Ordeal of Heliod


Format Legality
Modern Legal
Legacy Legal
Vintage Legal
Commander / EDH Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Tiny Leaders Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros Uncommon

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Ordeal of Heliod

Enchantment — Aura

Enchant creature

Whenever enchanted creature attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on it. Then if it has three or more +1/+1 counters on it, sacrifice Ordeal of Heliod.

When you sacrifice Ordeal of Heliod, you gain 10 life.

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Ordeal of Heliod Discussion

TeysaEnvoyofRoasts on Professor Lavinia of the Tenth Grade: Detention

1 week ago

That's very helpful actually. I can see why you suggested the cuts. I still like Archon of the Triumvirate and Sentinel of the Eternal Watch (if only because they are helpful with multiplayer) but they have moved nearer to the cutting board. Aqueous Form, Hall of Triumph and Ordeal of Heliod really work better in my Voltron deck anyways, so those are easy cuts now that you point them out, especially because they won't survive the blinking (have never built a deck around this mechanic before).

Thank you. And feel free to keep cutting.

Raging_Squiggle on Professor Lavinia of the Tenth Grade: Detention

1 week ago

As for getting to 100 cards, here's the 40 that I'd cut. (In groups of 10)

3 lands, Akroan Jailer, Akroan Mastiff, Archon of the Triumvirate, Captain of the Watch, Court Street Denizen, Dazzling Ramparts, Elite Skirmisher

Haazda Snare Squad, Kytheon's Irregulars, Lavinia of the Tenth (she's already included in the 100, so it's redundant to have her in the 99 list too), New Prahv Guildmage, Niblis of the Urn, Sentinel of the Eternal Watch, Tyrant's Machine, Hall of Triumph, Aqueous Form, and Ordeal of Heliod.

I'll actually stop at 20 cards for now and let you think them over.

Dk1997 on Crazy Cat Ladies (Soul Sisters / Lifegain variant)

1 week ago

Ordeal of Heliod works great with heroic cards, i'd suggest Phalanx Leader or Setessan Battle Priest it also works good with Ajani's Pridemate if it already has 3 =1/=1 counters on it, because then it's basically just gain 1o life, i'd remove the 4 Sunbound for 4 Ordeal of Heliod

Auriok Champion maybe replace one of the lifelink cats

Pious Evangel  Flip same thing

Suture Priest same thing

Terashi's Grasp replace Cursebreak

Solemn Offering same thing but it also targets artifacts

total_euphoria on W/B Lifegain

1 week ago

I play a very similar deck and actually took out some of your creatures for what I consider more efficient ones as a result of playtesting. For instance I use Divinity of Pride instead of Archangel of Thune but thats mainly because of price. Then I removed Serene Steward for Karlov of the Ghost Council, which unfortunately isn't modern legal. Cathedral Sanctifier removed for Soul Warden as she did more work passively. Fiendslayer Paladin came out for Vampire Nighthawk for his flying and deathtouch. And finally I added Serra Ascendant for a win con and Rhox Faithmender which I cannot promote enough! In regards to spells Killing Wave is my favourite as utilizes all that life, whilst Ordeal of Heliod is a great life giver.

total_euphoria on No Pain, No Drain

2 weeks ago

I run pretty much the same deck in legacy and although I had some success with Wall of Reverence playtesting showed me that Rhox Faithmender was better. Also have a look at Lone Rider  Flip, Ordeal of Heliod, Rest for the Weary and my favourite Killing Wave. I enjoy watching peoples face melt as I cast this for 8 and gladly accept the damage myself :)

total_euphoria on Budget Lifegain

3 weeks ago

I prefer Ordeal of Heliod over Rest for the Weary if you have aggro creatures. Combine that with something like Ajani's Pridemate and you get uber life if Rhox Faithmender is out. Also try giving Ajani's Pridemate lifelink himself and things get ridiculous. Divinity of Pride is a great finisher also and more fun than Felidar Sovereign which I find is a kinda boring way to win just like Chalice of life/death. Guess it depends if you want to be competitive or not. Finally, Soul Warden does some awesome early work. Have you considered splashing black for Vampire Nighthawk, Lone Rider  Flip and Karlov of the Ghost Council?

