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I'm happy with 99 of the 100 cards in the list, which is unusual for me. The last card slot up for debate is grim tutor, that thing flirts with the list so much. It's often really unclear if this card is trash. Its not just because that you take 6 after you flip it off ad nause, that's part of it. One other issue is it makes transitioning into other engines less safe. When the deck goes from a wastenot wheel into ad nauseam or vice versa, you ideally want to save mana and life. Grim punishes that. Cmc 3 and 3 life is thicc, and we're not really looking for cheat days. As a possible solution, that slot needs to generate advantage in some way, and another generic tutor is ideal, but there isn't anything better than grim in that regard.

I've also tried adding in removal into the last slot. I don't like removal there. It just feels like you're playing catch-up when you draw those pieces.

I turned to As Foretold. I'm still testing this because I really don't think this is a good card, and there are real times I think this isn't worth it. The plays involve having wheel of fate in hand while on cascade turns, something that's often been a death knell for my lines. It's also super cute tech vs prison decks that want to slam rule of law and attack your mana. This card is aethervial for spells, so unless they have a plethora of spheres, we can still generate advantage. however I don't think it's better than a tutor, so if anyone has a better tutor than grim for this deck I'm all ears.

December 2, 2017 9:53 a.m.

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There's a good chance I'm officially dropping grim tutor. I need more games with the replacement but it's promising

November 28, 2017 9:14 a.m.


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