Format Legality
Pre-release Legal
Noble Legal
Leviathan Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Magic Duels Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Penny Dreadful Legal
Casual Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters 2017 Edition (MM3) Common
Tenth Edition (10E) Common
Invasion (INV) Common

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Return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.

Draw a card.

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Recover Discussion

HarroHunter on Selenia Suicide

5 months ago

If you really want to hurt yourself then Curtains' Call should be an Ashes to Ashes and Recover should be Reanimate.

Neotrup on When does a spell fizzle?

7 months ago

To be clear, Recover cannot be cast if there is not a creature card in the grave to target. If there is a card to target, but it's somehow removed before Recover can resolve, Recover will be countered and it's controller will not draw a card. Gravepurge is only countered by the game rules if it's (a) cast with targets and (b) has all it's targets removed when it tries to resolve.

CrazedGinger on When does a spell fizzle?

7 months ago

So I'm playing a casual game with 2 other friends (everyone is using tribal decks) my board is loaded with human werewolves and a single Immerwolf. My opponent on their turn, to prevent my humans from transforming, casts Footbottom Feast or Gravepurge or something like that regardless of the fact there are no cards in any graveyards.

My question is can he resolve this spell and still draw, even though he isn't returning anything?

Would the outcome in this scenario of been different if she cast Recover?

Does a spell "fizzling" count as being cast and prevent my humans from transforming?

I realize "fizzling" is a term the community made up but in just about every example I it has to do with the words [target card-type] or spells with additional costs that can't be paid.

x12721 on Murderous Evolution

9 months ago

Instead of Recover I'd either use Gravepurge or Pulse of Murasa for the instant speed recovery.

mr_funk on

1 year ago

i would probably switch Tide Drifter for Wall of Blossoms. wall of blossoms draws a card, getting you closer to Assault Formation or just fuel. while tide drifter does have an additional point of defense, his ability to add +0/+1 to colorless creatures you control is next to useless considering he's the only colorless dude youve got.

another option you could pursue is just trading the black for red and using cards like Vile Aggregate, Kozilek's Sentinel and Pyroclasm

p.s. i dig the Commune with the Gods. spicy flavor. could possibly add something like Revive or Nature's Spiral to Recover some lost/ditched stuff.

Xica on Alternatives for Kolaghan's Command

1 year ago

Well that was helpful....

I was thinking of getting some tips similar to Recover, Morbid Plunder and the like.

I was not asking for an alternative multi use, part time affinity hate card.

RicketyEng on The Lovely Ladies

1 year ago

Below I have listed a few replacements I will be considering. As always, advice, opinions, or suggestions are welcome and sought after.

Reave Soul out, Murderous Compulsion in. Same cost, gains madness, trades one condition on the removal for another.

Consecrated by Blood out, Creeping Dread in. They have the same cmc and card type. Consecrated is in currently because it is possible to act as a sac outlet and because it's shiny. However, it seems to lack lustre at accomplishing its tasks so I think focusing on causing and getting more effects for discard will be better.

Recover out, Ever After in. Twice the cost for twice the creatures, but they are returned straight to the battlefield instead of to the hand. Instead of replacing itself, it goes back into the library. Overall I think this will be a positive trade out.

Returned Centaur out, Diregraf Colossus in. I've been told that the centaur isn't actually all that great, and I can believe it since the ability isn't overly relevant to the deck's overall goals. Replacing it with a very relevant bomb makes sense.

For From Under the Floorboards and Gisa's Bidding I will need some suggestions to replace. Considering they both fill the same niche, maybe there is only space for one of them even. I would also need advice for To the Slaughter. It is removal that can get around Indestructible and Hexproof. Please give me your opinions on if it should be included or not and if so, what it could replace.

I would love to include Relentless Dead (maybe replacing Malakir Cullblade), but unless my wife or I get lucky enough to pull one at the prerelease, I'm afraid the cost will be prohibitive. I would consider Westvale Abbey to be in a similar situation.

AzulTennin on Grimgrin's Zombie Army

1 year ago

So here are a few suggestions to lead you towards a more token-y reanimator.

  1. -Skaab Goliath (exiles a good resource)
  2. -Skaab Ruinator (Exiles a good resource)
  3. -Twisted Abomination (does very little for cost)
  4. -Wight of Precinct Six (gets smaller with the game plan progressing?)
  5. -Corrupt (Have too many not swamp lands and no Urborg)
  6. -Recover (very small effect)
  7. -Bad Moon (better lords for zombies than this)
  8. -Vow of Malice (doesn't seem to have a purpose besides random usefulness)
  9. -Consume the Weak (will wipe all of your tokens: aka bad)
  10. -Island (for unholy grotto)

  11. +Cemetery Reaper (good lord with utility)

  12. +Zombie Trailblazer (good source of evasion for grimgrin or any beater)
  13. +Lich Lord of Unx (tokens, zombis, and win condition all in one)
  14. +Graveborn Muse (phenomenal card advantage even by herself good sac target if low on life)
  15. +Risen Executioner (good lord with built in recursion)
  16. +Gray Merchant of Asphodel (rediculous amount of life swing in multiplayer)
  17. +Noxious Ghoul (assymetrical boardwipes for free? yess, please)
  18. +Phyrexian Delver (fair recursion on a buff-able body)
  19. +Havengul Lich (crazy advantage through repeatable recursion)
  20. +Pontiff of Blight (that is a lot of life total swinging plus a zombie)
  21. +Gempalm Polluter (amazing "burn" spell for zombies)
  22. +Dark Prophecy (good card advantage or lethal)
  23. +Grave Betrayal (free zombies...can be pretty solid)
  24. +Grave Pact (Make grimgrin's sac even stronger and makes it hard to keep creatures)
  25. +Unholy Grotto (really good recursion with a few cards, say gempalm polluter)

And so these lists are a bit lopsided but I don't know what you really value here. So I just kinda came up with some solid choices.

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