Unflinching Courage


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition Uncommon
Dragon's Maze Uncommon

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Unflinching Courage

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Enchanted creature gets +2/+2 and has trample and lifelink.

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Unflinching Courage Discussion

Pheardemons on Witness the power of the Maelstrom.

5 days ago

Damn ComboCrazy, if only you made that suggestion before I bought Unflinching Courage! Just kidding, it was only a dollar. That's an interesting suggestion though, and definitely fits better in the consistency part of the deck. I'll definitely think on that change, I like it.

ComboCrazy on Witness the power of the Maelstrom.

6 days ago

On the note of Unflinching Courage, wouldn't Behemoth Sledge be a bit better? It's more expensive the first time, but it's reusable.

Pheardemons on Witness the power of the Maelstrom.

1 week ago

ComboCrazy - Yea man just continuously beating face. Plus Siege Rhino is a 7/8 - drain and gain three life, with trample. I put in Unflinching Courage so lifelink and trample could keep the game going as well. And I did bring back Fusion Elemental. I figured one huge ass scary monster could suffice, even if it does die to Doom Blade haha.

I did also add in Mantis Rider as a 6/6 for three mana with flying, vigilance, and haste. Brought back Collected Company and made a decent sideboard. Let me know what yal think of the update!

RedJokr doing alright man. Another semester is about to be done, going to have to work my ass off for the summer to pay off bills and my magic habit that is all on credit haha. To graduate next spring I'll have to be taking 18 and 19 credits respectively, and I just don't know if I have that much in me. It would be nice to hurry up and be done with my B.A.

Rhadamanthus on Naya Hushblade and a multicolored ...

1 week ago

Yes, that's fine. An Aura only targets while it's a spell on the stack. After the Unflinching Courage in your example resolves and enters the battlefield, we're well past the point where Shroud would interfere with it. Congratulations on your awesome creature!

Pheardemons on Naya Hushblade and a multicolored ...

1 week ago

If I control Naya Hushblade on the battlefield, and it is the only multicolored permanent, can I cast Unflinching Courage to enchant Naya Hushblade? I'm asking because Naya Hushblade will gain shroud when Unflinching Courage enters the battlefield. However, does the enchanting happen first?

TitanWalls on Green/White Budget - Lifegain

1 week ago

My favorite deck works along these lines. Consider Wall of Reverence and Ageless Entity. Also good for lifegain is Predator's Rapport and Sheltering Word for lifegain/creature protection. Also ridiculous for the theme is Behemoth Sledge or Unflinching Courage. A few other good or interesting options: Rhox Faithmender/Alhammarret's Archive, Well of Lost Dreams, Serra Ascendant (though that breaks the budget) and Lone Rider  Flip.

BadgerEagle on UG Rishkar Coatl Pumper Deck

2 weeks ago

Hey there. I know you.

I would consider a way to protect your coatls from chump blocking by looking for a trample ability. Maybe Engineered Might, Fists of Ironwood, Larger Than Life, Nature's Way, or Unflinching Courage.

These are within MM3, KLD, and AER.

applejaxxx528 on G/W

1 month ago

Thank you TheAlexGnan.

I would love to put Horizon Canopy in but alas it's not in the budget as of yet. One can wish.

I definitely can do the mana base you provided. I have the cards coming in this week.

I like basilik collar and believe I have at one and 2 gorgan's head. I can probably swap those for a Unflinching Courage.

Thanks for the suggestions very much appreciated!

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