Stony Silence


Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Casual Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Rare
Innistrad (ISD) Rare

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Stony Silence


Activated abilities of artifacts can't be activated.

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Stony Silence Discussion

multimedia on Bantchantress

2 days ago

Hey, other than one aura, Ancestral Mask , your deck is setup to use Estrid as a Commander more than Tuvasa.

Tuvasa is strongest when she's attacking doing Commander damage. What makes her powerful is she's both an enchantress and beat stick for Commander damage from the Command Zone. With Tuvasa as Commander consider low mana cost auras that can make her a real threat? Rancor , Ethereal Armor , Daybreak Coronet , Steel of the Godhead , Favor of the Overbeing , etc. Want to get enchantments onto the battlefield fast to pump Tuvasa, but this goes against the extensive pillowfort strategy.

The pillowfort strategy with combos requires a lot resources and time to setup and that's in Estrid's wheelhouse not Tuvasa. Tuvasa can still benefit from some pillowfort cards such as Blind Obedience and Authority of the Consuls since these cards help to clear blockers for her to attack. Aura of Silence , Energy Flux , Stony Silence are also quite good since they shut down artifacts and artifacts aren't part of your strategy. Tuvasa can also benefit, but much less than Estrid, from low mana cost land auras. Unlike Estrid who wants all the land auras to take advantage of her +2, Tuvasa doesn't need them all, just the low mana cost ones that create ramp (Growth, Sprawl, Fertile).

Many creatures are less needed when playing Tuvasa as Commander because she's the creature you want to focus on and enchant. All the other enchantresses as well as Sram, Senior Edificer and Kor Spiritdancer (aura enchantresses) and Heliod's Pilgrim are all the creatures you need. Rather than big creatures consider instead splashy cards that interact with auras/enchantments: Retether , Three Dreams , Wargate , Plea for Guidance , Aura Thief .

Good luck with your deck.

hkhssweiss on Bantchantress

2 days ago

You can definitely add in Stony Silence as well as Energy Flux since you run basically almost no artifacts with the exception of the tokens made from Smothering Tithe as well as Sol Ring . I would also say you should consider running the combo you mentioned in your description as it is one way to solidify a win. I would also recommend adding in Faith's Reward if your going that route as well as Aura Thief ~

Hope that helps!

hkhssweiss on Budged Estrid Commander

2 days ago

Heya phsycord alright I took a look into your deck list and to go reasonably within budget here are some cards that are part of the core "enchantress" package, you have most of them already so here are some additional ones.

Now going for your route of winning there are pretty much a couple ways of winning. In my personal taste I would go for the Enchanted Evening + Calming Verse / Cleansing Meditation / Aura Thief route. However that does require quite a bit of money invested into the deck, although it's really fun. The next way I would recommend is just to outvalue your opponents which can get really fun.

You are essentially going to be using certain cards to make tokens and smack people in the face. To protect yourself as well you will be using cards like:

These enchantments will help you last the game longer as well as prevent people from attacking you forcibly. Next on the list of agendas is card advantage, you need a consistent flow of cards to keep on pumping. Mystic Remora and Rhystic Study are essentially auto-includes and too good to not use. Sylvan Library although it's fairly pricey is extremely good and would be a great investment.

Now for the ramp, you have most of the auras that matter to untap with Estrid. I would recommend cutting out the enchant lands that cost 4 cmc. You will need to curve out at 3 CMC for those types of ramp enchantments. Additionally you can add in Exploration , it's not needed, but it goes very well when your shitting out enchantments like no tomorrow.

For value cards all around, Wargate is one of the best card there is. You can grab any permanent and place it directly onto the battlefield. Estrid's Invocation and Copy Enchantment are great cards to use, especially Estrid's one as she retriggers itself every upkeep. Song of the Dryads as well as Darksteel Mutation are great hate cards to deal with things you can't really deal with in these colors/

Protection spells I would recommend are cards like Faith's Reward , Heroic Intervention , as well as Heroic Intervention . Lastly for land, since we have a lot of mana untappers, I would recommend grabbing up a Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx as it provides an substantial amount of mana.

Hope that helps! I'll probably add in more later on as it depends on the route you go for~

RedYeard on Metalworks V2

3 days ago

I played your V1 version and loved it and was excited to see a faster variant. I took this to FNM last night and went 2-1 but all loses were very close. Unfortunately I couldn't find any Grinding Station so subbed in extra an Phyrexia's Core and Mortarpod which both work as sacking outlets but I REALLY missed the milling win-con. I won primarily with infinite Mortarpod but one game was with Ghirapur AEther Grid .

I consistently side boarded in Nature's Claim but found my opponents were not bringing in real hate like Damping Sphere or Stony Silence instead opting for targeted artifact destruction or graveyard hate.

By game 3 opponents were consistently going after my Anvils and blowing up combo pieces but I started holding pieces and dumping all in one turn shrinking the opportunity to hate on them. Once I got any kind of redundancy in Anvils or Keys it was difficult for the opponent to deal with. I would even say I preferred two keys rather than one Anvil if the game was going slow.

The games I lost were always due to having my combo pieces in play getting destroyed before I had full protection then land flooding out.

werewoIf1011 on Karametra, Nature's Battlecruiser

4 days ago

Thanks for the upvote Goretast! I want to preface this by saying I don't (currently) want this deck to be super competitive like yours, I'm aiming for a power level of about 6-8. so optimized focused/optimized? I used Amulet of Vigor before, and it was pretty good but I preferred flashier cards.. I'll probably end up adding it back in. Stony Silence will also probably be finding a place, but I really have no idea what to take out. I saw on your deck that you don't run Rampaging Baloths or Emeria Shepherd , due to their high costs and slow effects, and I can agree with you there; but my main wincon is protection some big creatures then beating with them, so I'd prefer to not lower my creature count. What could i replace those two with (if anything), and what would you suggest I remove to make room for your two suggestions?

I also prefer strong synergies over auto-win combos ( Natural Affinity and Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite don't TECHNICALLY auto-win you the game ;)

Goretast on Karametra, Nature's Battlecruiser

4 days ago

+1, really like the deck and is somewhat similar to mine. I especially like Natural Affinity for the big swings and the potential land wipe on the opponent's side if you have out Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite - gross. Not sure what your budget is for this deck but Academy Rector , Amulet of Vigor , and Cloudstone Curio are huge powerhouses in Karametra. You could also slip in a Stony Silence and it wouldn't hurt you one bit. You should also add Mistveil Plains , it is fetchable with Karametra and lets you recycle cards. I have a high budget deck that might give you some ideas if you want to check it out on my profile.

RoaringBunny on Mr. Steal Yo Topdeck

6 days ago

I don't know what kind of group you play with so I'm going to make a bunch of general sugestions.

Hopefully some of this is helpful.

Goretast on [Primer] Full Guide to Karametra, God of Harvests

1 week ago

Hey rob_shifflett, I've been looking for a spot to add Stonecloaker , but my focus has been more on consistency and combos rather than disruption with my flicker creatures. I do really like Mirri's Guile because I do shuffle a lot. Normally I'd add top instead, but I've already committed to using Stony Silence .

Also, slasherturtle I'll send you the code for it.

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Stony Silence occurrence in decks from the last year


All decks: 0,01%

White: 0,13%

Commander / EDH:

All decks: 0,02%