Meddling Mage


Format Legality
Noble Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Alara Reborn (ARB) Rare
Planeshift (PLS) Rare
Promo Set (000) Rare

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Meddling Mage

Creature — Human Wizard

As Meddling Mage enters the battlefield, name a nonland card.

The named card can't be cast.

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Meddling Mage Discussion

hungry000 on The Myth of the Horrors

1 week ago

Also, to add something about Meddling Mage: the fact that it gets bounced by Thing in the Ice  Flip isn't all that much of a concern. If you're playing against combo, it's likely that they're not playing many creatures anyways, so Thing is less powerful. In that situation, I'd board in Young Pyromancers and replace the main deck sweepers with Meddling Mages and more interaction. If the opponent saw the Thing in the Ice  Flip and Myth Realized game 1, he/she would probably bring in more spot removal, increasing Young Pyromancer's power, and you'd have a strong surprise factor game 2.

hungry000 on The Myth of the Horrors

1 week ago

Ah, thank you. I really like trying to make budget decks work, and I agree with you wholeheartedly.

I'll think about Meddling Mage in the sb, that does seem very good against combo. I think Supreme Verdict and Rune Snag would be better in a control-oriented deck, which isn't where this deck is really trying to go. The extra mana tax on Mana Leak makes it better than Rune Snag in this deck, as it's just a hedge to keep opponents from interrupting our game plan in the mid game right before or during our big swing. Rune Snag is best as a four-of in decks that look to go long. Boros Charm is definitely an upgrade to Temur Battle Rage, though. The only reason I didn't include it along with Path to Exile in the main is because of the budget.

I don't really like Isochron Scepter in this deck. As you said, it screws up the tempo a bit, but it also doesn't have any great targets to imprint. Most of the deck is centered around playing a Myth Realized or Thing in the Ice  Flip on turns 1 or 2, then turboing out 1 mana cantrips or removal spells, and then finishing the game with a big swing. Another thing is that I'd have to play it early on in the game before I run out of spells to imprint, which is when I'd much rather develop a win-con like Thing in the Ice  Flip.

Thanks for your suggestions, I'll definitely think about adding a copy or two of Meddling Mage in the sb.

Cafelattis on The Myth of the Horrors

1 week ago

Super cool deck, i love that people are making budget modern decks, buying it for a reasonable price and upgrading decks is one of the joys of magic.

There are some cards that might fit well in this deck, and they are semi budget, im thinking Meddling Mage,Supreme Verdict, Rune Snag and Boros Charm. Meddling mage slows your opponents and i know from experience how annoying this card can be. But it does get bounced by Thing in the ice and it removes some of the spells from the deck but it is super great against combo decks, so maybe sideboard. Supreme Verdict is probably the best sweeper card in the format, but it is pretty expensive in both mana and money. Borus charm should be in this deck, it is super strong. 4 dmg to an opponent, give something double strike or protect all of your creatures. Rune snag is just a very underrated counter spell in my opinion.

Isochron Scepter might work in this deck but it slows down the tempo in a weird way, but i have played it in a similar deck, and against mid range decks it is so incredibly strong. Hope this helps.

hjaycee on

3 weeks ago

How's it! Thank you for takingyour spare time on commenting on Esper Blade. Your inquiry strikes some interesting bulletin points, and I will answer with the best of my ability.

  1. I forgot Opt got reprinted in Ixalan, so I think I will replace it with a singleton copy.

  2. The reason I have a playset Meddling Mage is because she is of one of two card (Trophy Mage secondly) the deck is based around. Meddling Mage provides a barrier against the named card, specifically spot removals, key combo pieces and card advantage. The 3 Snapcaster Mage backs his troublesome sister with further deflecting pesky creatures, weaving spells and Planeswalkers or delivering the Supreme Verdict as a last resort.

Pieguy396 on

3 weeks ago

Hey there! Cool deck! I haven't seen a Swords deck in Modern in a while! A few comments:

In any case, enjoy!

