Ad Nauseam


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Shards of Alara Rare

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Ad Nauseam


Reveal the top card of your library and put that card into your hand. You lose life equal to its converted mana cost. You may repeat this process any number of times.

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Ad Nauseam Discussion

CthulhusNo1FavCultist on Mourning Melody

13 hours ago

Or you could just play Ad Nauseam + Zombie Infestation and a bunch of Swamps.

p0megranates on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

19 hours ago

I agree with Gaddock Teeg not being tier 2. I've argued this before, and I think tw0handt0uch is right (and frankly presented a better argument than me). Teeg is a card I constantly think about cutting in my own Karador list-- at this point the only thing it really does is give GSZ another thing to hit if I don't want a dork, Saffi, Caustic Caterpillar or Rec Sage. When the top decks mostly only run Ad Nauseam as their only cmc>=4 card, Teeg is probably one of the worst hatebears available and it's not exciting to run him in the command zone compared to Sisay, who fetches for far better things each turn like Linvala, Thalia, and Kataki.

On the note of Selesnya commanders, I think it's worth paying attention to whether Saffi becomes considerably stronger with Renegade Rallier. As I've noted before, it's unique in that it's a combo piece tutorable with Summoner's Pact and Green Sun's Zenith and can win the game with Greater Good (which is unique as a sac outlet in that it's tutorable with Idyllic Tutor) if you have two cards in hand plus Altar of Dementia and Mana Crypt still in your deck. Recently Saffi was dropped down from t2 to t3, which I don't think was wrong (although I advocated more for Teeg being the GW commandee to take the plunge), but Saffi should have now gotten considerably more consistent and could become a contender for t2 again.

Lilbrudder on Paradox Engine Storm: cEDH Primer

3 days ago

Bigred77: Grapeshot is actually a pretty good option for this deck. It has some utility as a removal spell and can win the game with infinite storm. I was just thinking of adding walking ballista as my backup finisher to reservoir since it also works as a creature removal spell of sorts and costs nothing to Ad Nauseam. Either grapeshot or ballista will end up in the deck when I make my next revision, which is soon. I will also likely add LED and some other powerful cards to the mix to try and max out this deck before I write a true primer

rguilbault on Leovold Ridin' Spinners

4 days ago

fair enough. I'm keeping Street Wraith in, though ;-) dropped Strip Mine for Preordain since there is plenty of land searching available (I have a Three Visits) and colorless mana is not super useful to have T1-4. and I think Arbor Elf is better than Elves of Deep Shadow given I can get access to or or , vs. just . I have playtested 5 games so far and Ad Nauseam has yet to come into play, so until I lose because I Ad Nauseam into Street Wraith, I want to keep it. it's free, recurrable draw.

Firebones675 on Flicker me this

4 days ago

rinbloch, I definetely like that you are not all in on the Saheeli Rai combo (I've experimented with that in a control shell for modern like the old twin decks but it didn't quite have enough punch).

As for your deck, you can't interact with your opponent too much especially if they themselves are on some combo deck (Living End, Scapeshift, Ad Nauseam etc.) but you already have some lifegain which preboards you against burn, provided you get a fast vial you have the edge on control, and could stabilize relatively easily against some combo decks. I think this is one of those decks that you are going to have really good or really bad match ups and then the match will be decided by sideboarding.

TLDR: I don't think it's tier 1 but depending on your sideboard I think you could do fine.

rguilbault on Leovold Ridin' Spinners

6 days ago

ok Bolsheviktory, this is what I have for the current build. if CMC is a concern for Ad Nauseam I would suggest the following mods:


rothgar13 on Well what to do now ...

1 week ago

I'd say Ad Nauseam is definitely the best choice if you're looking to stay in the combo business.

Lilbrudder on Food Chain Prossh

1 week ago

I see what you are saying. I guess what I meant by "more risky" was that you can recover if gamble goes poorly but you are out of the game if consultation goes wrong. Theres also a chance of exiling all of your FC outlets. I have even exiled so many cards I decked myself before I could play the combo out in my hand so the 7% is really not accurate.

As for gamble, why make that assumption? Using gamble when you have a small hand full of relevant pieces is simply a poor play. It is best used when you have plenty of cards in hand (like turn 1 or 2) when you are way more likely to have 5-7 cards. Its also one of the best possible cards in hand after a big Ad Nauseam.

Also, I wasn't saying gamble was better than consultation. I was simply wondering why angelforge would pass up a 1 mana demonic tutor effect even with the chance it backfires in a color scheme that lacks as many enablers than some other fast combo decks like FC Tazri for instance.

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