Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Planar Chaos Uncommon

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Creature — Horror

When you play Phantasmagorian, any player may discard three cards. If a player does, counter Phantasmagorian.

Discard three cards: Return Phantasmagorian from your graveyard to your hand.

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Phantasmagorian Discussion

Theone10 on Manaless Dredge

1 week ago

I have a few concerns, so I'll go through listing them.

Concern the first: decking yourself with Balustrade Spy doesn't give you the opportunity to sac Prized Amalgams. PA comes into play at the end of your turn, so you never get a chance to sac them to Dread Return. The rest of your description leads me to believe you think Dread Return is an instant. It is not. If you plan on winning with Balustrade Spy, you need to have a way to win that turn. This isn't hard to do after decking yourself, but I'm making sure you know this.

Concern 2: Laboratory Maniac. Going off the logic in the above concern, a few things have to happen for Laboratory Maniac to win you the game. First, you need to have one of eight cards in your starting hand (already a ~2/5 chance, assuming a starting hand of 8 cards). Second, you need to not use that card for the entire game (I dare you to find me a situation that will come up in a game of legacy where this isn't a bad play). Third, you need to be in a situation where reanimating the other two targets wont win you the game on the spot. You could argue that Laboratory Maniac lets you win next turn, but why take the risk of you opponent top-decking Abrupt Decay when you could just win now with Zealot or Flayer.

Concern C: Golgari Thug is, in every way this deck cares about, better than Shambling Shell. Why are you running a 3-3 split rather than 4-2. There shouldn't be any thought here, you want the largest dredge number. Both feed Ichorid, both are never going to hit the battlefield (in games that you have a reasonable chance of winning) and Thug has a higher dredge count. If we could run more Thugs instead of S. Shell, we would.

Concern no.IV: Less than 4 Cabal Therapies main is a mistake. Cabal Therapy is, if anything, the best card in this deck. You can fight grave-hate. You can deal with counter spells. You can discard dredgers. You can sac that last dude so you can have enough Zombies to cast Dread Return. After your opponent mulligans to 4 in game 2, looking for that one card that does anything to you, you can strip it from their hand, leaving them completely helpless. All because of Cabal Therapy. Run 4.

FIVE GOLDEN CONCERNS: This one ties quite nicely into the previous, you don't really need 4 copies of B. Spy. Most people run 3, I would go even lower. It only does anything as a re-animator target, and unless you're pushing for it, re-animating a game winning thing is plan B (plan A being Ichorid. The other guys too, but Ichorid with Bridge from Below is what pulls it all together). Going down to 3 seems to be the general consensus.

Final Concern: Chancellor of the Annex really needs to be a 4-off, and also would be very good in the main board. If you haven't played against it yet, Deathrite Shaman is a bitch. With it being in a third of all legacy decks at the moment, we really need to come prepared. While it is true that you have Phantasmagorian and Street Wraith, that is only 8 cards (~2/5). Chancellor also has a nice splash effect, helping us with decks that are faster than us (TES, RB Reanimator). Not to mention it's a great reanimation target if you're winning through attacking rather than the combo.

That's all I can really think of now. My own list is here. The description still needs work, as you can probably tell. If you haven't already, go check out the primer for the deck on The Source here. This here is the post that inspired me to get back into the deck, along with showing me a whole new world of only running 12 dredgers, that I had never considered before.

laxap on How salty can you get

1 month ago

This should all be Highlander Legal

  • Engines / Power Cards:

Yawgmoth's Will & Magus of the Will

Past in Flames

Glimpse of Nature (With all the free creatures you have atm)

Carnival of Souls (Also very nice with Free Creatures)

Ashnod's Altar (Same Reason)

Bridge from Below

Anger (Good with Bridge and as a Second wincon if reanimationg all you stuff with the angel is not enough)

  • Mana:

Songs of the Damned

Summoner's Pact (for Elvish Spirit Guide / Tinder Wall)

Dryad Arbor (Also a creature for Dread Return)

Magus of the Vineyard (You already have the Enchantment, so why not)

Green Sun's Zenith (Can search up Tinder Wall / Dryad Arbor / Magus)

Nature's Lore

Lotus Bloom

Mox Opal

Infernal Plunge

Energy Tap (Looks a little silly, but could do some work)

Metamorphosis (Similar to Energy Tap)

Sacrifice (Also Similar)

Rite of Flame

Orcish Lumberjack

  • Tutoring:


Enlightened Tutor


Traverse the Ulvenwald (Maybe too Fancy)

Infernal Tutor (Needs more of discard outlets to work)

Demonic Tutor

Diabolic Intent (Works well with 0 Mana Creatures)

  • Graveyard Enabling / Discarding:

Dredge Cards like Golgari Grave-Troll Stinkweed Imp Golgari Thug



Tolarian Winds

  • Nice Fillers / Free Stuff:

Call to the Netherworld

Skyshroud Cutter

  • Protection:

Cabal Therapy




Leyline of Sanctity

  • Reanimation / Self-Reanimating Stuff for Dread Return:


Unearth (Propably too narrow)



  • Wheels:

Wheel of Fortune

Timetwister (Good with fast mana, bad with gy stuff)

Day's Undoing (Same as Timetwister)

loozar33 on All Spells, Zero Lands, Turn One Win (Budgetish)

2 months ago

have you thought about Phantasmagorian as discard?

sylvannos on Potential of Modern Bans?

