Static Orb


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions (MPS) Mythic Rare
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Tempest (TMP) Rare

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Static Orb


If Static Orb is untapped, players can't untap more than two permanents during their untap steps.

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Static Orb Discussion

Daedalus19876 on Steel Wings Steal Wins

1 day ago

This looks fun! I've considered building a Traxos deck since he was spoiled :)

I run a (Boros) Voltron list that you might get some equipment suggestions from (Judgment Day: Avacyn the Purifier EDH | *PRIMER*), but my first suggestions would be upgrading the equipment list as much as possible. Unblockability is a big deal for this deck, so Trailblazer's Boots and Prowler's Helm would be some of my first suggestions. Beyond that, Grappling Hook is another way to give double strike along with a creature kill to boot, and O-Naginata is a cheap and efficient way to pump power even further (almost into 2-hit range). Hammer of Nazahn gives protection and auto-equips.

Paradox Engine would be fantastic here, as an additional way to untap Traxos and as a fantastic ramp engine. You might also benefit from some stax engines (Tangle Wire, Winter Orb, Static Orb, Sphere of Resistance...) to lock down others' boards while you go to town with Traxos.

I hope this helps! :)

Vasher on Keranos, God of Storms (Control)

6 days ago

I'M curious if you've had an opportunity to playtest this deck? and how your play-group responds to it. In my experience cards like Stasis, Static Orb, Back to Basics, and Winter Orb are usually considered to be un-fun, and can result in a play-group not want to play with someone that plays those cards.

However I've heard of some groups that don't mind. Just curious. I wouldn't play them if it were me though.

SynergyBuild on Derevi Commander

1 week ago

Aven Mindcensor, Hushwing Gryff, Spirit of the Labyrinth, Winter Orb, Thalia, Heretic Cathar, Kinjalli's Sunwing, Vryn Wingmare, Mother of Runes, Ramunap Excavator, Aura of Silence, Sun Titan, Swords to Plowshares, Alms Collector, Mirri, Weatherlight Duelist, Eladamri's Call, Tocatli Honor Guard, Eidolon of Rhetoric, Kataki, War's Wage, Propaganda, Ghostly Prison, Windborn Muse, Stasis, Static Orb, Glowrider, Rising Waters, Lodestone Golem, Damping Matrix, Cursed Totem, and Damping Sphere

The cards above are powerful stax pieces that are heavy play, yet range from 0.15$ to 5$ on tcgplayer. Below are more expensive cards that still are good for the deck, yet are not required.

Hokori, Dust Drinker, Rhystic Study, Sphere of Resistance, Thorn of Amethyst, Nature's Will, Bear Umbra, Sword of Feast and Famine, Grand Arbiter Augustin IV, Linvala, Keeper of Silence, Recruiter of the Guard, and Thalia, Guardian of Thraben.

Other than these stag pieces (cards used to lock your opponents out of the game) the deck should ramp, have some good interaction, and have draw power too. It can then use a decent field of small creatures and some combat steps, or powering out planeswalker ultimates to win. Below are some ideas on how to do that.

Ponder, Brainstorm, Arbor Elf, Fyndhorn Elves, Elvish Mystic, Llanowar Elves, Avacyn's Pilgrim, Supreme Verdict, Wrath of God, Heroic Intervention, Counterspell, Swan Song, Dispel, Negate, etc.

SynergyBuild on Derevi Commander

1 week ago

Stax is a resource management deck, based upon the idea of proactively dealing with the opponent's threats. This means instead of removing their big dude, or countering their wincon, you force them to never cast the cards to begin with. Winter Orb is a great card at doing such a feat, as you can flash in your commander on the endstep of the opponent's turn, tapping it down. You untap all of your permanents, as it is tapped, but all your opponent's will have to deal with only untapping one land. This will make casting a big creature or wincon very difficult. Discard is another form of stax. By denying them cards, mana, or stopping them from casting spells (Gaddock Teeg, Rule of Law, etc.) you remove their threats before they even have them.

Stax is IMO the most competitive non-combo strategy at the highest tables of EDH. Hokori, Dust Drinker, Stasis, Trinisphere, Sphere of Resistance, Static Orb, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben, Lodestone Golem, Armageddon, and Thorn of Amethyst are the types of cards considered to be "Stax."


Voltron is a separate strategy entirely, based upon the principle of Rafiq of the Many or one massive creature. Normally voltron strategies like to get one medium sized creature, then enchant (Shield of the Oversoul) the creature to oblivion, or equip one up (Fireshrieker) similarly, at which point by doubling and doubling up it's damage, it one-shots a player. It is normally an aggressive strategy.

Rusty_Shackleford on Endless Red Tape: GAAIV EDH (*100% COMP) (*DOM)

2 weeks ago

I arguably run as many or less basic lands than the typical EDH deck--basically because this is a very color-intensive two-color deck. So, given that there are generally three other opponents sitting at the table, a lot of times the "symmetrical" effect of Back to Basics is going to hurt me more than (at least one of) my opponents. Portcullis is interesting, but seeing as it costs four, doesn't eliminate creatures already on the battlefield, and is basically a giant Oblivion Ring in that if destroyed (and there's plenty of artifact destruction floating around your typical EDH table) everything comes back, I fail to see how it is any better than simply running a sixth "wrath" effect such as Day of Judgment or Rout.

Cards that I have previously considered that do similar things to the two cards that you have proposed and that have been mentioned here before I believe are Pendrell Mists, Mana Web, and Static Orb. If I ever were to take this deck further in the "Stax" direction that would probably be where I'd start.

ersatz_olorin on Ridin' Dirty.

1 month ago

You might want to consider cards like Static Orb or Winter Orb.

While it may slow you down, it will completely hose token decks.

Crawlspace will also protect you from massive swings.

Lightning Greaves and Swiftfoot Boots also serve the dual purpose of possibly getting your commander attacking a turn earlier, but more importantly protecting him from removal.

GeistKing on Geist Deception

1 month ago

TheNocholas if you are going the mono blue route I would definitely focus on the control that will keep you alive long enough to mill. So I would say cards like Stasis to lock down your opponent. I'm sure you've probably thought of some of the essentials like Jace's Archivist, Cyclonic Rift, Windfall.

Not sure what you have at the moment, but I think the biggest staple would be the Traumatize + Fraying Sanity Combo.

To go along with lock down Winter Orb is nice, same with Static Orb. Personally if I wanted to see Jace Emblems get dropped and do silly things. I'd sit behind lots of removal and lock down and just build loyalty counters. People will hate you for it, but that's most of the fun.

lynden on Bruna Lockdown

1 month ago

Hi thanks for the deck. I like Bruna myself and have experimented with multiple builds, mostly testing out various stax pieces depending on meta.

I noticed your build has a heavier reliance on artifacts which makes Inspiring Statuary and Mox Opal good. How good is Inspiring Statuary, I find Inspiring Statuary can also be used with instants to tap Winter Orb or Static Orb to break parity, which is nice.

However, I don't own Mishra's Factory at the moment, is the artifact build viable or should I go for more enchantment stax instead? Currently I'm testing out a creature stax build but am considering going back to minimal creatures with Armageddon and Supreme Verdict effects.

Thanks in advance.

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