This is my first attempt at creating a cube. Any thoughts or suggestions would be most appreciated.

I have tried to keep the distribution between colours, card types and mana costs reasonably balanced which each colour slightly favouring its strength e.g. green contains more creature and blue contains more instants etc.

The intended pack breakdown is:

1x Mythic\Rare
5x Uncommon
9x Common

The 24 non-basic land included in this cube should be distributed such that there is 1 in each pack with the appropriate correction made to that pack for that lands rarity.

The breakdown for rarity in this cube is actually:

24x Mythic\Rare
120x Uncommon
220x Common

However due to some cards I have being reprinted at different rarities it shows up slightly differently on here.

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Pack size 15
Cards 360
Date added 6 years
Last updated 1 year

Last Updated 1 year ago

+1 Jori En, Ruin Diver
-1 Tymaret, the Murder King

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