Ambush Viper

Ambush Viper

Creature — Snake



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Set Rarity
Innistrad (ISD) Common

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Format Legality
Modern Legal
Block Constructed Legal
Oathbreaker Legal
2019-10-04 Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Pauper EDH Legal
Casual Legal
Canadian Highlander Legal
Vintage Legal
Leviathan Legal
Legacy Legal
Pauper Legal
Limited Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Highlander Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Unformat Legal

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Ambush Viper Discussion

MrBoombastic on

2 months ago

While I hate playing against counter-heavy decks, and probably shouldn't help them improve, I do have some ways to (hopefully) make the deck better:

  • If you're going to play any of the eternal formats, I think Ice-Fang Coatl over Ambush Viper and play snow lands is better, if you want an instant-speed deathtoucher.

  • As is, you're running too few lands, given the amount of 4-drops. Also, I'd play some amount of Rewind, as it lets you counter a spell AND play a threat on turn 4+.

  • Brazen Borrower is probably the best interaction this deck has access to and it's definitely a stronger card than Faerie Duelist. Unless you're going for a budget deck.

  • From my experience, Brineborn Cutthroat is better than Wildborn Preserver. You're not always sitting on mana to pump the Preserver and they get worse in multiples. Cutthroat doesn't.

  • Sea-Dasher Octopus could be nice in some amount, as it can start drawing extra cards as soon as turn 2 off of a turn 1 Spectral Sailor.

  • Titanic Growth is underwhelming in flash decks. They just need to tempo out the opponent, which is best done with value creatures and bounce and/or counter spells.

  • Frilled Mystic is a great tempo play. If you up the land count, you should play all 4.

Hope that helps. Good luck with the deck!

Ilmu011 on Umori, Karador's Sweetheart

2 months ago

@Nb Wow. Ok. Thanks xD

Tbh, I didn't have a chance to properly play this deck yet. So it's kind of mind boggling for me someone went ahead and analyzed this deck so thoroughly. Thank you.

1) The choice of amount of mana fixing in this deck purely comes from tappedout's handy "Draw hand" feature. Means I drew a hand and told myself "Do I have the correct mana to possibly do something with this hand?". The main problem here is having a virtually pure Golgari deck with a commander that also needs . So I just added as much fixing until I felt most the hands I drew allowed to have a decent start in the early game. If you say there are too many taplands and I should add more basic lands and add as more fixing as is needed, I'll look into that.

2) Bojuka Bog can definitely go in there. Thanks for the suggestion!

3) Yeah, I thought about that too. Definitely gonna put in some more ramp next time I revise this deck.

4) Splinterfright is already in the deck? Are there any other cards you could see being replaced with better cards?

5) As I said, I didn't have a chance to properly play this deck yet. But the idea was mainly to make use of Karador's ability to play creatures from my graveyard. Even if Karador gets removed, in the best case scenario he will always only cost 3 CMC. Also he enables to kind of treat my graveyard as a "giant hand" and milling myself is basically the same as drawing cards. So there is also a kind of control aspect to it, why I definitely would consider to put in more cards like Cavalier of Night or Ambush Viper, as Malsorn suggested. I have no idea how this will play out though, maybe the main win condition may actually be something else, if that's the case I can accept the idea of switching to another more fitting commander.

Thank you very much for giving me your feedback!

Malsorn on Umori, Karador's Sweetheart

3 months ago

I personally think that's a lot of guildgates and taplands. I'd dump the no-ability taplands and replace them with Canopy Vista, Scattered Groves, and Bojuka Bog, and I'd dump the guildgates for Wood Elves and two basics, it'll help speed the deck up a little. Cavalier of Night could be a good one depending on your budget, gives you some more removal options, also see Reclamation Sage, Ambush Viper and Acidic Slime.

Braingamer on WatoBato's Vorinclex Deck

4 months ago

One easy cut is Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary due to him being banned. Also if primal surge is your goal, you should probably cut your other instants and sorceries.

potential cuts: - Blanchwood Armor having big creatures is scary enough, them having +10/+10 is obviously good but it's a bit win more.

