Zur the Enchanter


Format Legality
Vintage Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Legacy Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Rare
Commander's Arsenal Rare
Coldsnap Rare
Promo Set Rare

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Zur the Enchanter

Legendary Creature — Human Wizard


Whenever Zur the Enchanter attacks, you may search your library for an enchantment card with converted mana cost 3 or less and put it onto the battlefield. If you do, shuffle your library.

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Zur the Enchanter Discussion

TheDevicer on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 days ago

I mean, just play Brago? Aside from that, there's Merieke Ri Berit. Blinking her is pretty good. If you want a toolbox general that can get you stuff on command, even good blink targets, there's Zur the Enchanter.

iAzire on Serra's Sanctum and the future

1 week ago

Buy it now. It's so worth it. I own one, I have it in my Daxos the Returned deck. About the only deck I can think of it being an important piece. I don't even run it in Zur the Enchanter.

VietMoneys on Minimal School of ErTaiChi at Water's Edge

1 week ago

Man, need to make some cuts. I want to get Supreme Verdict, Zur the Enchanter, and Yawgmoth's Will in there.

Abraxas3719 on hosshughes

1 week ago

Hello again, you did such an awesome job with the Phenax, God of Deception list I was hoping you would do another one with Zur the Enchanter

lagotripha on The Gold Standard (5-Color Blades)

1 week ago

I rean a lower cost aggro variant of this- relying on Shield of the Oversoul, Clout of the Dominus and Steel of the Godhead with Civic Saber and Blessing of the Nephilim to pump up, and Zur the Enchanter as a one-of. Curved into mantis rider and Lightning Angels where the shroud could really shine. Sedraxis Specter deserves a look as a resilient and powerful threat, and Skyrider Elf is both cheap and big without knights. Hide/Seek is a really powerful tool. I ran Shifting Sky for a while as a mixed pump with Guildscorn Ward, but it isn't great.

Gleeock on Is there any way to ...

2 weeks ago

Well.... For the most part, although those "destroy all cards" are around 4cmc, they are usually incredibly powerful events that are near inescapable even for the earthbound godly critters; think cataclysm, wrath of god,apocalypse etc...

Mostly I just attack people's resources if I want a critter to stay on the field, otherwise there is always a workaround. I like to do things like Avacyn, Angel of Hope & Worldslayer .. Or something like a jacked up Sram, Senior Edificer followed up by mass land destruction

The only EASY near unremovable creature/combo I've ever seen is Zur the Enchanter with Vanishing, that combo is very difficult to deal with

Admittedly, I think the game could afford to have either a 0/? unremovable critter or a unremovable wall... but I'm sure that is a slippery slope in many ways I have not thought to hard about

n0bunga on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

2 weeks ago


With regards to T1:

General Tazri - main wincon is FC to bring out two Allies that either Mill or Drain you.

Jeleva, Nephalia's Scourge - Storm that is relatively lower to the ground, and will storm out via Aetherflux, which can be easily dropped down T1.

Prossh, Skyraider of Kher - FC again, with Purphoros or Blood Artist.

Teferi, Temporal Archmage - Granted, this is probably the only viable T1 deck in theory, but by T2-T3 its prison should already be under way before Gaddock even drops, and even then you've the entirety of mono blue counterspells against you, ensuring he would never get cast.

Thrasios, Triton Hero - Labman win, wihtout the necessity of Dread Return. With the large array of infinite mana outlets provided by noncreature spells less than 4, Thrasios can draw its deck, cast Labman, and draw for the win.

Yidris, Maelstrom Wielder - similar to Jeleva, whereby its average CMC is significantly less than two, and the spells that are 4 or greater like Unmask are inconsequential and merely benefit from the Cascade into anything. Aetherflux may take a hit depending on board state, but even then it would run Chain of Vapor or anything you could think of that would be problematic for Gaddock.

Zur the Enchanter - Primary win is via doomsday, but its ability can easily tutor a Darksteel Mutation for this very reason before going off.

My point is with all of these decks, none of them have a theoretical problem with Gaddock Teeg's ability.

Captain Sisay is where she is because her ability works outisde of specific locks; in contrast it's far more universally applicable, giving players the ability to dig for precisely what they want or situationally need.

enpc on Sword for Hire

2 weeks ago

Sorry about the delay, I wanted to devote some time to this.

So the first thing that stands out is that you're really missing a direction for the deck. You have a bit of everything going on, which means that you're not really strong in any area. First off, you need to figure out what kind of deck you want to build and then focus your card selection from there.

Also, I want to touch on a few points regarding deck building choices:

  • Cards like Blade of Selves aren't good with legendary creatures, which is the vast majority of your creature base. The second you make a copy of them, all but one of those copies are sent to the graveyard as a state based action. On top of that, most of your legendary creatures have static abilities, meaning that you won't get any benefit from making copies. At least if you used ETB creatures like Venser, Shaper Savant you'd get the triggers.

  • Running Zur the Enchanter with only a few targets seems like a waste of a slot. Zur can be super powerful as commander and good in the deck, but he is a build around card.

  • A really big one (and one I see a lot) is that life gain for the sake of life gain doesn't achieve anything. While a bit of extra life can be helpful, unless it's as a side note (see Selvala, Explorer Returned) or one of a few things a card does (see Deathrite Shaman) then it's not worth a card slot. And if you're going to run life gain effects, try to run stuff to capitalise on it. You have Serra Avatar but what about Aetherflux Reservoir, Felidar Sovereign, Test of Endurance? all these can help provide the deck with a win condition.

As for using Oloro specifically for your commander:

While some of this is generic, some of this advice is also deck specific. I would recommend having a think about how you want to win with the deck and then I can help suggest some more specific cards.

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