Magus of the Moon


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Future Sight Rare

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Magus of the Moon

Creature — Human Wizard

Nonbasic lands are Mountains.

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Magus of the Moon Discussion

filthyc4sual on Boros Stoneblade

2 days ago

I would say your average CMC isn't high enough for Combustible Gearhulk to be good. I would try to get more Blood Moon and maybe some Magus of the Moon.

thegigibeast on Ram Jam

2 days ago

Well, I personnaly think all the kobolds are dead cards and are useless outside the combo. If you can't go for your combo, what is your actual win condition? I mean, in the version I described you you could always Entomb+ Reanimatea Void Winnower or Sire Of Insanity, which can be enough to win you the game sometimes...

I would also go with hatebears and the likes of Magus of the Moon, Harsh Mentorand similar creatures to get in the damage you need. I mean, it would let us deal damage to cast our commander (there is always someone open in cEDH), and they would not be dead after, being able to stop a lot of combos (like Scepter, Thrasios, Bomberman... Anything requiring activation) and slow down the game a lot. I think this would be even better and we could forget about the pingers that would now be unnecessary, because we would find our source of damage right there.

Please tell me how fast you goldfish, and also tell me what you would do outside your Kobolds plan, as I don't think this plan is worth it, including way too many dead cards in the deck.

Lorderos23 on tap tap concede

2 days ago

I feel like 1 Plains should come out and a Rugged Prairie Should be in here. As many double WW and a Couple RR and 1 RRR that could help on a few instances of keeping your mana open

Or at least a Blood Moon to punish those not playing that many basics. Maybe even Magus of the Moon

clayperce on Gruul Company

2 days ago

I recommend checking out Todd Stevens' GW Value Town for a very competitive version of a similar concept (though in GW rather than RG). Todd's maindeck has 29 Creatures "hitable" by Collected Company, with an average CMC of 2.31. Yours is only 23, with an average CMC of 2.24. So if at all possible, increase the number of 3-drops in the main and get rid of your 4- and 5-drop Creatures and the Rancors. You'll hit more Creature with CoCo, plus they'll be more powerful. His sideboard is a lot different too: 5 of the 15 cards are also "hitable" by CoCo, which means he can pull them in without diluting the Coco engine.

Some 3-drop options (I've no idea which ones might be best):

And some 2-drop options:

Draw well!

adamjm on heartless moon

1 week ago

I updated the deck and sideboard to how im running it currently except im trying Magus of the Moon as a potential option and cut most of the colorless producing mana.

clayperce on Sideboarding Ponza for competitive(ish) meta?

1 week ago

Ok, after everyone's comments, here are my thoughts ...

GOOD MATCH-UPS (Bant Knightfall, UW Control, GBx Midrange, Jeskai Control, Death's Shadow): Mainboard is fine; no sideboard slots needed.




  • The more I think about it, the more I think Beast Within is the key. Say an opponent casts Scapeshift and sacrifices 7 Lands to fetch 6 Mountains (basics and non-basics) and a Valakut. All the Lands enter simultaneously and 6 Valakut triggers go on the stack. With the triggers on the stack, I kill a Mountain. The trigger from that Mountain will resolve and I'll take 3 damage. But the triggers from the other 5 Mountains fizzle, since "the ability will do nothing if [my opponent controls] fewer than 5 Mountains other than that new one by the time it resolves" (source).
  • Beast Within is also superb against a resolved Primeval Titan.
  • I might be able to catch an inexperienced pilot with Crumble to Dust, but an experienced pilot will wait until the last second (i.e., fetching them with Scapeshift) to play their Valakut. Crumble may still be worthwhile though ... partly for free wins against less experienced pilots, but mostly because hitting Stomping Ground will leave most decks with only 10 Mountains ... depending on the board state, that will often not be enough for lethal.
  • Blood Moon is of course amazing in the match-up, but post-board they will almost certainly have Engineered Explosives and Reclamation Sage to deal with it. Still, Blood moon #5 may be worthwhile.





The bottom line (for now anyways) ...

Main: 1x Obstinate Baloth


AlmightyTentacle on Purphoros, Forger of Goblins [[Primer]]

1 week ago

Hi, freakingShane

First of all I really like your Purhporos goblin tribal deck!

As you mentioned your deck is built to be closer to a 1 vs 1 Commander (French) deck, but still I want to suggest you some of the cards for more multiplayer game strategy that imho I think you should consider to add.

Analizing your deck I see some problems in too low count of draw engines. I think you need to maximize draw power cuz in current state after several board whipes you just be run out of gas.

Card advantage:


  • Mana Crypt - expensive but cost all its money.

  • Ancient Tomb - nice land, cut mountain for it.

  • Herald’s Horn - was mentioned before.


  • Imperial Recruiter - I know it is expensive card but it can tutor 80% of all your creatures!

  • Gamble - saves me hundred of times! Offcorse it has drawback and you can discard what you was looking for, but still it is best tutor in red color.

Control & Others:

Cards I think you need to cut out:

P.S. Sorry for some grammar mistakes it was hell of amount of text to type ;-P

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