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Typhoid Rats

Creature — Rat


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Typhoid Rats Discussion

Acronyms on A Rat Deck :P (My first Modern Deck ever)

2 hours ago

I would suggest to add Immortal Servitude , Typhoid Rats , Altar's Reap and Ogre Slumlord .

Typhoid Rats is a good 1 drop and the deathtouch makes it a good defender too.It is also an easy way to get Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni because most people wouldn't block a 1/1 deathtouch.

Ogre Slumlord will give all rats you control deathtouch and if one dies it will create a 1/1 rat token so Pack Rat and Relentless Rats won't get weaker.

Altar's Reap has great synergy with the ogre and can also be used to sacrifice a creature u used for blocking right before the damage resolves. This way you'll have a blocked attack + card draw and if ogre is on the field, you'll destroy your opponents creature too and also get another rat token.

Immortal Servitude is awesome to get those sacrificed and killed creatures back on the field all at once which will also activate all abilities again including the discard from Ravenous Rats

thefakeisalie on Rats to bite your hand off

20 hours ago

I really like to see rat tribal getting some love. +1

I'm trying to construct such a deck myself, and I've found 4xSwarmyard + 4xTyphoid Rats works really well against any deck that runs cheap creatures. In fact, unless you really want to keep the discard theme for most of your creatures, I'd say Typhoid Rats is a far better onedrop than Drainpipe Vermin , for which you don't have a sacrifice engine to make it really reliable. In the topic of creatures, I would also suggest adding a fourth Pack Rat , as it is probably the faster win condition in the deck, and trying out both Okiba-Gang Shinobi and Chittering Rats . The first one can be a four mana Blightning that needs to be deal with unless your opponent doesn't mind it going off every turn, in addition to potentially returning to your hand a Ravenous Rats or Sanity Gnawers . The second can be a monoblack replacement for Sanity Gnawers if you run into problems getting red mana, as its ability is marginally weaker than the Sanity Gnawers ' early game but it has a slightly bigger body. I also find Hellhole Rats to be too costly for its effect, but I haven't playtested it, so cant really say if it is.

For the upkeep enchantments, 8-Rack doesn't run Liliana's Caress nor Quest for the Nihil Stone , and I think it is for good reason. The caress needs to be dropped before any discard is played to be truly effective, as it doesn't check for number of cards in hand, just cards discarded when it's on the board. The quest has pretty much the same problem, being offline until you can make your opponent discard two times. I would drop those. Shrieking Affliction , on the other hand, is useful in any stage of the game, so I would mainboard an entire playset. There's other cards with similar effects, namely Nezumi Shortfang , which is also a rat and a discard engine, and The Rack , that has a colorless cost, so it's really easy to cast.

And finally, I'd say your deck needs some more removal cards. For starters, Terminate is really good, so I would suggest running 4. Dreadbore is awesome too if you can afford it, but having access to both red burn and black killspells, you shouldn't have much trouble finding budget replacements. I would go for 8-ish removal cards, maybe less depending on your meta. Happy testing ;-).

