Ad Nauseam


Reveal the top card of your library and put that card into your hand. You lose life equal to its converted mana cost. You may repeat this process any number of times.

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Ad Nauseam Discussion

Lilbrudder on Leo's new toy

3 hours ago

Malware_ The win condition for this deck is Laboratory Maniac. I do not use combat much if at all. The most common way I get there is a big main phase Ad Nauseam that allows me to draw 25-30 cards. While results vary I can often produce enough mana off net positive rocks and rituals to do one of the following:

1) Play labman,exile my library with either Demonic Consultation or Tainted Pact, then draw a card.

2) Play Paradox Engine then untap all my rocks and dorks with a 0-1 cost spell, which from makes it easy to win since it essentially functions like Omniscience. Then I can win either with labman+consult/pact or Doomsday to sculpt a perfect 5 card library for my labman win.

3) Paradox Engine+Sensei's Divining Top+Voltaic Key+ 2 mana worth of rocks/dorks, which will draw my whole deck. I can then play labman and draw a card to end the game.

4) Praetor's Grasp someone elses win condition if labman gets exiled.

Leo's wheels and puzzle box shenanighans are great at shutting people out of our combo turn and protecting the labman win. The deck aims to get a hand lock or combo win consistently by turn 2-4. Leo's best win conditions involve labman since he protects him so well. If you wanted you could do Hermit Druid combo also. Granted these gameplans may be far too competitive for your local game shop. I wouldnt be caught dead playing a deck like this outside of cEDH circles. It would be like beating up 2nd graders. Not fun, not impressive, and it will likely get you into trouble.

Springfluter on Phyrexian Madness

12 hours ago

I build it some weeks ago, still new to me. It can end a multiplayer game between turn 5 and 7 but this is kind of a combo deck therefore it has some weaknesses (aggro/stax/control/bad hand ect...). If they let me alone I usualy win.

Aetherflux Reservoir is THE main win condition:

  • push your life total to 51 at least and shoot the table with Exquisite Blood on the board

  • push your life total to 101 at least and shot one opponent and copy the ability with Rings of Brighthearth and shot another one without paying life

  • push your life total to 151 at least and shot all of 'em

  • you got a bad hand via Ad Nauseam? push your life total with Tendrils of Agony and continue with the steps above

This is a storm deck, everything that matters is the storm count - and the reservoir is the easiest way to abuse it. All you have to do is AN until you got a tutor, the reservoir or enough mana to cast Sidisi again.

StopShot on Dark Phoenix, Who Frowns At Fun

3 days ago

Considering your deck's average converted mana cost is 2.48 and the highest CMC card you run is 5, this deck could get insane value for running Ad Nauseam.

Your deck would probably have no problem running Dark Confidant as well for the same reasons.

XxZadexX on Skred Dead Redemption

1 week ago


Now that I think of it, I have seen quite a few Skred lists that ran Batterskull in the mainboard. Don't know why it slipped my mind when I was making the deck. I think I'll throw it in in place of the third Eternal Scourge as I am not a huge fan of having 3 mainboard anyways. My personal reasoning for only running 3 Blood Moons mainboard is that, while having 4 does make drawing it more guaranteed, if you draw another while you already have one out, it's kind of a dead draw. However, I will probably try playtesting it with 4 to see how it feels. I'm currently running Kolaghan's Command in sideboard as per suggestion of a friend of mine. Originally I had it in place of the 2 mainboard Fatal Pushes but decided to switch to the Fatal Pushes as a good amount of the meta around where I am is super aggressive creature aggro (All-in Goblins, Affinity, Naya Zoo, Jund, etc.). I usually sideboard Kolaghan's Command in against Affinity, though. As for Terminate, I've considered putting it in the place of the Fatal Pushes as there is a guy around here that runs R/G Titanshift and those pesky Titans get annoying. At the same time, however, I've thought about using Dreadbore instead as it would provide an answer to Planeswalkers as well. I will probably go ahead and replace the Surgical Extractions in my sideboard with Slaughter Games as it is only now that I realize that Inquisition doesn't hit Ad Nauseam, and thus cannot be hit buy Surgical Extraction.

greyninja on Party at Vial Smasher's !!!

1 week ago

@Lilbrudder I put in a few more of the extra expensive rocks, plus Kiora's Follower, Ponder, and dropped a land. With thrasios' ability I can always dump the mana somewhere, but you do get flooded so I see what you're saying. Last night I was able to use Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip to filter away lands into gas. Loved it. What other cantrips do you suggest besides Brainstorm/Ponder etc?

