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An illusion? What are you hiding? (Tier 1 - STAX)

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**An illusion? What are you hiding?**

(Scroll down : Working On a full description on how to stax and be a hatebear) 101basics for the hardest kind of magic) (click on the black bars to expand)

Tier 1 Commander

(Maybe: don't have yet )

My deck is, an illusion, what am I hiding?

"When the light dies, so do you"... (second derevi for double derevi in 2hgiant)

[An Illusion] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWb0_WW15is)

(my other weirdo deck can be found here : Oona, Fae Queen (Exile/Control)(inf combo)(Tier 1) )

Oona, Fae Queen (Exile/Control)(inf combo)(Tier 1)

Commander / EDH Kiyomeii



General: Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

The Bird wizard that you'll have to focus or the entire table might actually lose the game...

EDH decks have varying degrees of reliance on their commander. Derevi is central towards this deck, for a variety of reasons, although the deck is not entirely reliant on her to operate and can do away with you without ever even touching the board or being cast ;) unlike many others.

Her strengths : This mana cost makes her cheap enough to be reliably cast, and operate as an efficient general in play. At the same time, it enables access to bant. This is critical because of the tools it enables us to make use of. First and foremost, and also very important for this deck, is that it opens up the largest (tied with Jund) pool of one mana accelerants. Not only do you get the normal mana elves, but you also get Hierarch and Pilgrim. Having access to this large a pool of one mana creature accelerants is very important to everything that this deck wants to do, but the most obvious being that these enable a pretty reliable turn two Derevi, meaning that constructing strategic elements around her being on the field is sensible and reliable again unlike many others...



Her triggers can be used to tap down any opponent's resources, or untap your own. Because they are each independent, this allows you to also tap and untap the same permanent multiple times, and stack them ... For instance, you can untap a Gaea's Cradle and a Yisan, the Wanderer Bard, the Cradle again, and Yisan four more times, and get a full five activations from Yisan in a single combat (with the dorks and etc on the field) or use Captain Sisay multiple times to find correct answers to what is coming. These are merely just a few examples. Proper stacking of each independent trigger can be critical, so Derevi is not an easy commander to use, but she is very rewarding of skill in this regard.

**The command zone ability/preserving**

icing on the cake

" : Put Derevi onto the battlefield from the command zone.":With a card already so powerful, this ability is just icing on the cake. Unlike other decks reliant on their commander, killing Derevi a few times doesn't push her into being prohibitively costly from penalties. Derevi always costs at the worst, always!!! And when you use this ability, she gains essentially both flash and uncountability unless there are things like Stifle. This allows her to play around a ton of stuff and gives her some of the most Strong enters of any Legendary creature in the game... Keep in mind as well that the cost increase of Generals is tagged to how many times they are cast, so if you have that extra mana, using her ability preserves her one-time for later use, despite you getting her into play.

power and toughness " / ": Probably the most negligible aspect, but she's got a decent body on her as well, and she isn't killed by Elesh Norn and such, making her ever so slightly tougher to deal with. A nice finishing touch to an already amazing card.



So let's think about what can be done with her. so knowing that her tap ability has the power of turning other creatures into pseudo-Icy Manipulator, and the classic interaction with those is keeping a player down under Winter Orb. Three icy-manipulators = three players locked down, and you don't even have to pay a mana each to do it, all you have to do is connect with /any/ player. And let us not forget that Bant enables access to both Rising Waters and Hokori, Dust Drinker, giving us all of the Winter Orb effects in the game. Derevi poses a few interesting challenges for this. She wants access to a lot of creatures to maximize her second ability, but prison historically tends to use few if any creatures. to get full value from Winter Orb, and provide bodies for Derevi. Further, a full compliment of mana dorks, giving me access to more mana than opponents after Winter Orb effects hit, also providing bodies for locking people down.

This deck has a lot of interactions, and rewards skilled plays that think at least 3 turns ahead of time. Mistakes tend to compound, and the deck is not very forgiving of error and miss use of stacking, as anything will and can be exploited. Exposing yourself to being focused heavily. The play error is not always obvious. The reason for this is that while the deck can take complete control of the game early on, because of this you quickly will have the table forced to go after you, and once your board is removed it can be difficult to recover as your opponents will have amassed spells in their hand that you had been prohibiting them from casting while yours tends to have been expended. That being said, under-extending is dangerous, and you should not play 'conservatively' to try and avoid these kinds of things, rather you should focus on plays ahead of time such that you are not exposed to them in the first place. Games are quite unique and diverse with this deck, and while your general strategy of locking the board down is consistent, exactly how to go about this rarely is.

