Fire Covenant


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters Edition Common
Ice Age Uncommon

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Fire Covenant


As an additional cost to play Fire Covenant, pay X life.

Fire Covenant deals X damage divided as you choose among any number of target creatures.

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Fire Covenant Discussion

DiabolicEsper on Extinction Level Event

4 days ago

@elephantambush Hi there, just saw this list up on reddit (I think I've seen this list before?) and I'm quite interested in some of the card choices:
- I see you have the black rituals but why none of the red one? (I'm talking about Desperate Ritual, Rite of Flame etc) the deck seems to have enough red cards for these to be solid inclusions. Also why Inner Fire? I understand how you want to have a decent hand size via TSG, but you're only getting about 1-3 red mana so wouldn't the rituals be better?
- I'm not a fan of giving your opponents resources, but Mana Flare can backfire extremely hard (trust me, there's always someone who'll benefit more from this than you) I would replace it with Braid of Fire (bit slow so might not be the best choice tho) or with Caged Sun, or just another red ritual.
- TBH I think the first outlet should be replaced with Walking Ballista, I mean you've already got half the mike combo (NB: since ur at infinite TSG acts a sac outlet) in there, Exsanguinate and Walking Ballista can both be countered but rakdos has more ways to get back creatures from the graveyard than opposed to sorceries (red has some janky ones).
- for board clear Fire Covenant can do work here (life is just a resource) its acts as a one side clear or removal for threatening targets.
- Kozilek, Butcher of Truth > Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre
- you'll definitely need more than just reanimation spell, just having Animate Dead isn't really enough (especially since there are bearly any tutors, and this deck relies too heavily on drawing into the combo) Dance of the Dead, and Necromancy should be included in case animate dead gets countered or exiled (trust me it more often happens when your opponents know you're going for worldgorger).
- This is list seems to require TSG on the field to function, so adding in protection (eg Imp's Mischief) for the commander would be a must.
- Faithless Looting and Cathartic Reunion?
Either way, I'll leave my list if you're interested in looking for some things to improve or add (it's more of a competitive list but includes many ways to protect TSG which I think your list lacks) Scorpion god combo (CEDH)

M.O.B.785 on Alesha EDH 2.0

3 weeks ago

Hi Havok,

I'm making a lot of fine-tuning atm, I'll update this list at the weekend.You're right about Alesha being mana hungry, which is something I didn't see at first glance. So yeah, Grenzo is often underwhelming because there is not enough spare mana to really get him going. I'll leave it in for the moment doe, cause I like the randomness it brings, and the deck is already almost too strong in comparison to my meta. Hopefully they'll upgrade soon so I can let my inner spike rage a little.Doomed Necromancer is interesting, I might proxy it and give it a try.Anguished Unmaking will get added as soon as I acquire one. Same goes for Utter End.These 2 are also decent for the Sunforger package I'm planning to add.

I mostly played 1vs1 with this list, it's working out very well and I love it. My record is like 15-2, which may be due to the relatively low power level of my current meta. The deck can be very oppressive if the enemy has a slow start, and I'm often able to soft lock them out through repeatable spot removal, exile effects etc. I guess the discard/exile effects get much worse in multiplayer matches, so I might decrease the amount of this type of effect.

Things I'm cutting: Nahiri, the Harbinger, Ravos, Soultender, Oblivion Ring, both manlands for more untapped sources

Things I might cut: Pia and Kiran Nalaar, Mindslicer, either Tormenting Voice or Cathartic Reunion

Things I'm adding: Retribution of the Meek, Goblin Bombardment, Sunforger, Stoneforge Mystic, Nim Deathmantle, Razia's Purification for the lulz, Rakdos Charm, Fire Covenant, Rogue's Passage

Things I might add: Master Warcraft, Hide/Seek, Basalt Monolith, some reanimation effects.

elfric on Tana and Silas Stax

1 month ago

i like your curve

i like tana plus edric

as you play intuition i recommend Coastal Piracy. you could search it, bident and edric to always find the effect.

as this tana stax variant lacks white's MLD i like your take on punishing atleast the nonbasics. in this vein i recommend Destructive Flow.

now Teferi, Temporal Archmage dodges the nonbasichate completely and also the stasis tap route if he is on the battlefield.

i see how you want the signets and talismen as they fix the mana with all those basics but i cant recommend running all elves and moxen for speed enough.

worldly tutor seems weak as leovold is banned now

Seedborn Muse seems weak as she is only able to break parity on the orbs. compared to sword of F&F it doesnt discard and the pump on tana pumps out more tokens. compared to nature's will it doesnt tap down opponents lands.

