Tocatli Honor Guard


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Standard Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Frontier Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Ixalan (XLN) Rare

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Tocatli Honor Guard

Creature — Human Soldier

Creatures entering the battlefield don't cause abilities to trigger.

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Tocatli Honor Guard Discussion

Argy on xander11

17 hours ago

What would be the goal of a deck that could blink a lot of stuff?

You could blink General Tazri to search your Library for Allies, which would mean you could keep triggering Rally, but you can just do that by playing Allies any way.

Orzhov Death and Taxes would be very doable. Especially with access to cards like Archangel of Tithes, Tocatli Honor Guard, Aven Mindcensor, and Kambal, Consul of Allocation.

You'd also have access to all the excellent and removal spells like Fatal Push, Vraska's Contempt, Declaration in Stone, Fumigate, and the champion of them all Anguished Unmaking.

If you have a crack at building that I can take a look at it.

I just can't guarantee that it will be a competitive deck.

youlucky on Is stax possible in standard?

2 days ago

dusterGGG it's look like playable idea, what do you think about incuding a white color to add Tocatli Honor Guard and Aven Mindcensor? Also i'm think that Harsh Mentor will be good, what do you think about this card?

TuckerMTG on Gimme an idea for a ...

2 days ago

Black red white death and taxes with cards like Harsh Mentor, Tocatli Honor Guard, Aven Mindcensor, and Kambal, Consul of Allocation.

Fyntred on Alesha, Who Smiles At Death and Taxes [Primer]

2 weeks ago

Hello,I just built my own Alesha Deck following your advices. Seems very great.But i have few questions :

Why are you using Tocatli Honor Guard and Hushwing Gryff ? Sure, they could help according the board but you could be blocked too with your own creatures like Stoneforge Mystic or Sun Titan per example.

My second question is more a suggestion, why didn't you add Harsh Mentor ? Cheap, Great to Tax.


cmsrDPM on Boros Stax

2 weeks ago

toast37 not only do I own that card, I used to run it in the deck. What I have noticed is redundancy is not as good as it seems. If I have a Torpor Orb, or Hushwing Gryff already out: drawing the same effect again is like not drawing at all. I was between Tocatli Honor Guard and Hushwing Gryff for a bit; but flash and flying for 1 more mana is too worthwhile.

Thank you for the upvote and the idea though.

toast37 on Boros Stax

2 weeks ago

What about a Tocatli Honor Guard?

MaxMania38 on [Primer] Masterminds Prison

2 weeks ago

Trespasser's Curse looks really nice for aggro, ill probably take out one authority and put another curse in the side. Tocatli Honor Guard looks amazing! i completly forgot about Torpor Orb on a stick. I Really like the look of Sunmare, Vona hasnt been doing as good recently so i think i will switch her out. Thanks for the suggestions DeimosDragon and x12721

DeimosDragon on [Primer] Masterminds Prison

2 weeks ago

This deck is pretty sweet, great build!

If you're looking to replace exquisite angel maybe, Noxious Gearhulk or even Crested Sunmare?

Also what do you think about adding Tocatli Honor Guard to the sideboard?

Again great job here. +1 for sure.

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