Spirit of the Labyrinth


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Born of the Gods Rare

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Spirit of the Labyrinth

Enchantment Creature — Spirit

Each player can't draw more than one card each turn.

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Spirit of the Labyrinth Discussion

UpsetYoMama on For Honor and Glory...but Mostly Just for Blood

1 day ago

Hey DespairFaction, thanks for the suggestions! I'll go through and address each one quickly:

  1. I'm not really a fan of Mask of Memory, as you have to connect to draw.
  2. Skullclamp should definitely be in the deck, I agree. I had it in here at one point, but then took it out because I had taken some token generators out (i.e. Assemble the Legion). Since the addition of Monastery Mentor, clamp deserves a slot.
  3. People in my meta do play lots of board wipes, which is why I really like Sword of Light and Shadow. It also dodges the best spot removal with the pro white and black. Fliers are often most common in those colors, and I don't want to get chumped.
  4. Sword of Fire and Ice is obviously a good value card and I will consider it. I've never really liked Sword of War and Peace as I feel it's the most variable of the Swords. It also negates Boros Charm double strike (although some of the others swords do, as well).
  5. Conqueror's Flail is one I hadn't considered before, and it looks awesome. Dragonlord Dromoka is a powerhouse and having that effect on an artifact I can tutor is sick. One of the biggest problems I have is if someone counters Aurelia, obviously.
  6. I had Spirit of the Labyrinth in here and it was underwhelming. It also makes Wheel of Fortune a dead card in hand.
  7. Armageddon seems much more efficient to me than Cataclysm, but if I wanted another effect I've considered running Cataclysmic Gearhulk instead. The main thing I don't like about the cards is that they wipe my mana rocks. With Armageddon and multiple mana rocks, I can often still cast spells.
  8. Insurrection is very slow for this deck, and if it's countered, I'm in big trouble. I aim to win far before that with commander damage. It's also contingent on board state and can be a dead card in hand, so I'm not a fan.
  9. I tried Tajic, Blade of the Legion and cut him almost immediately. He usually ends up being a vanilla beater with an upside that isn't worth the mana investment.

Thanks for the suggestions! I'm trying to make Aurelia as competitive as possible :)

DespairFaction on For Honor and Glory...but Mostly Just for Blood

2 days ago

Hey Im a long time Aurelia player. Here are a few suggestions for you. let me know what you think.

Mask of Memory and Skullclamp for more card draw. Sword of Light and Shadow is one of my least favorite of the cycle. However it can be good if you are running into a lot of board wipes, so just pay attention to how it is performing for you. Sword of Fire and Ice is awesome, but pricey. Sword of War and Peace is good for that blue player that likes draw a million cards. Conqueror's Flail looks awesome if you are facing counterspells. Spirit of the Labyrinth is great prison effect against a lot of people. Since you are not opposed to land destruction Cataclysm is great against decks that are trying to go too big or not commit threats to the board. Insurrection with Aurelia usually ends the game. Tajic, Blade of the Legion is good if you're on the token plan. Theres probably a ton more suggestions that I could make, but that seems good for now. enjoy!

lagotripha on Upvote if you love Thrun! (Budget thrunation)

5 days ago

Its difficult to make budget reccomendations in a general sense, because its difficult to know how likely your meta is to show their weaknesses. If you're seeing a lot of fetches and toolbox strategies, arbiter is the correct choice, but there are a huge array of possibilities which while situational, might be more appropriate.

Grand Abolisher does a lot as a single step down to help resolve worship. Most of the creatures for consideration are already in hatebears lists. Personally, I'd much prefer to try and resolve a Pithing Needle or Phyrexian Revoker for the number of sacrifice effects tied to plainswalkers and general combo peices in my meta, and when operating on a budget colourless cards that can be swapped between decks on a sideboard really do help . I'd consider a single Spirit of the Labyrinth- it is very vulnerable to removal, but has a lot of utility blocking combo until they can fetch an answer. Cards like Storage Matrix/Witchbane Orb are similarly disruptive if looking for budget options, but cmc is super important when looking for tools. The manadorks will help, but it is a consideration. Dawn Charm has utility. Heliod's Pilgrim can search out pariah for combo-wombo, but otherwise isn't very useful. Bower Passage has blowout potential against decks reliant on lingering souls to stabilize, or Gravity Well to handle a lack of flying coverage. Some people swear by Skinshifter. Scryb Ranger is a dumb trick that can win games.

