Format Legality
Tiny Leaders Legal
Noble Legal
Frontier Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Khans of Tarkir Uncommon
New Phyrexia Uncommon
Promo Set Rare

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Target opponent reveals his or her hand. You choose a creature or planeswalker card from it. That player discards that card.

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Despise Discussion

leviathan_cross on Back to my Roots

3 days ago

Well for sideboard, definitely something to deal with eldrazi and other big threats, like Roast, Dismember and Terminate (which if I'm gonna be honest should be in the main board). Definitely hand hate such as Thoughtseize, Inquisition of Kozilek, Duress, Distress or Despise. Some graveyard hate like Grafdigger's Cage, Relic of Progenitus, Leyline of the Void, Nihil Spellbomb, Crypt Incursion and plenty more that I can't remember at the moment. Against Burn, the only thing I can think of off the top of my head would probably be Dragon's Claw. Against combo decks Surgical Extraction or Slaughter Games. Finally against something like Tron or B/W Control you have options like Stone Rain, Molten Rain or Rain of Tears.

I'm unsure what your local playgroup or meta is like, but these are some fine options to help board in against whatever match-ups you face. Good luck!

Block_Head2222 on Lilianas discard punishment, need suggestions

1 week ago

This deck has a really interesting concept behind it. I would suggest as one cost creature Drainpipe Vermin so that you can have something out that first turn. Also I would suggest Despise, Duress, or Harsh Scrutiny as some cheap discard cards that could get rid of problematic cards and give you a look at your opponents hand. I would be very careful on playing this against a madness deck and maybe use your sideboard specifically as a way to counter such things.

casmiel on Rat Rape

1 week ago

No problem, here is what you can do:

  • -4 Elixir of Immortality This is a sideboard card against mill

  • -3 Doubling Chant I can see why you'd want it, when it is good it is really good. But it is expensive and your board has to be good already to make this worth the mana. In long and drawn-out games with a boardstall this could be what breaks the tie, in every other game you'd probably want something else. While tempting, I think your deck is better without it. You can also dismiss your dual lands and have much better mana this way

  • -1 Thrumming Stone A basic rule of thumb in Magic is play 3 copies of a card you want to see once and 4 copies of a card you want to see in multiples. 1 Stone in play is enough, more is already overkill. It is generally very rare to ever run 4 copies of a 5 mana card without any mana ramp

  • -2 Marrow-Gnawer Good to break a boardstall or pump your Pack Rat, but 4 copies is a bit much for the high cost. I'd probably play none, but if your games go long this might be good

  • -2 Ratcatcher 6 Mana is too much for a card that has to survive a turn before doing anything

  • Cut lands to ~22

  • Swap Despise for Duress. Black is the color with the most answers to creatures, but you have no artifact/enchantment removal or counterspells. That is why non-creature spells are more dangerous, you want to discard the likes of Wrath of God instead of some creature. YOu can have Despise in the sideboard if your opponent runs almost only creatures

From this point on there are basically 3 ways you can take the deck

  1. Discard and control. Chittering Rats, Rotting Rats, Ravenous Rats. Pair that with some Ninjutsu like Throat Slitter and recycle their enter the battlefield effects, have backup removal like Fatal Push or Victim of Night to keep their board under control. You kill them slowly and painfully by killing their threats and shredding their hand

  2. All-in Relentless Rats. Close to what you already have here, maybe throw in a Metallic Mimic or 2. You basically go super-wide and try to land your rippler. Ravenous Rats, Pack Rat with Thrumming Stone, ~8 discard spells and 4-5 removal spells to keep you alive until your board is overwhelming. You'll have around 14-16 Relentless Rats in your deck this way

  3. Aggressive Rats. Swarm of Rats, Mogis's Marauder, Typhoid Rats, Bad Moon. Probably splash Red for Gobhobbler Rats and Lightning Bolt. In this build you just try to kill your opponent as fast as you can. I can't really say Rats are very impressive as an aggressive tribe though.

goblinguiderevealpls on Nekusar, The Mind Razer

2 weeks ago

Hey @screamer51.

I love nekusar and everything about him, I started building him as soon as he was spoiled, and now have an insanely tuned and budgetless competitive multiplayer edh deck

Anyways, what would I recommend for budget casual constructed?

As you can see by my deck, i learned that nekusar loves Wheel of Fortune and is more of a spellslinger draw theme than zombie tribal.

That being said, if you want to build around the lich king, creatures should be your last priority,

If i were to make a casual nekusar constructed that is effective, i would run things like Reforge the Soul, Liliana's Caress, Time Reversal

In a 20 life format, nekusar only needs 3 "draw 7" or mass loot spells to kill an opponent, and thankfully a majority of these are cheap.

Reforge the Soul

Day's Undoing

Waste Not


Fevered Visions

Wheel of Fate

Burning Inquiry


Whispering Madness

Molten Psyche

Dark Deal

Cerebral Vortex

Winds of Change

Second to wheels and forced draw, nekusar is kind of high cmc for a creature, so things like Nightscape Familiar can help you cast more spells faster, speaking of more spells, grixis has access to a beautiful array of rituals that you can chain into nekusar much earlier than turn 5 and also allow you to cast more wheels after refreshing your hand

The budget rituals include

High Tide

Bubbling Muck

Dark Ritual

Seething Song

Desperate Ritual

Pyretic Ritual

Cabal Ritual

Cards like Geth's Grimoire and Jace's Archivist can easily win you the game if left unchecked, and there are other forms of draw damage in Phyrexian Tyranny Fevered Visions Underworld Dreams Spiteful Visions

As far as cheap counterspells, Arcane Denial is BONKERS cuz it can deal draw damage with its draw, Sign in Blood is a cheap card draw that you can use to draw OR kill opponents by stacking it with nekusar.

