Pull from the Deep


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Journey into Nyx Uncommon

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Pull from the Deep


Return up to one instant card and up to one sorcery card from your graveyard to your hand. Exile Pull from the Deep.

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Pull from the Deep Discussion

dinosaurzez on Bennie and the Jets

1 week ago

@moloy559 Thanks for your comment!

If I was trying to make this deck on a budget the first thing I would cut is Snapcaster Mage, while he's very powerful, there are cards that can mimic his effect for a bit more mana at sorcery speed such as Scrivener, Pull from the Deep, or even Mnemonic Wall.

Another card I would cut is Visions of Beyond; I don't actually see it's "draw 3 cards" clause trigger all that often, so I can see it being a Sorcerous Sight or Quicken instead.

It's possible to cut Cunning Wish and the corresponding wishboard, and just run Blue Sun's Zenith and/or Brain Freeze in it's place, since those are the only combo pieces in the board. All the other cards in the wishboard are there to give Cunning Wish utility in games where you aren't going to combo off.

I'd say 95% of why I run Mind Over Matter is for the combo with Azami, Lady of Scrolls or Arcanis the Omnipotent, otherwise it's a nice effect to have, but not terribly useful. If you're not a huge fan of that combo then by all means cut it, although it is nice to have a hard combo to Blue Sun's Zenith into when you've generated ~40ish mana with High Tide but can't win through storm.

Finally Tectonic Edge is a great budget replacement for Strip Mine.

Hope this helps.

AllhydeNoJekyll on Melek the Weird

2 weeks ago

Hey there! I think there are some ramp cards you should consider that are below the one-dollar mark. Try replacing Pilgrim's Eye and Traveler's Amulet with cards like Commander's Sphere, Darksteel Ingot, etc. This and cared draw are most essential, which blue has a bounty of the latter like Treasure Cruise, Opportunity, and Foresee. Also, there are some cards that are not quite doing enough for what you want in an EDH deck. Consider cutting cards like Magma Jet, Hungry Flames, Izzet Chronarch, Anarchist, etc. and replacing them with other cards that you would want to double with all your copiers such as one great example you have in there, Fireball. For example, Comet Storm would be awesome with this deck style. For removal, consider cards like Reality Shift, Rapid Hybridization, Curse of the Swine, or even Red Sun's Zenith. For retrieval, instead of Feldon's Cane or Elixir of Immortality, consider maybe Spelltwine, Call to Mind, and Pull from the Deep. Rise from the Tides seems like an auto-include as well. Hope this improves your consistency! :)

TheRedGoat on The Echo of Silence

2 weeks ago

Well, I really saw the spirit as another means of triggering your commander and therefore was a great 3 drop to play after your commander hits on turn 2.

But I also maybe be a bit of a noob for thinking something like Sphinx of the Final Word would be better than Arcanis the Omnipotent. I mean for sure Consecrated Sphinx would be better right?

And when you mention spell recovery, have you thought about maybe Pull from the Deep over your Archaeomancer?

MegaMatt13 on Oops! Only Rashmi!

1 month ago

I like this take on rashmi, very different from mine :)

Do you find you have enough recursion? If not, Pull from the Deep is a great 2-for-1 recursion card that can bring back your win conditions.

If you find yourself needing more protection while you set up your win condition, I can't recommend Illusionist's Gambit and Reins of Power highly enough as blow-out combat tricks.

ShishkyBob on Why does spell recursion self ...

2 months ago

There's Noxious Revival and Reap.

In answer to your other question, yes, they do. Rather, they want to keep some kind of cap on unlimited spell casting for most purposes. There are lots of ways to get infinite (or an arbitrarily large amount of) mana. With infinite mana and two Pull from the Deep, you'd be able to infinitely cast, say, Lightning Bolt or Ancestral Recall or always have the best counterspell on hand.

Even non-infinite combos are tough to deal with. A Seasons Past that gets you a ton of instants and sorceries plus ways to easily recur those is just "unfun" for a lot of people. I think that's why Wizards include self-exile, shuffle, or other library tricks.

the.beanpole on Why does spell recursion self ...

2 months ago

My personal opinion is:

That would lend itself to multiple copies being able to recur themselves. Playing the literal same card over and over is likely seen as a "unfun" thing by Wizards. Looping infinitely in that manner doesn't seem necessarily powerful (apart from things like Kolaghan's Command+Snapcaster Mage that are particularly powerful even on their own), but is likely very annoying for newer players.

Also, some of them are inherently abusable in specific circumstances. Example: Pull from the Deep in an opponent's 'yard. They cast Silence on your upkeep. Their turn, they cast another Pull from the Deep, targeting the first one and Silence. Now you are locked out of playing sorcery-speed spells for the rest of the game. Again, not incredibly powerful (there are a number of combos that currently do exactly this) but it leads to "unfun" game-states that require little effort to set-up, and are difficult to disrupt without specific and dedicated hate cards (Rest in Peace, Leyline of the Void, etc.)

It also seems like a safety check for Wizards. The graveyard is likely the most abusable resource in the game, and that leads to a high likelihood that someone finds something super-broken one day that Wizards missed in design/development.


Graveyard is inherently abusable. It is "unfun" to many.

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