Typhoid Rats

Typhoid Rats

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Creature — Rat

Deathtouch (Any amount of damage this deals to a creature is enough to destroy it)

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Typhoid Rats Discussion

DRGWK4 on Rakdos Aggro

4 days ago

Good start i would sugggest to get rid of the more expensive cards so that it can be faster.- 1 Kaervek the Merciless- 1 Din of the Fireherd- 2 Slave of Bolas- 1 Rakdos Shred-Freak- 6 Swamp- 6 Mountain- 1 Hound of Griselbrand- 1 Murder+ 3 Typhoid Rats+ 4 Evolving Wilds+ 2 Lightning Bolts!+ 2 Jester-Spike+ 2 Vampire Nighthawk+ 1 Dragonskull Summit+ 2 Terminate+ 3 Blood Crypt

A1Dan on Oh Rats!

1 week ago

Ok I Like the starting shell. Ultimate Price is strictly better than Doom Blade. Pack Rat is great and can win by itself. I think if you want to go for an infect sub theme go 4x Ichor Rats and 4x Septic Rats. I don't think Scrib Nibblers is good because it's mana cost is too high, I would just take them out. Pestilence Rats is great and I would throw those in. Swarm of Rats is also good as well. I like Typhoid Rats as a low drop. I'm not big on Contaminated Ground but I love Bad Moon and I would put more in. But over all pretty good. +1

leahy on Discard Rats

2 weeks ago

-3 Typhoid Rats +2 Chittering Rats (1 slot)

-1 Despise (2 slots)

-2 Horrifying Revelation +2 Raven's Crime (2 slots)

+2 The Rack (0 slots)

-2 Swamp +2 Bojuka Bog

ManaMan21 on 2015-06-21 update of Deathtouch of ...

2 weeks ago

Pricey? There sealing for less then 2 bucks at tcg in terms of average, your welcome by the way but what not say Typhoid Rats?

MagnusMTG on Black Deck

2 weeks ago

Some good black cards in there, but a lot of them are no longer Standard. You can change the format to Modern or Casual, or try to find replacements for the non- Standard cards. Some cheap deathtouch creatures are Pharika's Chosen, Typhoid Rats

Upward-SaGa on Obliterator Annihilator

2 weeks ago

Infinite Reflection and just run a bunch of weenies like Typhoid Rats? if it's casual you can use Bubbling Muck, High Tide, and Sol Ring.

solfye on Rato ninja

2 weeks ago

Primeiro coloque a descricao em ingles... os gringos nao usam google tradutor, segundo Bile Blight -1 marcador mas para todas de mesmo nome, Typhoid RatsSeu deck rodaria melhor sendo aggro, procure ratos com custo menor! tem varios com efeitos bons e mais remocao!

Wiktul on Black Deck...my first deck ;-;

2 weeks ago

Ok, let's analize all the cards you've put in here and try to find some main idea / strategy of your deck, 'cause so far I can see none ;)

Black Cat - funny card, could be played as addition to a deck builded strictly on discard mechanics. There are some funky gimmics to be done with it, but overall it's not first choice-type of card to put into mainboard, especially if you're not focuisng od discard as such.

Moreover, you should notice, that it's turn 2 1/1 creature, worthless as attacker, made only to be killed with really random profit for you.

Blood Host - 5th turn 3/3 creature, that needs another 2 mana (turn 6) to activate it's ability, that's also causing a disadvantage for you. I guess you wanted to feed it with Black Cat or Shambling Goblin, but it's highly unlikely they will survive so long in the battlefield and even if they will, there's little profit from sacrificing them. Blood Host himself is too expensive, to weak and to vulnerable for any kind of spells your opponent would cast on him to be treated as your Win Condition.

Child of Night - could be a deal if you would enforce it with something that would make it bigger (especially harder to kill). But thinking that way, focusing on combining low mana cost of a creature with lifelink or similiar ability, I suggest something like Bloodcrazed Hoplite with Eternal Thirst.

Sengir Vampire - flying 4/4 for 5 mana could be a deal, but it's ability leaves a lot to wish for. You simply won't be able to feed him that way - your opponent will rather let you hit him by 4, block him with something bigger that will eat him instead or simply destroy him with any kind of removal. Even Master of the Feast is a better deal here, especially if you're focusing on discard. Or Herald of Torment, altrough it's too easy to be removed.

Shambling Goblin - it could be usefull only if you'll get in in opening hand, only with exploit mechanics, and even then it's not really a big deal. Typhoid Rats or Pharika's Chosen or Ruthless Ripper are much better in that case.

Butcher's Glee - nice trick, worth combining with some synergy, like Bloodcrazed Hoplite or Agent of the Fates. If you want only to have some kind of protection for your mobs, Boon of Erebos could be a cheaper option.

Foul Renewal - is a fine card in some kind of semi-combo decks with tough creatures, like in here for example: Defenders of The Dead Mill. In your deck, with so much creatures with 1 toughness, it's definitely no good. If you know your litte creatures will be dead very soon and you're counting on flooding the battlefield with them constantly, Gravepurge could be a better option.

Foul-Tongue Shriek - nice card, but in token aggro decks. You will have at best 3 1/1 creatures turn 3. At best you will attack with them turn 3 and cast this - not a big deal to get 3 life and loose all creatures, that will probably die much sooner to any kind of burn spells or Drown in Sorrow or Bile Blight and alike.

Nightmarish End - not really clear how you want to use that mechanics. You have no option to draw additional cards here (definitely not if you won't splash your deck with for Treasure Cruise or Dig Through Time ). There are tons of better removal in Standard nowadays, two of those mentioned above against weak creatures, other - more flexible, like Ultimate Price or Murderous Cut.

Endless Obedience - it's really hard to build a decent reanimation deck, believe me, I tried more than once. This card is one of the worst in my opinion. Rescue from the Underworld, Fated Return or Ritual of the Returned are much better IF you have something really BIG or nasty to return from graveyard (and you have put it there yourself 'cause you wouldn't be able to play it from your hand).

Profane Memento - if it can be usefull anyhow, then only if you have lots of option to put lots of opponent's creatures into his graveyard. Things like mindsculpt or lots of removal - both you're missing here.

Liliana Vess - yup, she's always a big deal, but only with whole deck build in a way that supports her - her abilities, her being played, defending here and so on.

The very first question you have to answer - strictly, at best in 2-3 simple phrazes, - is "What does my deck do?". Is it killing horribly fast with lots of small, cheap creatures with annoying abilities? Is it destroying everything my opponent plays untill he has nothing left and then my single, untouchable creature or planeswalker will do his job? Is it making my opponent discard all his cards, so he can't play anything at all?

Think a little bit about it. Try to find the way you feel most comfortable with - you want to be aggresive attacker? A patient scheemer, that will ruin all of opponent's efforts with his deceptive tricks? Or something else? I know you mentioned vampires as your most preferable creatures, but believe me, there's totally no way you can build any playable deck in Standard around vampires. In Modern - yes, but it's not what you're looking for in the very beginning of your playing Magic.

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