Pyrite Spellbomb


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Modern Masters Common
Mirrodin Common

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Pyrite Spellbomb


, Sacrifice Pyrite Spellbomb: Pyrite Spellbomb deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

, Sacrifice Pyrite Spellbomb: Draw a card.

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Pyrite Spellbomb Discussion

aeonstoremyliver on Only YOU Can Start A Forest Fire!

1 week ago

Ball Lightning is awesome and you have to know how to use it, that is, play around removal. When it gets in, it wins games. Seems bad, but it works. I'll side it out if necessary G2-3.

Forked Bolt is absolutely amazing and underrated. It's fantastic against Affinity, Infect, mana dorks, Bob, and I could go on. Two-for-one removal is not something to scoff at, especially for .

I play 3x Boros Charm due to my sideboard choices and maindeck Forked Bolt. It is good, which is why it's 3x of. I go back and forth between Path and Spellbomb, pending the meta.

Kozilek's Return is there FOR pro red creatures. Etched Champion, Kor Firewalker, etc. are often sided in, especially in the mirror. The instant speed is nice, too. I'm also fond of Pyrite Spellbomb for pro red stuff.

Blood Moon is absolutely bonkers in the mirror, hence my very light splash. It makes G2 unwinnable for a lot of decks and is often unexpected out of a RDW/Burn sideboard. One could argue that Molten Rain is better, and in some scenarios it is, but putting the brakes on a deck is worthwhile.

Keldon Megaliths is a one of for the out of cards, at four life, top deck a Bolt scenario. It works as a one of.

Yuri200X on Monored burn - 2000 Kč

3 weeks ago

Elixir of Immortality isn't the best choice for a burn deck...

and Young Pyromancer is usually too slow for it.

Try to use 4-of of Lava Spike and Rift Bolt. Many decks gain some life in modern s well. So i think you should also mainboard Skullcrack.

17 lands is kinda risky too... Try 19 lands. Maybe you'll enjoy using 1 Keldon Megaliths too.

Exquisite Firecraft is nice against counterspells, and Flames of the Blood Hand is another card to block your opponent's lifegain. Flame Javelin can do quite some damage as well.

It's probably better to use 12-14 creatures as well. In the sideboard, Searing Blaze is another card to use against aggro. And Molten Rain can wreck some people's heart ;P

You might enjoy Anger of the Gods better than Volcanic Fallout... although fallout does some damage to your opponent, Anger of the Gods kills many things Fallout doesn't. Plus it is extra powerful VS Dredge. And also, Pyrite Spellbomb can kill one pesky little thing called Kor Firewalker.

Dave_Icaria on Modern cat zoo!

1 month ago

Always love a good Naya deck in a world of Eldrazi and Control.

Just wondering though, what's your idea behind Pyrite Spellbomb? It seems very out of place in the deck and I think I'd rather be running an additional copy of Lightning Helix and an extra Atarka's Command, or one more Command and another Fleecemane Lion.

deltacobra on Atog's Revolution: Modern Budget FNM Deck

1 month ago

I feel the deck is going 2 directions if I was Gonna do things with Slag Fiend I'd use cards like Pyrite Spellbomb, Assault Strobe and Salvage Titan is also interesting.

ZomBee_Hunt on [List - Multiplayer] EDH Generals by Tier

1 month ago

NarejED, thegigibeast I have updated my Zedruu the Greathearted deck once again. Acutally every time I get advice I always think damn what can I change, but this time I actually like my changes for the better and gives it another win condition and lowered the average CMC at the same time.


-Enduring Ideal

-Spiritual Asylum

-Lightmine Field

-Psychic Surgery

-Boros Signet

-Gilded Lotus

+Null Rod


+Auriok Salvagers

+Pyrite Spellbomb

+Cursed Totem

+Lion's Eye Diamond

Yest again, I submit the deck to you for approval Zedr(YOU), Zed(WHAT). Thank you very much, each time I do this I learn more cards an more about my own deck.

psychosmurf96 on 8-Tog

2 months ago

firestar157 Not a bad idea. however I'd almost be tempted to run Pyrite Spellbomb instead. Its one more mana to crack and draw a card but its also does one more damage and can hit creatures. Conjurer's bauble is crucial in any eggs deg as it can put needed pieces back on the bottom to be reused as well as just being able to crack to draw a card without paying mana, The red implement might end up being tested once i get a feel for how the deck plays as is for sure. I just can't get over how it can't shoot creatures as my local meta has affinity, 8-whack, and tokens.

MidgeRub on Burns When I Pee

2 months ago

For SB possibilities, not sure your meta but if people play Kor Firewalker on you, Reality Hemorrhage or Pyrite Spellbomb would be good for mono red. If you're seeing infect or affinity Id consider Sudden Shock and Searing Blood could also be good. Relic of Progenitus is probably your best option for graveyard shenanigans as it cycles itself (hopefully into damage). Exquisite Firecraft is good for control players, and Molten Rain can do alot of damage to the 3 color decks. If there's alot of Swarming decks, maybe consider Volcanic Fallout, Anger of the Gods, Flamebreak or even Blasphemous Act depending on the type of swarm. Also Dragon's Claw if you are seeing the mirror match. Hope any of this helps!

aholder7 on The Most Painful Form of Mill, Version 2!

2 months ago

i see you enjoy the pain and misery of others. you also like slowly and inefficiently taking them out. you also have a Chromatic Sphere which means anything goes. Helix Pinnacle? Door to Nothingness? cast Blue Sun's Zenith to get your entire library to your hand then Prismatic Omen, then Glittering Wish to grab Wild Cantor from your sideboard, casting it, Conjurer's Bauble to get Glittering Wish. cast Faith's Reward to get back your Lotus Bloom, Mox Opal and Krark-Clan Ironworks etc. sac bloom for white. sac mox for green. use Conjurer's Bauble to get Glittering Wish back. then use Codex Shredder to get Faith's Reward back into your hand. use glittering wish to get Slippery Bogle sac Wild Cantor for green/blue to cast it. repeat everything since cantor. get Slitherhead. sac cantor for black. cast it. repeat. grab Elvish Hexhunter. cast it. repeat again. grab Coalition Victory. repeat as many times as necessary to get the mana required. cast it for victory.

best part is that you only need to add Blue Sun's Zenith and Pyrite Spellbomb (which are both actual win cons themselves which makes this even better) as well as a single Prismatic Omen and Glittering Wish into your main. the rest is sideboard. technically the plan hinges on you being able to produce enough colorless to cast zenith for enough, but if you can't then youre not really playing eggs.

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