Demonic Consultation


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition II Uncommon
Ice Age Uncommon

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Demonic Consultation


Name a card. Remove the top six cards of your library from the game, then reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal the named card. Put that card into your hand and remove all other cards revealed this way from the game.

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Demonic Consultation Discussion

Lilbrudder on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 days ago

Human_Wizard Obviously there can be no objective data as it has been around for 1 day, but there are some objective facts about the combo. For a basis of comparison let us look at a combo that is generally considered one of (if not the best) combo in cEDH, Food Chain+Eternal Scourge. It costs 6 mana to go off or 3 mana and 2 cc worth of creatures. This is often achieved on turn 3-4 and occassionally on turn 2. Now food chain is an enchantment, which is hard to tutor for. Eternal scourge is obviously easy, but still it takes a lot of FC only enablers to be consistent (i.e Demonic Consultation) or Extract). These cards are either bad outside the combo (extract) or dont play nicely with the rest of the deck (consultation).

Now let us compare that with Flash+Protean Hulk. It costs 2 mana to win the game. That is a lotus petal and a land...Green creatures are incredibly easy to tutor for i.e Summoner's Pact, Worldly Tutor, Natural Order etc and Flash is similarly easy to tutor for (i.e Mystical Tutor, Merchant Scroll). So just tutor both to hand and cast flash. If it resolves gg. The degeneracy does not end there. You can also just Cabal Therapy+Reanimate hulk from hand then sac it for two mana gg. You can also Entomb+Necromancy him at instant speed for 4 mana. gg I honestly could go on, but there is no need. Flash hulk is instantly the best 2 card combo in cEDH and it fits extremely well into many existing archetypes. It requires no board presence at all and can go off with limited resources.

lithium142 on One Very Small Mill

1 week ago

looks cool. what about self mill? Laboratory Maniac + Demonic Consultation for an instant win

sabba5600 on In Leovold We Trest

3 weeks ago

Font of Mythos is solid.

To work with lab maniac, Tainted Pact Demonic Consultation

Juat some stuff i have in my deck. Might put a list up one day......

Winterblast on Sygg's River Control

4 weeks ago

You could add the combo Sanguine Bond and Exquisite Blood just because it's a two card kill and both pieces are good alone as well in your deck.

Temple Bell works well with Mind Over Matter...add a Psychosis Crawler and you can shoot all opponents by drawing your whole deck. Kozilek, Butcher of Truth would prevent you from milling yourself.

Leyline of the Void and Helm of Obedience is one of my all time favourite combos, because the Leyline is a possible turn 0 drop and then the other part for the kill only costs 5 colorless mana.

Of course more tutors would be great, but with your Ultra limited Budget you probably won't have Access to any of the good ones. Mystical Tutor, Merchant Scroll are cheap ones...and if you have big balls you might want to use Demonic Consultation. Tainted Pact is perfect for commander, but only if you play no more than one basic land per type...Diabolic Intent might work well in this deck and it doesn't cost much either. Windfall and Day's Undoing could be great here too.

Lilbrudder on Leo's new toy

4 weeks ago

Malware_ The win condition for this deck is Laboratory Maniac. I do not use combat much if at all. The most common way I get there is a big main phase Ad Nauseam that allows me to draw 25-30 cards. While results vary I can often produce enough mana off net positive rocks and rituals to do one of the following:

1) Play labman,exile my library with either Demonic Consultation or Tainted Pact, then draw a card.

2) Play Paradox Engine then untap all my rocks and dorks with a 0-1 cost spell, which from makes it easy to win since it essentially functions like Omniscience. Then I can win either with labman+consult/pact or Doomsday to sculpt a perfect 5 card library for my labman win.

3) Paradox Engine+Sensei's Divining Top+Voltaic Key+ 2 mana worth of rocks/dorks, which will draw my whole deck. I can then play labman and draw a card to end the game.

4) Praetor's Grasp someone elses win condition if labman gets exiled.

Leo's wheels and puzzle box shenanighans are great at shutting people out of our combo turn and protecting the labman win. The deck aims to get a hand lock or combo win consistently by turn 2-4. Leo's best win conditions involve labman since he protects him so well. If you wanted you could do Hermit Druid combo also. Granted these gameplans may be far too competitive for your local game shop. I wouldnt be caught dead playing a deck like this outside of cEDH circles. It would be like beating up 2nd graders. Not fun, not impressive, and it will likely get you into trouble.

mickalopagus on Get a Clue, Man!

1 month ago

I love this idea, and am stoked that you are trying it - you have some bollz going mono blue. I have been trying to find a decent tutor for mechanized production in blue and am coming up blank, nothing comes close to Enlightened Tutor, Demonic Consultation etc... I have always found that banking your hopes to win on a 4 of with no/insufficient tutor leads to a lot of heartbreak, so maybe look into some alternate win conditions so this deck doesnt end up in your closet like my Triskaidekaphobia failure ;). Another problem I had with that deck is that players had an entire turn to figure out what to do, because enchantments arent instant speed. So whats that enchantment that gives you flash?

Tezzeret the Seeker x 4 seems like an easy choice for this deck, and maybe a few other alternate win conditions. I like a one of Darksteel Forge with tinker in there, and Tolarian Academy, otherwise dont plan on casting it. speaking of academy, try and find a blue x spell that could pose as another wincon? Since that plus 10 investigation tokens, etc... is pretty much an instawin with the right spell. Biomass Mutation, but you would need more creatures, or another way to turn your artifacts into creatures, even if temporarily.

love the idea, hope you get this one up and running soon

Demo102 on Critical Zero (Selenia Lich)

1 month ago


Thank you, I am glad you think so!

I don't run Diabolic Intent because I don't think the deck has enough tokens to make it worth a slot, it only has two tokens generators, which would it a very sad tutor!

I am considering Vampiric Tutor as it can also be placed on an Isochron Scepter but I feel like the deck has enough tutors and can reliably get whatever it wants.

Demonic Consultation is a very nice card, however it will see more use in a doomdsay style or a super fast combo deck, and plus I don't like exiling my sorceries or needed cards!

Xiahou Dun, the One-Eyed Looks very interesting! You can keep recurring him with Gift of Immortality but he's a creature that might get exiled by my prophet, would he be worth a slot just for the fact he can be a sweet recursion engine?

Thanks for checking out my deck!

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