, or would become useless after someone o-ringed the win con. (granted, there are many cards in the deck which are dead drops (stupid Mortal Combat, I've never won with you...))

Barren Glory: ooooh, I am a big fan of Kaervek's Spite, so long as you inform your opponent beforehand that they are basically at 15 life to start (mind games!) I coulda sworn Apocalypse was banned, but even it if wasn't it does not look fun to play against.... I think I'll be making a spot for Kaervek's Spite asap, thanks. \

Infinite Reflections seems like a more expensive version of Mirrorweave, and as I only need the trigger to check once, the permanency is unnecessary. It's also less flexible, but can target legendaries... hmmmmm.... that might be sideboarded for my friends Kokusho, the Evening Star deck, at least.

Alhammarret's Archive: this is one baller card! i don't have a lot of creatures or attacking going on in this deck, and when i gain life, id rather it be in fell swoops, not in trickles, so this is awesome.

Aetherflux Reservoir has already been suggested to me by multiple people, and if i can open up a spot it's a definite contender to go in. Invincible Hymn, however, might be a good one...

Epic Struggle: the problem is that most of the token generators are too slow to really make it- they would require at least 3 or 4 turns to get over 20 creatures. In order to make them viable, therefore, I'd have to run multiple copies, which again runs into the problem of having too much support for one win con. that being said, tokens make good chump blockers, so they wont be a dead drop ever... def on my watch list.

Amulet of Vigor would simply make this deck play two turns faster. it would be so good. It's 7$, but I may splurge for it...

for the gate synergy: I'm actually mana flooded more often than not, if you can believe it, so I'm loath to put in more ramp. i usually have a small graveyard, and a huge exile pile, otherwise Splendid Reclamation might be a good idea. (granted, with Morality Shift it would be killer!)

Helix Pinnacle: I'm actually happy with where this is right now- its a 1 drop that's hard to remove, and even if someone does remove it it's, again, a 1 drop so i won that trade. There are easy and cheap ways to get infinite mana, 99 paths to infinite mana, but i usually can afford to dump 1-3 mana in each turn, so mid to late game, when i'm sitting on near 20 mana, its a viable threat people have to watch out for. artifacts: neither of those really need that much support, and so whenever possible I try to save deck slots for those that need the support. that being said, if theres a way to get a large amount of artifacts out at once, feasibly, not just 4 or 5 or a slow growth, i might consider it.

MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!: lost cause... it has enough support in the deck to make it technically possible, but I'm resigned to it being a dead drop at this point...

Laboratory Maniac: i have Demonic Consultation in other decks, i don't recall why it isn't in this one... the problem with a lot of the cards that work with the manic is that they get close, but don't actually destroy my library. and given how easy he is to remove or work around, the combo needs to be perfect, or else trying for it just hurts me. That said, he is one of the more frequent ways I win, or at least one of the more frequent threats I have.

Mayael's Aria: I like the Colossus of Akros and Serra Avatar a lot- they both work as stalling mechanics, and that gives cover for their true purpose, the Aria! (do note, this deck is always in danger of just getting killed by people swinging at it... :( )

NDE: Hatred is niiiiice, however 6$, so i probably shouldn't find a slot for it... as far as NDE support goes, it's actually covered quite decently, this is another one of those cards which sees play a lot. the liches are super cool cards, and i dont think they work very well here, but I honestly would like to make a deck centered around those mechanics, or other 'below-0' life total mechanics.

I thought long and hard about Transcendence, but there's no way to make it viable without a ton of support, and

i already have a zedruu deck where Transcendence is just cruel in.

likewise, check out my Player-Deathtouch deck- i appeased my urge to play phage by making her a commander! And Approach of the Second Sun is just looking for a spot now, yes.

Thanks for your help! its always nice to see people taking an interest in something I've done, and its always awesome to get new ideas or have new combos pointed out to me!

LeoSushi on Sek'Kuar, The Meat Master

4 weeks ago

final suggestion; Demonic Consultation, A vampiric tutor to hand, and fits well with the go big or go home theme of the deck

darkone8 on God of Deception Mill

1 month ago

If you're going to play Enter the Infinite, you should probably add Omniscience and finish the combo. Other than that, I would just try to slip in more tutors and a little more control, like Demonic Tutor and Vampiric Tutor, and Force of Will and Pact of Negation and Counterspell. Also you can play the lab man combo in this deck if you want. It requires a Laboratory Maniac on the field and you to successfully cast Demonic Consultation, naming some random card you don't have in your deck.

enpc on Food Chain Tazri

1 month ago

First off, love the list. A few questions minor questions:

Ohthenoises on [Obey] - Ultra Competitive Control

1 month ago

Currently I have Tazri FC built so I'm reallly aware of how fast the format can be (thanks Demonic Consultation naming Food Chain at the guy on the right's T2 endstep)

What would you suggest for someone wanting to play GAAIV without wanting to get Power Artifact? I have the rest but half a Bill to get PA is pretty unattractive, any suggestions on filler for just that card?

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