Unflinching Courage


Format Legality
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Legacy Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Uncommon
Dragon's Maze (DGM) Uncommon

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Unflinching Courage

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has trample and lifelink.

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Unflinching Courage Discussion

MoGoose831 on It's s pronounced bOgle!

6 days ago

Thanks for the help Sargeras and shaistyone!!

I love the recommendations and most are things I have already been considering but Im going to play the deck a lot more before I make too many changes. I think I will however be swapping out 2 Unflinching Courage for Spirit Mantle and had planned on running Spider Umbra but my lgs didn't have any and i only had snake.

I have played the deck a few times against Death and Taxes and believe I'm 3-1. Adding in Celestial Flare and the other path after losing the first game. Overall I'm pleased with it and having a lot of fun!

slayingmatt1234 on Into the Woods

1 week ago

Hey man, I see that you are a Selesnya fan! Being one myself, and seeing you want some deck help, let me give you some general advice.

I actually made my own 50-60$ Selesnya deck for a casual series I made for my friends, which you can check out here (by the way, please check out the rest of the decks out in my budget series. I made one for each guild). I'll just give you a few suggestions from that deck which should help you.

Instead of Sundering Growth, I run Qasali Pridemage because unlike growth, since you don't have any tokens the cat wizard should give you more board presence.

Instead of Rebuff the Wicked, if you are trying to protect your creatures I recommend you run either an aura that protects them like Shield of the Oversoul or a spell like Gods Willing, because not only is it cheaper $ wise, but it can make a creature effectively unblockable for a turn if you like. Dauntless Escort also has a similar ability to Reknit, although I guess you can see it coming, unlike an instant.

Similarly, Primal Rage could be turned into more offensive power with an Unflinching Courage instead. If you want the passive to all creatures, perhaps a one-of of Nylea, God of the Hunt would be best. She is great with Wilt-Leaf Liege because the liege adds 3 green devotion.

Some other general advice I can make is that I think you would be much better off dropping the Knight of New Alaras and instead upping Wilt-Leaf Liege to a 4-of, because unfortunately the human knight is boltable unless buffed while the elf is not.I also recommend putting in some better removal. My deck has a bunch of options you can consider for that. Also, Tireless Tracker is another card worth considering. Hope this all helps! Feel free to ask me if you need any more help.

OriginLeon on ✨✨ZURS' Enchanted Woods ✨✨

3 weeks ago

Dezibell first of all thank you for your inputs!

You wouldn't believe how good Unflinching Courage is, mainly in first matches where it gets opponents by surprise! It turns off chump blockers, deals additional damage and most importantly get my life total back up by 5 to 7! That's a big deal against some matchups and had me turning some games online. Steel of the Godhead would indeed garantee the unblockable part for Zur the Enchanter, but he already has evasion and the option to put into other creatures seems better to me. I found myself putting it into Treefolk Harbinger sometimes to get additional value in case Zur gets removed.

As for some of your other ideas:

Athreos, God of Passage was on the deck, I recently removed it since it wasn't being as effective as I'd hoped. Most of the time the wipe effect just kill my main pieces and let little guys back to my hand. I added Gaddock Teeg to the sideboard to protect myself against effects like theese and some others, and also more Brain Maggots on the sideboard.

Ghostly Prison and Nevermore are already on the sideboard lol being so good.Ashes of the Abhorrent seems undervalued when I already have Rest in Peace on the sideboard.

Bow of Nylea and Threads of Disloyalty are cards I do consider fitting in but I wouldn't know what to take out for them since my sideboard is already carefully selected for my current meta.

Do you play on Xmage? If so we could maybe play some time!

Dezibell on ✨✨ZURS' Enchanted Woods ✨✨

3 weeks ago

These enchantments might be useful for main or sideboard too: Ashes of the Abhorrent, Authority of the Consuls, Athreos, God of Passage, Bow of Nylea, Ghostly Prison, Guardian Zendikon, Nevermore, Steel of the Godhead, Threads of Disloyalty

Steel of the Godhead especially seems like an upgrade over Unflinching Courage if your plain is putting it on Zur.

rothgar13 on G/W Token Hate?

