Static Orb


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masterpiece Series: Kaladesh Inventions (MPS) Mythic Rare
Seventh Edition (7ED) Rare
Tempest (TMP) Rare

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Static Orb


If Static Orb is untapped, players can't untap more than two permanents during their untap steps.

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Static Orb Discussion

LeonDaniels on Tana and Tymna Blood Pod - Primer

3 weeks ago

I'm not much of a competitive player and I know that either of these would be kind of dead cards outside of this one particular situation, but in the event that you do need to go full stax doesn't Blinkmoth Well + Static Orb or Auriok Transfixer + Static Orb allow everyone else too only untap two cards, and us too untap all of them?

During the player before us' end step, activate Blinkmoth Well/Auriok Transfixer tapping Static Orb. At the beginning of our turn, we untap everything, including Static Orb, but since it was tapped during the untap step we get too untap everything. Rinse, Repeat.

I like the primer, really helpful, and I really like this deck strategy. I do understand that this is built for a competitive environment, but do you know of any more casual or budget decklists that I might be able to run?

Thank you so much!

Shadowz6677 on Nath stax

1 month ago

For a first draft this is a really nice deck. There are cards to obviously take out for others. The meta that I am in, involves a very heavy stream of stax cards. Trinisphere Static Orb Nether Void are all crucial pieces to make the stack work to you. The deck is designed specifically to decimate combo hunters. Break the combo player and make them defeat you on your terms.

Thats what I can say. Playing this deck enough, I've learned quite a bit about how it goes and what you need to make it successful. Great start though!

LabManiac_cobblepott on Neheb - MLD Artifact Storm

1 month ago


Depending on the fast mana you open with, there's quite of a lot of variability right now. I've won a number of games T2 and T3, but also had a fair share where Neheb doesn't even make sense to bring out until 'mid' game.

  • Manabarbs - Pings are less about actually hurting opponents and more about generating mana. Thus, you want to be pinging opponents during your turn, not theirs ;)
  • Mana Web - This is conceivable if we add more lockdown (Static Orb, Tectonic Instability, etc). For the moment, that isn't necessary yet.
  • Metalworker - Two things. First, he needs haste to useful. Neheb just needs to be on the field. Second, you will spend a good portion of the game with no hand at all (because you just cast all of it as soon as you get it). So, you won't have artifacts in your hand to trigger him.


  • Aetherflux Reservoir - It's certainly a good finisher, but it doesn't do anything for you the rest of the game. Does it draw cards? Nope. Does it damage opponents? Mostly nope. Do we really need lifegain? Nope. Perhaps under a different configuration it would make sense, but right now it doesn't.

gdm1989 on

1 month ago

Thats not a bad idea using the Static Orb and I'll try a few games with the Toxic DelugeThe big question is do I have enough ramp?

Daedalus19876 on

1 month ago

Have you considered something like Static Orb into the deck? It works very well with Authority of the Consuls and friends, and since your deck thrives in long, grindy games, it might work out in your favor.

I'd also rather play Toxic Deluge than Rout, personally. It deals with indestructible creatures, and can be tailored to your needs. I'm also a fan of Fire Covenant in general, when you really need that instant-speed targeted wrath.

Azdranax on Flicker

1 month ago

A quick reference list for cards to add: Winter Orb, Static Orb, Stoic Angel, Stasis, Man-o'-War, Aven Mindcensor, Eternal Witness, Opposition. I'll add more later.

freakingShane on Breaking (Brago) Bad

1 month ago

After reading Trinisphere again, it makes sense that it doesn't combo with cards like Sanctum Prelate or Chalice of the Void effects. It doesn't change the CMC, rather the mana cost and cost alone. Duly noted!

You have definitely given me some good feedback and inspiration to push this deck into a dedicated Stax deck, Wurmlover, so thank you for that and all of your suggestions/advice!

As for your questions:

  1. A: I think Land Tax is a possible keeper, but at the same time I don't know if it is truly needed. This deck runs a looooot of artifact ramp (which you obviously know) so odds are better than even that you don't have to rely on your lands for mana as much as your artifacts. I'd say that it could either stay or go, but if you have to open a slot, it could go.* (See footnote)

  2. A: That combo is not a bad one, but I don't know if it is as oppressive as the other synergies / packages in your deck. Mana Web on its on is alright, increasingly so with your Winter Orb/Static Orb effects, but it doesn't completely shut down your opponents. The way that Stax decks naturally play out does what you are looking for well enough/better than this in my opinion. (ex. T1 Mana rock(s), T2 Sphere of Resistance/Thorn of Amethyst, T3 Winter Orb/Static Orb, etc.)

I'd say that you aren't/shouldn't be too susceptible to counter magic, so if that would be the main reason for Mana Web + Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth I would say you are fine without it!

Footnote: * Land Tax does combo nicely with Scroll Rack, or cards like Land Equilibrium + Mana Breach

Wurmlover on Breaking (Brago) Bad

1 month ago

Hey, I think I finally finished my brago deck, so here I am to leave a novel on YOUR page! MWahahahahaha!

In all seriousness, the deck looks good. I find that there are some cards in here that are crappy without brago, for example Reality Acid. If you play in a competitive meta, everyone will just target brago with their removal in order to keep your deck down. I would also consider adding in Recruiter of the Guard because it can tutor all of your utility creatures, and is repeatable with brago. I would also use Trophy Mage since it fan fetch Basalt Monolith, Tangle Wire, and Static Orb. In terms of your counterspells, I would replace Swan Song with Flusterstorm.

In my deck, I actually ended up cutting down on creatures so I could play Humility and Wrath of God. I played just enough creatures to have a Recruiter of the Guard toolbox. the 3 rishadans, canonist, trinket and trophy mage, mulldrifter, archaeomancer, and phyrexian revoker. for a little janky twist, you can play Clock of Omens to tap down Static Orb or Winter Orb on your opponent's end step, and enjoy your full untap step!

One other thing I realized is that Altar of the Brood does nothing for you in terms of the deck itself. It may be a little mill, but it only fuels graveyard decks. It will be better replaced with stax pieces, such as a Trinisphere.

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