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Dying Wish

Dying Wish

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature you control When enchanted creature dies, target player loses X life and you gain X life, where X is its power.

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Dying Wish Discussion

Ivanian on Black Magic Woman

1 week ago

Yea, i'm just curious how the deck will preform, and spending few more dollars to see how it does, and possiblity to change it's playstyle whenever i want is just tooooo goooood. Uh. also, i got one more suggestion. Dying Wish on whoever you want. Still discourages your enemies a bit. Cheers :)

Schmidty on Mikaeus, Extreme Sub $20 Budget EDH

1 week ago

Also Dying Wish Use a sac combo to pump a creature it's on, then sac itself and kill off one person, and healing yourself a ton. Especially useful in multiplayer games.

Hellmental on Does regenerate a creature destroy ...

1 week ago

exemple ; Dutiful Thrull is chant by Dying Wish , and I use the ability to regenerate him

What happen ?

I got the life, tap dutiful thrull, and lose my aura ? Or the aura still on ?

Cetriel on Wasted Sacrifice

1 week ago

Thank you Its_Johnny_Bravo and Tingettley for your thoughts and comments. I do really need to write up a description for this deck badly and I will be doing so soon. This has been a very intriguing and somewhat complicated deck to to both build and play. Since we learn more about our decks the more we play them, even if it is simulated, I have to say that when playing this deck I have been astonished by the things I have come up with. This makes it hard to write a description that is both accurate and to the point. There are actually so many points in this deck and they all hurt if they stick you. However, for now, I will reply personally.

To Its_Johnny_Bravo: The idea of Death's Shadow has crossed my mind. I personally see it as more of a backup but could still fit in this deck depending. Even with the low cost of it and assuming that my life is already low, it could prove to be an asset with a Rite of Consumption in hand or a Dying Wish and and one of the many ways you can sacrifice. This would be perfect for any thing else that can do high damage even nearly as quickly as this deck can. It is also a card I have definitely been considering for sideboard.

To Tingettley: Dying Wish + Minion of the Wastes + Rite of Consumption was definitely the original idea. However after not being able to get my hands on some cards ,even some as important as Rite of Consumption the deck has managed to move in a slightly different direction. The addition Ebony Charm for instance has opened up a couple new pathways revealing a better extended game play. It has also helped renew Minion of the Wastes by giving it much more leeway. While the insta-kill combos can go off as early as turn one with Wall of Blood it isn't too common. Turn two is likely the most common however if you haven't managed to get a kill combo by turn 3-4 depending on the opponent and their deck you may want to start switching to a longer game. Though this is where Death's Shadow could come in I would rather focus on the main idea and making it quicker and adding sideboard to take care of the longer game. This is where extra draw really would help. Do you have any suggestions? Also thank you again for +1 and your compliment the out of nowhere really made me cheese.

Zacoly on The closest thing you'll ever see to a squidtribal

1 week ago

Aqueous Form or Notion Thief or Inaction Injunction could possibly make the cut for this deck.

Dying Wish + Devour Flesh could hit pretty dang hard.

AEtherize could side in Vs aggro to fatten up their hands, and provide defense.

Finally Duskmantle Guildmage can hit pretty hard along with Whispering Madness .

Are any of these ideas worth pursuing?

I'd suggest you remove Duress x2 with 4 Thoughtsieze already it looks like overkill.

caribou6425 on Discard or is it Discord.....

2 weeks ago

rochdalekilla9...I like the way you think, I had not thought to do that. Which is strange because I use that kind of win con in a BU deck I have. I use Consuming Aberration + Dying Wish +Devour Flesh . So I would actually like to use Scuttling Doom Engine +Devour Flesh . I am going to test it out in a couple of weeks when I get back home and can start playing FNM again.

APPLE01DOJ on Kalonian Harvest and Recycle

2 weeks ago

Drop the Grisly Salvage , Modern is a much faster environment than Standard and u really can't waste space on something like that. Not to mention, the graveyard in Modern fills up way faster than in Standard.

Deadbridge Goliath and Reaper of the Wilds probably should be anything else.

Your mana setup looks pretty good. Only thing it's missing is some Treetop Village (which wins games)

It's just an idea and not necessarily recommended but Death's Shadow could really save u in a pinch and shift the game when your low on life with your Essence Harvest . Dying Wish and Phyrexian Soulgorger are another option. Though I personally would drop the Essence Harvest and go for a less gimmicky approach.

awebgsu on Golgari "CounterRamp" Hydra's *PLEASE PLAYTEST*

3 weeks ago

Dying Wish has been super helpful at times, especially if I can't get damage through for some reason and there is a sac outlet on the board.