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웃어라. 온 세상이 너와 함께 웃을 것이다. 울어라. 너 혼자만 울게 될 것이다

(Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep, and you weep alone)...

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Kiyomei: Competitive EDH (CEDH) is my main focus... casual, Kitchen table magic and people who enjoy fun degenerate decks are of no interest to me regarding my CEDH views...

"it doesn't mean shit to me if you're not really consistent though"

Why CEDH / Duel commander/ Competitive 2headed giant?

Basically, I get bored really fast if games revolve around a relaxed mindset. Thankfully, playing competitively feeds me a reason so that I can make changes to my decks and research many different ways to become better myself and win more. Playing to Win is something that I thrive upon, and there has been proof of my capabilities of overcoming and invalidating many players in different kind of games and leave them below the level that I achieved...

_[Third place in our league between multiple shops over several months of 1v1, free for all and 2HG... knowing I missed two events and was only a few points behind second and first place (Consistency WINK WINK) Link:

( _

[TOP 3.0% in the World of Warcraft 3v3 Ladder and around top 1% of the RBG Ladder in Europe!!! Europe has a higher skill cap than any competitive American scene... still not Asian level of play though but close :'( ]

"In order to achieve something one must leave something behind..."

(In Many games "cookiecutter" stuff exists... Abuse it and don't be delusional...)

What kind of players I hate most :

colluding players:

" Collusion is when two players have an understanding outside of the game that they will make plays that don't optimize their own chance of winning in order to help each other. Collusion is an entirely different beast from politics and empathy - collusion is cheating. Not in the technical sense, since you're not violating the rules of the game. However, colluding players are effectively playing a different game than their opponents, starting with an unfair advantage. they are garbage by default and you should focus them down first if they want to team with you after you "agreed" to collude (WINK WINK)... "

The only current competition, sparring partner, and co-researcher Pray4Valor. I highly recommend checking out his profile if you are interested!

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Hey animeno, Sadly I have stopped playing this deck and sold most of the cards. I remember this iteration to have fewer redundancies compared to the angel line before but I did see the "new" Freed from the Real and Bloom Tender thing he added and am unsure how it would play out as I've never seen anyone play it before in a higher end deck! (Seems very very focused around timetwister again as well no? not a huge fan of that card as in pricey for your average Cedh player, even though there is a budget replacement it's not the same...)

I am unsure what his main goal of the new version is as he is enormously slow on updating anything on tapped out :). But I am not really sold by his new version. Does he want pure speed, mid range speed + protection? I am really unable to tell if the deck was upgraded or suffered on performance. (I mean it was already the fastest deck in the format regardless of Angel or Mul version with only a small protection package)

December 7, 2018 1:40 a.m.


I only recently got my Living Plane. I'd say the land base for this deck is far more important to get right to begin with but that doesn't mean you 100% necessarily need the most expensive ones asap... there are alternatives as long as they enter untapped and are able to create 2 to 3 ( , , ) colors like the ones you mentioned. (Yes duals make your fetch life easier by a small amount but Breeding Pool instead of a Tropical Island does the trick too, you just have fewer targets for your Fetch land and can't thin out your deck as effectively.)

(There is also the poor man's cradle... A card that flips into it, I guess I have it somewhere in my Sideboard and it did have synergy because of the number of creatures we run. And then there is also Nykthos, Shrine to Nyx... But I mean you should get upgrades if you feel like you are missing out on them not if you don't understand why you should get it therefor Proxy one and test it? nothing wrong with that?)

  • SideBoard

I have some alternatives in my Binder/Sideboard to give you more ideas : 京 An illusion? (SideBoard) 京 (Some which aren't on the list as they reside in other decks but I mostly keep it up to date because I use it for different meta (It also has a little card explanation as on why what and when ;) )

  • Tier list/ Collection

And I also have a collection of the most interesting Derevi decks on tapped out : 京 The Cedh Derevi tier list collection 京. As I Highly doubt all of these run an exact same land base. Hope you can find Alternatives or ideas there as well.


To tutor is to find answers that need to be dealt with in the near future, I typically tend to go for hate above engines, gas, and ramp... For example, a person on your table is playing a heavy tutor game with Momir Vig, Simic Visionary... A good tutor against a deck like this would be Aven Mindcensor and after that Linvala, Keeper of Silence as they play an army of dorks as well... Playing against a heavy artifact table or someone who got ahead and almost emptied their entire hand for artifact ramp who is ready for perhaps a game-winning big play turn 2 could be dealt with by using Kataki, War's Wage... Ofource the generic "everything costs 1 more to play" stops or slows down some decks as well... The way this deck plays out is very straightforward if you can see those details but how you win or present a lock is genuinely never the same but very effective when played correctly.

Knowing your opponent's commander therefor is key, it is not necessary to be aware of every jank adaption or card they use. It is necessary to know how a deck using a certain commander can win... (how do you even begin with a task like this? Play a lot, look at a lot of top-tier Cedh decks, Read their primers carefully, research combos and many more details...)

