Gemstone Caverns


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Time Spiral Rare

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Gemstone Caverns

Legendary Land

If Gemstone Caverns is in your opening hand and you're not playing first, you may begin the game with Gemstone Caverns in play with a luck counter on it. If you do, remove a card in your hand from the game.

Tap: Add (1) to your mana pool. If Gemstone Caverns has a luck counter on it, instead add one mana of any color to your mana pool.

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Gemstone Caverns Discussion

C.LewisMTG on Hit our Swans, Draw some Cards (41 land Swans)

2 days ago

Oh absolutely. Making this list competitive is huge for me going into the future and as of this morning after reading your suggestions we have a private version of the deck in which we are testing 4 Ghost Quarter, 2 Gemstone Caverns, 2 Halimar Depths and a single Tolaria West, going a little lighter on basics to make room for it and to not hurt our Leyline of Sanctity sideboard plan. Will keep you posted on updates (: escesare

C.LewisMTG on Hit our Swans, Draw some Cards (41 land Swans)

2 days ago

Hey thanks for going so in depth about the list (: The choice to not play utility lands in this version of the list in particular, is because of curve and nothing else. The deck to consistently get our pieces basically has to cast a Cantrip on turn one, would love to cast a Hunt turn two, have our assault turn 3 and the swans on four. Where as I believe I could get away with some number of them for an advantage in better matches and to be better prepared for the long haul of modern (so past turn 5 lol) I fear that many utility lands may hurt the chances of getting my strict curve, even if it only does cause me to mulligan 1 out of every 10 times, I value having a keep-able hand with such a linear game-plan. Now I'm not eliminating it as a possibility, as I very much enjoy the idea of getting to play a number of Ghost Quarter, Gemstone Caverns was a huge consideration in the beginning choice of making this Jeskai, and Halimar Depths and I've even considered Tolaria West to search out Cavern of Souls for counter heavy match-ups, which could also find some more utility lands. The utility lands are something that moving forward that I will be messing around with, and testing out in the upcoming week

As far as Mystic Speculation my thought process is I either want a combo piece, more lands, or ways to find a combo piece, and I feel Mystic Speculation sets up Treasure Hunt a tad better than Serum Visions can, as I see Serum Visions as getting 1 random card and fixing 2, rather than getting to just fix the top 3. I could absolutely be wrong, but this has just been my thought process about it, as with 41 lands being in the deck there are more odds for Serum Visions to draw me a land rather than something proactive in a time of need. Faithless Looting wouldn't be bad at all, and I love it's recursion factor, I'm actually very interested in trying it. Probably wont play Sindbad, and I'm not a personal fan of Day's Undoing because I don't like the idea of giving my control opponents a new 7.

And ahhh Blood Moon. I actually want Blood Moon in the 75 somewhere, but at the moment, there's just a natural concession to being partially budget.

Thanks for all of the suggestions, I'm going to make some private side lists to test some of the given suggestions. I'll definitely keep you updated! escesare

escesare on Hit our Swans, Draw some Cards (41 land Swans)

3 days ago

Thanks for commenting on my Swan Lands deck! I found your white splash very clever. Leyline of Sanctity is the best silver bullet against Burn and Thoughtseizes, our toughest matchups. Plus white can also be used to cast Swans. +1 from me!

Mystic Speculation is a very interesting choice. Not sure if it's worked out for you in playtests, but it doesn't seem to check out mathematically. On average, it would take 3.4 turns of activating Mystic Speculation to find a combo piece you didn't have. Assuming you start using it turn 3 (since otherwise it's just a worse Serum Visions), that means you get the combo on turn 7.4 average. There are probably much better uses of that time and mana (though maybe there isn't). What about Faithless Looting, Sindbad, or Day's Undoing?

