Power Artifact


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Custom Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition IV (ME4) Rare
Antiquities (ATQ) Uncommon

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Power Artifact

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant artifact

Enchanted artifact's activated abilities cost less to activate. This effect can't reduce the amount of mana an ability costs to activate to less than one mana.

Power Artifact Discussion

ToffMcSoft on Urza Paradox Scepter

6 days ago

Would strongly advise revisiting Basalt Monolith , Rings of Brighthearth & Power Artifact , especially since you're already including Grim Monolith

Muddle the Mixture + Rings of Brighthearth : Copy Muddle the Mixture 's transmute ability and search for Dramatic Reversal + Isochron Scepter or Grim Monolith + Power Artifact .

Jace, Wielder of Mysteries , feels like an auto include. Truly don't see why you wouldn't be running it.

Very easily you could free up the space for these combos/synergy's.

3 Cards that you can swap and make the deck more competitive & faster:

  • Recurring Insight - Just a bad line here.

  • Jeweled Amulet - Waste of a slot, too slow

  • Future Sight - I would drop Future Sight as there's no easy way to get it and it takes 10 CMC to get that Win Line going. You'd have to draw into Future sight or get it through using Urza's ability...

I've got a very similar build, feel free to check out the cEDH Primer: Urza Feeling Lucky - cEDH Primer #1 Mono Blue

P.S. Also consider Rapid Hybridization for removal. Maybe don't need it in your meta but certain creatures are problem cards.

TPC on Big TT'ed Combo! (Turn 3 win) Thrasios Tymna [EDH]

1 week ago

Food Chain plus Misthollow Griffin or Eternal Scourge plus Aetherflux Reservoir or Walking Ballista is a consistent turn 3-4 combo. Mana is zero issue with this deck, as I can achieve infinite mana by T3, typically T4. So, I'd have the 3 card Food Chain package online as quickly as I would a Thrasios, Triton Hero plus Power Artifact or Mana Reflection plus Grim Monolith or Basalt Monolith 3 card Scry/draw, though Thrasios requires a 4th card to win. And so the FC combo is cheaper and more efficient. The other win cons are there to make drawing a win con with the Thrasios route more consistent should someone counter/exile one or two. Thrasios himself doesn't win the game, he needs something into which to dump that mana, he simply gets you to that something.

The rest of the deck is built around the slow game should I encounter a 4 man pod with lots of control, or if they know what's up and all gang up to hate on me haha. Though there are cards on my list to replace, such as Academy Rector plus Omniscience . Its just not consistent enough of a route to pursue. More Counter magic or creature removal could replace it, or a couple more big hitting creatures for when I go for the Dovescape long game.

BMHKain on What to add/cut for cEDH ...

1 week ago

Well, I decided. I'm using Prismite as my Mana Dork that can do infinite Color/colorless Mana. The question though is: Besides Basalt Monolith + Rings of Brighthearth (& a 2 Mana Source... -_-), how else to use all that power by any means? I mean, Grim Monolith isn't compatable w/ Rings: Untapping Grim Monolith merely untaps at the price of . Copying the untap 4 for 4 has the adding up to the 6 made from making , Copy the untap, you're back to Square 1. We have no Power Artifact /similar in these colors. But I do have a question since you're inept at this field of magic.
bushido_man96, I need to find someone who's knowledgeable about cEDH, & believes the possibility of cEDH Boros; but not just Feather, the Redeemed . Who do you know? I'm currently trying to update my deck profiles w/ more proper descriptions as of now; just to gain even a little bit of respect after my previous 3 years of mentality of sources nobody here even knows exists. As Peter Capaldi as The Doctor stated: I've made many mistakes. & It's about time I did something about that.

Inkmoth on Yeva Draw-Grow

1 week ago

Soren841: In my heart, I believe it to be true that thinning is real, so I'd go as far as to say it's almost a myth? I'm most likely going to toss it in there, but I objectively see no reason why or why not lol.

Fellin22: I'm sorry, sir. I don't even know who you are or what I did to you and I'm sorry? Lmk please, so that I may rectify that mistake.

l13199l: Dryad Arbor is a godsend, from sac fodder to discard fodder to ramp. Very helpful little bugger. Manglehorn is a soft stax piece that always gives me the time I need to start popping off. It's also stopped Isochron Scepter in a pinch.

CyborgAeon: You know, I always believed it had to be universally known to be played that way ( Library ) good to know I wasn't wrong lol. As for your chart idea: That is super intriguing and I would love to see examples of that so that I may apply it to my deck as a tool to improve it. It also sounds visually amazing given how many sleepless nights I've spent reliving the multitude of lines that are available in this deck. For fun, I am going to toss it in for a few nights ( Rings ).