Yes at some point you can look for Things like Edric, Spymaster of Trest but they should never be your first choice as they don't really present a direct threat other than having people attack for card advantage. You should always try to go for lines that improve your disruptive play but you Shouldn't forget you're not playing to control or win because This deck is not as control as it seems in that it can rely on drawing gas, as that gas may or may not align with adequately disruptive lines of play!

November 28, 2018 2:15 a.m.

(I forgot One small thing, you could look for artifact or enchantment versions of creatures with the same kind of Stax even though it lessens the possible asymmetry we can create by abusing taps and untaps of Derevi... for example : Eidolon of Rhetoric into Rule of Law and it opens up the possibility for you to play some more hurtful planeswalkers like Dovin Baan and Tamiyo, Field Researcher which need to be dealt with after a board wipe)

November 27, 2018 3:06 a.m.

Hi @maraxus1070, Personally this deck fears the mana board wipes far more than the mana ones...


  • Wrath of God, Damnation and Supreme Verdict or others like this can be stopped by Gaddock Teeg / Sanctum Prelate (Although I rather use him on 1 - 2 - 3)... Or as intended they are delayed by any of our sphere effects and hopefully defused before the can save up for them...

  • Aggressive taps of lands during orb effects is also necessary instead of going for greedy plays and ramp for example and it prevents this. Occasionally yes people tend to get some RNG luck and are able to cast it earlier with sol ring, crypt or any ramp they were able to get out before you were able to react properly to any of it, and you can try to rebuild or just deal with it that you weren't fast enough or on top of the game with that certain starting hand which as we all know happens sometimes. (I don't side anything in for a board wipe heavy meta though but you could look to add Spell Pierce kind of counters and they even exist in creature form which is also good for aggressive tapping and threatening to counter Seth board wipe, for example; Cursecatcher, Patron Wizard, Judge's Familiar, Mana Tithe, Force Spike, Spiketail Hatchling, and many more at Low CMC that can be found if you search for "counter target spell unless its controller pays" )

  • Mistakes, like Holding back or playing into this, and keeping creatures back might lose you the game to others as well that are just biding their time, so that creates a dilemma too... Rather you will want to be ahead of that by slamming down sphere effects and keeping them down as fast as possible by straining every recourse possible be it artifacts or lands...

  • I do have one card that does some miracles and scares people of using wipes which is Living Plane... I tend to slam it down fairly early if I have nothing else to do as this creates a lot of problems regardless of Board wipes and lands even enter with summoning sickness so rebuilding after it becomes easier. It might also take their focus away from wiping as they might know what comes after a resolved living plane. (= Linvala or Elesh... )

  • Swords and Paths are mostly used when they see an opening and can combo after end-step removing something valuable that is preventing their win I presume. You could apply the same Spell pierce effects + sphere effects to battle this somewhat... but at one mana it is far harder. Although one would also be able to do it with winter orb + a sphere effect and root maze-like effects out while they are on no lands untapped mode! this is far harder to manage as you can't always have everyone locked out this much as early as turn 1 or 2. this also applies to the mana board wipes like Fire Covenant and Toxic Deluge which are far harder to combat...

  • The same thing can be said about people running loads of artifact and enchantment removal in my many different meta... Personally, I really don't side in anything against hate like this. What we do try though is prepare a board state that prevents this from even being an option. (Again yes RNG might screw you over a small number of times if so just go gg next game ;) )

(I Hope this helps. If you do find solid solutions yourself during playtest feel free to let me know, but this is all I can think of right now.)

November 27, 2018 3:03 a.m.

didn't know you weren't aiming for competitiveness so my apologies for that, it's just that I saw your deck on the banner and usually people tend to put it there to get help and attention from better players... My list has certain interactions and removal that could still be crucial at certain CEDH pods that play the fastest decks around in any meta, but I am pretty sure that isn't needed it seems like in your group :) .

Anyway I'll let you enjoy your casual philosophy, just feel it's not really worth anyone's time to push it on the banner or featured deck queue though ;)

November 27, 2018 1:33 a.m.

I used to play her a long time ago, Good memories!!! it can feel so great exiling everyone his or her deck and passing the turn ^^

I still have a template of how I had my deck setup before I broke it down, perhaps it can provide some ideas or inspiration :)

京 Oona, (Exile/Control)(inf combo)(Tier 1.5) 京

November 26, 2018 1:29 a.m.

never really felt like she is any good in free for all... + with all those pillow fort jank spells you use you're not really aiming for a competitive deck it seems like or are you looking for help?...

If you're looking to add some sort of Stax you could look to replace some of the "pillow fort jank pay more to attack crap" for the likes of Blood Moon, Magus of the Moon or even more removal as in proper board wipes...

I have been running a top tier 1v1 list for a very long time now and have a lot of tournament wins on its name as well so if you're looking for some upgrades or ideas for removal feel free to check it out...

京 What are we if not slaves to this torment? 京 1v1

November 26, 2018 12:56 a.m.

Said on Breakfast Hulk...


So with these new additions and changes, What would be some key Stax pieces and hate you should look out for that would make you unable to win?

November 24, 2018 5:29 a.m.


京 An illusion? What are you hiding? (CEDH-STAX) 京

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