Format Legality
Arena [BETA] Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Masters 25 (A25) Mythic Rare
Masterpiece Series: Amonkhet Invocations (AKHMPS) None
Classic Sixth Edition (6ED) Rare
Weatherlight (WTH) Rare

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Search your library and graveyard for five cards and remove the rest from the game. Put the chosen cards on top of your library in any order. You lose half your life, rounded up.

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Doomsday Discussion

Burritor on cEDH Yidris Storm

4 days ago

Why do you run Talisman of Impulse over Talisman of Indulgence? Seems like you use black a lot more than green. Also, Opt, Sleight of Hand, Serum Visions, Night's Whisper, Mox Amber, Pact of Negation, and Snap seem like a weird picks here. Opt, Sleight of Hand, Serum Visions, and Night's Whisper are sub-par draw spells that, outside of the Doomsday lines, have no real place here because they they tend to slow down the deck too much during storm turns, especially in the case of Serum Visions. Mox Amber is straight garbage here, as the only two legendary colored permanents you have in the deck are Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder, and Baral, Chief of Compliance. Pact of Negation is a terrible counterspell in this deck, as during cascade turns you want to get maximum value and reliability off of the 0 CMC slot, which is why the deck normally runs value cards like Ancestral Vision, Wheel of Fate, and Mana Crypt. Snap seems like an odd inclusion unless your meta runs a lot of hatebears, and even in that case there are much better removal spells such as Toxic Deluge.

titanreaver on Blood Artist Sacrifice Deck (Turn 1 Win)

5 days ago

I think the concept is really fun. I do think that you could go with the Git probes and such and add in some things like Cabal Therapy as a method to protect your combo. I don't think the Blood Pet, Doomsday, or Cremate are quite necessary, and if you want more card draw to find things Infernal Contract or Sign in Blood, could help you get there and Diabolic Intent is a decent tutor you could use to find what ever piece is missing to finish the combo.

Daedalus19876 on The Ten Plagues: Locust God EDH | *PRIMER*

1 week ago

Apex_killjoy02: I mean, I run him in other decks, and he's super cool. But if I draw my deck, I can win other ways. In a self-mill deck, or a Doomsday deck (anything that doesn't involve drawing 99 cards), he's bonkers. But he didn't fit in this deck, even though he was in the initial draft, so I cut him.

ghostfire86 on

1 week ago

Muldrotha the Grave-Seed is a design that I made. It has played well, but there are some changes I plan to make later. I ran towards dredge, ramp, and control with a Doomsday/Laboratory Maniac finisher or Planeswalker finisher.

LandG0 on Muldrotha, the Gravetide *Primer*

1 week ago

Traveler247 Tbh I dont need LED in the deck, but I have one and it synergises well so Im using it. As for cEDH lists, its used a lot in Doomsday lines and a little bit for infinite mana for Bomberman combos but Dramatic Scepter is really where its at with infinite mana these days.

I used to have the dark depths combo in a deck but found it a bit janky, although I can imagine it would fit well in this deck.

In my combo section I mention the use of Flash with Hulk, that combo however I would not say is janky. Thats one of the fastest combos available in the game, but Ive pretty much cut combos from this deck coz I have so many in other decks already.


  • Dead Man's Chest looks like some great value
  • Equilibrium I like this, I love playing control
  • Hostage Taker testing at the moment but havent drawn it yet, should be good though
  • Kederekt Leviathan awesome with reanimate enchantments, I talked about this in my combo section
  • Infernal Darkness I prefer Contamination especially in a creature heavy deck
  • Mind Harness I like Treachery over this as its basically free to cast with no upkeep costs
  • Finally, I want to avoid infinite turns with this deck because I have so many combos in other decks. Also I think Second Chance is more on flavour for infinite turns in this deck, or just playing a normal extra turn card like Time Warp and sacing then recasting E wit each turn / bouncing it with Deadeye would be better coz Time Sieve is a dead draw by itself

elgosu1337 on Garna the Heartless Sneakflame

1 month ago

Great suggestions chadsansing, I was thinking of Insidious Dreams from my Damia deck. Sort of works like Doomsday too if I have cards in hand. Never seen Tortured Existence before but it looks useful especially to bring back a cycled Street Wraith. Could you give an upvote as well if you like the deck? Thanks again!

bosny on Garna the Heartless Sneakflame

1 month ago

Wow, your list is excellent! Semblance anvil is so much better than my Fluctuator + cycling creatures setup.

I didn't think of sacrificing Garna before the ability triggers, awesome!

What would you put in a Doomsday pile? I feel it might hurt more than it helps, but maybe I'm not seeing it... I'm also not sure if Hivestone is worth the slot, as it's dead-on-board without Basal Sliver which is good on its own, but I didn't see them when I was goldfishing...

I would also put a bit more land, as I wasn't finding them as much as I'd like when goldfishing and this deck is pretty explosive when it starts off fast. I think Malfegor, Rakdos, Lord of Riots and razaketh, the foulblooded are a bit too mana intensive considering how fast the deck could be, but I guess if you're looping they're quite good especially razaketh. Blood Pet might help you go off earlier?

What changes would you make if you wanted to make a 100-200$ budget version?

Stoked to see someone else interested in Garna!! Please keep me posted :)

FrigidOfficial on Inalla's House of Combo (EDH Infinite / Doomsday)

1 month ago

Hey Zidantur. Haven't gotten around to putting my thoughts down on paper for Dominaria yet, as I've been working heavily on a Sidisi, Brood Tyrant list and am still on the fence about throwing Doomsday into this build of Inalla to make it less midrange combo and more pure combo. Right now I'm looking towards the latter.

In any case, the following cards I think have potential are as follows:

  • Blink of an Eye is nothing special, but it is basically another copy of Into the Roil, and that lets us deal with things that Grixis can't; namely, enchantments.

  • Merfolk Trickster looks like a really good way to shut down some problematic combos, especially in my meta. Mike and Trike is popular in my playgroup, and preventing some of the aggro players from smashing me in the face doesn't hurt either. I think I am most excited for this as a toolbox card that has a lot of applications.

  • Naban, Dean of Iteration seems alright. As a legendary, he can't be copied, but he is an effective Panharmonicon for all our creatures at . Might be worth a spot.

  • Naru Meha, Master Wizard seems better in a Marchesa, the Black Rose deck or something similar. She can't combo off with Ghostly Flicker as Dualcaster Mage does, and the lord effect is negligible.

  • Final Parting is a very slow tutor (at sorcery speed and mana wise, being fairly expensive), but it can let us set up for a combo with one card. If your meta is slower, you could try this one out.

  • Helm of the Host seems like it could be broken wide open, but I'm not sure how to do it in this deck. Testing could yield some cool results, but for now it remains better in a deck headed by Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker or someone similar.

  • Damping Sphere is a fantastic tech card. My meta has a lot of Timmy decks and some storm builds brewing with the reveal of Jhoira, Weatherlight Captain. Definitely slot this in if you're experiencing the same thing in your playgroup.

Other than the above cards, nothing really catches my eye.

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