"Mulligan. Like any good commander deck, the strategy starts well before the first spell resolves. The deck lost a lot of its pre-game setting up when Partial Paris was removed, but this still remains a critical step. A good hand optimally has the mana to cast Derevi on turn 2, a lock piece, and a way of setting up an engine"

**The opener:**

The opener

This deck is very opening hand dependent, as this will define how you proceed. Some openers will just win you the game. Outside of that, however, the principle goal is to identify what decks your opponents are on, which may or may not be obvious from their generals...

Probably the most quintessential opening line of play is turn 1 land, dork, turn two land, derevi, something, turn three winter orb, win. These kinds of hands are common the most likely to successfully win you the game, particularly if that turn two play is a sphere effect. In general, having a turn two sphere effect is the safest way to put yourself in a position to win the game. Winter Orb doesn't really become 'live' until turn three, although landing one as soon as possible is critical, as it sets the stage for victory. However, this deck has diverse elements. The most important principle is that you need to invalidate as many cards as possible as quickly as possible. Do not rely on drawing anything, figure out what the opening hand provides you. This deck is not as control as it seems in that it can rely on drawing gas, as that gas may or may not align with an adequately disruptive line of play, and this deck is not combo-oriented. You need to foresee how the elements you have interact and play them out to cause the most disruption on your opponents. Minimize risk of exposure first and foremost, ensure inevitability secondarily.

The strategy of the opener:

The deck has a low amount of lands on purpose, it's ideal to minimize the amount of 'dead' draws, and this deck rarely needs more than two or three lands for the entire game. This is why there are so few, but the side effect is that you cannot rely on drawing lands. Disruption needs to start at the latest by turn two, or you are heavily exposing yourself. The deck works on a very tight curve and with very efficient creatures, but this makes its late game comparably poor to most decks if it does not establish an early game suppression.

You want to use all of your mana every turn, you want to be thinking at least two turns ahead at all times, and you want to be thinking in the mindset not of 'how do I win', but rather 'how could my opponents win from this position'. The last point is the most critical. Derevi isn't really trying to win the game, it is looking to /not lose/. This is a very critical difference. The longer that you do not lose, the more inevitability you gain, as almost everything you do advances a state that approaches a hard lock. That is the next principle, soft locks are temporary and critical to surviving the early turns against combo and midrange decks, but they are a band-aid. You are trying to advance the board state to one of hard lock. Rarely, you will have the opportunity to just win, usually on the back off an Elesh Norn or an especially explosive start. However, these are few and unlikely, and almost never necessary. Rather, your end game is one of a hard lock victory. Once opponents can literally do nothing about the board state, your dorks and bird wizard will eventually finish the job. first You hinder your opponents resulting on them grasping onto their last resources, and then you need to stop them from doing anything at all.

**Hard Lock turned on:**

Hardly turned on

What defines a hard lock is a position where no possible card interactions in the game can escape. To do this, you need two main things. One is a principle board state engine that prevents opponents from gaining any ground. The typical one in this deck is Winter Orb and Derevi. Next, you need at least two tax effects to prevent them from casting anything even if it costs 1 or 0 mana. These can typically be interchanged with cards like Tangle Wire and Root Maze.

Hard locks include board positions like: Stasis , Birds of Paradise , Quirion Ranger , Derevi, Empyrial Tactician , Root Maze , Trinisphere , Winter Orb , Llanowar Elves , Avacyn's Pilgrim , Sphere of Resistance , Thalia, Guardian of Thraben ; etc. They are an interaction of different kinds of suppressive soft lock cards that combine to create an inescapable position. The number of these is very large in this deck, and rarely will they be the same.

This deck is not very easy to play, and play error can and will be expounded upon to critical effect by clever opponents, so understanding the deck deeply is necessary to have success with it.


Captain Sisay has to be included without saying. She can find so many other legendary creatures here, most of which will be continually relevant through a game. She can also find legendary lands , artifacts or enchantments which makes her a crucial part that results in hatebear...

tap into: Show

targets for Sisay:

Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Hatebear.

Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Hatebear.

Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, Hatebear whilst also cheapening your spells.