Some potential includes:

KIRK77 on sachi, daughter of budget

6 months ago

Love me some budget decks. You've got some pretty funny stuff going on like Ambush Viper that I might have to steal for a deck. Have you considered Return of the Wildspeaker? It's a little better than overrun but it's almost a dollar and I'm not sure what your budget restrictions are

Barbarian_Sun_Pope on Ramp Cheat Swing

8 months ago

I'd go for Ambush Viper (sneaky removal when you need it) or Nightshade Peddler (usually two death touch creatures for the price of one). If you want a a fun deterrent you can try Hornet Nest, it doesn't have any power, it can't attack, but opponents typically don't want to swing into it with anything that doesn't have trample. It is also really funny with Setessan Tactics and any big creature. If you want to give death touch to creature, I would suggest going the equipment route with Basilisk Collar or Quietus Spike, which works nicely with trample. Or you could go with Gorgon Flail as it is less mana intensive and adds some power. Hope this helps.

VanderW on Yasova Wild Pair

9 months ago

Yeah, thanks for the upvote :)
I've had a lot of fun with the deck so far. I haven't managed to get much out of the Wild Pair package. Since there are no actual tutors in the deck for getting out enchantments that's been a bit difficult.
I'm actually considering Gamble and Long-Term Plans as 'soft' tutors purely for the Wild Pair and once I've got that for cards such as Vicious Shadows and Warstorm Surge .

The deck is still pretty new, and I'm still fine-tuning it. I've now only played it four times since I've been busy with other stuff lately:

  • Game 1: Won through getting value out of an early Momir Vig, Simic Visionary , keeping it safe with the counter creatures and smashing face with Forgotten Ancient and Master Biomancer making my team bigger.
  • Game 2: It was a five-player game where the first one to knock the two opponents directly to the left and right of you wins: Kept board-control and ramp up with Yasova Dragonclaw and Perilous Forays . Almost died to a ridiculous Arixmethes-huge-stompy-creatures deck, but turned it around with the Reins of Power I was sitting on (such an over-performer). And later shared my victory as our shared opponent got knocked out by the other player.
  • Game 3: regrettably had to spend most of my time and resources on an Orzhov player that kept recurring the Elesh Norn, Grand Cenobite that rendered the rest of my cards mostly useless. Later everyone got kicked out by a combo player going off
  • Game 4: Didn't win, didn't get quite the engines going that I wanted to. But the game (5-player FFA) was crazy enough as it is.

I would say that for now the deck is good enough at battlefield control (particularly creatures), but as I mentioned I want to look into options that make the Wild Pair actually work (in none of the games I drew it so far).
I've since added Warstorm Surge , because that card can do stupid things once you get something like Glen Elendra Pranksters or other bounce and some ramp or control creatures. I've added Ambush Viper to go along with that. Swapped those for Llanowar Elves (in our meta often not dependable ramp since it's too fragile) and Briarhorn , since it having flash mattered less for the creatures it could look up and Yasova can usually steal enough interesting creatures with just 4 power.
Apart from the tutors I'm considering adding Purphoros, God of the Forge , since the incremental damage can quickly add up and the +1/+0 is actually really nice for Yasova, but I only have one copy of Purph and it's a key part of my Wort, the Raidmother deck.

Darth_Savage on Putrit Extinction

10 months ago

Surprise deathtouch is better than obvious deathtouch, in game one anyway, so cards like Ambush Viper or Blacklance Paragon can be used as a removal spell more easily than Deadly Recluse for example.

This though isn't the biggest issue with your deck. Your mana curve is skewed towards three drops and you have no ramp. If you want to keep a potential deathtoucher then Deathcap Cultivator would be an option, but you are likely better with Elvish Mystic or similar. Without some form of ramp, your deck isn't doing much until turn three or four, which isn't a great place to be.

You can play creatures with deathtouch, but this is an answer, not a win condition, a deathtouch creature is a removal spell on a body. Against a deck which leans heavily on first strike, Indestructible or a deck that wants to win without creatures your deathtouchers become ineffective. "A deck has a strategy. A goal. A plan. It's directly employing overall tactics." - Gavin Verhey, this quote comes from

I'd suggest you have a read of the article, it's solid advice and better than what I can provide here or on reddit...

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