Root Maze


Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Tenth Edition (10E) Rare
Tempest (TMP) Rare

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Root Maze


Artifacts and lands come into play tapped.

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Root Maze Discussion

ryanstreet on [LIST] EDH STAX Cards

16 hours ago

A lot of lists seem to forget Imposing Sovereign and Root Maze.

n0bunga on Nissa MGC (Mono-Green Control)

1 week ago


Root Maze - Artifact Hate (and land hate, so maybe Amulet of Vigor could help that?),

City of Solitude - Stops countermagic,

Hum of the Radix - punishing artifact tax

Choke - lolbluedecks

Freyalise's Winds - can harm you but it's a staxy control thing that really hurts opposing decks

Dosan the Falling Leaf - like City of Solitude, but a people.

Magus of the Library (not control/stax, but should be good for card advantage?),

Willow Satyr - Green Empress Galina!

Titania's Song - artifact hate

Arboria - a weeeird, janky card that could work in your favour. You could spend turns activating loyalty abilities.

Kudzu - land destruction but it comes back to bite you. Being green, you should have enough ramp to not care though.

Drop of Honey - green Porphyry Nodes

Power Conduit could help with your age counters, but that's entirely optional.

Thank you sir, you've inspired me for some Green Shenanigans.

mmcgeach on Sisay Stax

1 week ago

@meowndabout Nice questions! Glad to help with this. I changed the write up slightly, to include a sample blue print for playing the deck. That answers some of your questions, other ones are below.

Fauna Shaman - usually you discard extra mana elves (which aren't that great in the mid-game) to get actual stax pieces or utility creatures. But, also, you can just discard anything. It turns each creature into a Worldly Tutor + free card draw.

Loyal Retainers - this is actually best with Iona, Shield of Emeria, which is decent to run if your meta has some mono-colored decks. However, it's worth leaving in the deck even without Iona, just to get back anything that happens to get killed. It's pretty good reanimation, just by itself.

The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale - Actually, Magus of the Tabernacle is a pretty good replacement. Tabernacle is here mostly to combat other decks that rely on creatures and mana elves (like us), but have a harder time tutoring for Gaea's Cradle. To perform this function, another answer is Defense of the Heart. Magus might be better since it's a creature and slides under your Thorn of Amethyst effects.

Nullstone Gargoyle - this is a new card I'm testing. It's easily hard-castable with Gaea's Cradle and Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx. And it's a pretty strong lock with Eidolon of Rhetoric. Yes, if I could get this lock together, I'd just cast creature after that.

Recruiter of the Guard - you just get whatever you need for the situation you're in. Get whatever stops your opponents the hardest. You have to know how your opponent's strategies work.

Sanctum Prelate - pretty much always names 2 or 3. These stop boardwipes that sneak under Gaddock Teeg; on three you stop: Toxic Deluge and Fire Covenant; on two you stop Cyclonic Rift and Pyroclasm. I usually pick either 2 or 3 based on which board wipe I'm more afraid of at the moment; but in either case you end up shutting off large parts of your opponents' decks.

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard - this is becoming less important in this list; however I think it's still probably good enough to run. Yeah, you just get whatever is most helpful. You can either get Quirion Ranger on 1 to activate Yisan or Sisay twice per turn, or you get Sylvan Safekeeper to guard Sisay against spot removal. After that, you know, get whatever you need.

Crop Rotation - there's a lot of strong lands in the list. Strip Mine and Horizon Canopy are very good with Ramunap Excavator. You can also get Tabernacle. You can get one of the ramp-lands like Gaea's Cradle, nykthos, or Ancient Tomb. If possible, you should always sacrifice a Flagstones of Trokair.

Creature tutors - You get whatever you really need top stop what your opponents are doing. These tutors let you get non-legendary creatures tho, so sometimes you can get Sanctum Prelate or Eidolon of Rhetoric or Spirit of the Labyrinth if one of those seems really appropriate, or you're in a winning position already, you can go for the kill with Shaman of the Forgotten Way or a lock with Nullstone Gargoyle.

Enlightened Tutor - yes, frequently the most powerful thing to get with this is Living Plane, although there's a lot of great artifact/enchantment stax pieces you may want, particularly Rest in Peace, Null Rod or Sphere of Resistance. It can get ramp in Mana Crypt or Carpet of Flowers. It can also get Lightning Greaves which can be great for Sisay. This card is awesome in this list.

Ancient Tomb is good ramp; Temple of the False God is unplayable crap. There's lots of games where you never get to 5 lands.

Gemstone Caverns, Chrome Mox - these are ramp, which is totally critical. You just exile whatever you don't need. Try to prioritize playing a turn 1 or 2 stax piece with these ramp cards. Also think about when you will play Sisay. If you have these ramp cards, try to set up a sequence where you play a stax card turn 1, a mana creature turn 2, and SIsay turn 3.

Null Rod, Stony Silence - these only shut off our artifact ramp, not our creature ramp. Only play them if they're going to hurt your opponents more than they hurt you. But the deck is pretty much designed so that it's usually pretty asymmetric, although certain hands and board states can make it more nuanced.