Brago, King Eternal, fun interaction with a planeswalker or to reset yisan, he can also reset a tanglewire lock... (currently not 100% happy with what he does in the deck so he might see the sideboard soon...)

Edric, Spymaster of Trest, Card draw, and he's also kinda telling people to attack others for card draw whilst that doesn't really matter to us ...

Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite, Hatebear for loyal retainers or elvish piper to spit out...

Gaddock Teeg, Hatebear to escape wrath effects or cards opponents were holding onto, he punishes a lot of plays.

Hokori, Dust Drinker, orb effect.

Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur, Hatebear for loyal retainers or elvish piper to spit out...

Kataki, War's Wage, artifact Hatebear.

Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker, ping Hatebear.

Selvala, Explorer Returned, Carddraw + Mana + Lifegain while under orb effect.

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard, Ramp.

Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx, Mana.

Gaea's Cradle, Mana.

Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Hatebear.

Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist, Hate/prot

The power and range of her targets are amazing. and the reason the two heavy mana costs are in here is because of the Elvish Piper we run that can easily storm out these ridiculous creatures and jin even during combat untaping her and using her again... or loyal retainers in which you discard them.

Only if you are Yisan enough:

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard ; a card so versatile and so packed with answers that it is feared as a commander on it's own... his ability to cheat in numerous mana dorks into hatebears is absolutely ridiculous, and in no time with enough verses; spew out the big threats ...As talked about before yisan can be activated multiple times in a turn with our untap triggers to feed derevi her army ...But as every game has its different board state it might not always be clear what to get as the common ,and tutors ; one could look to grab the likes of; Quirion Ranger into , Bloom Tender and a Shaman of Forgotten Ways to spew out more mana than anyone else whilst under an orb or sphere effect and with a great board state ; wipe a table with the shaman for example...

so I'll list the curve for yisan to tighten your play and avoid spending ages tutoring for the correct cards as it all may seem rather difficult sometimes...but the answer is simple; lock down your opponents and get them closer and closer to a hard lock, invalidating all cards and all plays they could use or make to get out of azkaban... I mean depression ... you get the point they'll hate your deck !!!

The first verse of greed. our quest to more mana...

A great catch will always be Quirion Ranger because this cutie pie can untap our bloom tender and with a derevi in play that's a sh!t ton of mana if you want to shaman someone fast or drop an Elesh on the table way to soon... you should also try activating it in combat with an untap trigger, for example, to create a whopping 9 mana or use her again in your second main phase ... Should I even bother explaining you it gets even better if you managed to remove one of those big threats (via Fauna or survival for exp.) before you even played your third song? Loyal retainers to finish of the cherry on the cake or back to hatebears ...

There is also a cute interaction with Brago if you run him ... he can reset his verses if really needed...

Anyhow here is the verse table; (Dork = mana producer, Hatebear = why people don't like you anymore...)

+1 : , Show

: The First Verse of Greed.

Dorks : Arbor Elf , Avacyn's Pilgrim , Birds of Paradise , Copperhorn Scout , Elvish Mystic , Fyndhorn Elves , Llanowar Elves , Noble Hierarch , Quirion Ranger , Weathered Wayfarer...

HateBears: Judge's Familiar ,Cursecatcher (They end up being used either to connect to someone because the familiar has flying or sacrificing them under an orb effect when they do get a spell out and you know they can't afford to pay 1 more)..

+3 : , Show

: The Third Verse of Revulsion

Dorks : Shaman of Forgotten Ways...

HateBears: Trygon Predator , Aven Mindcensor , Eidolon of Rhetoric , Glowrider , Hushwing Gryff , Thalia, Heretic Cathar , Vryn Wingmare , Sanctum Prelate, Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist ...

Carddraw : Edric, Spymaster of Trest , Jace's Archivist , Selvala, Explorer Returned selvala can also be used under orb effects for extra mana... Our jace though is used to try and solve the new mulligan rules where we can't partial and craft the perfect hand anymore, he does his job for now...

(temporary test ) : Eternal Witness , Daring Thief can be quite versatile but doesn't add to any stax effect... might be deemed to be slower under an orb effect since you need to recast it as well and the other one needs a turn , or two derevi triggers of the bat to be of any effect...

Graveborn into a massive hatebear: Loyal Retainers ... you could get a fauna shaman on the second verse, and combo into a jin or elesh after with this one although it is deemed greedy, but it can make an opponent's life miserable depending on his board state and commander...

