Gemstone Caverns


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral (TSP) Rare

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Gemstone Caverns

Legendary Land

If Gemstone Caverns is in your opening hand and you're not playing first, you may begin the game with Gemstone Caverns in play with a luck counter on it. If you do, remove a card in your hand from the game.

Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool. If Gemstone Caverns has a luck counter on it, instead add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Gemstone Caverns Discussion

The_Dragonmaster on H: 4x Aether Vial H:Skithiryx ...

1 week ago

I have 4 Aether Vials (darksteel) I am selling. I would prefer money, but I can make a trade with some cards I need for my Glittering Wish deck. Some cards inside that deck I would consider trading for are: Glittering Wish, Meddling Mage, Rafiq of the Many, Pillar of the Paruns, Bring to Light, Ajani Vengeant, Mana Confluence, City of Brass, Dryad Militant, Serum Visions, Path to Exile, Saffi Eriksdotter, Collected Company, Gemstone Caverns, and Supreme Verdict.

colton815 on Mono B Obliterator

2 weeks ago

you could have put your deck description in the section that was made for it instead of commenting. Gemstone Mine is strictly better than Gemstone Caverns. theres no point to Evil Presence because none of your creatures have swampwalk. Languish will just kill off all of your own creatures. instead of running 2 copies of a bunch of different cards, just pick the best ones and run 4 copies. Go for the Throat will generally be much more useful than Doom Blade

zapyourtumor on You Need a Protean Bar [Turn 0 Win or ∞ Mana]

1 month ago

Ok I seriously need another card that could function similarly to Gemstone Caverns, I playtested it multiple times and I didn't get it a single time before mulliganing down to 1 card...

BaCK4ThESTaB on Walking Ball | Thrasios Ballista

1 month ago

Sugesstions: Gemstone Caverns, Exotic Orchard, and Demonic Consultation.Gemstone Caverns allows for a turn earlier win. As you are running a 4 color deck Exotic Orchard will most likely be a dual land if not better. Demonic Consultation If you put both Fatestitcher and Bloodghast in your list is a turn eariler [Hermit Druid] combo. The way this would work would be turn one land that taps for black, and turn two Demonic Consultation naming Mountain milling your whole deck due to your lack of Mountain. Then this put Narcomoeba into play then play a land that taps for blue putting Bloodghast into play then tap that land for blue and unearth Fatestitcher. After this simply Dread Return them and target your Necrotic Ooze and performe the Hermit Druid line.Budgeting: I am on a budget and woud not like to buy the duals. To replace them I have considered artifact lands as I can fetch them and also fast lands because they tap for two colors. As you have more experience with this deck I was hoping you could help me decide which option would be better. Thank you.

scitomniares on Selvala Brostorm

1 month ago

What is your reasoning for running Gemstone Caverns when you don't play the moxen? How relevant is the option to not use its mox ability and play it as a standard land?

filthyc4sual on New Format: Whoever loses, wins.

1 month ago

The red extra turns deck loses to sideboarded Pacts. The black one can too, but only if it's Pact of Negation.

Not sure how I missed Gemstone Caverns and Chrome Mox :P

miracleHat on New Format: Whoever loses, wins.

1 month ago

Take those mono black decks and add Gemstone Caverns...

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