KingSorin on The Big Limited Discussion

5 days ago

I'm gonna stick to commons and uncommons, as rares are less relevant, so they'll rarely matter. eh, eh?. I'm sorry. Back to the topic.
Bombs: Armament of Nyx. This card is crazy. It is either a removal spell or a way to give double strike, one of the most powerful abilities, and there are plenty of good targets like Spirespine , Humbler of Mortals (dat double-strike trample) and Forgeborn Oreads .
Forgeborn Oreads . Speaking of which. I reckon people are under-valuing this card. 1 damage is not a lot, true, but if you can snag a few of these i reckon it'll be worth it. When you start getting multiples things can and will get hectic. Also: 1 to the face every time you play a bestow-creature is gonna add up if you design your deck correctly.
Squelching Leeches . If you're playing mono-black, this thing's a beast. A 4/4 for 4 that grows is very strong. It will be a nightmare to kill in this format, as there's barely any solid removal for it, with most of the good spells being rare, such as Silence the Believers , Hero's Downfall and Fated Conflagration . Most of the lower-rarities cards to deal with it are Sip of Hemlock , Lash of the Whip if they're lucky to snag it early, and Spiteful blow. The best options are Banishing Light and Reprisal . Apart from these, it is very hard to kill.
Ravenous Leucrocota . 2/4 vigilance for 4 is pretty solid, but one of the problems with this sort of creature is it gets walled pretty easily, but in the late-game it can go on the offensive as a 5/7, while still hanging back to block.
Fleetfeather cockatrice. The duck-of-all-trades. This bird can be aggressive, defensive, or be a stall-breaker. A 3/3 flash flying for 5 is very aggressive, having evasion, flash (which will make your opponent miscalculate) and deathtouch leads to unfavourable blocks. A flash flying deathtouch makes for very helpful blocking, doubling as a removal spell, and the monstrous means it can act as a 6/6 flying, which is brutal. This is something you should be scared of.
Mogis's Warhound . An inferior Grizzly Bears is not a bomb by any means, but for 3 mana this bestow cost is insane. +2/+2 plus a bear that comes when it dies is bloody amazing for 3. Note that with this whole cycle it's sometimes a good idea to put them on opponents creatures, then reap the benefits of the downside. This one probably not be used too much this way, burn certainly the nautilus, the porcupine and Gnarled Scarhide will be used to close out games this way. (I used scar hide to do this the other day :) ).Blinding flare. This card will probably do a very good job of ending games. As well as crippling your opponent's blockers, you also get 1 mana heroic triggers, as you're not going to be blocking anyway.
Rollick of abandon +2/-2 to everything is... interesting. This is a mass-removal spell or a finisher, or just a way to make lots of favourable trades. It it were 1 mana less i would've been very happy about this card, and lots of red's good cards have 2 toughness, such as Forgeborn Oreads and Fanatic of Mogis , but in minotaurs this will be played a lot i think, as plenty of them have 3 toughness.
Skyspear cavalry. Considering the amount of buffs in this set, an evasive doublstriker should be a top-pick, and this is reasonably costed too.Removal:
Akroan mastiff, doubling as a 2/2 this is quite flexible, but it's a bit fragile, dying to pretty much everything in the format barring Viper's Kiss and Spark Jolt .
I've already covered Armament of Nyx and Fleetfeather cockatrice and Rollick of abandon.
Aspect of Gorgon seems a little clunky, but it'll probably see some play as it puts the enchanted creature out of strike-range, and probably whip-range, and triggers heroic and constellation, however it only removes something when your opponent agrees for it to remove something.
Nyx infusion. This card is interesting. I don't think it's efficient enough to be any good, but in limited any removal you can get your hands on is good, but this format has too many high-toughness creatures for this to be too relevant. Against fast heroic decks this could be brutal though, crippling whatever it doesn't kill, however those decks play lots of bestow creatures, so again it's a bid iffy.
Reprisal . This is good, and will pretty much kill anything that's getting a little big.
Starfall is a little weak for this format. Only dealing 3 damage for 5 mana in a format populated by high-toughness creatures is a recipe for disaster. Lightning Strike and Searing Blood are far more efficient than this, and this will probably mostly be used to take out small critters or Lava Spike the opponent.
Spiteful blow is quite expensive, but it can be helpful if your opponent is playing a deck with a demanding manabase. This is about as good as Sip of Hemlock , and will probably fill a similar slot in people's decks.
Banishing Light . The 1-spell kills all answer to anything at 3 mana. Brilliant, and will almost always be picked first. This is too good a card to miss in a format flooded with heavy-casting cost creatures and voltron machines.
Oppressive rays. 1 mana for a really annoying cost to do anything is pretty restrictive, but in the late game this can easily be a dud.Riddle of Lightning . I have no idea about this card. It seems unreliable, but this format has big stuff going on, and this can fix your top cards as well. I just don't know.
Spite of Mogis seems pretty good, but it defeats the purpose of being 1 mana. The scry 1 is nice, and i think if you can rack up some Voyage's End s and Lightning Strike s that this could find a place in your deck.
Deserter's quarters. I think this card is great. For 3 mana you put it out there, and then you can pay 6 to lock down their most important threat. Best of all, it's colourless. I reckon this is one of the best blue cards in the set. :)
Pin to the Earth is quite nice. For only 2 mana it gives blue a nice removal option. Solid card.
Thassa's ire. Requires a constant mana-investment, but is an enchantment and gives devotion. You can also tap something in their turn, then something else in your own turn, so 2 things are locked down for your combat step. Quite good.
Magma Spray . 2 damage just to creatures is pretty poor, and the exile is barely relevant. It's a bit weak in this format.Pharika's chosen. Typhoid Rats . Really good. enough said.
Akroan line breaker. If you have enough heroic support, this guy might as well just be a 4/1 intimidate. He's kind of like Kiln Fiend with evasion, and is very dangerous, but hilariously fragile. Use with caution.
Cloaked siren. This card is very good. 3/2 flash-flying for 4? Yes please. It makes a good "removal spell" and is evasive and aggressive. Very helpful for u/w heroic, and will fill a similar slot to Chorus of the Tides .
Bladetusk Boar is quite similar, but you have to remember that red rarely gets evasion, and their creatures tend to diminish in size in the late game so pushing through those last few points of damage can be tough. This guy helps to rectify this problem.
Eagle of the watch. This guy is cool. Quite frankly, i'd rather him alive than dead, so the vigilance won't matter much, but if you suit this guy up with an ordeal or 2, then you'll be in business when he can venture on his path to Serra Angel hood.
Hour of need. This card is interesting. It's primary use will probably be to upgrade your own guys, or "balance" the board, but it also triggers heroic, and makes 4/4 sphinxes for 3 mana (2 more per target), I'm not complaining.
Rise of the eagles. 6 mana for Talrand's Invocation (for enchantment tokens) plus a scry? Not bad, but there's better stuff.
Dreadbringer lampards. A 4/2 for 5 that gives stuff intimidate is pretty good, but a bit fragile. Realistically, at this point most of your enchantments are already on the board, so Mogis's Marauder and Gray Merchant of Asphodel are probably better for black, (one giving evasion, and the other a 5-drop)
War-wing siren. Kinda like Wingsteed Rider , but it's still in strike-range, so i think it's a bit worse.
Supple-line cranes are a bit clunky, but slightly more flexible 3/5 flying is still respectable, but not a star-performer.
Riptide Chimera is interesting. It's very big, and the cost can be an upside with constellation. Fate Foretold likes this dude, and Thassa's ire is pretty easy to re-cast. I reckon this guy will be used a quite a bit.
Triton Shorestalker . This guy is risky, but can be very rewarding, starting the clock really early.
Whitewater Naiads . This thing seems okay. It's decent, but doesn't break any records. To get lots of enchantments after turn 4 is a tough ask, but combined with chimera this could be pretty good. Also, bestowing Thassa's Emissary onto it is quite brutal.
Stormchaser chimera is just a bit bad. I wouldn't be willing to splash for it, and its ability is a bit situational. If it were scry 2, i'd like it a lot more, but it's too luck-based for my liking, and i don't think it has enough power to be worth it, unless you're already in izzet colours.
Gold-forged sentinel. 4/4 flying for 6 isn't great, but colourless is great. This guy fits into any deck. I'm happy to see him in green, white, (maybe not blue), red or black, or 5-colour, as he's so easy to cast. The only problem i can see is Nessian Asp s getting in his way.
I forgot what A and D stood for, and i'm also a bit sick of writing this.

