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bob8145: Glad I could help. Haha, yeah Entomb is great. You can even Entomb Kozilek to protect your graveyard from exile if you have important combo pieces in there.

If you have extra fetches lying around, I would say that Ash Barrens, Winding Canyons, and Tainted Wood are probably the weaker nonbasics. Beyond that, you probably want to just replace basics until you get closer to the mana base in the non-budget list. Maybe some of the weaker cycling cards too.

January 3, 2018 2:13 p.m.

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bob8145: Yeah, the budgetless list is pretty pricy XD, especially if the one you are looking at is my primer where I selected the Beta edition of several cards that could easily be much cheaper.

Entomb is in there as an instant speed tutor for Dakmor Salvage (our main combo piece). If you cast Entomb for Dakmor with Gitrog out, you can even immediately dredge it to your hand with the Gitrog trigger! Occasionally, though rarely, you can also use it to tutor Strip Mine or even a fetch land to your graveyard when you have Ramunap Excavator. I have even used it to tutor out Skirge Familiar when I had a Necromancy in hand to get my discard outlet when I already had Dakmor Salvage.

This particular list doesn't run Wasteland, as you said, because of the budget issue. The 15$ cap rules it out even if it would be good in the list (if you have one, it can easily replace Ghost Quarter). The reason I don't run it in the budgetless list is different. In that list, the mana base requirements are very color intensive an so every colorless land we add dilutes the effectiveness of our early hands. Destroying our opponents lands is not really conducive to our gameplan because it costs us a land too and while it is really strong with Gitrog out, if we have Gitrog out, we can usually just be winning, or at least digging for the win (again needing all the mana we can get). Strip Mine is too powerful of an effect to leave out of the deck, but we don't need another copy of that effect, especially a weaker form. Strip Mine alone is usually plenty to deal with truly problematic lands, and to grind with Ramunap, especially with all the tutors we have in the list.

January 2, 2018 5:18 p.m.




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