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Milkaholic on Devils & Demons

3 days ago

x4 Lightning Bolt

No excuses. If your budget doesn't allow for it, make it. I'd recommend cutting the Dreadbore .

Fists of the Demigod would make a better enchantment

You should also run far fewer lands. Your mana curve is rather low, and this kind of deck needs to win in the early game. I'd suggest cutting 3-4 lands, adding a set of Lightning Bolts, cutting the Rakdos, Lord of Riots and the Typhoid Rats for a set of Rift Bolt (if you can afford them, they are very much worth it). Add an extra Desecration Demon or two, and potentially a copy or two of Bump in the Night , just in case the game goes long.

Raven's Crime and Flame Jab are also good options if you don't want Bump. I wouldn't run more than two.

Oh man, I totally forgot about Blightning . Add four.

asasinater13 on Black/Red Trial

3 days ago

I wasn't thinking about this last night but on the topic of cheap removal, Lightning Strike should be mentioned. it can be removal or push through a last bit of damage. forgot about it before.

for creatures in rakdos, Bloodsoaked Champion is a guy, I don't know his price. probably not budget but if you can trade for one, Ashcloud Phoenix is a good thing to use. Brain Maggot because hand disruption is really good. Stormbreath Dragon and Sarkhan, the Dragonspeaker aren't budget, but if you can pull off a trade for either they are absurd. Master of the Feast can be risky but is an awesome beater that must be answered. Ruthless Ripper is just better than Typhoid Rats ,

some of your rares are good to get more of if you can, like your two dragons if you can't get stormbreath. some things, Squelching Leeches , Nightmare aren't the best fits because you're not mono black.

evolintent13 on Black/Red Trial

3 days ago

Thank you, I really appreciate the advice. I didn't post what type of deck I'm going for because I'm not really sure. As I said I'm VERY new and been researching my A$$ off haha and although I have heard about Aggro, Control, and Mid-range, I just wasn't sure where mine fell or even what I was working to achieve other than building the best I could with the cards available.

Foundry Street Denizen was only because I needed some low cost minions and had nothing better I will be replacing them asap preferably with more Typhoid Rats if I can get some.

I'm going to look into some of the cards you mentioned and might even buy singles at my local shop if possible. As far as creatures do you have any suggestions that are cheaper and I would benefit from if i bought them single from the local shop as well?

Thank you again!

jsansoldo on First Standard Deck

6 days ago

Well.... where to start?

One of the first things you need to know before making your deck is how you wanna win. "I wanna hit fast and hard", "I wanna kill him with massive dudes", "I wanna control his game until my great card comes". Aggro, Control, Combo, Mid-Range, there are many ways to win at magic.

You said you wanted a U/B Control deck. Control demand good defences. AEtherspouts , Dissolve , Disdainful Stroke , Vortex Elemental , Wall of Frost . All cards designed to protect you from harm. Typhoid Rats is also a good defence mechanism. Creature removal, like Hero's Downfall , Bile Blight or Despise are great. Blue can also give some powerful tricks, like Quickling , Dictate of Kruphix , Thassa, God of the Sea , Dig Through Time , all cards designed to give you some advantage over the enemy.

But lets talk about how you wanna win. Indulgent Tormentor is a good card, very controlish, but not very resilient. A good finisher and sustained damage source is Prognostic Sphinx . It can protect itself, is a flyer, has a good bulk and his abilitie will make sure you draw the cards you need all game long.

Try to make a deck with plenty of defences, and some (5-6) finishers to kill the enemy. Use about 25 lands in a control decks, for good mesure.

hungryGoliath on Chosen Ones

1 week ago

this needs more Fugitive Wizard , Typhoid Rats , Ruthless Ripper , and Pharika's Chosen . Other than that, i can see no flaws, whatsoever. Have fun at the pro tour

Krayhaft on Edge and Scale, Bring Forth the Victory

1 week ago

I see now your section of 'cards I will not use", but I see no discussion for why Tormented Hero is bad. Your deck looks pretty aggro-y, and doesn't want to drag the game on for too long. Tormented Hero , being a 2-power 1 drop, will help you end the game sooner, and gets buffed by your chiefs, making him more of a threat as the game goes on. Ruthless Ripper , which it would probably replace, is only a 1/1 for 1 deathtouch. If you drop the ripper face up it is a Typhoid Rats . You can wait until turn 3 to morph it, but looking at your mana curve you have many more 3-drops than 1-drops. Ripper will have more competition for drops if you morph it than if you just regular cast it. You also talk about the 'surprise factor' of ripper, but looking at your decklist, it is your only morph creature. After the first few morphs, and seeing that you run both Chief of the Scale and Chief of the Edge , a smart opponent will guess that you're warrior tribal, and seeing as there are few playable morph warriors in this set, will probably know that anything you morph down will be a Ruthless Ripper .

As for Athreos, you're right in that his trigger ability will always give you the best choice for the opponent. But, your deck is so creature-heavy that eventually even all of the worst choices for you will be compounded up into advantage, at no extra cost other than the initial 3-mana investment. Purphoros, on the other hand, comes down a turn later, and requires you to have other cards in hand to play to get maximum effectiveness. Not to mention that in your current MB, you will never be able to turn Purphoros into a creature at all. At least Athreos has the chance to become a 5/4 indestructible for 3CMC, which is what an aggro deck would want.

TheFanatic on Sultai Graveyard (Khans Tarkir) (Feedback Wanted!)

1 week ago

You may want to replace Taigam's Scheming with Commune with the Gods since it's not card disadvantage. Also, Typhoid Rats and 1 Tormod's Crypt should probably be replaced with 4 Satyr Wayfinder . Also, I like Nyx Weaver better than Sultai Ascendancy so maybe just replace the Ascendancies with more Weavers.

multiplayer on KHANS OF TARKIR... MBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 week ago

@Gruul_Canuck what? nothing to trigger heroic, there's lots of stuff to trigger it especially before I cut Spiteful Returned , plus Typhoid Rats really isn't all that great of a card.

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Power / Toughness 1/1
Color(s) Black
Cost B
Converted cost 1
Avg. draft pick 6.53
Avg. cube pick 9.78


Format Legality
Standard Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Pauper Legal

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Magic 2015 Common
Conspiracy Common
Innistrad Common


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