My Pure Old School Volrath Deck

I have for the longest time been wanting to build a black deck using only cards from Scourge or older, for pure burnt paper boxes nostalgia and absolute Rock 'n' Roll!

I chose Volrath the Fallen as commander - he is my all-time favourite antagonist in MTG and looked crazy fun, being able to discard Draco and such, for 1-shot voltron kills and cheat in big bad beasties such as Hypnox or classic Lord of the Pit for old-school flavour with Animate Dead or other such spells afterwards. - just maybe don't do that with Phage the Untouchable...

Uses mostly enchantments such as Dauthi Embrace or Dragon Shadow for evasion to get through enemy lines.

Has some different kinds of protection like Shade's Form, Null Brooch and Darkness. Plus reanimation, to get our commander back in action, hopefully with flash or haste.

All cards newer than Scourge (last of the old border sets) are banned in this decklist for old school purist reasons.

With Volrath's superior intellect, he easily manipulates anyone.

Basic tactic should be to keep it cool and take your time, explosive plays too early can cost you the game easily by making you a big target. The strongest play isn't always the best play. Also politics play a big part in this deck since you can possibly one-shot someone, so making deals or threatening/bluffing goes a long way.

Volrath's favourite beasties to devour and unleash upon enemies.

With 9+ Power an opponent gets put on a one-turn clock with Volrath's power alone.

Get beasties back for Volrath to consume or command at his pleasure.

  • Phyrexian Reclamation - gets Volrath or a beastie back into hand to be discarded again for damage.

  • Tortured Existence - gets Volrath or a beastie back into hand to be discarded again for damage.

  • Shallow Grave - gets a beastie, utility creature or Volrath with haste.

  • Animate Dead - gets a beastie or utility creature.

  • Necromancy - gets a beastie or utility creature.

  • Strands of Night - Amazing card in this deck! Gets beasties or Volrath onto the battlefield with Flash.

  • Volrath's Stronghold - Volrath's crib also gets a beastie back into hand to be discarded again for damage.

  • Apprentice Necromancer - gets a beastie, utility creature or Volrath with haste.

Evasion tools mainly for Volrath to get through enemy lines and inflict indescribable pain.

  • Dauthi Trapper - Practically the same as unblockable.

  • Dauthi Embrace - Practically the same as unblockable and with instant use.

  • Filth - Use to pump Volrath so he can go hug his fellow black players. <3

  • Cover of Darkness - gives fear and isn't destroyed if Volrath is.

  • Dragon Shadow - also gives fear, and is free after first cast.

  • Sleeper's Guile - also gives fear, and can be cast again if lost.

  • Pestilence - Pump Volrath, use this to clear board - then murder someone! (Mutilate also works for this, but you will of course inflict less damage)

  • Ashes to Ashes - Great if opponent thinks he's safe with a few indestructable blockers.

"How fascinating it is to watch the machinations of one’s own mind play themselves out." - Volrath

MANA RAMP (10 Spells, 3 Land):

CARD DRAW (10 Spells):


BOARD WIPES (5 Spells):

“I once had an entire race killed just to listen to the rattling of their dried bones as I waded through them.” - Volrath

  • Volrath the Fallen - Voltron IS the main way this deck wins.

  • Phage the Untouchable - As cool back-up voltron if Volrath is indisposed.

  • Hatred - Very good to finish off the last opponent.

  • BIG 13 BEASTIES - Good old fashioned beatdown.

This is my pet deck and I always appreciate suggestions to make the deck more effective, fun and flavorful, just please keep in mind that the cards need to be from "Scourge" or older, thanks!


Updates Add

After being inspired by EnbyGolem's aquirement of a beta edition of this card. I just have to try out Lord of the Pit in this deck for pure old school flavour! It will be replacing Pit Spawn for now.

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