Cards that save you from wheels decking you out


Library of Leng

Laboratory Maniac

Other than "wheel" and countermagic, you can also mill opponents with Mindcrank or Sphinx's Tutelage, reanimate wheeled creatures with stuff like Stitch Together, or run discard like Despise or Duress, and Cephalid Coliseum is INSANE as a cheap 1-of in edh, id be scared to see what 3 or 4 could do.

Lastly, a spell decks worst weakmess is CREATURES

now im going to assume you're not going to be slinging Damnation around, but theres tons of budget alternatives in the likely case that opponents will have more creatures than you

Deadly Tempest

Decree of Pain

Extinguish All Hope

And if you're still itching to run creatures even though i would not advise many, here are a few options thar nekusar has liked in the past

Nightscape Familiar

Kederekt Parasite

Sire Of Insanity

Goblin Electromancer

Jace's Archivist

Magus of the Wheel

Magus of the Jar

Fate Unraveler

Master of the Feast

Noggle Ransacker

Whirlpool Warrior

Laboratory Maniac

Hope this helps

Memphismaymagic5 on Rakdos Aggro {BUDGET}

2 weeks ago

I would clean the deck up a bit because you have a lot of different things going on here. For example, I would definitely play 4x Lightning Bolt instead of only 2 copies (it is one of the best cards in modern!), so you can drop 2 other cards like Boon of Erebos and Searing Blaze. I would also play more Vexing Devils and Legion Loyalists if you have the copies. Discard cards like Despise are a good idea. I would suggest playing more of those, perhaps a full playset of Inquisition of Kozilek. It is a bit more expensive than the average uncommon, but still affordable (a year ago it was still a 13 dollar card per copy, but with some recent reprints it dropped in price a lot so that even budget players can use this awesome card).

Cool deck, and with a few tweaks it can definitely become a strong deck.

lachrymal on BG Ramp and +1/+1 Counters

2 weeks ago

Against Blood and Daggers

won dice roll

Draw 7:SlitherheadEternal WitnessForestBirds of ParadiseSolemn SimulacrumSwampMaelstrom Pulse

Turn 1:Play ForestCast Birds of Paradise,pass

Play SwampCast DespiseDiscard Eternal Witness,pass

Turn 2:Draw Birds of ParadisePlay SwampCast Birds of ParadiseCast Slitherhead,pass

Play SwampCast DespiseDiscard Solemn SimulacrumCast Blade of the Bloodchief,pass

Turn 3:Draw SwampPlay SwampAttack with Slitherhead,pass

Play SwampCast Gatekeeper of Malakir with KickerSacrifice Slitherhead,pass

Turn 4:Draw Jarad, Golgari Lich LordCast Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord,pass

Cast Kalastria HighbornEquip Blade of the Bloodchief to Kalastria Highborn,pass

Turn 5:Draw Deadbridge GoliathCast Maelstrom Pulse targeting Kalastria HighbornAttack with Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord-Opponent does not block(20 vs 15),pass

Equip Blade of the Bloodchief to Gatekeeper of MalakirAttack with Gatekeeper of MalakirI do not block(18 vs 15)Cast Bloodchief AscensionCast Blade of the BloodchiefPlay Evolving WildsTap, Sacrifice Evolving Wilds to fetch SwampEnd Step: One counter on Bloodchief Ascension,pass

Turn 6:Draw Overgrown TombPlay Overgrown Tomb, enters tappedAttack with Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord(18 vs 10)Cast Deadbridge Goliath,pass

Cast Kalastria HighbornCast Feast of Blood targeting Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord(18 vs 14),pass

Turn 7:Draw ForestPlay ForestAttack with Deadbridge GoliathOpponent doesn't block(18 vs 9)Sacrifice Swamp & Forest to return Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord to handCast Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord,pass

Equip Blade of the Bloodchief to Kalastria HighbornAttack with Gatekeeper of MalakirI do not block(14 vs 9)Cast Gatekeeper of Malakir KickedSacrifice Birds of ParadiseEnd step: Bloodchief Ascension has 2 counters,pass

Turn 8:Draw PutrefyAttack with Deadbridge GoliathOpponent blocks with Gatekeeper of MalakirCast Putrefy targeting other Gatekeeper of Malakir,pass

Equip Blade of the Bloodchief to Kalastria HighbornAttack with Kalastria HighbornI do not block(8 vs 9)End Step: Bloodchief Ascension has 3 counters,pass

Turn 9:Draw Primordial HydraAttack with Deadbridge Goliath and Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord(8 vs -1)


Thoughts:Perhaps it was just bad draws, but that performed way too slowly.

an_Elder_Dragon on Swampwalk with Me

3 weeks ago

I really like the concept of this deck!'s not quite as effective as it could be. First off, the mana curve is really wonky. Sure, it uses relatively low cmc cards, but I still found myself turn after turn with nothing to play until turn 3-4. I also find that has too many lands and not enough stuff to put on the board, 18 for this deck should be enough. I would also recommend that you do have some answers for creatures. Sure, destroying the lands can prohibit creatures from entering the battlefield, but what happens when a deck can put out a few 1 or 2 cmc creatures? Unless you have a good answer, they can keep attacking and really put a dent in the plan. Mardu_Charizard's suggestions would good. I would also recommend Despise, Duress, or Thoughtseize. Each of them are one drops and can help solve this sort of issue. Other than that, awesome deck!

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