Rest in Peace


When Rest in Peace enters the battlefield, exile all cards from all graveyards.

If a card or token would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.

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Rest in Peace Discussion

Zaueski on Amonkhet Spoilers and Speculation.

1 day ago

I'm not sure what kind of deck Oracle's Vault could fit into... It seems to want to be control but flipping over counterspells and the like seems really bad...

Archfiend seems really dope and is definitely an easy slot for Living End decks, I just hope we can try to pull off some type of real reanimator deck that can compete...

Rest of the cards are meh at best... Embalm and Exert seem interesting but they lack good cards so far... Have to wait and see on them.

They really need to reprint a Rest in Peace or at least a Tormod's Crypt to fix standard though... If I see one of those effects on a usable card then I'll really start getting hyped.

Ceondoc on Eldrazi & Taxes

1 day ago

you can probably take out one Rest in Peace in sideboard for Grafdigger's Cage, and one Kataki, War's Wage for Ethersworn Canonist. Also, instead of Burrenton Forge-Tender, try Kor Firewalker or Leyline of Sanctity.

Oboga on Troll Revenge Deck (Stax)

1 day ago

Maybe swap out Day of Judgment with Damnation

Definitely add in Moat as it works really well with Humility, and is just generally good.

Rzepkanut wouldn't Energy Field be better than Solitary confinement? You can still draw, and it also combos with Rest in Peace or other graveyard hate stuff which is nice to have in a deck anyway.

ZackBinks on sELFish Nissa

1 day ago

The only missing cards I see are Rest in Peace and maybe Leyline of Sanctity.

ZackBinks on sELFish Nissa

1 day ago

Deck looks pretty solid, Elves is a very powerful deck! I would splash white so that your sideboard is a bit more powerful. White gives your sideboard access to cards like Rest in Peace and Stony Silence.

Naksu on Treefolkdancing my way to competitive scene!

1 day ago

Oh man, don't apologize for constructive critisism. It's not like you said "Your deck sucks" :D But yeah there is a lot to break down with a deck I haven't played in a while, but I'll try.

Dungrove Elder has been the MVP even before Fatal Push, that's for sure. A definite playset. As for the venues, I don't actually own this on fully paper yet (Got a few cards to sell from mm17 though) and my whole meta is what is played on mtg:o tournament practice. There are insanely strong decks played there and this still fared close to 50/50 winrate at the later stages of testing. This list also revolves heavily on Treefolk Harbinger tutoring and anti-noncreature. Chord and CoCo might be okay as 1ofs. I've tried both for a bit. I also have a playset of paths so thats not the reason I don't include them, It's just that I can combo the Cribs when needed. Ooze was in the original SB but I just preferred Rest in Peace or Relic of Progenitus for gravehate and make the combat damage happen with just treefolk. I also tried Assaul Formations for a long time but just decided to take them out since I'm not running Birds or Tower Defense. This list doesnt swing otk's, but rather grind it out every game. Spellskite has been on my to get list for a long time and Selfless Spirit looks really nice too. I also have to admit, that I have a strong bias towards treefolk tribal, ever since I decided to make them work a long time ago :) Really appreciate your time and thoughts!

freakingAud on Knock, Knock. Who's There?

1 day ago

Wicked_N_Irish and MrAwesomeSocks

I prefer draw spells over self mill for the fact that it is harder for opponents to permanently get rid of cards in my hand versus in my graveyard. There are more graveyard threats than permanent hand-removal threats (e.g. Bojuka Bog, Rest in Peace, and the likes).


Diplomatic Immunity was a card that I cut just in case I had to hard cast an aura onto Bruna. I have very few shroud cards, and the ones that I do have provide extra "goodies", haha. Sol Ring is intentionally not in here because I play this as a Duel (French) Commander deck during competitions at my local LGS, and unfortunately Sol Ring is banned in that format. Other than that, it would be in here without a doubt!

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions! I appreciate it very much. (:

PTsmitty on INSANELY Fast Humans

2 days ago

Thanks for the great input. My deck is Naya Human Blitz if you wish to take a look at it. I do not have any creatures at 3 power so I will probably replace Experiment One with something else. Probably will be the swift and/or Berserker. I may try sneaking in x2 copies of the captain in my build and see how it runs. Since I have not played in a Modern tournament yet I am assuming that graveyard effects will be popular so I will make sure to include Rest in Peace in my sideboard. For some reason my deck linking is not working.

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