Darksteel Forge


Artifacts you control have indestructible. (Effects that say "destroy" don't destroy them. Artifact creatures with indestructible can't be destroyed by damage.)

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Darksteel Forge Discussion

RingoDingo92 on Daretti's Degenerate Sandbox (Competetive Budget)

3 days ago

Hey man, nothing to be sorry about at all! We definitely have good taste ;) I fully support replacing Magus of the Wheel with Wheel of Fortune. Just did the swap myself after selling my Wheel and replacing it with Magus a while back, but Wheel does its thing so much better that I couldn't resist getting it back. Wish I had Metalworker back too, he's a beast. How well does Chandra, Flamecaller do for you? I have one and have seen her in other lists, but I have to admit I'm a little pessimistic about what she can contribute. I suggest considering Soul of New Phyrexia and Oblivion Stone as well. I like to go for the Mycosynth Lattice/Darksteel Forge/Nevinyrral's Disk lockdown combo as my main win-con too, but you can theoretically achieve the same effect by replacing the Forge with Soul and the Disk with the Stone. I've had to do both before when I didn't have one of the main combo pieces, and I was glad I had them. Let me know if there's any suggestions/comments you have for my deck too. Would love feedback from a fellow Daretti player!

DrunkManSquakin666 on Kaalia has ADD (Angels, Demons, and Dragons)

4 days ago

I can't help but wonder why everyone else seems to like running Sunforger without Reito Lantern. O.o It's odd to me, but I'm quite strange, myself, lol.

There are a few things you might wanna consider adding to your package, as well, depending on your meta. Rakdos Charm is good for grave hate and utterly hilarious against token strategies or in response to someone's Triumph of the Hordes. >=3 Orzhov Charm is a good get out of jail free card for Kaalia, and can be used to rez your Mother of Runes, if needed. Hide/Seek is a decent combo breaker, Master Warcraft is a bit situational, but still fun, and Return to Dust is a long-lived staple in the format; one which may be especially useful against a Breya, Etherium Shaper deck, if they get their impending Darksteel Forge out.

Your creature package is also impressive, though I'm not sure how I feel about Malfegor I prefer Thundermaw Hellkite over him, personally, but that's your call to make.

All-in-all, though, this deck is not bad at all. In fact, it inspired my own's redesign, when I was looking to convert it into a Sunforger build. :)

WhyisitHD on Sen Triplets Artifacts

1 week ago

Your deck looks a lot of fun to play. I play more of a control Sen Triplets. I have to make a lot of tweak to my own.

Need Scourglass And maybe more bored wipes. Need Fabricate and Enlightened Tutor Just to have tutors. Maybe Some Sweaty combos. Darksteel Forge + Nevinyrral's Disk and Sword of the Meek + Thopter Foundry and Thopter Assembly + Time Sieve Maybe throw in a Unwinding Clock for fun

Redace878 on Making Pia Nalaar work!

2 weeks ago

Your description says "Darksteel Forge + Darksteel Forge + Nevinyrral's Disk", which I'm guessing is a typo.

Bumpinator on Hope is the strongest weapon

3 weeks ago

Treasure Keeper is in the deck for a couple reasons. Firstly, half my deck is cmc 3 or under, not including lands, so I should never be revealing more than 3-4 cards before I hit something. Also, Treasure Keeper can pilot Skysovereign, Consul Flagship by itself. While I see your point about the collar, it helps me in games against other voltron strategies because my general costs less to recast than theirs. Sure they can pump up a Kemba or a Bruna, but unless they have first strike and Hope doesnt, the Collar lets me trade. It is more about the deathtouch than the lifelink.

So far I have playtested the deck twice, and both times had enough mana to do what I wanted. The first game I hit my early ramp and cast a turn 4 Ulamog, and the second game I had land for turn for the first 4 turns, then when I went dry I drew into Sensei's Divining Top and also found a Metalworker so I had enough mana. The problem I have had with the deck is how vulnerable it is to artifact hate, however everytime I tutor I would search out Darksteel Forge first.

ComboCrazy on Hope of Ghirapur EDH. Yes, Really.

4 weeks ago

Lifeline, Scarecrone, and Nim Deathmantle are all auto-includes for a Hope of Ghirapur deck. They allow you to brutally abuse its ability and recur it every turn, circumventing command tax. Metalworker, Copper Gnomes, and Ancient Tomb are also great cards, and I see a couple strict upgrades to fit them in. If you're considering Darksteel Forge, I'd add Mycosynth Lattice, since those two win the game with Nevinyrral's Disk out. (It destroys all permanents except your own) mycosynth also deals with pesky cards like Null Rod, and since you're using voltron, you'd likely win the ensuing mana-less battle. I'd also add Kuldotha Forgemaster as an additional tutor tool. Karn, Silver Golem also happens to combo with lattice to wreak havoc on lands, if that combo interests you. In a ramp heavy deck like this, I think Planar Portal would do a lot of good, especially since it actually cheapens Darksteel Forge and is a reusable tutoring engine. Also, Lightning Greaves is a strict upgrade over Swiftfoot Boots. Avarice Amulet is a very bad card, if you're looking for draw, Sword of Fire and Ice does the job better. Same deal with Vulshok Morningstar and Sword of Light and Shadow; it just does more.

miracleHat on Pay the ghost

1 month ago

Pearl Medallion > monument
Rootborn Defenses > Brave the Elements
Honor of the Pure > Crusade
Light from Within is not good with your general
Lightning Greaves > Swiftfoot Boots (budget?)

Consider Return to Dust instead of Revoke Existence. While aforementioned the deck's tax abilities, the ability to remove 2 artifacts (at instant speed can be 1 or 2!) or enchantments might be more worthwhile than just one. Why Revoke Existence Blightsteel Colossus when you can Return to Dust Blightsteel Colossus and Darksteel Forge(?!).

JDegenerate on Join The Glorious Evolution

1 month ago

I see that Caltrops is in the sideboard. I think it's a great mainboard card - I've played the combo myself, and it's devastating in my meta, especially with any kind of protection like Darksteel Forge. Sydri can really make an excellent control and pillow fort.

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