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Activated abilities of artifacts can't be activated.

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Stony Silence Discussion

chadsansing on MARDU BURN

2 days ago

This seems like a lot of fun.

cc BeardedBurglar.

Have you tested a sideboard yet? I can see something like:

I'd love to test this some time, and I don't even play Modern right now :) Have fun!

ghgiunco on MUD in modern

2 days ago

irelandking888i used to play Darksteel Citadel before, in fact this is good to sac, but Stony Silence stop it, then the utility lands works better in this case, the package Tectonic + Encroaching Wastes make some matchs betters.

ShreddedByCrows on EDH Multiplayer: Nahiri, the Staxomancer *RETIRED*

2 weeks ago

I always loved Stax decks and their ability to mess up with the game's state. That's an interesting take on the archetype you have there. Hokori, Dust Drinker is well established as a hell of an annoying commander for a Mono Withe Stax EDH, but there's no doubt that Nahiri, the Lithomancer alongside cards like Stony Silence, etc., also could be a blast.

The deck seems decent overall. Your curve is sweet and you're running the usual lock tools we all love. I will only suggest you a few cards that could fit nicely your objectives.

First, with a Crucible of Worlds, you'll like to run the two most effective land destruction's tools : Wasteland and Strip Mine.

Then, I noticed you weren't running Thalia, Guardian of Thraben which is a bit surprising. As you said that you also were considering Thorn of Amethyst, both may end up as not that effective cards and I can understand your reluctance. Although, I think they both deserve some play-testing time.

The Lodestone Golem feels like a staple in this kind of deck, if you manage to find a place for it.

The Immortal Sun, even if it's not that cheap, provides you everything you're seeking for. It locks a bit your opponents (as you're literally only running Nahiri as planeswalker), gives you the card draw Mono Withe lacks and nullify Sphere of Resistance / etc. effects on yourself... yeah, seems good but it also locks Nahiri... but I feel like this counterpart is minor in comparison to its effectiveness.

Adding an Extraplanar Lens and snow-covered plains could also help to stabilize your mana base/ramp on the late game.

I hope some you will find some of this ideas helpful. Keep up the good work and enjoy brewing! :)

Enral on Azorius Control

2 weeks ago

Saint1129: Stony Silence brick's affinity's cranial plating equip as well as ravager's ability. Kataki can be answered by their galvanic blast and recall only buys me a turn before they redeploy everything again. I maindecked Engineered Explosives which is enough of an answer for an early explosive affinity turn before dropping stony silence to seal the deal. Stony silence is also useful to side in against tron which bricks their maps and eggs and also good against lantern control which stops their prison pieces like codex shredder from functioning. Hope that helps!

mmcgeach on Control Zur

2 weeks ago

Hey All.

So BattousaiYngwie, a -1/-1 counter is really good. It kills a lot of important stuff: Aven Mindcensor, Notion Thief, Hermit Druid, Priest of Titania. And unblockable is functionally worthless.

Nicolascolau, if you want to drop a land I'd drop the basic swamp, unless you REALLY need it in your meta (tons of Blood Moon and Back to Basics in every game). The swamp is kind of redundant with Urborg, and urborg is generally better (although it gets worse if you're not running tabernacle). Also you need fewer lands if you're not likely to run into Stony Silence and Null Rod. If you're not generally under mana pressure from Stax decks then I'd drop a land and go for 30-mana producing lands.

crstisalie ... oh man, what are you playing against that you want LLawan for? Some kind of merfolk aggro? :) OTOH, Bribery is probably playable if your opponents have stuff worth taking (reanimation targets or conc sphinx or fatties or some jank).

plusARGON on Animate Pummler: A Mediocrity

2 weeks ago

I would take a look at some infect decks and use some of their pump tech. Pendelhaven, Might of Old Krosa, Vines of Vastwood and Become Immense are all great options. You may also consider running more card draw and selection to get Pummeler faster. Ancient Stirrings is a free include with green and Serum Visions is always good. Rogue Refiner also helps to this end. Ways to protect or recur the Pummeler would also be good. Welding Jar has gained popularity recently and you could play with the colors some and look at Ojutai's Command or Kolaghan's Command.

You don't have a sideboard, yet. But I would look Krosan Grip or other hate for the likes of Stony Silence that just turns this deck off. You may also consider some counter spells, since you're in blue.

Saint1129 on Azorius Control

2 weeks ago

I'm looking at sideboard options for my own control deck Let's Begin With Control... and I was wondering if you could give me some insight. Why did you choose Stony Silence over Hurkyl's Recall or Kataki, War's Wage as artifact hate?

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