Tutor : Recruiter of the Guard

+4 : , Show

+5 : , Show

: The Fifth Verse of Containment

Dorks : 0

HateBears: Willbreaker can take over a lost game by simply connecting to someone and taking other people's stuff that otherwise could not be disposed of in other ways...

+6 : , Show

: The Sixth Verse of consecration

Dorks : 0

HateBears: 0

Carddraw : Consecrated Sphinx

+7 : , Show

: The Seventh Verse of annihilation

Dorks : 0

HateBears: Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite

+8 : , Show

: The Eight Verse of Oblivion IIX

Dorks : 0

HateBears: 0

+9 : , Show

: The Ninth Verse of Oblivion IX

Dorks : 0

HateBears: 0

+10 : , Show

: The Tenth Verse of Gluttony

Dorks : 0

HateBears: Jin-Gitaxias, Core Augur if you get this far /golfclap !!!

I need help i can't think for myself and all i DO IS QQ


SO the Reason i will learn you how to play against her is also to prevent others in your playgroup to start spamming her as well or deeming her "OP";) , since any miss-play with a deck like this is so exploitable, and it will have huge effects on the meta, so people will tend to run certain things against them... whilst also giving them an insight on being a smarter player themselves... Thus not getting a shop or meta full of filthy Pigeons ... Derevi is a kind of magic that not a lot of people enjoy to play against because they can end up having zero interaction within their game and probably scooping and be nagging about how OP or broken it is while they allowed it to happen to themselves without knowing...

Kill the wizard, not the bird.

So basically there are always, and always answers to all decks especially in our meta where not a single person has or runs a "tier 1" deck by far, or has that "unbeatable" deck!!!! Even if they do, it is still easily interrupted and outplayed by using your brain for once ;) and not QQ'in about it...

(This deck is close to a "T1" in the right hands at the moment just a tad slower)

So if your deck doesn't run CHEAP Artifact or Enchantment removal, throw your deck in the trash bin...If you tap out too greedily against a derevi player for something that isn't going anywhere in the long run, uninstall magic...Looking at solutions like playing a Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite Against a derevi player is quite troublesome (reanimation/cheat in game) it kills most of derevi's army and puts her in no position to come back from... Another one is Gilded Drake stealing the commander, which is also quite a problem this will require the derevi player to be very creative, Cyclonic Rift and playing Hushwing Gryff in response can save them but most of the time it's troublesome to deal with.

card:Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale gladly this land is super expensive but it is that good ... i wouldn't want to face it

So Here are a few of the cards that could be crucial to avoid a hard lock, you just have to keep in mind that every creature a derevi plays will be a creature that gets you closer and closer into a hard lock even a simple mana elf at some point...

Cheap boardwipes/removal: Show

Cheap boardwipes/removal:

Pyroclasm great cheap removal

Engineered Explosives with the likes of an academy ruins can become scary...

Toxic Deluge ...

Swords to Plowshares...

Path to Exile

ETC ETC you get the point small but effective removal.

Running Stax Show

Running Stax yourself might not be the best way but will surely slow down derevi unless she can get more mana than you do which is not that hard...


Sphere of Safety...

Windborn Muse on a stick...

Ghostly Prison...

Humility ... the thing is this is already borderline expensive so it's really a problem if it hits, but by then the derevi player could have quite some sphere effects in play

they do the work a little bit but you can't rely on this too much without removal

Cheap counterspells, artifact and enchantment removal, creature removal... Show

Arcane Denial and the likes of these under 3 cmc !

Aura of Silence..

Krosan Grip..

Return to Dust...

Condemn... path, sword to plowshares whatever comes to mind ... or cheap targeted sacrifice cards if derevi's board state is not big yet...

ETC ETC you get the point small but effective.

Creatures with dissruption... Show

Voidstone Gargoyle nasty ;)

Phyrexian Revoker...


Pithing Needle...

Cursed Totem doesn't stop derevi itself but most of her arsenal in play...

Containment Priest...

but things like

Nevermore and Meddling Mage do not work because she isn't being cast...

