Typhoid Rats

Typhoid Rats

Creature — Rat

Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it)
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Typhoid Rats Discussion

Ashockfan on Pathway Deathtouch (or: How to get punched)

4 hours ago

@kedrar_pa you're welcome for the help, I hope the deck becomes something good! if they ever print more usable deathtouch creatures I think this combo could become real, even competitive.

also, as was mentioned above, Ruthless Ripper is a strictly better Typhoid Rats so you should drop a rats for the 4th ripper

Tomnofx on Rats Tribal (revised version)

6 hours ago

Certainly. :) Loved the card since I saw it. :)

Possibly, need to deal some early damage in there. I'm not big on hand disruption spells but I'd sideboard some like Inquisition of Kozilek for control matchups. I think adding the Typhoid Rats back in would be best first.

Tomnofx on Rats Tribal (revised version)

6 hours ago

Isn't that a coincidence. XD Got to love Relentless Rats for the flavour. Thank you. :) I had Typhoid Rats in my previous build, you have a good point. Who needs to board wipe when you have that for one mana. :)

fieldhockeystudent on Rats Tribal (revised version)

6 hours ago

Ah, cool! The Bloodbond March is definitely nice insurance against cards like Bile Blight or Maelstrom Pulse, too.

I think you might be a little lacking in one-drops, though! Aside from the AEther Vials, you have nothing else to cast before turn 2 - some hand disruption would probably help make sure the coast is clear to start casting stuff, or some one-drop creatures like Drainpipe Vermin or Typhoid Rats. Maybe in Skullsnatcher's place?

Wizard_of_the_Broke on Rats Tribal (revised version)

6 hours ago

Hysterical! I just re-did my old Relentless Rats deck as a gag - and deck-cycled it a few seconds ago. Bloodbond March is awesome. Nice touch. One note- Typhoid Rats are too good with the regeneration from Swarmyard to leave out, in my opinion.

Ashockfan on Pathway Deathtouch (or: How to get punched)

8 hours ago

Great deck. Completely agree with @AgentGreen about the Blighted Fen. You would probably want 2.

For suggestions, Ukud Cobra Was insane in draft, so maybe cut a Typhoid Rats or two for more of those?

Lastly, the land count is kinda low. Might be fine, but adding 1-2 wouldn't hurt

Moonbar on The Bruce Smith, Mono Black Standard

4 days ago

Replace Dark Petition; you don't have enough instants/sorceries in here to consistently get Spell Mastery, and at that point it's a really overpriced tutor. In 1-of form, it becomes even worse considering your chances of drawing it. Duress is good enough to keep in though. Maybe you should aim for some more creature-based removal, like Ruthless Ripper or Typhoid Rats and take out your Bone Splinters? It looks like you have enough sac enabling already. If you're really set on removal via spells, Ultimate Price gets the job done at instant speed, killing Jace, Vryn's Prodigy  Flip, other Flipwalkers, Deathmist Raptor and more.

The_Riddlebox on Herald of Jund

1 week ago

I would keep Blisterpod over Typhoid Rats because of the reason you listed, gives you two bodies, and worst case scenario if you miss a land drop you can use the Scion to ramp up. Evolutionary Leap is such a good engine in your deck that the more synergy you have the better it is. The rats are meh, and at best they stop one creature or eat a removal.

While Infernal Scarring isn't the best card out there, I would certainly keep it over Molting Snakeskin since 3 mana to regen a creature is meh, especially when it works against the ability of saccing a creature to Evolutionary Leap. Infernal Scarring just works better in the deck.

If you are gonna use any white enchants for control stay away from Pacifism, it's really only good in limited. Stasis Snare is far better. I would also considerSilkwrap over Suspension Field as it hits more early aggressive creatures so it slows down faster decks.

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