Tap up to three target creatures.

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Downpour Discussion

DragoLion on

2 months ago

First off the mana base man. What is that? lol Just kidding. I really like some of it. Isochron Scepter + Dawn Charm is super cute. You might think about using Boros Charm, Azorius Charm or Downpour. I also think a few counterspells could do you good like Mana Leak, Remand or Delay. Lightning Bolt, Spell Snare are also good. Lightning Angel or Mantis Rider are both better alternatives to Aurelia, the Warleader. Try some of that I've got more but I don't wanna overwhelm you.

Good deck though. +1

ThisIsTheSix on The King of Tapping

3 months ago

Thanks benni4848 I really like the Downpour + Isochron Scepter. But I think Tideforce Elemental is better because it can untap every turn and his landfall is also good.

I was also thinking about Sunblast Angel, AlucardZain. But I think her cmc is a little to high.

Weisserfuchs on The King of Tapping

3 months ago

Right, here's what I'd remove besides Thornbite and Impediments. Replace thornbite with Icy Manipulator and Impediments with Tideforce Elemental.

  • Distress. If you're going to run hand disruption use more targeted cards like Duress or Despise. This will help you out A LOT. Otherwise use this space for 2 extra lands

  • Downpour. Replace with Mana Leak

  • Sleep. Replace with Blustersquall.

  • Citadel Siege. Too high CMC for tap fuel. Replace with targeted removal, preferably Go for the Throat.

  • Angelic Benediction. Too conditional, Exalted isn't going to do much for you here. Use this space for Tragic Slips.

  • Tamiyo, the Moon Sage. Yeah I know she looks AWESOME for your deck but honestly with that CMC she'll just slow you down. I'd use her space for Blind Obedience. Amazing turn two control card.

  • Deathbringer Liege. Only drop one, though. You only ever need two of this guy. Use that extra space to throw in Merciless Eviction. Why Eviction? It takes Artifacts, Superfriends, GW Enchantments, and Junk Aristocrat to the cleaners, among other things. It also denies any graveyard-based deck like Junk Reanimator, BGx Dredge, and BUG Delve from getting any advantage out of a field wipe. The CMC isn't too high considering you're running psuedo-control. If you're still not sold, run Eviction in your sideboard and put one Thousand-Year Elixir in the Liege's place, for a 3 drop artifact that makes your Assassin have haste and can untap at any time.

DragoLion on Texas Toaster

3 months ago

It allows you to use things like Downpour every turn though is what I was saying. It's not for everyone but I think getting the doublestrike from Boros Charm every turn is a little more reliable than Sun Yu. Like I said food for thought it's your deck I'm just a friendly passerby.

DragoLion on Texas Toaster

3 months ago

Why no Monastery Mentor? Isochron Scepter is good too with Boros Charm, Downpour, Raise the Alarm, Lightning Helix. Food for thought.

Cipher001 on Needs more stability

5 months ago

I'm trying out a variant of an earlier deck I made, Sunblast, with red in it. I'm kind of worried about its overall theme being trampled over, by the inclusion of burn spells like Lightning Bolt and Lightning Helix over the traditional Downpour and Feeling of Dread, but they seem to control the field better. Help me make this more competitive please-- The Scorch Trials. Thanks to all who help out!

xFortune on Tapdancing

7 months ago

Tamiyo, the Moon Sage to keep something perma-tapped, and give you a good amount of draw after you cast a tap spell (almost doubles the cost of your deck though, so probably not something you'd be willing to include)

Inaction Injunction, while it doesn't tap, it does prevent creatures from attacking or blocking, which will still make Tromokratis unblockable.

Dungeon Geists taps something until it dies, and it's a spirit!

Downpour taps 3 for 2 mana at instant speed.

Color(s) Blue
Cost 1U
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 10.53
Avg. cube pick 7.7


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Magic 2013 Common

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