It doesn't seem like you modified the land base much from the original Swan Hunt list. You might have noticed my list has about 20 utility lands. From playtesting, I can tell you it hardly even impacts mana accessibility. Since you have 41 lands, even if you hypothetically cut 20 lands entirely, you'd still have a 21 land deck (and we know those can handle 3 colors). Your list is all-in combo, so you probably can only squeeze in 15 utility lands. That still means you could squeeze in (in order of priority) 4 Ghost Quarter/Tectonic Edges, 1 Dakmor Salvage (further increases your probability of reaching 10 lands), Gemstone Caverns (they're like Simian Spirit Guides that don't reduce your land count), Halimar Depths, 1 Lumbering Falls (to guarantee finishing off your opponent), Bojuka Bogs, 1 Treetop Village, possible Amonkhet bicycle lands, followed by more copies of the above if there's room.

Alternatively maybe you could go Blood Moon! I would definitely play Blood Moon in my list, if I didn't need 3x red, 2x blue, and 1x green, whereas you only need 3x red, 1x blue, and 1x white (and only in sideboard).

And sorry about the above comment (I accidentally hit post), could you please delete it?

Weltbild on Death & STaxes

2 weeks ago

CheapDecks101: I've actually played control matchups where hardcasting Simian Spirit Guide was necessary. Battlefield Forge doesn't only make for SSG and Engineered Explosives (post sideboard), it's also there for . On the play, SSG enables T1 Chalice of the Void, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben or Leonin Arbiter which can almost completely lock other decks out of the game. On the draw, Gemstone Caverns gives an even higher probability. Knowing what you're playing against definitely helps with this deck. Chalice on 1 is a safe bet most of the time though.

BarbeChenue on Yawgmoth's Engine

1 month ago

I remember that Yawgmoth's Will + LED game!

I see you've made quite a few modifications to the list. I'd have to go over many cards to get a good grasp of the changes (this tool helps: I'll compare it to my static tournament-legal list Paradox Scepter Storm.

What I've noticed is the addition of Astral Cornucopia as a replacement for Mishra's Bauble (since you can cast it for 0 as a way to trigger Paradox Engine in a pinch, and it doubles as a color fixer). You had already added Everflowing Chalice as a replacement for Urza's Bauble, it was probably based on the same argument. You added Cyclonic Rift, Vandalblast, Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, Helm of Awakening, Merchant Scroll, Cabal Ritual, and Spell Pierce: all of which I can easily fathom the reasoning; Helm combos with top, and Jace combos with both Dramatic Scepter and Paradox Engine, the rest are great removal/counterspells or added rituals. I guess Merchant Scroll can fetch for both removal in Cyc. Rift or Dramatic Reversal. You always ran Culling the Weak, which is very explosive. You run two different lands in Inventors' Fair and Gemstone Caverns while I prefer Tarnished Citadel and Arid Mesa.

I'm a little surprised by the return of Whispering Madness: I'm guessing you found utility in it despite the higher CMC? Waste Not returned as well. Codex Shredder is a spicy addition as well, I'm guessing it is there to get back Paradox Engine when it's removed?

The other card I still play and you don't are Bloom Tender, Candelabra of Tawnos, Dimir Signet, Fire Covenant, Flusterstorm, Kiora's Follower, Lim-Dul's Vault, Praetor's Grasp, Simic Signet, Sylvan Library.

I'd be curious to try both lists in a pod. Your play style is miles more all-in than mine, and this latest iteration reflects that. Very good work!

MadEngie on Land Staples for Modern

1 month ago

Kjartan Well if I were to only list the most common lands played in modern this list would be half the size it is now, as the meta tends to converge quite a bit.

Thanks for pointing out Gemstone Caverns, I'll be sure to add it. This is an incomplete, but evolving list of lands for modern. If you think there is anything else that I missed, feel free to point it out.

Kjartan on Land Staples for Modern

1 month ago

Kinda streaching don't you think?

Calling the Vivid lands staples, but not even mentioning per say Gemstone Caverns

Still a very decent list when looking for an alternative mana base. +1

Ender666666 on Grenzo ft. DJ Doomsday | Competitive Primer

1 month ago

Have you thought of adding Gemstone Caverns?

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