Shaman of Forgotten Ways seems weak as it only is a wincon. as mana accelerant it really is slow. way too slow.

bitterblossom is another card only breaking parity. and tana can do it too so why waste a slot.

gamble should be Imperial Seal


toxic deluge should be Fire Covenant


Frozen AEther is a good card to complement the tap cards and the sac cards.

i wonder why you do not play Smokestack as tana can ride it easy.

if your wheels feel too weak since leovold's ban you maybe want Uba Mask or Chains of Mephistopheles.

Words of Wind would be butal with tana and edric draw engine.

you have Stranglehold in the maybeboard - WHY? - imo its the best red card. its the reason to splash red to stax like Wheel of Fortune is a reason to splash red to strom combo decks.

what is your reason not to include Rising Waters?

i did not test your manabase yet but maybe Tsunami is worth a look.

regrowth is slow and does nothing if you didnt lose something good. could be another cut.

Copperhorn Scout seems weak too. is it worth the cardslot?

all in all i want to say again i really like your deck. the idea of the deck. i think though it could be stronger. yes i did not test your deck yet but i am biased as i play tana+tymna stax.


enpc on The Deckwatch [Home Base]

2 months ago

I do like that Lightning Bolt can be your win condition. I also just ordered 4x Fire Covenant so I'm looking forward to using them once they arrive (though they're coming from the States so it will probably take a while).

Also, I did a thing:

Casu-Ally Awesome

Commander / EDH* enpc


It's basically a casual Food Chainless FCT deck.

escesare on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 months ago

If you look at the tier 1 deck lists here, many play Toxic Deluge, Cyclonic Rift, and Fire Covenant, and precisely zero copies of board wipes CMC >= 4. Most expensive spells are too slow to play in cEDH. If your Teeg list is helping you against board wipes, that's another indicator that your opponents might not be optimal.

Please don't take it personally. None of us have complete information, which is why these things require open debate and playtesting, and not just one person's experience. And it's certainly not your fault if you're much more proficient than your opponents.

sonnet666 on Food Chain Tazri help

2 months ago

You're pretty far along, so I'll be basing my advice on this: Food Chain Tazri

For starters, Tainted Pact is pretty much an auto-include and isn't too expensive, definitely your first buy. It also gives you enough exile to run Laboratory Maniac as a back-up wincon.

Plunge into Darkness, Mana Vault, Lotus Petal, Chrome Mox, Sylvan Library, Deathrite Shaman, and Carpet of Flowers are all pretty cheap right now, so you should pick them up before anything else. In the meantime Cabal Ritual and Cull the Weak can provide you with extra mana accel. Orcish Lumberjack and Tinder Wall also work if you have red, and you have enough forests for Arbor Elf to function. Cyclonic Rift and Abrupt Decay are also great (and cheap) board control in this build.

Fire Covenant is absolutely beautiful board control at 50 cents. Silence is more of a meta call I think.

However the best thing you could be doing right now is improving your landbase. The quickest way to see results in a deck is to make sure you never have a land coming in tapped.

Get the cheapest lands first: Tarnished Citadel, Llanowar Wastes, City of Brass, Forbidden Orchard, Mana Confluence, Gemstone Caverns(!), Gemstone Mine, Thran Quarry, Reflecting Pool, Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth, Then the rest of your shocks, the cheap fetches, etc. Use checklands like Sunpetal Grove instead of ABUR duals, they're typically the best budget option, although more fastlands can be a viable option too. (All the following are trash that you should cut: Bad River, Flood Plain, Grasslands, Sandsteppe Citadel, Seaside Citadel. The tango-lands like Sunken Hollow are alright for now, but you should cut them as you upgrade.)

Remember to cut Amulet of Vigor, since it won't be helping you.

Once you get rid of the taplands you should also take the deck down to 32 lands. You have enough acceleration to afford it and it will improve your speed.

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