Time to Feed

Time to Feed


Choose target creature. When that creature dies this turn, you gain 3 life. Target creature you control fights that creature.

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Time to Feed Discussion

Werternut on KUMITE

1 week ago

Time to Feed the Sedge Scorpions....

wolfboy on stephen.mecham

1 week ago

To edit your page, press the person in the top right corner, but this time press the settings button. Then edit how you wish, or for ideas look at my page, or here is bens page Emrys. Press here to see your scavenge deck, Scavenge. I friended you so if you press the friends button and my username will be there. When you edit your decks, check mark the appears on profile to have it shown on this page. Here are some sideboard idea's for your scavenge deck, because it will have problems with enchantment decks and flying creatures.

3x Putrefy

3x Creeping Mold

3x Naturalize

3x Hunt the Weak

3x Time to Feed

That's about it.

mu.so on 2014-12-12 update of Mono-Green Stomp

4 weeks ago

Consider 4 Time to Feed or Savage Punch instead of Plummet + Naturalize. You should take out some of your 5CMC and 6CMC cards and add some Forest. IMHO you need 24 lands in a deck like this. You could maybe use Setessan Oathsworn. I strongly suggest adding Leafcrown Dryad and/or Swordwise Centaur, the idea being to have a stronger/more consistent early game. If your opponent survives your onslaught of 2 drops and pump spells, then you play Terra Stomper for the win :) Hope that's helpful and not just stupid :D

Ozzykun on Mono G Devotion Standard

1 month ago

Why not play Genesis Hydra Instead of See the Unwritten ? Also why not some Hornet Queen and even some Chord of Calling which would allow you to play a little few less Reclamation Sage putting some of then on the board and take out some Garruk's Packleader . Also, why not Setessan Tactics in place of Time to Feed ?

RAIC on Heroic Heroes

1 month ago

First of: any suggestion I make here is based on Theros Block cards, because it seemed you were going for that. I agree with a couple of things Zoolbar mentioned. Biggest critique is the manabase. If you're running 2 colours, you'll need about 23 lands (even with dual lands this amount is advisable). 18 is just way too inconsistent, especially because there's no ramp or a way to tutor for lands.

I'd say toss out the Hero of Leina Tower (or Lagonna-Band Trailblazer , if you prefer the Leina Tower), you already have 2 playsets of one-drop creatures. Use this space to add lands. Preferably plains, those are lacking most.

Take out Unravel the Aether , for the same reason Zoolbar mentioned. If you want artifact/enchantment removal (in theros-block), put it into the sideboard and use Fade into Antiquity instead. Consider creature removal like Time to Feed or Divine Verdict . Time to Feed also targets your own creature, which will also trigger their heroic ability, so I recommend that one.

Another creature to consider might be the Fabled Hero .

jsansoldo on Touchy touchy touchy! (suggestions are welcome)

2 months ago

Damm, Setessan Tactics is MUCH better than Time to Feed . I'll swap them right away.

I'll try Nylea to see if I need her to get the damage in.

Thanks for the tip Codeman702 !

Forestwalkers on

3 months ago

Cool idea. I think you should really add more fight cards to make this deck better. Adding 2 more Hunt the Weak and 2 more Time to Feed would compliment this deck nicely. Also, when Khans of Tarkir comes out, Savage Punch would be a nice addition also.

Color(s) Green
Cost 2G
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 6.53
Avg. cube pick 8.16


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Common

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