Rest in Peace


When Rest in Peace enters the battlefield, exile all cards from all graveyards.

If a card or token would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.

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Rest in Peace Discussion

n0bunga on King Henry's Hospitality

1 hour ago

Minor update:


-2 Necrogen Mists

-2 Leyline of the Void


+2 Wrench Mind

+2 Rest in Peace

JKRice I gave it a shot, unfortunately the hellbent stipulation was just too demanding and Waste Not ended up being more useful.

Spazik008 on Draw to the Death

8 hours ago

There are a lot of cards here that actually just don't work. So Vessel of Paramnesia was technically designed as a mill card, but think about what you're doing when you actually use it as a mill card. You're paying 3 mana to mill them for 3 cards. You might as well just Lightning Bolt them. You aren't going to get to 60 in the same time it takes to get to 20 just burning them. On top of that, most decks in Modern and Legacy have some sort of graveyard interaction. You really want to pay 3 mana to mill 3 cards and power up their Tarmogoyf or give food to their Deathrite Shaman? They're going to have you dead just attacking you long before you have them dead from milling them.

That being said, the idea can still work. You need to splash white for Rest in Peace, or barring that have some sort of graveyard exile effect like Leyline of the Void, Deathrite Shaman, etc. Otherwise you're just dead to an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn. Being dead to a Feldon's Cane is not where you want to be with mill. Also consider going sideways and milling yourself then winning with Laboratory Maniac. Running out your own deck is often easier than running out your opponent's, especially if you set it up beforehand.

Spazik008 on Draw to the Death

9 hours ago

I play Emrakul, the Aeons Torn in Modern and occasionally in Legacy. Mill changed in a big way when that card was printed. So when looking at this deck I need to ask the question "how do you deal with Emrakul?". If you don't have a consistent way to exile their cards, they're just going to shuffle up and start fresh.

tl:dr you cannot beat Emrakul, the Aeons Torn with a mill deck unless you have something like Deathrite Shaman or Rest in Peace. I would recommend Helm of Obedience with RIP, since you can just mill them in 1 turn for the win.

Levelepic27 on U/W Permission

1 day ago

For lands (if you don't care about cost) you could try running Celestial Colonnade, Hallowed Fountain, Glacial Fortress, and Flooded Strand. Also have you thought of running Detention Sphere and Path to Exile? Also Cryptic Command is just a good overall card. For sideboard, cards like Blessed Alliance and deck specific hate cards like Leyline of Sanctity, Stony Silence, and Rest in Peace will all help against certain decks.

I played alot of control in middle school as well. I remember I had a U/R counter-burn deck and a U/W control deck as well.

sylvannos on What to build next?

1 day ago

Have you thought about splashing white for even more free wins? People get really salty when you cast turn 1 Rest in Peace against their Dredge deck. Or drop Kor Firewalker game 1 against Burn.

ComradeJim270 on First and Foremost

2 days ago

@griffstick: is difficult in this deck, and I don't really gain much advantage from Living Death. It also nonbos with Rest in Peace.

wfja on Angel Midrange

3 days ago

A lot of great info. I would like to adopt most of your suggestions but will first have to add cards to the shopping list. In particular, I'll look to get my hands on a couple Weathered Wayfarer and a full playset of Path to Exile. Once I get my hands on them, what would you recommend I cut to put them in? Student of Warfare, Celestial Mantle, Sphere of Safety, and Authority of the Consuls have been great additions that have won me games and I'm hesitant to remove them.

Gold Myr seems interesting. I'll definitely try it out. I will cut Heliod, God of the Sun for other cards. Akroma, Angel of Wrath has been worth it so far as an extra body on field, although I'll keep Akroma's Memorial in mind.

Great sideboard help. Rest in Peace, Mirran Crusader, and Stony Silence will definitely get in there, as well as Leyline of Sanctity if and when I can afford it. Is there any reason why you suggested Cast Out over cheaper removal like Banishing Light? Stasis Snare is already present for Flash.

Oloro_Magic on Angel Midrange

3 days ago

Also in terms of sideboard you want to be able to hate on other matchups. Rest in Peace, Grafdigger's Cage, and Relic of Progenitus enable graveyard hate for the dredge matchup. Leyline of Sanctity for burn. Keep Mirran Crusader but cut the other knights, Odric, Lunarch Marshal is personal preference. As is Stony Silence is a staple of white sideboards. And then from there prioritize removal and converting to aggro. Cast Out for removal, and Mirran Crusader for aggro.

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