Paranoid Delusions

Paranoid Delusions


Target player puts the top three cards of his or her library into his or her graveyard.Cipher (Then you may exile this spell card encoded on a creature you control. Whenever that creature deals combat damage to a player, its controller may play a copy of the encoded card without paying its mana cost.)
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Paranoid Delusions Discussion

HumpFree on Quit Milling Around

1 week ago

Archive Trap takes advantage of Fetchlands ands any search library cards

Phenax, God of Deception allows you to turn your larger toughness creatures into millers; Consuming Aberration benefits from this greatly.

Paranoid Delusions can cause a lot of mill and triggers CA's ability for added benefit. Works well with Dictate of Kruphix and Howling Mine and Font of Mythos.

I would add more Mind Funeral as land denial is helpful.

Sphinx's Tutelage and Jace's Erasure work well for passive milling and would work well with

Tome Scour is a nice card that is similar to Mind Sculpt.

Hedron Crab is a great turn one play as it mills for simply dropping land.

Also, milling and discard are two different things, mill is from the library and discard is from the hand. Whispering Madness or Dark Deal may be of some use to you as they do draw cards; they also can help you drop less useful cards for more useful options.

Tormentero on The Mill Pill

1 month ago

I could give Paranoid Delusions a shot. Might be mroe consistent for milling. Just having issues deciding what to give up for it

Blizzca on The Mill Pill

1 month ago

if you could get them i would keep the Sphinx's Tutelage and drop the Archivist The repeat mill is amazing. Also if you are swinging a lot and not getting blocked maybe consider Paranoid Delusions

jacobs472 on Does cipher keep going?

1 month ago

I got to thinking about cipher on cards like Paranoid Delusions and I got kinda confused about how it works. I checked the official rules, but it still didn't answer my question. When I cast a card with cipher, then encode it onto a creature, then that creature deals combat damage to a player, then makes a copy of the first spell, Can I put the copy on a new creature, then have two creatures with the encoded ability? I know this is probably the worst and most confusing way to ask it, so sorry... Thanks in advance!

Grey_Haven on Ravnica Horror Story: Asylum

2 months ago

Have you considered adding some cipher spells to the deck? Paranoid Delusions would work great, both because it adds mill, but also because each time you land a successful hit, you cast it again, activating Circu's ability. Call of the Nightwing and Whispering Madness wouldn't be half bad either.

Blubb40000 on Permanent Mill

2 months ago

Instead of using Followed Footsteps you might as well use Paranoid Delusions .

jimmynitos on Tiny Dimir Milling

4 months ago

You can try Paranoid Delusions and Shriekgeist, maybe instead Mind Sculpt and Shriekhorn, I guess.

Cost UB
Converted cost 2


Format Legality
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Modern Legal
Duel Commander Legal

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Set Rarity
Gatecrash Common

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