Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Classic Sixth Edition Rare
Weatherlight Rare

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Search your library and graveyard for five cards and remove the rest from the game. Put the chosen cards on top of your library in any order. You lose half your life, rounded up.

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Doomsday Discussion


23 hours ago

It's hard to design white cards that are ban worthy because the slice of the color pie the color has access to is rather limited and revolves heavily around combat. If you look at the ban list, nothing on it really cares about attacking with the exception of maybe Primeval Titan and that's a special case as well. For white, the most oppressive effects are the symmetrical wipe effects. Black has tons of incredibly powerful cards like Necropotence, Ad Nauseam, Doomsday, Yawgmoth's Will, etc. that you could make arguments against for being too powerful.

It all boils down to the fact that it's much harder to evaluate the effectiveness of a card when it doesn't revolve around creatures or combat.

Nintendows on GrenzoFour 2.0

1 day ago

Hi MrKrabs, Doomsday is already in the deck. See the section "Example doomsday pile" in the description for more info :)

MrKrabs on GrenzoFour 2.0

1 day ago

If you do end up including Kiki-Jiki, Doomsday might be an appropriate inclusion, since it allows you to assemble the Kiki/Conscripts combo directly.

LTmiller on H: cEDH Deck, W: Cash!

3 days ago

Well, I have 77/100 for Skuloth's Zur Ad Nauseam Doomsday deck.

His deck is here and what I have can be found here.


3 days ago

To every honourable Leovold player out there, you have my sympathy. It is true that fun is interpreted differently amongst playgroups and if your playgroup is fine with the kind of oppression Leovold would bring at a table, then you were probably facing off against Hermit Druids and Doomsdays yourself, decks very well capable of going off turn 3 through disruption.

I think only a sadist would be bringing Leo at a table where the rest of the people cannot cope. Same goes for most of the tier-1 commanders that are extremely fine tuned, like Zur or Tazri. I say this because a game is not fun unless everyone is involved and multiplayer EDH revolves strongly around this tenet. If you disagree, you should be playing duels as things are different there (winning matters more). So to people who were violating this, this banning is on you!

If I would be the dominant player to such an extent where I was playing solitaire with 3 spectators, I wouldn't be having fun since I didn't sign up for that. Same applies for the people on the receiving end: if I were to be just watching a player spread his deck out while I could do nothing, I wouldn't be having fun since I signed up to play -not spectate- a game. Playgroups around the world should evolve based on their player base. Talk with each other and see what's fine and what's not, adjust power levels accordingly and warn people truthfully about those levels. If someone still wants to join a pod with Leo, Zur and Tazri with his Ishi-Ishi, Akki Crackshot deck, fine! What's important is to establish this agreement between ladies and gentlemen beforehand.

On a final note, I agree with those who favor the "banning" of the banned list. EDH is the format where you get to play with the cards you want! We shouldn't be taking away from it. I do understand there is a need to have a semblance of balance in tournaments, but this can be achieved by a meticulously designed point system that incentivizes healthy gameplay. One such example would be a variant where people can vote for decks they liked or disliked and allocate points accordingly, in addition to the points you'd get from winning.

JaceTheSwagSculptor on Tier 1 Stax General?

5 days ago

Zur isn't really a stax deck, stax does not usually bear the title Ad Nauseam and Doomsday (as shown under the Tier 1 deck listings). If you are going to use Zur as a stax commander, he is no longer "Tier 1". It's more like slow voltron at that point.

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