Squandered Resources


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Visions Rare

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Squandered Resources


Sacrifice a land: Add to your mana pool one mana of any type the sacrificed land could produce.

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Squandered Resources Discussion

Megalomania on There Is No Cow Level!

15 hours ago

Daedalus19876, Lilbrudder I , on the other hand, kind of enjoy being the focus of hate. Lol. I have gotten used to it after playing combo for so long.

I would love to have Timetwister. Unfortunately, I have run out of extra kidneys to sell. Lol. Maybe in a couple of years.

As for Paradox Engine, I am not running it as a combo piece but as an enabler. It isn't essential but it helps me out a lot. I agree that an additional tutor might be more helpful but the only reasonable tutors left for me to add are out of my budget at the moment.

The Time Reversal combo with Walking Ballista is nice but I really think it is clunky especially without Ad Nauseam. I have not been able to use it since my playgroup has a couple of aggro decks that bring my life total down considerably low before I am able to combo off.

Infinite mana also won't be of much use to me. I think it would be better suited in my Oona deck or in Lilbrudder's Thraisos.

For this deck I stuck with "1-card combos". Being able to assemble combos via Doomsday and Insidious Dreams seems to be the fastest and most efficient way to win outside Tooth and Nail.

Lastly, Crucible of Worlds was taken out because it seemed underpowered to me without cards like Azusa, Lost but Seeking and Exploration. I am thinking of bringing it back in along with Squandered Resources but that would mean taking out Paradox Engine.

I'm not sure if you guys notice that I hate being on the defensive. It is for this reason I have no removal in the deck. I like going all in and win games at breakneck speed if possible.

Megalomania on Paradox Engine Storm: cEDH Primer

6 days ago

I think Squandered Resources might work here.

msedwick on There Is No Cow Level!

1 week ago

Lot's of good conversation here, but I'm surprised I don't see Squandered Resources and Cadaverous Bloom in here to help fuel your mana needs. Throw in something like Exsanguinate, or Prosperity to help you even more; if you have Leovold out, the latter just let's your draw as much as you desire for .

Weirdhat on Meren of Clan Nel Toth... (wait for it...) Storm

2 months ago

I like the deck +1. I was wondering if you had thought about Squandered Resources?

vgdc7 on Yidris Storm 1.1

2 months ago

Have you considered Dramatic reversal ? There's also options like a discard theme, since you've already got a few outlets and graveyard matters cards. Infernal Tutor for example is pretty fun. Pitch your hand, make lots of mana, tutor for Wheel of Fortune, or Yawg's Will, or just kill everyone with tendrils. Seriously, there's a lot of good sac and discard outlets if you want to be the one-turn-wonder. Squandered Resources , Skirge Familiar ... lots of good stuff. Oh, Beseech the Queen is good too. I almost want to recommend a land package with Exploration, Burgeoning etc., but that's probably just the Gitrog player in me. :P

Additionally, Lotus Petal feels like it should be in here. Yes it's low impact, but storm and mana are good to have, for obvious reasons. Gifts Ungiven is also a solid option. Nothing like the ol' Catch 22, particularly if you ever feel the urge to slot silver bullets into the deck.

chirz2792 on Gitrog, Eater of Cards

3 months ago

Squandered Resources, Zuran Orb, and Horn of Greed are your friends in a gitrog deck.

Lhurgyof on Group BUG

3 months ago

Squandered Resources can help you get a little more mana when you combo off.

Have you considered other storm cards, like Tendrils of Agony or Brain Freeze?

stillmind on Gitrog, Master of Landfall

4 months ago

I love this plan! I have a legacy deck similar to it, Golgari Reclamations. I like this modern take, even if you don't get the land sacking power of Squandered Resources.

Grim Flayer is great with The Gitrog Monster. Dark Heart of the Wood is a neat way to stall the game if you Splendid Reclamation to get you lands back. I agree that Nissa, Vital Force is going to be great for this deck.

I have been struggling for the right amount of removal for this deck. Abrupt Decay is great, two might not be enough. I've also been experimenting with Drown in Filth, Putrefy and Maelstrom Pulse. There are considerations for discard like Thoughtseize as well.

You should add more lands! I know that you have a lot of land search, but not hitting your third land will hurt. I think adding more fetch lands will help. They can do two land falls a turn! If Verdant Catacombs is out of your price range (like it is mine) just add more Evolving Wilds.

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