Carpet of Flowers - just any other stax piece, maybe Reclamation Sage or Scavenging Ooze, depending on what your meta needs.

Arid Mesa, Marsh Flats - originally I wanted to hedge against running all the fetches with Root Maze, which makes fetches freaking terrible. However, this could be revisited.

You can totally run snow lands if you want to.

Grand Abolisher - I haven't wanted this; usually I'd rather have more Thorn of Amethyst effects - Glowrider and Vryn Wingmare, which make counter spells really hard to use.

Containment Priest - this or Scavenging Ooze is a fine card if your metagame has a lot of reanimator decks. It does hurt our own reanimation (and Yisan), so I wouldn't play it by default.

Solemnity - this doesn't do anything...

Growing Rites of Itlimoc  Flip - I don't think this is worth a 3-cmc non-creature spell. :(

Ashes of the Abhorrent - This can work if your meta has a lot of reanimation or storm...

Disenchant - I'd rather run Reclamation Sage, then maybe Manglehorn.

Seal2007 on Rakdos Land Explosion

1 week ago

The first thing I notice is you won't be blowing up any lands until turn 3. Maybe go Jund or Gruul intead? Some mana creatures will allow you to get a faster land destruction plan in place and really lock the opponent down. Additionally, you can use Root Maze so slow down opponents while you establish your own lock. Making them play at a slower pace is what you need. Llanowar Elves Birds of Paradise and Elvish Mystic all help that plan out as well and aren't effected by the maze. Mwonvuli Acid-Moss does some serious work as well. Green will give you access to Chameleon Colossus who is super good in the current meta since he dodges a ton of removal.

If you are stuck on the Rakdos train, Im assuming you want to keep this budget. How budget?

Here are some thoughts:Thermo-Alchemist can be Firebrand Archer instead. Lets you go attacking if you can't cast an instant or sorcery and everything that kills TA also kills FA. You could even go the Young Pyromancer route and go a little wide.

Consider some cheaper discard. Duress will do wonders to protect your creatures from removal. Blightning is awesome, but you don't really care about their hand generally. You just want to create that lock and start beating face. Cheap discard will prevent them from casting the cards that matter or that they can cast because you keep them off lands. LD in modern isn't about destroying all their lands, just enough to allow you to develop the board and win.

Instead of the 4 Terminate, maybe consider Abrade or Fatal Push (if you've got them) since they are cheap to cast and super useful killing the low CC creatures you're likely to be facing if your LD works.

Shadowz6677 on Glissa, Who Won't Let You Do Anything

3 weeks ago

Hello, I am a Nath Stax player looking at your list, and think there are a few things missing from your deck that would benefit you Nether Void being one (Yes i know its expensive, but your running Chains. I mean come on. lol)Root Maze cause, you don't care about your stuff ETBing tapped. I think you could find a lot of interesting answers and stuff for your deck within mine.

Feel free to have a look. :D

rockleemyhero on Sneaky Hulk (blood pod adaptive combo cEDH)

2 months ago

Hey again Kaleo42, i appreciate all these comments! :)

Yeah there are a ton of ways to build blood pod. This one is an inbetween the slow, grindy stax version and the fast hard-into hulk versions. Hence the title of being an adaptive combo; it transitions fluidly between stax and combo on any given turn in the game based on the current boardstate.

I actually had raz in the earliest renditions of this deck and was one of the reasons i built the deck. Like raz and hulk are probably 2 of the best creature based wincons in the format and excel in reanimator shells. However I found that raz was kinda awkward in here. There werent a ton of ways to land him and win that turn. We dont play fast mana or like flash hulk stuff, so i typically needed to chain 2 or 3 tutors off him + needed extra mana leftover to use it. Right now we have plenty of ways to get our combo, and they dont really layer well with raz lines:

  1. Reanimate, sneak attack or natural order for and sac hulk
  2. Birthing pod Tymna into felidar gaurdian, karmic guide, and kiki to win via combat damage
  3. Academy rector + sac outlet to get hulk combo
  4. Buried alive with reanimate spell (getting #2)
  5. 2 primary hulk lines: 1 if free sac outlet is present, allowing us to get complete protection on our combo with Grand Abolisher, the other doesnt but instead searches up our sac outlet. Both can win M2 or end step with infinite Zulaport Cutthroat triggers.

Out of those 5 ways to win, ive had trouble figuring a way to add raz into them without adding more cards to play around raz. Like if im going to pitch and reanimate something, its usually gonna be hulk.

Buuuut that all being said, i will probably swap out Sire Of Insanity for either raz, Pyroblast, or like Root Maze. Sire has been pretty bad against kess xD

Muggins84 on SSJ = Super Saiyan Jank (feat. Vizier/Druid combo)

2 months ago

Looks like an interesting super friends idea. +1. Here are somethings to consider and some ideas that may be worth running. At the very least I would suggest using something like Chromatic Lantern or Prismatic Omen in order to cast the walkers w/o critter combo and/or oath. For a go wide opponent you may consider at least for sb using Root Maze & Amulet of Vigor or Authority of the Consuls or Blind Obedience or Ghostly Prison.

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