In Bolas's Clutches


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Brawl Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Dominaria (DOM) Uncommon

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In Bolas's Clutches

Legendary Enchantment — Aura

Enchant permanent

You control enchanted permanent.

Enchanted permanent is legendary.

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In Bolas's Clutches Discussion

Color_pie14 on Thousand Cuts: Tetsuko EDH | *PRIMER*

1 day ago

Daedalus19876, I think you’ll find that In Bolas's Clutches is probably better than control magic in most cases, as in commander the legendary thing is almost inconsequential, the mana cost is not TOO much, and Control Magic only takes control of creatures.

RazortoothMtg on Raff Historic

1 week ago

GoldenDiggle ya, I wasn't sure about Raff, but after him winning the prerelease for me and playtesting this deck a little, I can see why Vedalken Orrery is $20 now. Midcombat Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite can just win the game. Instant speed Mind Control with In Bolas's Clutches is insane. It powers up Ephara, God of the Polis, lets me always hold up Counterspells, and Raff himself is a 3/3 with flying, which isn't too bad. Extremely impressed by his power level.

Argy on Dominaria release notes posted

1 month ago

Good going on the Karn crack, you lucky duck!

I closed out a 2HG game with The Eldest Reborn. It is amazing.

The games I lost or won today were due to flying.

Arcane Flight is useful to get you out of trouble.

In Bolas's Clutches is also excellent for both removing a threat, and giving you one.

LittleBlueHero on Dominaria release notes posted

1 month ago

I was happily surprised when in my most recent email from Wizards it stated that we will get a Random Foil Stamped Promo Legend AND the usual Foil Stamped random rare/mythic... Im definitely going Saturday and Sunday.

Green definitely looks strong in limited especially with some really solid commons but you know who else has solid commons for a change? Blue.

Im not a blue mage by nature but there are a lot of aggressive and good tempo cards at common like Academy Drake and Academy Journeymage. They are good because I am happy to play em early and I am happy to play em late. I think In Bolas's Clutches will win a lot of games too, I mean 6 mana for their best permanent and it gives you two legendary permanents for times when that may be relevant... its a very good deal.

Phaetion on Predictions for a Third Zendikar ...

1 month ago

pskinn01: Except I speculate the final fight is on Ravnica. Everything's pointing to it, and In Bolas's Clutches, with Liliana being one of the main 'walkers, means that Bolas will meet his end soon.

Also, we'll probably see Nissa rejoin the Watch before we return to Zendikar. But as the focus of the lore then? Sure.