4 weeks ago

Evasion auras like Unflinching Courage, Gryff's Boon, Spirit Mantle, and Rancor. Just walk past the tokens and kill the pilot.

Dezibell on ✨✨ZURS' Enchanted Woods ✨✨

4 weeks ago

Is Unflinching Courage actually worth running over another copy of Courser of Kruphix? Having another 4/4 blocker with landfall lifegain seems like it would be pretty good.

Also you have a lot of enchantments in the deck. Do you think Blightcaster might work?

slayingmatt1234 on Knight Elves

4 weeks ago

Hey man, I don't know your meta (I assume its casual) but let me give some general cheap goodstuff cards that might help your deck and some general advice.

The biggest problems I see with your deck is that 1. It has very few low drops, 2. it has few removal spells, and 3. You need a more solid finisher (I'll explain what I mean). Fortunately Selesnya has plenty of cheap ways to fix all of those problems.

For low drops, Avacyn's Pilgrim is a great ramp card to get your 3 and 4 drops out early, and Qasali Pridemage while not a knight is a great, inexpensive support card for any selesnya deck. If you want specifically knights, then Knotvine Paladin and Student of Warfare are good too. You just want some early board against an aggro deck with haste creatures and stuff.

For removal, on top of Dromoka's Command, which is a great card, you can also put in both Banishing Light and Selesnya Charm as cheap removal spells. Selesnya Charm even doubles as a combat trick, so you can easily replace Seeds of Strength with it.

Now for the finisher, usually in Selesnya the best finishers you can get are either creatures that are big, hard to remove, and have evasion, or creatures that can go wide with token generation. The best example of the first is Sigarda, Host of Herons, who is obviously expensive but worth every penny even if you only want one copy of her (not to mention she's also the badass savior of Innistrad, flavor win!), and of the second, which does fit in your knight theme, is Hero of Bladehold, but who is also more pricy. Currently your finishers here seem to be Collective Blessing and Shield of the Oversoul which are not bad cards but can seriously fall flat if you are playing against say a control deck that counters and removes all your creatures. I guess there is also some Glittering Wish shenanigans but I don't think you need that card, and its 5$ a copy which seems not worth it for what you get. Some budget cards I can suggest off the top of my head that can help you are Terra Stomper or Drogskol Cavalry. You don't even need too many copies of them in your deck as long as you can close out the game consistently. I'd still leave in 2-3 Shield of the Oversoul for its great value.

Some other miscellaneous good stuff suggestions I can make here are Tireless Tracker, Abzan Beastmaster, and Unflinching Courage. Tracker and beastmaster because they can give you natural card draw in selesnya while getting big and courage as an alternate to Shield of the Oversoul that can target mono-colored creatures. In fact you could replace them if you want.

Now for potential cuts, on top of the cards I already mentioned, I think that your weakest cards are Knight of New Alara and Citadel Castellan, because their stats are just plain weak for their cost and only usable if buffed. If you replaced all 8 of those with the lower curved creatures I mentioned earlier, I'm sure that will do wonders for your deck. You still have a strong knight theme while greatly improving your early game. The other card I'm gonna mention is Glittering Wish, which seems well, I don't want to say cheesy, but really out of place. I'd put anything, maybe some more removal in those spots. If your deck feels not consistent, I'd save the money of buying random multicolored cards and just get a few Tireless Trackers or Abzan Beastmasters that draw cards for you.

Well that ended up longer than I thought, hope this helps! Ask me anything if you want more help.

Guiguippp on It Really Adds Up (Competitive)

1 month ago

And there is an enchantment that does exactly the same thing that your artifact... and it cost 3 mana. So you don't need to equip it, which saves you some mana to cast other spells. Unflinching Courage

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