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Seedborn Muse is in the sideboard suggestions.

As far as mainboard vs. sideboard goes, don't read too much into the sideboard somehow being less optimal cards. You want to tune your list to match your meta or fight the stronger decks in the format, the sideboard is there cause we can't have more than 100 cards. Sideboard cards are all good cards, and can be swapped in if you think it is worthwhile. Seedborn is likely one of the best cards and often ends up in the 100 anyways, but not all metas are slow enough to accommodate it.

Training Grounds is perfectly serviceable. I think it's a bit lower on the priority list since it's a mini combo with your commander that is only for value and individually a weaker card, but it's an acceptable choice into a grindier meta.

Now, on Biomancer's Familiar, I think CMC 2 is a bit high for that effect, as well as it dying to wipes. I'd stick with Grounds if you want that effect/dimension in the deck.

March 29, 2020 11:09 a.m.


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