Vampiric Link

Vampiric Link

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Whenever enchanted creature deals damage, you gain that much life.

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Set Rarity
Planar Chaos (PLC) Common

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Format Legality
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Modern Legal
Custom Legal
Legacy Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Vintage Legal
Limited Legal
Highlander Legal
Leviathan Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Vampiric Link Discussion

Balaam__ on B/W Vampire Life-gain Deck

2 weeks ago

Possibly, maybe in games two or three. Usually people sideboard in cards like Tormod's Crypt because you never know what type of deck you’ll be playing against, and some rely almost exclusively on graveyard interactions. So if you find yourself pitted against one that beats you, in the next round you will have a way to combat their tactics.

Another modern legal card that’s budget friendly you may want to consider is Vampiric Link. You already have plenty of life link capable creatures imo, but nonetheless it’s on theme and just in case you weren’t aware of it I thought I’d mention it.

Edit: It’s definitely not budget friendly, but check out the card Exquisite Blood. Paired with Sanguine Bond, it’s a brutal combo that would fit in with your chosen theme perfectly.

SirQuixano on Darkness is spreading

3 weeks ago

Nice deck, and I loved playing Duskfang Mentor in standard in an Orzhov Lifegain Deck

I find it interesting that you aren't playing many cards that either allow you to pay life or do something when you gain life. For example, Marauding Blight-Priest and Epicure of Blood allow you to drain opponents whenever you gain life, and Blessing of Leeches and Soul Channeling protect creatures as long as you pay life, which you can usually do in monoblack lifegain.

Vampiric Link might be a good card since it basically gives lifelink without giving lifelink, so you can gain double the life off of a lifelinker, and Dragon Shadow can be nice combat evasion for a creature you've gotten bigger, then if that creature dies, you can put it on a later big creature, like an Ulamog's Crusher or whatever.

You also are by no means playing a devotion deck, so maybe a few colorless utility lands might be nice, like Radiant Fountain or Quicksand, since they decrease consistency by a miniscule amount . For Ramp, I'd recommend Everflowing Chalice, MindStone, and Bonder's Ornament as further ramp.

Just got done with a Wall of Limbs deck, so some of this stuff is still fresh in your mind, but I do like this deck.

ellie-is on Ellie's Rats

1 month ago

Peoyogon: That's awesome! This was one of my first too, originally formatless with a bunch of old garbage cards, haha. It was a lot of fun losing with it. I even got to use the amazing Dirty Wererat.

Defile is nice and I considered it, since it's essentially Skred, but stronger, less limiting and costs way less money, but decided against because I run such a small number of lands and it'll rarely get as strong as Skred does. I don't have good sacrifice outlets either, but ultimately I like Tragic Slip better as -1/-1 is often enough, or it can be cast after using Fatal Push or chump blocking with a rat.

Vampiric Link is fun! Not sure how I feel about it in this deck, but a one-mana pacify is great and I can imagine it being super enjoyable in a multiplayer game where you can't enchant someone's creature and gain life while they're attacking someone else as well. But on the other hand its uses as removal are narrow as it doesn't stop abilities from being activated, and if you put it on a pack rat you can get 2-for-1'd. I used to run Gift of Orzhova for life and evasion back in the day and it was great having rats with wings, but a lot of the time they'd get killed and I'd just be sad haha.

Peoyogon on Ellie's Rats

1 month ago

I love rats!! My first 'real' deck was rat tribal and it used a bunch of old rat matters cards like Swarm of Rats and Pestilence Rats. It's changed over the years but I still have it :)

Something I recently added to mine is Defile. I find it to be extremely usesful as it's really effective against regenerate and indestructible creatures. I like it better than tragic slip in my deck since I don't have a consistent way to sac creatures.

I also use Vampiric Link. It is one of my favorite cards as you can throw it on your favorite pack rat and pad your life total agaisnt those aggro decks or (and more often than not) you can put it on an opponent's creature and effectively pacify it for 1 Mana.

Peoyogon on Dauthi Aggro 3: Dauthi Harder

1 month ago

I love shadow! I built a deck around dauthi for a small $10 deck tournament. It was super fun! Too bad Dauthi Warlord isn't pauper legal :(

In my deck, I also ran Unholy Strength for pump. That might work for this deck too!

I also used one of my favorite cards Vampiric Link. I love it because you can either thrown it on your own creature to gain life or slap it on an opponent's creature and effectively pacify it. Either way, I found it was really good against mid-range decks and other aggro (non-infect) builds. It might be a card to consider for your sideboard at least!

Peoyogon on Soul Sisters Machine Gun - Pauper (Update Friday!)

1 month ago

I really like the idea behind this!

So, I immediately thought of Vampiric Link when looking at this. It's one of my all time favorite cards because of it's versatility. As I was typing out how it might really synergize with your deck, I realized that I think it actually just might go infinite with your setup. Hmm...

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