Power Artifact


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition IV (ME4) Rare
Antiquities (ATQ) Uncommon

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Power Artifact

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant artifact

Enchanted artifact's activated abilities cost less to activate. This effect can't reduce the amount of mana an ability costs to activate to less than one mana.

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Power Artifact Discussion

FLATSO99 on the best EDH deck ever (turn 1 win)

1 week ago

I have yet to update the description of this deck more clear so for no this is how I win turn one. I play an Island or a card like City of Brass then play either Chrome Mox, Lotus Petal, or Mox Diamond and anthor card etheir Sol Ring, Mana Crypt and Mana Vault then useing your two mana of any color from your first set of cards choose for both, then play Power Artifact and then play Grim Monolith, or Mana Vault useing your mana from Sol Ring or Mana Crypt then set your infinte combo in motion and if you have one of the kill cards like Exsanguinate in hand play it and win. Or I can use the other combo which is much les likely to happen. Play Eladamri's Vineyard or one of your other mana tapers Mana Crypt, etc... then play Arbor Elf and Utopia Sprawl then ramp even higher by exlieing Elvish Spirit Guide from your hand. then play Sol Ring and/or useing your mana from Mana Crypt play Freed from the Real on Arbor Elf then play Lightning Greaves or Concordant Crossroads then start your combo and play one of your kill cards like Exsanguinate and win. these are a few of the winning combos and most have more interchangeable parts to them. If you have any questions, suggestions, Criticisms, and/or commplements feel free to comment:)

thecakeisalie42 on Oona: Queen of the Storm

3 weeks ago

Hey, why does you not run Basalt Monolith as an additional piece with Power Artifact, cutting Everflowing Chalice? I see you cut it in a past update, but it seems better than chalice at least.

Decrepit_Angel on Artifact Storm

4 weeks ago

jacobmcguffin I would cut the extra turn spells, Fireball, Grapeshot, and some of the less useful artifacts. If you are adding in Paradox Engine and Isochron Scepter/Dramatic Reversal you can also cut Alhammarret's Archive (really only seems useful when you are already winning) and Unwinding Clock (basically just a slower Paradox Engine). I also don't think that Dimir House Guard is necessary given that you already have a decent amount of tutor effects. Dark Tutelage and Dark Confidant aren't absolutely necessary and tend to function better in decks that want to play the long game over fast combo decks but that is just a preference of mine.

I also forgot to mention that if you want creature removal, Fire Covenant is actually very good and Toxic Deluge is one of the most efficient wraths.

Outside of that, it would just swap out cards that you think you can justify removing. The best way I have found to figure out what cards to cut is when I am playing the deck, I note times that cards are particularly good/bad and if they end up being bad more often than I like, I cut them and see if I end up missing them. If I don't end up missing the card, it is usually safe to say that the cut was correct.

And Grim Monolith costs 2 to untap with Power Artifact enchanted on it which makes infinite mana the same way that Basalt Monolith does.

Decrepit_Angel on Artifact Storm

4 weeks ago

An interesting list but I am confused by some of the inclusions and more confused by the lack of some others. Hopefully some of the following advice will be useful to you.

Is there a purpose for the extra turn spells? Unless you have a way to loop them infinitely or do shenanigans with them the way Edric, Spymaster of Trest does, I don't see the purpose.

I am also not a fan of Grapeshot in EDH. Tendrils of Agony is fine but Aetherflux Reservoir is by far the best storm win con available currently because it gains you life if you aren't winning with it and requires the fewest spells cast to have a lethal storm count to kill the whole table in a 4 player EDH game.

I would also find room for Paradox Engine and the Isochron Scepter/Dramatic Reversal combo. Both are absurdly powerful and aren't useless on their own. Alternatively, as you are already running cost discounters and Sensei's Divining Top, you could add it Future Sight for another win condition. And if you intend to keep the Basalt Monolith/Power Artifact combo, you might as well add it Grim Monolith for a second target for the Power Artifact and because the card is incredibly powerful on it's own. yet another option for a win condition would be Metalworker (which is absurd acceleration with how many artifacts you run) + Staff of Domination.