It's funny and counterintuitive to drop the avg cmc with a commander like Vial Smasher the Fierce; but you don't need her on the field to win. Usually it's infinite mana into Thrasios, Triton Hero, or it takes too many turns in a row and people give up

Ad Nauseam and Necropotence are interesting. I do own multiple necro, but no naus. I initially left them out since I'm running so many lands that hurt me, along with a couple rocks. At the point you play them in the game: you're going for the gold! I'm scared I'll draw Ad Nauseam with like 13 life haha. Gitrog and another high cmc card would hafta come out for them. The wheels idea is cool too. A lot of ubrg players are doing it

@Hi_1m_R0b3rt thank you! Definitely earned yourself some upvotes on decks

@Sloppie I've had Aetherflux Reservoir on my mind for a while now. It's another card that if you don't drop as you're about to set up; it can dud late game. I'd like to try it though. What should I take out?

I'd seen your deck before, and I'm sure I'll be checking it out again :)

One suggestion a friend had was Deadeye Navigator and Palinchron. DeN can interact with Archaeomancer, Rune-Scarred Demon, etc which is fun. Thoughts?

freakingShane on I Have A Sunburn

1 week ago

Why didn't you just update your Spring Into Death deck list? There's only like 2 cards different, haha.

Okay, so first off, get rid of Sol Ring, scrub. Secondly, some potentially good fast mana sources would be Songs of the Damned, Cabal Ritual, Dark Ritual, and/or Culling the Weak.

Now on to the real meat:

Perpetual Timepiece, Elixir of Immortality, Primal Command, Piper's Melody (and friends)

These are good for grabbing your GY so you don't mill yourself out or to protect yourself from enemy Bojuka Bogs and such.

Combo 1:

Mikaeus, the Unhallowed Combo

  • Turn 1: Play a one drop ramp creature.
  • Turn 2: Play Buried Alive and fetch Mike and Triskelion.
  • Turn 3: Play Victimize, bring Mike and Trike out and ping infinitely to win.

Or tutor for Defense of the Heart and win the turn after you cast it.

Combo 2:

Necrotic Ooze Combo

Once it's out, the only thing that can interrupt this is Split Second since you can respond by adding and removing counters.

Combo 3:

Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord Combo

This requires some knowledge of how the stack works.

  • Exile cards from your library until Phyrexian Devourer's ability is put on the stack.
  • In response to the ability, continue exiling cards to beef him up more.
  • Still before allowing the sacrifice to resolve, sack him to Jarad to smack your opponents for a ton of damage, similarly to the aforementioned Ooze-combo.

This gets around player Hexproof and graveyard hate, so you don't have to worry about things like Leyline of Sanctity and Leyline of the Void with this combo, unlike the other two.

Combo 4:

Colorless Mana Combo

  • Have/get Ashnod's Altar in play.
  • Play Nim Deathmantle.
  • Play Grave Titan, pop up two 2/2 tokens.
  • Sack the two tokens to Altar, then sack Titan to get a total of six .
  • Use 4 of that to make Deathmantle grab Titan back and get you two more tokens

Repeat this as many times as desired, netting 2 colorless mana every loop.

Jhed1 on Can't Touch This!

1 week ago

Ad Nauseam works by playing ramp spells Lotus Bloom Pentad Prism in order to get to 5 mana to cast the Ad Naus - once they cast, they retain priority to cast Angel's Grace effectively drawing their entire deck - they exile Simian Spirit Guide to get enough mana to cast Lightning Storm - hold priority - target you - and exile lands to kill you. If they have a Phyrexian Unlife in play they don't have to have the angel's grace. They also play with Pact of Negation too.

Alternatively - they can also play a Laboratory Maniac and then one of their many cantrips like a Serum Visions to win the game, after an ad naus resolves and there are no more cards in their library.

The deck is one of the better competitive combo decks in the format now, however it isn't in the top tier of frequently played decks, but it has enough representation that you'd want some game against it.

LekTek on Phyrexian Perfection

2 weeks ago

madman616 I like it. I was thinking ah I don't want to let go of one the Become Immenses, but then again I can think of a few times that I had one sitting in my hand for a turn or so waiting to be cast. And now that I think about it, being able to slide in a Mutagenic Growth for an extra +2/+2 when my opponent thinks I'm tapped out is very sneaky :)

But, I'm going to trial just dumping the Abrupt Decays all together. They're in the main deck to catch artifacts and enchantments but also a general creatures etc. catch-all - I'm thinking specifically of beating an Ad Nauseam deck with them. Where I'm going with this is, I have Nature's Claim in my sideboard for this job, and if I'm siding in against creatures it's going to be Dismember or Damnation... so here it goes.

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