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Dying Wish

Dying Wish

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature you control When enchanted creature dies, target player loses X life and you gain X life, where X is its power.

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Dying Wish Discussion

onua1 on So many counters!!{HELP}

1 month ago

@KSULongneck and Incognietis thank you guys so much for the suggestions! I added a deck rework update, and I think I'll go for Dying Wish . Since I have Essence Harvest , I wont be adding Rite of Consumption , since its the same thing for only one extra mana, without sacrificing the creature. That way If someone pulls out a Hold at Bay or anything similar, I wont have killed a hydra for nothing. I like Canopy Cover , but it has almost the same effect as Gift of Orzhova , just with hexproof instead of lifelink. I prefer the lifelink to hexproof personally, especially for only one more mana. I'm not really a big fan of massive draw, especially since in the case of fast games, I don't want to have to pick between that or a hydra for the same cmc early game. I don't like using Garruk, Primal Hunter for that either, though he is a nice card. I'm unsure about Alpha Authority . It could be good with trample, but I would prefer other cards to that. I already had Predator's Rapport in the sideboard. I was thinking about adding Fungal Sprouting , is that a good idea?

@greensheepman7 That is a really cool combo, but I don't want to splash blue just for him, plus I recently sold him :/

Thank you all so much!

Incognietis on So many counters!!{HELP}

1 month ago

i'm the one who helped a ton with "comically huge hydras", basically i think the rings are irrelevant, you don't need white mana, and I don't think you need any kind of walls or that spider.. you don't really need to be spending your mana on both, creating a defense, and making huge hydras.. because this deck focuses on huge creatures, cards like essence harvest, Rite of Consumption , and Dying Wish are what should be keeping you alive.. they allow you to turn your hydras into not only your offence, but your defense too.. cards like Alpha Authority and Canopy Cover are what should be keeping your hydras alive.. with such massive life gain you should have no problem taking small hits, and most decks that run huge creatures will give you time to build up.. I forget what it's called, sorry, but there is some card that allows you to draw cards equal to the greatest power among creatures you control..

Casino647 on Please Kill my Creatures!

1 month ago

Spark Trooper can be cast and enchanted on T5 with Hero of Iroas out. With Ethereal Armor and Madcap Skills out, I definitely get value out of Murder Investigation and Dying Wish

ulamoguy on Please Kill my Creatures!

1 month ago

Are the Dying Wish s and Murder Investigation s really doing it for you? Your creatures, besides Spark Trooper (Which would require it to be turn 6 or later) don't seem like they'd get the output of those cards maximized. I do like the synergy with Hero of Iroas though.

SithLord on 2014-06-21 update of Scavenge You ...

1 month ago

xKrenko I think I get a feel of what your suggesting. The reason I have Raven's Crime is because if I happen to dredge the two copies into my graveyard, I am screwed. However, I can get rid of a land I don't need to re-use. The downfall of the discard is they choose so I think I should just go with 3x/4/x Thoughtseize (having instant discard could help me against counters etc). I am liking Dying Wish and Rite of Consumption alot and may consider. Please recommend more if you think there is something else missing! I am glad you like it, it is a deck I have put alot of effort and thought into.

xKrenko on 2014-06-21 update of Scavenge You ...

1 month ago

I don't really see the point in Narcomoeba it has a good combo with grisly salvage, the fright, and the thug and if he is in play with a varolz can be pretty deadly. However, is Not a good card if you have it in hand, or in play or even in your graveyard and without a varolz is nothing but a 1/1 flyer...Jarad's Orders is a must in a deck like this, you don't need any mana dork for it neither it will grab what you need and toss what you need in the grave...Also I like Duress or even Despise better than Retrace or main your Surgical Extraction . Deck is pretty good though. There's also Essence Harvest or Dying Wish , or even Rite of Consumption can be fatal in this deck...

Incognietis on Comically Huge Hydras {HELP}

1 month ago

I would drop Protean Hydra for Heroes' Bane ... it can be a nice place to drop unused mana and it doesn't relay on your opponents dealing damage to it... I love Overrun , i hold a lot of nostalgia with that card, but Overwhelming Stampede is just better... even though each of your creatures will already be huge, it could be nice to have that little extra power if needed... Dying Wish could also be a nice alternative for Essence Harvest , it gives your opponents a reason NOT to kill your beasts (also gives them a reason to target removal elsewhere in a more than two teams scenario) I usually run both Essence Harvest and Dying Wish but your at 60 cards so it's up to you.. also, if you like running hydras and huge creature setups check out my EDH deck on this site... just go on my profile, It's called "where the water runs black" theres a few different with the same name, look for the blue/black/green setup

Frayace on Dark Explosive power

1 month ago

Boon of Erebos doesn't work with Dying Wish btw, since regenerating creatures never his the graveyard, so they don't die.

I would definitely use some Rakdos Cackler , having more 1 and 2 costing creatures then any other creatures in an agro deck is ussually good.

taking out the Carnage Gladiator for another Ogre Battledriver and a 1 drop sounds good. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.16 $0.8 $0.36
Color(s) B
Cost 1B
Converted cost 2
Avg. draft pick 12.59
Avg. cube pick 3.18


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Uncommon