Akroan Crusader


Format Legality
Noble Legal
Hero Legal
1v1 Commander Legal
Vintage Legal
Modern Legal
Casual Legal
MTGO Legal
Vanguard Legal
Legacy Legal
Archenemy Legal
Planechase Legal
Duel Commander Legal
Unformat Legal
Pauper Legal
Commander / EDH Legal

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Set Rarity
Theros (THS) Common

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Akroan Crusader

Creature — Human Soldier

Heroic -- Whenever you cast a spell that targets Akroan Crusader, put a 1/1 red soldier creature token with haste onto the battlefield.

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Akroan Crusader Discussion

DRACULA150704 on turn one win red green

4 days ago

APPLE01DOJ. Bomat Courier is terrible compared to Monastery Swiftspear and Akroan Crusader. You there is no insane ability that triggers when you target it (when you play a buff spell) or when you play a non-creature spell (a burn spell)

Skoodly on Super Budget dragon blast

1 month ago

none of your spells except Descent can target Akroan Crusader. A Monastery Swiftspear might work better.

berryjon on Pattern Recognition #45 - We ...

2 months ago

Part of my problem with Heroic comes from my problem with Theros in general. It's just a very meh block that might have done better if it wasn't caught between RtR and Tarkir.

As I wrote, I just couldn't shake off that feeling of ambivalence that came with going through the block again. And I'm feeling drained just trying to defend this position.

But building a Hero, as you point out, doesn't quite work as the Heroic only comes into play when the spell resolves. If it had been worded as being a passive boost if affected by an Aura and at the same time, an active trigger for being the target of an instant or sorcery, I would see that.

But it's not. It's a passive bump whose design space got taken over by Prowess, and Prowess-like effects.

Another commentator off-site replied thusly (crossposted for completeness sake):

  • Yes, strive was deliberately designed to combo with heroic. https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/making-magic/incredible-journey-part-2-2014-04-14-0 - See here.
  • Also heroic was designed to reward Auras and building up a hero over time, not to to enable hyper aggro deck. While aggressive, its nowhere near as fast as landfall.
  • What was other mechanic were you going to address besides Prowess?
  • Heroic is a four on the storm scale, the same as monstrous (which came back in Conspiracy 2) . And in a 1 block model where every large set is supposed to have a returning mechanic, I expect to see Heroic come back someday.Prowess gives blue a combat based keyword which opens up a ton of design space...
  • Prowess also gives a blue-red keyword overlap.
  • Prowess was play tested with variable numbers and anything higher than +1/+1 and was found to be too good.Prowess that gives the creature a +1/+1 counter was placed at rare in Ixalan, presumably for limited power level reasons.
  • Prowess gives less of a boost, but considering the sheer lack of deckbuilding restrictions you need to use it combined with the risk of being 2-1 with every trigger, this completely fair. Heroic has a bigger cost, and thus gets better boosts.
  • And in Dragon of Tarkir the Jeskai had a secondary non-named mechanic of effects that trigger off casting noncreature spells. So yes, Prowess effects that function like Heroic Exist... (White pumps your team, a blue enchantment that makes tokens, a Dragon that gives itself +2/+2 until end turn as double prowess.).
  • Contrast Akroan Crusader with Monastery Mentor and Young Pyromancer at why power creeping prowess triggers is a bad idea and why WoTC only made the +1/+1 until end of turn variant evergreen. Prowess having a fixed and limited output is good....
  • As was choosing to make Prowess evergreen.
  • "Outside of of the block it ran into larger problems where Creatures don't matter" is not going to stop it from being re-used for limited play and probably won't effect it in standard any worse than it already was in a format with heroes downfall and ultimate price/murderous cut.

And then another person replied:

  • Nitpicking the nitpick. The storm scale only refers to how likely a mechanic is to return in a standard legal set. Being printed in Conspiracy 2 doesn't really count.

Vaan on Green red "pump"eler

3 months ago

Your deck has a similar playstyle to Infect decks so consider some of its staples: Become Immense, Vines of Vastwood, Groundswell, Mutagenic Growth and Blossoming Defense. Rancor is also very good.

Akroan Crusader is similar to Silverfur Partisan but allows you to be more aggressive with your pump spells early in the game, i would cut Burning-Tree Emissary and Abbot of Keral Keep for a set of them.

By the way, Fires of Yavimaya is not modern legal and you have 65 cards on your maindeck.

Funkydiscogod on Melek Madness

3 months ago

I really like the interaction between Battlefield Thaumaturge and Icy Blast. Got me thinking...so, here's an idea: go up to 4 of them, and run more cards that interact well with them.

Things like Rolling Thunder would be insane: for the low low price of , just targeting every creature on the battlefield (even your own, because why not?), you could deal damage divided as you choose, "...and I'll start by choosing 0 damage for all of my stuff". Or, Comet Storm, where dealing X damage to every critter they control becomes free. They would go bonkers with two or more Thaumaturge on the battlefield.

If you go into other colors, you can get some more fun stuff; The most interesting is Profane Command, since you can target every creature on the battlefield, just to make X large, and you can choose something else for the second mode. Then, attack with a likely unblockable army.

Maybe Akroan Crusader to help the pyromancer clutter up the board with tokens?

landofMordor on House of mirrors.

4 months ago

Baller list, friend. Couple of suggestions:

Spark of Creativity seems rough to use on your own creatures, since it is impulsive draw and you won't get to keep it around... Try Renegade Tactics or Dualcaster Mage or any instant-copying to extract more value from card draw.

Your token-makers are awesome and hilarious (on that note, try Empty the Warrens). However, it seems like you've gotta have a bunch of tokens out already in order to get value from Spawning Breath, etc. Technically, you can tutor for them, but I'd almost rather jam a couple token-producers rather than pay 12 mana for Planar Portal. However, red tokens is not my forte, so...I guess I can only suggest Goblins and Elementals. Akroan Crusader, Krenko's Command, Dragon Fodder came up after a quick Google search.

I think your "pump" section is also win-condition-worthy. You could cut some of the less helpful spells here after testing for more token producers, though, especially if you Expedite to draw 10 (because you'll draw into your pumping).

I'm glad you reached out for help! Hit me up anytime if I can be of service.

jonmaior on red tokens

4 months ago

you should definitely have 4 Purphoros, God of the Forge and maybe some Impact Tremors. great deck though +1 from me. are you sure you need the Akroan Crusader and all the combat tricks. you might find better luck with red white.

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