(these are by far not all answers available but just to show you a small portion of the brain you weren't using before ;) )

Most problem decks like Derevi can be solved with people working on their threat assessment and knowing when to hold their removal/counters to prevent the lock, Or simply focus the derevi down with the entire table and accepting that by doing so, you expose yourself to losing to someone else on the table xD but you'll be free from all the hate...

and if If people are getting upset over Magic games, they have bigger problems in their lives. GROW UP KIDS xxx

Example of top tier removal spells are listed on here and can deal with most problem creatures, (Mardu Example)(Green and white has an easier time because of it's artifact and enchantment removal whilst blue just needs to be able to stop the right things at the right time...)

What are we if not slaves to this torment? (duel)

Duel Commander Kiyomeii


**2 Headed Giant**

This deck has been tested with great success in the "2 Headed Giant" format as a support that can take over a game pretty fast on its own !!! Helping people get off that crucial untap or anything of the likes that derevi synergizes well with!!! the possibilities are endless here... Keeping in mind that her early game is crucial to gain any ground so a "mid range" teammate would be the best optimal choice as long as they can run at the same tempo that derevi has whilst also being able to work under the sphere and orb effects, thus a double "early game" stax/control/combo would work just fine as well .

"late game" decks tend to compound under the pressure if they can't acquire proper ramp, or make derevi vulnerable to being focused heavily which she can survive but is mostly not worth it...

Her worst teammates would be the likes of agro decks with no real gameplan, examples are the likes of Ezuri, weak reanimator Meren, Grenzo, Marath, etc, etc

**2headed partners "Gnome Wizard"**

2headed partners : Gaddock Teeg

Pray4Valor ; Double stax/sphere with Gaddock Teeg as commander , creating sphere effects earlier and easier but requires derevi to be the finisher, in which our end game could be rather weak so the main goal was to let the opponent have no interaction within the game at all ...

No. [[Gaddock Teeg/Hatebear Primer]] : A Gaddock Teeg example deck with a great explanation of the teeg himself...

No. [[Gaddock Teeg/Hatebear Primer]]


SCORE: 111 | 88 COMMENTS | 14399 VIEWS | IN 49 FOLDERS

(Ending first place 4-0)

**2headed partners "The Wizard and the Lazy Soldier" **

2headed partners :Oloro, Ageless Ascetic

BrainfreezeBE Double Stax with Oloro, Ageless Ascetic, Where the idea was to create a wall for derevi, whilst derevi supported a greater cause, there were some rather fun and also obnoxious interactions with chalice of death, but nonetheless a great way to make someone flip a table kind of combo ...

Example on a proper oloro ;)


Commander / EDH Ender666666

SCORE: 624 | 541 COMMENTS | 90440 VIEWS | IN 234 FOLDERS

(Ending second place because of a rather boring and unlucky blood moon game)

(Ending second 3-1)

**2headed partner "Wizard Advisor"  **

2headed partners :Leovold, Emissary of Trest

fichsto Derevi and leovold go together like fat people and pie... the card draw disruption that comes from a leovold and a puzzle box paired with the stax and lock from derevi is deadly, it steals away a lot of answers to whatever you play while leo refills derevi's hand in the process, which is the icing on the cake because derevi tends to empty his/her hand quite fast and 7 new cards from a windfall is crazy while your opponents by then are stuck on 1 !

Example of the leo :

Oh, I'm Sorry....Did I break your concentration?

Commander / EDH* Lilbrudder

SCORE: 132 | 298 COMMENTS | 26312 VIEWS | IN 67 FOLDERS

(Ending second place because of an RNG decision between playing gaddock or winter orb, and the top decking of a rng lucky spell that otherwise couldn't have been cast if the other was chosen 50/50 + really unlucky draws on our side not really anything skill-wise that went wrong here...)

(Ending second 3-1)

**2headed partner "Wizard Wizard"  **

2headed partners : Derevi, Empyrial Tactician

Kiyomeii Soon updating this part after it has been tested if derevi can compliment itself and add a support to the main derevi while enforcing lock as well...and maybe add some death and taxes here and there,

Under construction: deck-large:when-the-light-dies-so-do-yousupport-t-1-1

**2headed partner "Boonweaver Stax"  **

2headed partners : Karador, Ghost Chieftain

Pray4Valor: Either our opponents got locked out or combo went off before they could react, we won two games of a hard lock and two games of a boonweaver combo I'de say this was the easiest win with no interaction really on that particular night ...

example of a karador :

Karador Multiplayer Boonweaver Combo/Control

Commander / EDH LabManiac_cobblepott

SCORE: 103 | 123 COMMENTS | 65512 VIEWS | IN 93 FOLDERS

(Ending first place without any trouble, I'd say the matchups we faced were not thought through and just plain bad)

