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Time to Feed

Time to Feed


Choose target creature. When that creature dies this turn, you gain 3 life. Target creature you control fights that creature.

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Time to Feed Discussion

skiiieees on Fun With Gorgon's Heads

1 day ago

Ral Zarek for double taps with the staticaster. I use the staticaster combo in my deck too :) here Keranos's Storm. How you splashed green was nice, I think you should add Sedge Scorpion and Fall of the Hammer for some early control and to really get the creature clearing you need. Even Time to Feed would work nice. A little less in theme is to have Curse of the Swine which is awesome with the staticaster cuz all the creatures share the same name as tokens (and can target indestructible creatures).

GoldGhost012 on All Hail Sedge Scorpion, the Storm Crow of Theros!

5 days ago

I've found that Time to Feed is strictly worse than Pit Fight becuase Pit Fight costs 1 less but more importantly is an instant, which helps me get rid of pesky creatures like Obzedat, Ghost Council and AEtherling . It will probably be my removal of choice when RTR rotates, depending on what else Journey into Nyx and M15 bring us. Besides, Bow of Nylea gives me more consistent lifegain.

No room for inferior Vipers, I'm afraid.

Archonbob on All Hail Sedge Scorpion, the Storm Crow of Theros!

5 days ago

Time to Feed could make Sedge Scorpion be life gain


deathtouch? why not Wasteland Viper

sylvannos on Pre-Releases

6 days ago

You should also get some practice playing Limited before you go. It's a lot different from playing 60-card Constructed formats or EDH. There's more emphasis on commons/uncommons and removal spells (like Sip of Hemlock or Divine Verdict ).

This article and this one are great introductions to Limited. While they focus on Drafting, Sealed has many of the same principles. The key difference is that Sealed tends to be slower. Limited Information on DailyMtG is always full of great tips.

If you have Duels of the Planeswalkers, you can play Sealed there, which is great practice. Otherwise, remember B.R.E.A.D., which stands for:

Bombs: These are cards that win the game by themselves once they resolve. They are the first things you add to your deck. Most rares and mythics are bombs (such as Stormbreath Dragon and Shipbreaker Kraken ). However, there are bombs at common and uncommon as well. Sea God's Revenge , Nemesis of Mortals , and Vulpine Goliath all come to mind for Theros Limited.

Removal: You know what's better than having creatures and flashy permanents? Removal. Setting up 2-for-1s is really easy to do in Limited, especially in a format like Theros where players want to slap enchantments on everything. Cards like Vanquish the Foul , Lightning Strike , Bile Blight , and Time to Feed are added to your deck after your bombs.

Evasion: This isn't like Constructed where you can win through combos or take control over the game to the point where you can land a planeswalker and expect your opponent to not have an out. You have to push damage through. Creatures with evasion or direct damage are added to your deck after bombs and removal. This includes things like Agent of Horizons , Vaporkin , and Mogis's Marauder .

Aggro: Again, you need to push damage through. If you haven't used up all 23 slots of your deck for nonland cards, start adding creatures to your deck that are in your colors. Cards like Traveling Philosopher , Bronze Sable , and Charging Badger fit into this category.

Dregs: Since you have to have a minimum of 40 cards, sometimes your card pool didn't give you enough bombs, removal, evasion, or aggro cards. You have seventeen lands in your deck, but still only have 21 playable cards, meaning you have to fill that space up with two more. Dregs are cards that were more designed for Constructed play and are terrible in Limited, but they're better to place in your deck than trying to splash other colors or upping your land count. This includes cards like Ephara's Radiance , Eye Gouge , Guardians of Meletis . Often, Dregs will fill out your sideboard for specific opponents, so don't always overlook them. Just be wary of adding them to your mainboard.

That about covers Limited. The other key points about playing Theros Limited is that the gold uncommons are good indicators of what each color combination's goals are. For example, Blue and White focuses on heroic triggers, hence its uncommon is Battlewise Hoplite . Bestow creatures are some of the best in the format and you'll want as many as you can get. White is the strongest color in the current format, and that probably won't change with JOU. It has Wingsteed Rider and some of the best removal in the block.

Common cards that you'll want to add as many as possible if you get them in your sealed pool (and you're in their respective colors):

chillix on Setessan Heroes (Green/White Heroic)

6 days ago

maybe Pit Fight over Time to Feed . you lose the life but gain instant speed and 1 more mana. And you could even fight your own creatures for double heroic triggers!

JeFFS on Heroics on a Budget

6 days ago

The sideboard is wide open right now. My initial thoughts for adjusting this are to add more Time to Feed and leaving Fog for the sideboard, since TTF triggers Heroic, but I've had a couple of test games where I really wanted to let my momentarily-smaller creatures just let my opponent swing away and then retaliate bigger on the next turn.

Gonra on Don't Feed the Troll

1 week ago

Very nice.

Maybe 2x Time to Feed into sideboard if Blood Baron of Vizkopa is causing you problems.

Bow of Nylea is a decent toolbox, into the sideboard at least, and like Whip of Erebos it can be picked up by Commune with the Gods .

Valius on Emerald Aggression

2 weeks ago

Thanks! Yeah chump blocking is a huge issue. I figure if it's bad enough I can side in Time to Feed or something (in RTR, my Simic deck used Mutant's Prey or Pit Fight , but those don't fit my deck-building parameters, sadly). Even the artifact/enchant removal can get ride of a lot of creatures in the Theros block. But yeah, surprisingly I like Charging Badger . A lot. I'm going to try to get my hands on a couple Nylea, and the Scourge of Skola Vale could be fun with a chump sacrifice (is that even a term?) and Aspect of Hydra .

Haha yeah, I saw that after I posted about Enlarge ... Spent all this time thinking it was 7. I feel dumb. In any case, knowing it's the same cost as Hunter's Prowess , I think I like Prowess more. I drew 13 cards with it one game (take that, Sphinx's Revelation !) I might stick Enlarge in anyway, but I don't know how I feel about having so many cards over 3cmc for an aggro deck. Meh, more win cons is more win cons, I guess. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.02 $0.12 $0.6 $0.26
Color(s) G
Cost 2G
Converted cost 3
Avg. draft pick 6.31
Avg. cube pick 7.33


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Common