Snap157 on Bogles

3 weeks ago

Solid deck, probably recommend a Blessed Spirits to combo with Ordeal of Heliod +1

Hqnz on St Traft Azorius Control

1 month ago

Alright, i'm here. I'm going to assume that this is a budget build so ill try keep it low. This deck is decent but it could be better and that's what i'm here to do. My word is not law and its your decision whether or not you want to add the cards I recommend. I have not made a Geist deck myself but I do have experience with Voltron from Rafiq and Uril.

Ok, from definition Voltron is a deck archetype with the goal of casting one creature, then using other cards such as Auras and Equipment to enhance that creature and making it a true threat to the opponent. (definition comes from mtgsalvation). The problem is, your deck isn't Voltron enough to justify it being a Voltron EDH. So we need to fix that.

Problems:-Instants: Too many instants. You don't need this many instants, yes a couple of counter spells are needed but in a Voltron you should be winning before they have any serious threats on the board._ Everything should help you win. No shenanigans, straight value. _

Instant Cut List

Cancel---> Cyclonic Rift

Celestial Flare---> Azorius Charm

Deny Existence---> Mystical Tutor

Force Away---> Disenchant

Rakshasa's Disdain---> Oblation

Righteousness---> Treasure Cruise

Thoughtbind---> Hinder

Stoic Rebuttal---> Divine Reckoning

Spell Shrivel---> Render Silent

Long Road Home---> Ponder

Eerie Interlude---> Preordain

-Creatures: Creatures in a Voltron deck really need to help you win fast, otherwise why would you run them?. Avacyn, Angel of Hope and Angelic Arbiter are too slow because, by turn 7/8, you should have already won. Ethercaste Knight and Ojutai Exemplars just don't do enough in EDH. Odric, Lunarch Marshal doesn't help you.

Creature Cut List

Avacyn, Angel of Hope---> Sun Titan

Angelic Arbiter---> Thassa, God of the Sea

Ojutai Exemplars---> Clever Impersonator

Odric, Lunarch Marshal---> Steelshaper's Gift

-Enchantments: Enchantments and artifacts on Geist are how you win the game and your enchantment section is missing some key pieces. Citadel Siege and Monastery Siege do not do enough to justify their places in the deck. Ordeal of Heliod and Ordeal of Thassa were cards made for standard. They aren't powerful enough to be in EDH. There are cards that offer more than Aqueous Form and Stasis Snare.

Enchantments Cut List

Citadel Siege---> Angelic Destiny

Monastery Siege---> Propaganda

Ordeal of Heliod---> Steel of the Godhead

Ordeal of Thassa---> Eldrazi Conscription

Stasis Snare---> Nevermore

Aqueous Form---> Spirit Mantle

-Artifacts: You could do so much more with your kit in terms of Voltron. You're missing key pieces and are running cards that are sub optimal. There are better swords than Hero's Blade. Spear of Heliod is bad. The +1/+1 isn't really relevant and you want to be playing stuff rather than paying 3 to get rid of their stuff. Sword of the Animist just escaped being cut. Really, Worn Powerstone?.

Artifact Cut List

Hero's Blade---> Quietus Spike

Spear of Heliod---> Lightning Greaves

Worn Powerstone---> Thought Vessel

Sorceries: There are so many good sorceries to help you, especially in White and Blue. Talent of the Telepath seems fun but is gimmicky and can end up revealing nothing game changing.

Sorcery Cut List

Talent of the Telepath---> Council's Judgment

Planeswalkers: Voltron needs planeswalkers that help you win the game faster. They change the game by saying "deal with me or you lose". Jace, Unraveler of Secrets is not a good card in this deck. It does nothing to help you win the game faster. Elspeth, Sun's Champion is only slightly better than Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, but she's too slow.

Planeswalker Cut List

Elspeth, Sun's Champion---> Venser, the Sojourner

Jace, Unraveler of Secrets---> Ajani, Caller of the Pride

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