Rest in Peace


When Rest in Peace enters the battlefield, exile all cards from all graveyards.

If a card or token would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.

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Rest in Peace Discussion

Apakakuta on Live Testing - Sultai Midrange

6 hours ago

And I use both Tasigur, the Golden Fang & Grim Flayer a 1 drop and 2 drop wayyyyy above rate on curve,AND they provide card advantage. Also both don't just fold to Rest in Peace

Rhadamanthus on How does Remand interact with ...

10 hours ago

It's not that Remand and Rest in Peace apply to different events (they both affect the way an object changes zones), rather it's because Remand's replacement effect is a special type called a "self-replacement effect". Self-replacement effects are always applied before other replacement effects.

614.15. Some replacement effects are not continuous effects. Rather, they are an effect of a resolving spell or ability that replace part or all of that spell or ability's own effect(s). Such effects are called self-replacement effects. The text creating a self-replacement effect is usually part of the ability whose effect is being replaced, but the text can be a separate ability, particularly when preceded by an ability word. When applying replacement effects to an event, self-replacement effects are applied before other replacement effects.

acbooster on How does Remand interact with ...

13 hours ago

They don't have the same properties, actually. They affect different events, which occur at different times. Remand affects when a spell is countered, while Rest in Peace affects when a card goes to a graveyard.

Remand will have a chance to apply before Rest in Peace so the player gets the card back.

Kjartan on How does Remand interact with ...

13 hours ago

GearNoir Thank you for the answer, but The gather rule doesn't explain this interaction.

Rest in Peace never triggers. It's a replacement effect, that reads "if a card would be put into a graveyard". (So does remand.)

My question is, "does the replacement effect of Rest have any impact on the replacement effect on Remand.

They both have the exact same prpperties, so I assume the outcome has something to do layers??

GearNoir on How does Remand interact with ...

13 hours ago

The player still gets their card back due to Remand's own replacement effect. Rest in Peace does not trigger in this instance.


  • The countered spell goes to its owners hand from the stack. It never hits the graveyard.

Emzed on Modern Aristocrats Party

16 hours ago

Return to the Ranks would be a perfect fit and probably quite powerful.
Asylum Visitor seems rather weak, Grim Haruspex is a much better option for card draw. (also a human for Falkenrath Aristocrat)
Leyline of the Void and Rest in Peace are big problems for this deck after sideboarding. Maybe you should have more answers to those. Also, why Ronom Unicorn instead of War Priest of Thune? (another human!)

Bovine073 on Life gain never burnt so good!

2 days ago

No need for Surgical Extraction against dredge when Rest in Peace exists, I'd say...

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