(Ending first place 4-0)

**2headed partner "Savage Wizardry"  **

2headed partners : Ruric Thar, the Unbowed

Pray4Valor : A consitent turn 3 Ruric and Derevi's stax made it quite Obnoxious... Made a minor misplay though with Bloom Tender not taping her when Derevi, Empyrial Tactician was in play before using Birthing Pod on her to get Hokori, Dust Drinker and use that mana +1 to replay derevi the same turn...Noticed Derevi needs more really aggressive mulligans than before though for specific hate ... Luckily we had impressive board states all night though...

Self-Reminder think twice before being an aggressive SaVagE... as derevi still tries not to lose games and not go for the obvious win... The longer you don't lose a game the more inevitability there is that you win by durability and all the pieces of the puzzle slowly closing out a game Removing all interaction whatsoever...

(Gemstone caverns / Land / chrome mox = turn 1 derevi is dirty)...

example of a Ruric :

Ruric Thar [Competitive] - Your Heart is a Muscle

Commander / EDH* tw0handt0uch


(Ending first place 4-0)

**2headed partner "Wizard stax combo"  **

2headed partners : Kess, dissident mage (card link broken ?)

Pray4Valor : Stax paired with combo. It is a bit janky as you might stop your combo player from going "of" as a Derevi, but as you stall out the game and eventually lock down your opponents there is a chance they come back from it even if it's a very small chance . If they succeed in this they also open up the combo players win by unleashing what they couldn't cast ... we just cockblocked each other mostly and had fun in doing so... 1v3'ing...

Game one we had a very very bad start and RNG gods didn't really help in good draws but we ended up winning with a lethal "kiki jiki pestermite" after stalling long enough. Game two and three were dead games in which Derevi ended all interactions and they got to cast no spells or 1 spell at best (like solring) + in the third game it was combined with a turn 1 or 2 jin gitax ... very one-sided.The fourth game was a close one as my "Proper-winnable-hand" was pitched into only lands because of a greedy windfall, But stasis is a beast in winning otherwise lost games and buying us enough time for a combo with splinter twin and deceiver...

Example of a kess

Grixis Twin

Commander / EDH* infiniteimoc


(Ending first place 4-0)

**2headed partner "Elfball Mechanics x2"  **

2headed partners : Yisan, the Wanderer Bard

Pray4Valor : The combination of utility they both provide on paper is immensely explosive. It's easy to say these work absolutely fine together but lack in the removal section of creatures which is made up by its speed. Although we both had our head in the clouds with judging and helping the store... The games were also heavily rng based and extremely unlucky and let's just say we weren't too focused at all with the constant harassment and questions near the end of our games... all 4 games were not really spectacular...

our second game was lost because of a really early Serra and aven mindcensor against us which shut down my teammate quite a bit, and the topdecking of only lands for Derevi which shouldn't have happened... if only we could have gotten rid of the aven we would have won...

The last game was just mana screw and mana screw ... nothing really special to note about this. I probably should have mulled more aggressively but still... just a plain unlucky day... 1 player just killed us because of this edge the other was non-factor.

Example of a Yisan

Wanderer's Song

Commander / EDH* ShaperSavant

SCORE: 168 | 221 COMMENTS | 59373 VIEWS | IN 88 FOLDERS

(Some of the examples shown here are not the ones used but merely act as a showcase if the player want to keep their decks private)

(Ending 2-2)

**2headed partner "???"  **

2headed partners : card:???

user:??? "normies get off my board"

**more coming soon (under construction)**

+++ double triggers ... are you an imposter?

under construction

Using Sanctum Prelate always depends on the what kind of commander your opponents are on, what their playstyle is and where you're at in the game.

Most likely it's 1 , 2 or 3 because we run Gaddock Teeg and he stops what would come beyond that

  • 1 and 2 hits most cantrips/tutors and also some counterspells.
  • 3 stops removal / Deluge and 3 mana counterspells... if you're against black, red or white I'd suggest 3. Most value cards are at 3 as well like yawgmoths will and doomsday for example...

If your meta is leaning towards a late game 3 would be better, But you you're against storm for example 0 or 1 would be a better choice. Just check the commander the colors and the player you are up against and choose wisely.

