Typhoid Rats

Typhoid Rats

Creature — Rat

Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it)

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Typhoid Rats Discussion

hockeymaster12 on Liliana's Caress

5 days ago

Maybe instead of Ravenous Rats, put in Typhoid Rats. They have the same cost, and since it is only a 1/1 that has deathtouch, your opponent will be afraid to attack you with bigger creatures because then they will be sacrificing their creature to kill a 1/1.

Cyberninja16 on Gnawers - Oh rats!

5 days ago

I think you're missing Typhoid Rats, the best chump in MTG. Stoneforge Masterwork can make non-Relentless Rats very relentless or make your Relentless Rats swing double. What do you think of Septic Rats? Maybe something like O-Naginata to help with the mirror match and artifact commanders?

RainbowInferno on Triskaidekaphobia/Westvale Abbey

1 week ago

The origins card Languish could be a nice replacement for biting rain. Typhoid Rats is strictly better than Rancid rats. Nice deck though.

tocacu on I need help with a ...

1 week ago

Hey everyone!I built this deck Discard Until Death and though it's hard to beat for almost any kind of deck, I feel that when I have the Nezumi Shortfang in hand, as well as the Typhoid Rats, I shouldn't play them unless I have no other useful cards in hand. So I don't find them very useful. Could you help me replace them?

Thank you!

BlueScope on Question About Kor Haven and ...

1 month ago

The main thing you're missing is that you can activate abilities on permanents you control any time you have priority, like an instant. That means there's nothing to stop you from activating them on your opponent's turn, after they declare attackers.

To use this effectively, you want to make sure you know the exact steps of combat (skipping irrelevant-to-the-question ones): Combat happens between the main phases, so your opponents can't cast sorceries during combat. After declaring attackers, players can cast spells or activate abilities - your opponent, who is the active player, gets to do so first, then you may do so. After that, there's the declare blockers step, after which there's an additional round of priority, which is also the last opportunity to activate your land's abilities (if no creature has first strike, because after first strike damage has been dealt, there's another round of priority before regular damage is dealt).

This is a very short summary of how combat works, but hopefully enough to illustrate the utility of those lands. Note that they only prevent combat damage, so if your opponent Lightning Bolts your creature, you won't be able to save them with the lands.

A specific use case for Maze of Ith is that if your opponent has, for example, a Typhoid Rats and you have three Runeclaw Bears, you can attack with all three, wait until blocks have been declared, then use the Maze to untap the bears that have been blocked, which prevents you from losing a creature.

kamarupa on Just starting

1 month ago

Here's a place to start: 4xTyphoid Rats, 4xVampire Nighthawk, 4xMidnight Charm. (First Strike + Deathtouch)

cakeysteve on Death Strike Mk III

1 month ago

I like the deck. The only Turn 1 play is Typhoid Rats. Similarly to this. You have a playset Voiceless Spirit for your 3 drops.

I suggest taking out the 6 cost cards. Maybe leave the Wurmcoil Engine at most to create a massive threat that can also keep you in the game with the life-gain effects. If they board wipe, or have a lot of spot removal, True Conviction becomes redundant.

Acidic Slime is based on your meta. If Artifacts and Enchantments are clearly prevalent, keep the playset. Otherwise consider removing 1 or 2.

With those extra slots, It's good to drop in cheaper cards, into the 1 and 2 slots. This will enable more consistency on your draws. As an example, Thalia, Guardian of Thraben would be a nice fit considering your creature count.

If you are aiming for a budget option, and like the way the deck strategy as is at present, I suggest Scry Lands (~ $2.50 each) and maybe some Man Lands (eg. ~ $3.00 each for Treetop Village. They are generally underrated, but can create a nice turn 1 play that can benefit extra consistency, synergy and create blockers to soak up damage. (ps. I just remembered, white and I think red provide 1st striking Manlands, possibly black with deathtouch).

This is from my many years of experience. I believe that taking this on board, you will notice a stronger, and favourable improvement and learning option.

I just want to make clear, that these are no more than a suggestions as I already, and do like the deck concept.

N3XT on Blue/Black Discard and Mill

1 month ago

Replace Typhoid Rats with Ruthless Ripper. It's just better unless you are making rat tribal.

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