I would also swap Day's Undoing for Windfall. Windfall may not always draw you as many cards but it doesn't end your turn or exile itself which makes it infinitely better most of the time And considering you are running 3 Wheel effects already, I would consider Notion Thief as another win condition.

Another note is that your mana base is weak to nonbasic hate such as Blood Moon/Back to Basics/etc. I would add in more fetch lands (you can run any of them because they don't have color identity) for consistency and swap out any of the lands that could potentially enter tapped. Tap lands in cEDH can mean the difference between a win or a loss so unless it does something incredibly powerful or functions as a combo piece like Dakmor Salvage does in The Gitrog Monster, I always advise not to play them. Adding a few basics shouldn't hurt as you are only in 3 colors.

Interaction is also incredibly important in cEDH. especially with how heavily this deck relies on artifacts, if your opponent plays a Null Rod or Trinisphere on turn 1, you need to have answers to it. Vandalblast is my personal favorite in red for artifact hate but there are plenty to choose from. Cyclonic Rift and Chain of Vapor are great options to keep you alive against hate cards and the latter can also work as an absurd ritual for you if you are storming off by allowing you to bounce a bunch of your net positive mana rocks and replay them. Counterspells are also great utility for these things. Mana Drain, Force of Will, and Pact of Negation are three of the most powerful but I am also a huge fan of Spell Pierce and Mental Misstep.

And if you truly are going for competitive EDH, Ad Nauseam is one of the most broken cards ever printed. You will need to lower your CMC so that it doesn't kill you but drawing 30+ cards at instant speed is absolutely insane for a Storm deck. Necropotence also functions as another option to dig for combo pieces, albeit much slower and at a far higher risk than Ad Nauseam.

And if you want more information or just to learn more about cEDH, [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier is a great resource to find the most powerful versions of certain strategies or just for random ideas. I personally run a modified version of Paradox Scepter Storm: cEDH Primer as my primary competitive deck (which funtions similarly to how your deck does so it may be a decent source for inspiration).

AlwaysSleepy on Zur Doomsday

1 month ago


I actually have lots of stax in my meta. The deck plays quite well into it, even without Power Artifact. I feel like Power Artifact is overall just not what I want.

My game plan is more or less Zur or tutor and cast Doomsday with some protection. Zur's great into stax since you can search out removal and Necropotence gives you a really good long game. Additionally, normal Doomsday cast is not bad since you can pile your answers or pick a pile which plays through stax since they don't have a ton of stack interaction. I haven't really needed anything beyond that. Also, Ad Nauseam + Angel's Grace is just a flat out good win-condition, and generally fights through almost anything.

Sgtpopnfreash on Thrasios/Tymna telepathy control

1 month ago

Doomsday seems strangely out of place in a control deck like this especially without Ponder and Preordain. Its very all in, Why not just include Grim Monolith /Power Artifact instead of Gush and Doomsday?

jacobmcguffin on To Mill a Mockingbird

1 month ago

Jace, the Mind Sculptor I also run jaky draw spells like Temple Bell+Unwinding Clock the bell can be cloned with Sculpting Steel Copy Artifact Clever Impersonator Phyrexian Metamorph and will draw up to 4 cards on everyone's turn

Tunnel Vision+Keening StoneHinder+Tunnel VisionTunnel Vision+Spell CrumpleKeening Stone on the field. Cast Traumatize. Use Keening Stone to double the cards milled.

Mind Over Matter+Temple BellJester's Cap+Bribery also can be useful

Hedron Crab is a mill staple Polymorph in any blue deck is good.

Blue Sun's Zenith+ any inf mana combo like Basalt Monolith+Power ArtifactPili-Pala+Grand Architect

Leyline of the Void+Helm of Obedience

Demonic Tutor Mystical Tutor Vampiric Tutor Imperial Seal and other tutors would make it run a lot smoother...

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