Tormod's Crypt


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Frontier Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Commander 2014 (C14) Uncommon
Magic 2015 (M15) Uncommon
Magic 2013 (M13) Uncommon
Time Spiral "Timeshifted" (TSB) Rare
Chronicles (CHR) Common
The Dark (DRK) Uncommon
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Tormod's Crypt


, Sacrifice Tormod's Crypt: Exile all cards from target player's graveyard.

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Tormod's Crypt Discussion

RazortoothMtg on Loser (WIP)

2 days ago

So I see you have Harmless Offering and Donate and a few of the good targets for them, but what about the O.G Lich, Forbidden Crypt, Immortal Coil, or Nefarious Lich? The lich's are probably a bit hard on the manabase, but Coil is easy to kill people with: 1 Bojuka Bog or Tormod's Crypt suddenly turns into Door to Nothingness.

For additional loss spells, Death Wish does literally nothing in commander except lose half your life. Seems decent.

Also, Nivmagus Elemental and Platinum Angel are good ways to stop your own copies of these bad spells if you find them necessary.

Too bad you aren't in White or Transcendence and Fractured Identity + Phage the Untouchable would be perfect.

Anyway, cool deck! Didn't have time to really look at everything, but thought I'd throw some suggestions at you.

Stefouch on Tawnos's House of Triggers

4 days ago


How is Pyrite Spellbomb performing for you? Is 2 damage enough in EDH format?

I see you play a Salvaging Station package.

Useful Hint: you may copy Blinkmoth Urn's trigger with Tawnos because it's, actually, not a mana ability.

Enral on Jhoira Weatherlight Captain - Commander's Quarters

4 days ago

Needs Tormod's Crypt for more 0 cmc artifacts.

Flooremoji on Poly'M'rakrul

6 days ago

Since you have no emeria anymore, I would cut the See Beyond because emrakul gets shuffled away with any loot spell. Although it doges GY hate, have you seen anyone side in a Tormod's Crypt against Polymorph?

Enral on Raff Capashen, Flash Mage

1 week ago

Hey nice list...just thought to suggest Ancient Tomb which is a strict upgrade over Untaidake, the Cloud Keeper. I also like Tormod's Crypt better than Relic of Progenitus cos it doesn't hit my gy and I can reuse it again with academy ruins.

Also feel free to check my deck out here!

Edzew on Discard - Specter

1 week ago

you could add in some land destruction as well to help off set the other player not having a hand. Pooling Venom , Rain of Tears , Befoul , Brink of Disaster , Drain the Well , Poison the Well

you could also add in a Howling Mine it might help ya or it might hurt ya... just depends on what the other guy is playing, may also want to have a Tormod's Crypt at least as part of a sideboard as well.

Edzew on Holy Crab! Where Did Your Deck Go?

1 week ago

even though Crypt Incursion gains you some life, i would switch them out for Tormod's Crypt you also git rid of all their flashbacks not just critters. or maybe 3 tormod's and 1 Incursion or better yet instead of the the Incursion add a Elixir of Immortality that way you get your stuff back, though that puts all your land back in your deck but you will get your instants and sorcery's back as well.

in my mill deck i use Fog Bank they are great blockers, and if your opponent has no removal it really ticks them off a little bit more.

Enral on Raff Capashen Historic Storm

1 week ago list! Have you thought of Tormod's Crypt for that sweet instant speed gy hate? Minamo, School at Water's Edge is also a sweet utility land that can untap your legendaries like Azami for double utility. I would also recommend Containment Priest/Hushwing Gryff for that sweet flash interaction.

Feel free to check mine out here!

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