(First number is the safer choice)

under construction: Have been taking notes of most commander players in our store and on tournaments and other sites etc..., soon I will add a list of what would shut them down most! like for example;

Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder storm: or because it stops them storming out a shit ton ! 1 is the safest pick still.

Oona, Queen of the Fae Storm/Doomsday: or . 2 hits most cards this deck normally runs, but under a soft lock 1 is a better choice.

Queen Marchesa : or , preferably 3 due to the amount of removal on 3...

General Tazri : Food Chain : or ... 1 Hits most of his tutors, While two is his control is chosen if you have no way of dealing with food chain itself...

Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge Storm: or , 1 Stops the storm here, where 2 stops the ramp mostly, I'd go 1 if you have artifact hate here...

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher Food Chain: or 3 stopping food chain. 1 stopping most of the tutors it plays.

Teferi, Temporal Archmage Chain Veil: or these two stop most infinite mana combo's as well as counters... + some artifact hate cockblocks this deck really hard...

Thrasios, Triton Hero & Tymna the Weaver .... !!!

Zur the Enchanter AD Naus, Doomsday: or unless you can't deal with Doomsday you put it no ...

Sideboard reasoning

Derevi's hatebear army should look different in every store as a meta is unlikely to be the same everywhere, so this is the reason I'll have things in my sideboard if new decks come out or people shift to Reanimator all of a sudden, you'll want to have answers or more answers than you used to play before...In this section, i'll try to explain my choices and am open to suggestions for the different cards you run...

The Sideboard unveiled Show

This sideboard will be used as "possible" cards you could use depending on your meta, i Will add ideas and upcoming cards that were removed here or are of use to a derevi deck ( also usable in a second derevi which is used as a 2HGiant Partner for more disruption and a turn two double derevi, double untap into hatebear combo ... )

Do note i don't actually have a sideboard, this is just something i can swap easily in and out of before i go to different meta stores... as you'll obviously won't be allowed to switch whenever you like sometimes... this is something you could do before you go somewhere after having done some research on the meta in general...


(Also to keep track of what i have lying around... some card are a little bit more casual and fun if you would prefer it that way...)

Sideboard owned :

  • Alms Collector : budget replacement for C-sphinx and okay to use if a lot of blue and card draw is played in your group, as slows down some combo's as well.

  • Arcane Denial : One of the better counterspells out there, if you are going to run any then this is a must!

  • Ashes of the Abhorrent : Grave-hate...

  • Back to Nature : Great choice against enchantments heavy decks that slow you down ... I'd say this is most commonly used in mirror matchups where they play pillow fort or Stax themselves throughout enchantments. also very good against necropotence and remora/Rstudy stuff...

  • Bident of Thassa : Card advantage, seems almost a must to run this as you are desperate for cards most of the time ( but I have sided it out to see how much the deck suffers without it, and it's hurting so far)

  • Blind Obedience : Alternative for Thalia or against double aggro in 2hGiant...

  • Botanical Sanctum : When the light dies, so do you... always loved the flavor of this land, and it has a derevi speed enter early on...

  • Brago, King Eternal : Can be interchanged if you plan on working around the blink effect more, he tends to have more success the more ramp you use yourself and can maintain a stasis lock if necessary... but i opt to not use it too much as brago does not really contribute to derevi in any way when running stax.

  • Counterspell : if you face a more creature combo heavy meta this could be a useful addition.

  • Curse of Bounty : Risky, but if you really dislike that certain opponent xD

  • Daring Thief : I found this one to be more situational really, it can give opponents a winter orb or things you no longer need in exchange for something useful but the thing is, he requires 1 turn, or 2 triggers of the bat to be of effect i think this one is a bit of personal preference... although if your shop is heavy reliant on on their commander, giving them a creature you can dispose of for their commander can be game breaking to them.

  • Demystify : and any other cheap(Cmc) versions are usable depending on your meta...

  • Disenchant : Just when you couldn't hate on it enough you had to go and destroy some more... (Specific)

  • Dismiss into Dream : Funny to toy around with, but too heavy on the CMC cost to be able to run this properly...

  • Dovin Baan : Very versatile planeswalker and easily protected.

  • Eldrazi Displacer : Works well with containment priest for example and some shenanigans, but more so in 1v1 back in the day...

  • Elvish Piper : If you want to focus more on getting the big threats out faster with survival or fauna shaman... as this can explode in combat with multiple uses...