There are a lot of cards out there- there is going to be something to fit exactly what you need. Thalia is popular because she is such a great generalist. If you're casting spells, nope, wait another turn. But for budget, look at what you regularly face and find something that people sideboard to do that delay, even if it the lowly fog effect of Dawn Charm.

TheDevicer on [EDH][PRIMER] Karametra's Garden of Eden

1 week ago

Solem Simulacrum is pretty bad if you can't recur it. Compare it to one of your dorks. It costs on additional 3 mana for one extra power and toughness and it cantrips on death. It's really not all that great.

Am I missing something with Mana Reflection? If it's just here for ramp, you should cut it. You lack big payoff spells for having absurd mana and GW doesn't often get into situations where you're able to draw tons of cards to warrant a ramp package that can power out 20+ mana worth of spells per turn cycle. If you're capable of doing that, wouldn't you be better off actually winning than seeking to double the absurd. Genesis Wave isn't enough to justify the card.

As a blue player, I strongly advise you not to run Prowling Serpopard. It's too easy to deal with and doesn't have enough of a reason to exist. You want to hate on me, run Choke, Null Rod, Spirit of the Labyrinth, and other cheap and game-altering effects.

You really ought to run the tutors talked about above. They're too good to miss.

Land base needs work too. 29 lands is low. Competitive two-color lists in green with ACMCs around 2.3 run 29 lands and those decks run the best and cheapest ramp around. For your deck, that's too few. Lands could also get updates. At least get a Strip Mine.

I get that you likely own this deck, but you should really consider building the best possible deck in the strategy you're advocating when labeling something as a primer. Maybe keep a copy of your real deck private while dropping Cradles and the like into the list.

I don't mean to sound condescending, but when I look at this list, I see tons of small imperfections all around. It's clear you've put a lot of effort into this thing, but it's no where near the power level Karametra could be. I don't think this list should be labeled as a primer until you've put in some real work to improve it or you add in a description into the primer stating that this list isn't meant to be competitive and is tuned to be both good against most common decks while not being overbearing.

I also think Karametra might be better suited to lead a creature-based stax deck, but that would radically alter this deck.

MementoMuffin on Alesha, Who Smiles At Death Reanimator Combo

2 weeks ago

If you want to slow down opponents, Leonin Arbiter, Ethersworn Canonist, Eidolon of Rhetoric, and Spirit of the Labyrinth are all excellent options. As for combos, Kiki-Jiki also works with Village Bell-Ringer and Felidar Guardian, both of which can be reanimated with Alesha - plus, Felidar also combos with either Karmic Guide or Reveillark and a sac outlet. For reanimation, I personally enjoy using Sire Of Insanity to make everyone hellbent, which Alesha can handle better than most. Oh, and Recruiter of the Guard is great for finding the exact hatebear/combo piece you need.

These are just a few options I'm familiar with, since I've been working with Alesha for a while now.

JrsJams on Sqwizards (WIP)

2 weeks ago

FadingLight The reason I didn't have more Reliquary Towers was because I noticed whenever I drew both of them I wouldn't have enough blue mana to cast a lot of my spells so a creature with the same effect would work really well if I can find one. Having most of my draw from legendary creatures doesn't hurt too much because of Baral, Chief of Compliance and Forgotten Creation being able to discard cards but i'll keep looking for other draw spells. The only reason I didn't have any Snapcaster Mages was because of the $100-$200 price tag. I might talk to my play group to see if they would be okay with a couple proxies. Then for cards like Spirit of the Labyrinth I guess I would try to counterspell them or add more removal.

FadingLight on Sqwizards (WIP)

2 weeks ago

I would put in a couple of Snapcaster Mage if you don't mind this being a bit costly. Other wise it seems like it's an okay mono-blue deck. Maybe Look for other ways to draw besides legendary creatures. You can only have one of those on the field at any one time. I.E You can't have two Azami, Lady of Scrolls out at the same time under your control. Your Mana Curve plays a significant amount of two drops, this will hurt you (in my opinion) because you'll have too many cards in hand, it might be helpful having your Reliquary Tower a 2-3 of as well to mitigate this. Unless you can find other cards, maybe 1-2 drop creatures that provide the same effect. Also, I do think that this deck is too linear.. if someone drops a Spirit of the Labyrinth You'll be out of the game really.

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