Rest in Peace


When Rest in Peace enters the battlefield, exile all cards from all graveyards.

If a card or token would be put into a graveyard from anywhere, exile it instead.

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Rest in Peace Discussion

lagotripha on Mono-Blink Toolbox

1 day ago

Nice deck. Not sure about Lone Missionary compared to a Soul Warden but the rest looks really good. I'd consider Wargate as it lets you search out Rest in Peace in the sideboard, but thats it.

precociousapprentice on Queen Marchesa: Politics, Aikido, and Control

2 days ago

After some playtesting, I think I went the wrong direction with my latest changes. Grave Consequences was a total waste. The Meren of Clan Nel Toth deck deftly played around it like it wasn't there. Each card he wanted to keep only cost him one life, and the rest of them he just let go. The player appreciated my change, but that was too much. I added Shred Memory and will consider Samurai of the Pale Curtain as an alternate but easier to take out Rest in Peace. I may also try Stonecloaker for repeatable grave hate. I can put in the lesser cards than Rest in Peace because I was asked to play nicer, but expecting to play a crazy graveyard based deck, then asking for people to not play any graveyard hate is a little much. Shred Memory is also an uncounterable tutor for a large number of really important spells, so will never be a dead draw. Samurai of the Pale Curtain is vulnerable to spot removal or wrath effects, so he can play around it if he faces it.

Citadel of Pain in my meta has been less than helpful. There is less of a non-basic land base than some metas, and there are fewer reactive or control decks, so a lot of lands are tapped, and it often gets 2-3 damage per turn, and I get hit as well. Not what I had hoped. I was going to try Price of Progress, but the dominance of 2 color decks makes this of limited value, and I get it worse than most. I may change focus a little with that slot and put in Toil / Trouble. The modal nature of this spell makes it never a dead draw, and hitting someone for a full hand may accomplish the same thing as I had planed for Citadel of Pain, but also expand who I can hit with it. I have also considered Sudden Impact for the same effect, but I want to see if the modal nature of Toil / Trouble makes it more valuable than the instant speed and Sunforger tutorable nature of Sudden Impact. We shall see. Due to the smaller number of control or reactive decks means that Grand Abolisher is less than helpful most of the time, and so may get the axe soon as well.

I am sort of on the fence with Slumbering Dragon. It is hard to tell how much that one is working. It may be, but it actually never works out to be a wincon. It is strictly a Rattlesnake and spot removal bait. We shall see if another wincon catches my eye for playtesting in that slot.

Wheel of Fortune has been one that I find I rarely play when I have it. As a reactive deck, I often have cards that sit in my hand until I find the right time to play them. Wheel of Fortune is counter to the strategy of holding cards for when they will be most effective. I am looking for alternatives if people have suggestions. I want large card draw all at once for little mana that doesn't require me to dump all my cards. Please speak up if you have a suggestion.

I am always looking for amazing wincons that fit the theme of this deck. Cards that attack people for specializing or overreaching with common strategies, things that attack people for doing things that all decks do, or symmetrical damage that is outsized compared to the mana investment. Damage that is not dependent on connecting with an attack is best.

I may also bring in Felidar Sovereign. An alternate wincon is always good to have, and one that supports itself but is also synergistic with the rest of the deck is perfect. Another lifelinker for Hatred is also welcome.

Anyone who sees something I have missed that would fit here should also feel free to suggest things. As people who have followed this deck know, this is an evolving deck. It will continue to evolve as I tune it.

Kjartan on U/B Burn?

3 days ago

I don't want bog main because it interacts poorly with Crypt Incursion, and because it's a tapland that has a relatively poor matchup spread.

There are definately matchups that are very difficult without grave-exile, but I have Crypt Incursion.

As form sideboard. I currently have Rest in Peace because I'm splashing White, but I'm considering cutting it for Leyline of the Void

Dorotheus on Composite Deathmantle [Infinite mana on T3]

4 days ago

Ok here is Tin Man, kortioznikas. I'll be on mtgo at a later point. I think the deck can win just fine, but I'll be testing further. Totally worth the price for the main deck. Green or white might need to be added to deal with Rest in Peace and Stony Silence, and Pyroclasm or something in the side.

I got to do a really wonky but awesome play. I played 2 Heartless Summoning 1 on turn 2 and 1 on turn 3. play Golem for 2, sac Golem, play Deathmantle, play 2nd Golem, sac him equip him. I drew into a Purphoros in 2 turns, and gg. The reason I like the combo is because if done correctly, Path to Exile or (any traditional removal) is useless.

Dorotheus on Composite Deathmantle [Infinite mana on T3]

4 days ago

Add black and add Myr Retriever+Heartless Summoning combo, because Bitter Ordeal is an insane win-con off both of those and lets you not lose immediately to Stony Silence, but you still need a way to deal with Rest in Peace and Spine of Ish Sah is only going to be playable if you're already comboing off.

Firebones675 on Mono-Blue Martyr

4 days ago


just realized how few lands you have. I suppose this deck has a low enough curve that you can get away with it but cryptic command and snapcaster mage aren't ideal in that case.

If you did add flooded strands and a couple Hallowed Fountains you can stay almost mono blue and splash white for things like Path to Exile. It would also give you better sideboard options like Rest in Peace and Stony Silence

Ocelot44 on Persistent Ruler

4 days ago


Uh...who cares? Rest in Peace completely shuts off Meren of Clan Nel Toth and Karador, Ghost Chieftain and any other graveyard related strategy. Shutting off two of your 99 card deck doesn't justify not including it in your deck

Eiti3 on Opinions on Nullmage Advocate

5 days ago

If you're running black (Leyline of the Void) or white (Rest in Peace) then so long as that synergy is in play, it's great!

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