Dying Wish


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon

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Dying Wish

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature you controlWhen enchanted creature dies, target player loses X life and you gain X life, where X is its power.

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Dying Wish Discussion

BurtReynolds on Zombies for DayZ

3 weeks ago

A combo that can be pretty nasty if you manage to pull it off is use Hatred and nearly all your life to make a huge creature, attach Dying Wish then sac with Ghoulcaller Gisa to instantly get all your life back, deal massive damage and make a whole heap of zombies.

inkfourblood on Suicide spiritdancer

4 months ago

ryanjoha yea i was kinda thinking that too, Im def. a tempo type player (i guess thats a description) I dont mind taking hits, I like to fish out removal spells or bait for them by playing what seems to be a important play. i physically try to give the impression that i get bad draws(not real obviously of course), get into opponents head... basically i prefer to play my opponent instead of there deck.... And sometimes i will even draw out game one and lose, just to see what is in there deck and give them a good feeling... and i dont mind losing at all. I would rather lose every game than win every game (i learn more that way) its all about fun for me. so i kinda like to have a early boardstate that suggest im not doing well. kinda like Dawn Charm because it can target my Hero of Iroas and pump him. I also really like Mana Tithe and Silence to help secure my win by stacking up Kor Spiritdancer (Dying Wish attached),swinging thru (hopefully with the help of Spirit Mantle) then killing her off with a kill spell for the win. thats my ideal win con as of now.A few other cards ive been on the fence about-Blessing of Leeches, Guardian's Magemark, Iona's Blessing, Children of Korlis, Gnat Miser

Jakobel on ~Life sucks~ Fat Karlov remains unbeaten

4 months ago

My sacrificing options are: Vampiric Rites, Miren, the Moaning Well, Rite of Consumption, Claws of Gix and my own mass removals such as Toxic Deluge. So I have ways of getting rid of Karlov when having the Dying Wish attached to him.

CChaos on ~Life sucks~ Fat Karlov remains unbeaten

4 months ago

I just made my own Karlov deck.

I included Dying Wish in it and it helps when attached to Karlov or any other large creature you control. Though I have ways of killing the attached creature myself, I'm not sure if your deck has ways of doing that. But it will be a good way to prevent opponents from wiping the field.

GoldenDiggle on Using magic card names in ...

4 months ago

My dearest friends, I am no red player but your Shockingly poor card combo strings has brought about Increasing Confusion in this forum. Noticeably, some of you are quite Determined to make such combos, resulting in some form of Planar Chaos. I am here to bring some Illumination to this Havoc Festival, and hopefully turn it into a Mages' Contest. Ponder with me for a moment what a good string of combos looks like:

  1. Shouting random cards with Ferocity makes you look no more intelligent than a Kird Ape. You don't want your comment going Horribly Awry just because you were too eager to Fling the first card you can think of into your comment. You're not Brion Stoutarm, kid.

  2. Metaphors are your best friend. Check out my Directive: Dragonfire description to see a fun example of some of these in use!

  3. Keep your Anger towards other commenters in check and restrain your Molten Influence from giving a Guttural Response to a good comment. Conversely, its fun to Outwit other commenters, but nobody likes a guy who Insists on getting the Last Word.

  4. Seek to create a Parasitic Bond some cards that are Familiar Ground, cards that you feel like a Myth Realized only in conversation. Find where you get your Mystic Confluence, don't take a Wild Guess.

  5. Waste Not all of your cool cards in your first sentence. The most Circular Logic you can make is to Burnout of cards by using all your fun combos in your first sentence, Counterbalance this by attempting to split your combos out a bit, Hesitation is a nice ally to have.

  6. If you cant find a card for it, Exclude it. It's not worth making your Mind Burst looking for something that may not exist. Likewise, if there is a Split Decision remember to take your time. Comments like these are a Trial and Error Process.

  7. HAVE FUN! Call that guy a Brushwagg! Wreak Havoc on a well thought out Stoic Rebuttal! Subdue the thread and remind them that they are in the Presence of the Master! Enter the Infinite! The Possibility Storm is endless, and the world is your Spellbook.

Hopefully, some of you will Rethink some of your previous comments, and make some Careful Consideration an some of your future posts. Alas, my Dying Wish of this post is to hope that each of you can show some Overwhelming Intellect when it comes to using magic cards in a sentence, as I would prefer not to Suffer the Past.

dash.secrets on BurtReynolds

5 months ago


would you mind looking at my deck and suggesting what to take out to fit in Hatred and Dying Wish?

also any other suggestions you have would be apprectiated

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