Ryjo on Cretaceous Nature Reserve

4 weeks ago

Kizmetto, yeah, people see Deathgorge Scavenger and think of it as just a 3/2 for 3, but it's very versatile and useful against a variety of cards and strategies. It also has the potential to be a 4/3 that can grow to a 5/4.

kmach1ne, you make some very good points. Earlier in my testing (before Commune was spoiled), I was running Attune with Aether, Aether Hub, and Harnessed Lightning, which was giving me some great mana fixing via the hub, and after dropping the Lightning for Abrade, I found it to still be pretty good. I'll have to do some additional testing to see how Commune with Dinosaurs does versus Attune with Aether. I've actually been misreading Commune, I thought it only looked for basics, so it will most likely be going into the deck in some fashion. I tried finding a spot for Savage Stomp, but it felt like a win-more card, and I only have the one card with Enrage. The combination of Abrade and Cast Out are both useful if I'm behind, and can help out against non-creature permanents. The problem I have with putting Harnessed Lightning back into the deck, is that it forms a non-bo with the Solemnity in the sideboard. Aether Hub and Attune with Aether I think might still be fine mainboard, since the Hub can come down before Solemnity and Attune does what I need it to do without . My plan for fighting Ripjaw Raptors is to either have my own Raptor out (boosted by a Metallic Mimic hopefully), block it with other creatures, or cast it out. Ixalan's Binding may make it in as a 1-of, replacing a Cast Out, but I currently value the Flash of Cast Out more highly than the Meddling Mage rider on Ixalan's Binding.

darasama on Esper Tempo Bears

1 month ago

Hi SynergyBuild

Thanks for the comment. River of Tears is an interesting land for sure. It can play a turn 1 discard spell into turn 2 Sculler (but not meddling mage unfortunately) or leave mana up for remand (it will always be blue on my opponents turn for remands and quellers). However, it does get a little tricky thinking about sequencing to get the colored mana you want. I think thinking about how to dismantle your opponents gameplan and win may be a bit tricky in itself, so I'd rather not used too much mental space for mana tapping. But this made me realize that I could remove some more fetches for Concealed Courtyards (perfect for t1 discard spell t2 gold bear)! I left in 2 fetches with can get any of the 3 dual lands and basics. I do want to keep at least 4 basics for any opponents playsets of Path to Exiles or Ghost Quarters, and be able to POSSIBLY play through a Blood Moon.

Another person suggested doing the O-ring trick to permanently exiles the opponents cards off of Tidehollow Scullers and Spell Quellers. Sacrificing creatures with Cartel Aristocrat seems kind bad as we could just play 2 mana discard spells and 3 mana counterspells which aren't great rates. What makes these spells great is that we get a body. Blinking is probably the way to go for this exile trick. A friend suggested Restoration Angel but to play sculler+angel is 6 mana and queller+angel is 7 mana! So I found room for 2 Whitemane Lions instead (another Bear lol), which makes it a 4 and 5 mana trick with addition etb trigger later. It also can be used to save something or reuse Snapcasters. And it triggers revolt for Pushes, so we offset the removed fetches a little. Seems decent :)

Sidenote:I did change a Smuggler's Copter to a Dark Confidant. Not sure which one is better. Copter is only card selection but with a bigger evasive body. Confidant is actual card advantage, but does cause some minor pains. The average cmc of the deck is less than 2 currently which nothing over 3, so it shouldn't be too painful. Maybe the 1 and 1 split is where its at. lol

tried the playtest feature on Tappedout. The deck seems to have pretty good starts, good synergies, most cards are still relevant late game. Meddling Mage is still difficult to evaluate without actually playing it against an opponent, but hopefully its good enough, given the build around.

bah-bammmm on Stomping the ground

1 month ago

i would replace an Unravel the Aether for a Deglamer for diversity, especially when cards like Meddling Mage and Nevermore exist.

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