KoriAne on Adult Anomaly Ninja Rats!

1 week ago

Hi man! i'm trying to do a rats deck too.My 2 cent: Gnat Miser is useless. At this point is better Drainpipe Vermin , that form a good combo with Cry of Contrition .U must insert Typhoid Rats , and u have a great 1 cc drop that easily would not be blocked->ninjutsu, yay!Than, u are really heavy in discards cards. So why not Liliana's Caress ? Or, for a good use of the discards cards in late game, Rat Pack.

Emrakul-the-Format-Broken on Eldrazi????

3 weeks ago

First things first: Your eldrazi. If you're running Eldrazi, you want MASSIVE eldrazi. Creatures like Ulamog's Crusher or nothing compared to Ulamog, the Infinite Gyre itself. Pathrazer of Ulamog trembles at the sight of lord Kozilek, Butcher of Truth . And most of all, why just settle with the Hand of Emrakul ? Emrakul doesn't even have hands! Go with the master of the eldrazi, the mythical creature of utter annihilation: Emrakul, the Aeons Torn . He truly breaks the format, the reason for my name. (I have a deck revolving around him, but it's still a work in progress.) Phyrexian Obliterator is the God of Black, Erebos ain't got shit. Proxy 4: Pull out the Curses of Wizardry, they are simply too much mana for too little of an effect. Also out with the Disentomb s. With Eldrazi Titans in here, you'll be shuffling your entire graveyard back into your library when (IF) they die. All of the disentombs can go. Which leaves you room for two Vampire Nighthawk s. I swear, right now my Emrakul deck is Golgari, but maybe the only reason I cling on with black is because of Maelstrom Pulse and nighthawk. Just so good. But we want 4 of them. So pull out the Reassembling Skeleton s. Sure they come back, but it's not really worth 2 mana for a 1/1. Pull out all the Induce Despair s for Victim of Night s. 2 mana, you don't have to reveal a creature, and works even if you don't have an eldrazi in hand. Take out the Perish the Thought s for 4 Thoughtseize , they're much better. To make room, pull out one of the Death Cultist s. They aren't much help. In fact, pull out the other too for a single Typhoid Rats . 1/1 Deathtouch pisses alot of people off. Pull out the trackers for 2 more Quicksilver Amulet and a single Gary. In casual, it's fine. Cheap creatures aren't THAT necessary. You can also cut down on some removal, especially removal that costs 5 mana and can't hit other black decks: Out with the Corpsehatch es. They do give you baby eldrazi, but we have 4 Dark Ritual and a Quicksilver Amulet , we don't need much more ramp. They can be swapped for 2 Temporal Extortion . They're just... SO GOOD. Dread Drone has 1 toughness for 5 mana. It dies to removal too easy, Pull them out for two more Temporal Extortion s.

veritates1 on Rats will devour you, Prototype

3 weeks ago

Instead of Blood Artist I would suggest something like Ink-Eyes, Servant of Oni . Makes your Typhoid Rats scarier

Venahtor on Rat Deck of Rats

4 weeks ago

I have a rat deck, you are missing tons of super useful rats. Also you definitely need Magewright's Stone , Illusionist's Bracers , and Thousand-Year Elixir for the commander.

As for rats, I'll have to come back with a list. But Swarm of Rats and the ninjitsu rats, Typhoid Rats etc. If you only use a ton of Relentless Rats it's easy for people to exile them all from your deck.

maxon on Looking to build a Rats ...

1 month ago

i had a fun rat deck before INN and m13 rotated out. Ravenous Rats and Typhoid Rats where great rat cards. since then, i don't bother cause honestly, Pack Rat is the only decent rat left Price

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Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) B
Cost B
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 6.53
Avg. cube pick 9.80


Format Legality
Extended Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Set Rarity
Innistrad Common