Your Side Note: I literally did something similar last night!!!

Staff was my only card they thought I was out of the game. Tnt had Ad Nauseam so Flash was a ruse. They just didn't expect the Yeva win :D.

BodhiQL on The Assembly Line of Death

1 week ago

First of all, this list has been retired for a few months. If I was still updating it, I would for sure take out Mox Amber , Copy Artifact , Snapcaster Mage and Daze , as well as most of the card draw stuff like Dig Through Time . However, there are cards I stand by that you listed to cut. The fetches don't matter, except I have them and I can flex. There may be no reason to run them but there's also no reason not to. Power Artifact is a backup plan with the monoliths and Walking Ballista , in case Arcum gets shut down. Strip Mine is actually fine, and Merchant's Dockhand is just a 1 mana sac target, one that just so happens to have an ability that isn't useless if it gets to that point. Guardian Idol is a rock that can be a creature of necessary, and Everflowing Chalice is just a rock, it doesn't need to be searched, and I don't see why it would ever need to be. Metalworker is very good, it can get a ton of mana to hardcast your combo pieces if they get stuck in your hand. I don't see why you say the creatures are slow, the main sac targets are 0 and 1 mana, which is what most decks usually play. I used to play Darksteel Forge and Mycosynth Lattice but I took them out because I found that it's useless to tutor for them. I would rather win then durdle around with indestructible. In most cases your stuff wouldn't be destroyed, rather countered which indestructible doesn't help with much. On the contrary, Delay and Flusterstorm are both must haves. A combo that wins on turn 1-4 90% of the time is useless if you can't protect it. I don't know if you've played in a real cEDH game, but if you haven't, I suggest watching a few videos on the YouTube channel Laboratory Maniacs. They play cEDH games. Most of these games don't end on turns 1-4, as everyone has some kind of response to the other's important spells. If you can't protect your stuff or take out your opponents key pieces, you lose.

Codex Shredder , Aetherflux Reservoir , Junk Diver , Tolaria West , Hall of the Bandit Lord would all be played though.

Z4k16 on The Assembly Line of Death

2 weeks ago

I play an Arcum Dagsson list that combos off between 1 and 4 in 90% of games. I would ditch the fetches, you don't need to thin the deck as you aren't topdecking you are searching so you don't need to thin out the lands you draw. I run Codex Shredder in mine as a way to A. Infinite mill when the deck goes infinite any way and it's a safeguard for Paradox Engine . Ditch some of your spells and focus more on combo as earlier as possible, I feel this is split between a control edh and combo edh and you want to focus it as much as possible, I would ditch Strip Mine because it's a dead draw if you topdeck and pretty dead in start hand, you want your land base mostly blue as most arty ramp is colourless, ditch Mox Amber as it's mostly useless to you, ditch Snapcaster Mage as it's not worth it, it holds up an opponent but will mainly hold up you more. Tolaria West is definitely worth running as is the land that gives a creature haste, Hall of the Bandit Lord or something (the name escapes me), Flusterstorm isn't worth running, Power Artifact isn't worth it - that's not the direction the deck is going, I'd ditch Daze , Metalworker , Merchant's Dockhand , Guardian Idol , Everflowing Chalice , Copy Artifact , Dig Through Time , and Delay . The creatures are too slow, Everflowing Chalice can't be searched for with Arcum Dagsson so is a waste, Copy Artifact is neat but too slow and uses your precious blue mana, Dig Through Time is slow and clunky, and you likely won't have enough stuff in the graveyard to cast it cheap. I run Mycosynth Lattice in mine, Arcum Dagsson can sac himself if desperate, you can remove all opponents critters, and sac any of yours, also stops blue mana being an issue, and Darksteel Forge protect all your stuff then. I run an Eldrazi titan in mine (ramp into it early most people will freak) and it's useful to shuffle your grave if stuff gets hard, surprised not to see Junk Diver as a backup combo piece, and Aetherflux Reservoir is your biggest asset and yet wasn't in the list, I'll add a link to my list in a moment.

mtgftw2014 on [Primer] Urza's Mox Factory!

2 weeks ago

Nice deck. You hit many of the combo pieces. One suggestion I would have is to add Basalt Monolith , Rings of Brighthearth , and Power Artifact .

If you do add Mana Severance , then definitely also add Goblin Charbelcher .

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Power Artifact occurrence in decks from the last year

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0.01%

Blue: 0.16%