  • Equilibrium : Was more used for the 1v1 but it can set people back after they did manage to cast a creature somehow.

  • Extract : One time combo breaker...

  • Fecundity : Had a use in food chain derevi hence I kept it for later use ...

  • Gaddock Teeg : Judge promo is soooo pretty but my alter can't come out of the deck! No-Boardwipe-Gnome...

  • Gemstone Caverns : English version because people have cried and QQ'd about it a lot...

  • Growing Rites of Itlimoc : Like fortnite, this is the poor man's PUBG (cradle)

  • Imprisoned in the Moon : Great for commander meta's that heavily rely on their commander ... , you could also use song of the dryads...

  • Jace's Archivist : Used to combat the partial Paris loss this deck had suffered... but the mill itself can hurt quite a bit after a few times ...Free repeatable wheel effect...

  • Kinjalli's Sunwing : Flying Thalia.

  • Kiora's Follower : Has some funny interactions you can mess around with like double cradle...

  • Leonin Arbiter : Aven or this it both stalls tutor , but this can be neglected after time, aven can't and needs to be dealt with...

  • Llawan, Cephalid Empress : Pretty self-explanatory, if your meta loves those blue commanders they'll hate you for this one...

  • Lotus Cobra : Requires all fetches and all shocks to be impactful enough.

  • Michiko Konda, Truth Seeker : Great card that stops a lot of ping damage decks or early aggro decks with small creatures... they'll have to remove it or play around it... sadly enough it's body is quite weak...

  • Nature's Revolt : or Living plane if you can afford one to be used with elesh... you can't be more nasty about a Hard lock than this...

Reveillark : Hits a lot of our stax pieces.

  • Root Maze : Can hard lock someone easy when under orb effects...

  • Scryb Ranger : placeholder for Quirion Ranger or if you need two of those effects to keep stasis alive or boost yisan...Optional if you feel you need to go this way more often and are vs more creature empty decks because of the shaman interaction.

  • Seedborn Muse : does not work with stasis as everyone skips their untap steps, but can put you ahead with a yisan very fast.

  • Smokestack : Untested so far but feels very risky...

  • Solemnity : This stops so many things making it a versatile main pick, but poison counters and experience counters are not used that often anymore here so i sided it out. So it is works well vs experience counter decks, shut them down completely, also an okay card to side for poison counter shenanigans... it has a funny interaction with Mystic Remora ; it will never get an age counter if Solemnity is first on the field thus you'll never pay the upkeep cost because it stays 0... (Two cards in this deck suffer from Solemnity being Yisan, the Wanderer Bard it shuts this bad boy down because you can't even tap it as part of the cost and Tangle Wire which can still remove counters but won't come into play with them...

  • Squeeze : i find this to be very effective against storm decks and the likes of mizzix's, slowing them down a lot...

  • Sun Titan : This and EWit still remain very good picks, just depends on your personal picks... (recursion)

  • Unsubstantiate : acts as a counterspell when used under orb and sphere effects as they won't be able to cast it again...

  • Willbreaker : Purely effective when going into a meta as a safe pick because it can simply take threats by tapping them if derevi is in play

  • ...

So let us see what we get in the next set :) (some cards not yet implemented on tapped out :'( )

Rivals and Rix :

  • Tocatli Honor Guard : (flashless hushwing not as good but okay to run since it's one cheaper and has a nice body 1/3)

  • Ashes of the Abhorrent : (more grave hate)

  • Kinjalli's Sunwing : (Flying version of Thalia, might seem good to connect easier with opponents since it is a bit more evasive, depending on your meta you could switch this one in.)

  • Silent Gravestone : yay most printed hate ever xD are there actually still people that want to play reanimator with this printed almost every set ?

Dominaria ? :

(inspired by a lot of "1v1 Derevi" decks on mtgtop8 Back when she was not banned yet and people were already trying to abuse her abilities, but here is were we try and perfect her :'( ...)

Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions I'd love to discuss them and don't forget to upvote, thank you <3

If you liked my deck and hard work i've put into this description please Upvote >>>


Updates Add

  • Nature's Will, total lockdown possibility? but is the CMC of the card too high, does it work better in in 2HG, and is it too intensive to connect to three players in free for all?(testing)

  • Mana Web, an option to push winter orb to a lock or not worth it?

  • Ordered Tropical Island and Savannah, (better fixing)



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