3 months ago

Golgari Grave-Troll is fine, it's the "free" creatures coming back each turn, specifically Prized Amalgam.

If they ban any of the other cards in Dredge, it still operates the same as it did before. I.e. dump a bunch of cards, play a land, trigger Bloodghasts, get back multiple Prized Amalgams, then beat face each turn, despite your opponent's blockers and removal.

Cathartic Reunion just gets replaced by Goblin Lore or Wild Guess/Dangerous Wager. Dredge was already becoming a problem before Cathartic Reunion was printed.

While not as good, Golgari Thug, Shambling Shell, or Golgari Brownscale just get jammed in where Golgari Grave-Troll was.

You can also do stupid things with Phantasmagorian and Street Wraith.

Without Prized Amalgam, the deck just puts a few 1 and 2 power creatures into play while durdling around for 6 turns.

Modern is also really light on people packing enough graveyard hate in their sideboards. A lot of people are still only running 1 to 3 sideboard cards to hate out graveyards. The solution is more likely to go to 6 cards a la Legacy and Vintage.

It would also be nice if we had an actual control deck to also police the format. This is one of the issues with banning Birthing Pod and Splinter Twin...there's not much left in the format that can just dumpster combo decks game 1 and alleviate other decks' need to fill up their sideboards to answer everything. You have to use a bunch of slots to deal with Affinity, Infect, Scapeshift, Burn, and Zooicide, ON TOP OF your other sideboard cards for Jund, Grixis, Eldrazi, and Collected Company.

Bananastormcount20 on Sedris fun stuffz

4 months ago

Flameshadow Conjuring is just a way to get easy repeatable value through etbs and the swings because why not I have decent bodies. Knollspine Invocation is not great but it does what I intend it to, it can remove utility creatures, can dome someone out and is a discard outlet.

Phantasmagorian is there to let me discard cards, plain and simple, and if my opponent happens to want to discard some cards to stop a 6/6, let them, though that essentially never happens. In all honesty I think I've cast it like, maybe twice because I drew it while top decking. Otherwise its just a good pitch fodder with some possible value down the line. Alot of cards in this deck serve such a purpose, Chandra Ablaze lives to die and draw us cards while taking out stacked hands. Gonti, Lord of Luxury lives to mess with people using top, Perplexing Chimera exists due to the amount of Tragic Arrogance and In Garruk's Wake type of effects running around in my meta (he steals the spell then dies from it under my opponents control, because I now control the spell). and so on and so on, thanks I'm glad you liked the deck, share it around if you like, also check out some of my other reanimator lists, graveyard shenanigans/reanimator are my favorite deck types.

Big_Red93 on Sedris fun stuffz

4 months ago

So many shenanigans going on here. Deadeye Navigator is just so good in this deck. How is Phantasmagorian working for you? There are so many cards I have forgotten about in Shadowmoor. Puppeteer Clique is pretty silly late game, and with Mikaeus and Ashnod's you fill the board with all their own creatures. Are Flameshadow Conjuring and Knollspine Invocation as good as they seem?

GeminiSpartanX on Manaless Dredge Stuff I need

4 months ago

jamesfiek- Going just off of memory, I have the following from this list: 2x Balustrade Spy (plus 1 foil if you're interested), 2-4 Phantasmagorian (I'll need to double check how many I have), 1x Prized Amalgam, 1x Street Wraith, 1x Cabal Therapy, 2x Dread Return, and some number of Gitaxian Probes if needed. I know some of my buddies have other parts of this list for sure, since they played during original Ravnica block which was right before I started playing in Timespiral and have the dredgers. I can check with them if I don't have enough value with just my cards.

jamesfiek on H: Berserk, Flagstones, Things W: ...

4 months ago

Yeah I need 1 Prized Amalgam, 4, Phantasmagorians, 2 Balustrade Spy, and 3 Cabal Therapy. the total value of your cards including the Cabal Therapy and 3 Phantasmagorian assuming thats how many you have, is about $13. So I would do those and like $10 worth of other stuff for it. And yes it is the conspiracy version.

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