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Typhoid Rats

Creature — Rat


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Typhoid Rats Discussion

GlockGearhead on Your hand is garbage. Throw it away.

20 hours ago

I would recommend replacing Typhoid Rats with Pack Rat .I'd also find a place for Whip of Erebos , as it is an epic card.add 1 more lilliana too :)

good deck idea though

Scorprix on Orshov Midrange Khans of Tarkir Prep

1 day ago

Cut all copies (In the mainboard) of liliana, rats, maggot and then cut 1 plains. Add 2 hero's downfall, 1 herald of torment, 2 eidolon of Countless Battles, 2 soldier of the pantheon and move 2 silence the believers to the mainboard adding 1 more to the SB. Then add 1 typhoyd rats to the SB.

So in all:

-2 Liliana Vess

-2 Typhoid Rats

-4 Brain Maggot

-1 Plains

-1 Silence the Believers (SB)

+2 Hero's Downfall

+1 Herald of Torment

+2 Eidolon of Countless Battles

+2 Soldier of the Pantheon

+2 Silence the Believers

+1 Typhoid Rats (SB)

This may require testing, but I think it would pay off to at least try it out. Hope that helped you out, and +1 for the great deck! :D

Ohthenoises on Swarm and Conquer V 2.0

1 day ago

True enough I suppose. In the draft I ended up putting that equip on a Typhoid Rats and it worked out that they needed a 6/X just to trade with my rat.

Just figured that it would prevent a blocking token from getting bolted and couldn't get killed from combat.

danthek84 on Life and Death (But Mostly Death)

3 days ago

littleadam11 Thanks! That'll work really well, I can't believe I missed it. What should I replace besides 2x Typhoid Rats ? Any other suggestions? You seem to know what you're doing.

Alec on Garruk

3 days ago

I would replace Pharika's Chosen with Typhoid Rats , just seems more flavourful.

Dalektable on Orshov Midrange Khans of Tarkir Prep

3 days ago

Pretty solid, man. Some obvious additions are of course Mana Confluence , Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth and Caves of Koilos (if you can afford them). Also, a couple more Thoughtseize s. Additionally, I would switch your numbers of Gods Willing and Hero's Downfall , you want to be proactive rather than reactive. Kill their threats, swing in. Speaking of threats, if you can afford him Brimaz, King of Oreskos is awesome. And Typhoid Rats is a sideboard card really, a one drop deathtouch is good but you want to be slightly more aggressive. Soldier of the Pantheon would be a good choice for this slot. I would also drop a copy of Master of the Feast for another Eidolon. Some card draw wouldn't go amiss either to keep answers in hand, Sign in Blood or Read the Bones are your best options. I like the deck a lot, seems very solid but you need to develop a sideboard to be truly competitive. Some good sideboard options include Bile Blight , Drown in Sorrow , Deicide , Nyx-Fleece Ram (for hyper aggressive decks, trust me its awesome), and Silence the Believers . Hope this helped, it's a lot to read haha. Best of luck to you!

TheRedDude on Azban Constellation

3 days ago

Honestly, i think you have too many lands. With a curve topping out at 4, 24 lands might mana flood you. Also, either cut Pharika or give her creatures to exile. Not everything has to be an enchantment. Try Typhoid Rats as it gets out early and trades with almost anything. Plus exiling it to Pharika basically gives you another one which activates constellation. Oh and Master of the Feast . Believe me, he's worth the drawback.

Jotefin on Control ALL the Cards!!!

4 days ago

Personally, I'd go for a playset of Jace, the Living Guildpact considering you mentioned that the deck is built around him. Also, I suggest you remove Festergloom , simply for fear of it clashing with Chasm Skulker and its babies, which appear to be your main win condition. On that note, I think you should up the number of those to at least 3. I don't know what your local meta is like, but in most situations counterspells such as Dissolve and Dissipate are going to fare better than Crippling Blight , Wall of Frost , and Typhoid Rats . Removal spells like Hero's Downfall or Silence the Believers would be beneficial too. Finally, the mana base needs balancing. You have a lot more blue than black, so I'd remove a few Swamp s in exchange for Island s. Temple of Deceit will help you with stability, but compromises speed. However, you don't need speed; you're playing control. That's my input. I may build this deck myself and run it at an FNM or two. It seems like it could be very effective, at least for a post-RTR dual colored deck. Price

Low Avg High Foil
$0.03 $0.13 $0.65 $0.49
Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) B
Cost B
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 6.53
Avg. cube pick 9.78


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

Printings View all

Set Rarity
Magic 2015 Common
Conspiracy Common
Innistrad Common